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  1. Yeps, I know you can hide and wait for a bit with stealth or run away, but aren't the wandering hordes supposed to be... wandering? As in, they just have happened to bunch up and flip flop their way into the general area you are currently in - not expecting an attack. Atleast that is my depiction of a wandering horde. 🙂 It's weird cos' they're not fully aggroed - they don't run at you if it's nighttime or whatever the current game settings tell them to do, but yet you can't sneak attack them unless you wait a preset time, that's why I wanted faatals' take on this; is it a game limitation, p
  2. Hey @faatal, freshly spawned wandering hordes seem to auto-target you. You cannot get a sneak attack bonus on them - yet they still don't "see" the player as they are not aggroed. Is this on purpose?
  3. Yessir, as Beelzybub said it's 16:10 aspect ratio. ASUS ProArt PA248Q. I think I bought it back in 2013.
  4. I'd be really curious to see some of the data they've managed to gather so far. Not to pick on TFP but just out of general interest.
  5. Have you tried setting the Terrain Quality to Low? That did the trick for me. Also re-install latest Nvidia drivers, perhaps a Windows update put the generic driver in there instead. Could be worth monitoring temperatures AND gpu / cpu clocks to see that everything is running at the desired speed. For reference, I have: i5 760 @ 3.7 GHz, GTX 1060 6 GB, 16 GB DDR3, game installed on a SSD. So older / slower hardware than what you have. Normally I have a solid 60 FPS, on blood moons with 24 max alive I turn off shadows and maintain around 40-50 FPS. Vsync: Off AA: Off (I could put th
  6. Output logs are in the 7dtd installation folder --> 7daystodie_data folder. Crash logs will be in (drive letter):\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Temp\The Fun Pimps\7 Days to Die\Crashes ^IF the crash handler managed to intercept it.
  7. There have been some changes to texture streaming and prefab / asset loading through A19 exp. One of the devs said they will be tweaking the textures to lower the RAM / VRAM requirement. Not sure if it will be for the next experimental or not. Have you tried playing around with different graphics settings?
  8. Did you check "C:/Users/Gabe/AppData/Local/Temp/The Fun Pimps/7 Days To Die/Crashes" with show hidden files & folders turned on? First crash points to simply being out of system memory. My 7D2D client sucks up around 8 gigabytes of RAM while Windows and everything else takes a bit more than 2 GB, resulting in memory usage excess of 10 GB. If you have anything running in the background you'll quickly be out of memory with the 12 GB you have. I used to have the out of memory problem back in A16 or A17 when hosting the game P2P. I turned textures to half which fixed it for me... But
  9. Having higher player level, say you're level 40, that puts your food to 140 instead of the 100 you start with. While overeating/drinking is not a thing anymore, you can still do it, the counter will tick down slower so you still get a slight benefit.
  10. The graph ones allow you to draw an actual graph in game, probably texture memory usage and the other related to texture streaming in some way. IIRC it needs size parameters (X and Y) for the graph UI element in order to work. You can graph other stuff too, like fps or player health etc. No idea about the gfx st reduction. About b/d/f/r abbreviations; perhaps bloom, dof, something, rays? If that is the case, usage could be "gfx st b 0" to disable bloom? EDIT: Disregard my abbreviation talk. Gfx st refers to streaming, not post processing. (Like gfx pp ao 0 would disable ambient
  11. I had the exact same thing happen to me. In a snow biome with a smooth 60 FPS, doing a trader quest, get the job done, jump on the minibike, my view pans forward towards the incoming storm --> boom, 9 FPS. I then put terrain quality to "Low" and my FPS shoots back up to ~50. The visual difference is so negligible between low and the other settings that I highly recommend it.
  12. Poor T-1000, such blue balls. Jokes aside, I'm experiencing the same with the blueberry bushes. Games4Kickz had black blueberry bushes on one of his YT videos.
  13. IIRC this removes distant POIs (so you are unable to see towns and buildings etc. from afar) but surely much better than having random textures pop up. I'm not having this problem but just a "FYI" for the side effects. Hopefully TFP can fix it properly.
  14. This. The game could use an item blacklist of some sort. Just a good ol' QoL improvement. Imagine if you could press R to loot all except that one item you don't want or destroy the piles of shattered glass in POIs without getting the 95 % of the time toss-away broken glass. On topic of trash talk; I loot all the trash piles in and next to POIs but rarely the ones on roads or out in the wilderness. Gotta get my daily duct tape fix from somewhere. ☺️
  15. Could be just that the connection to the server is being routed differently than yesterday. I've used a program called PingPlotter in the past to find out which connection node caused the issues I was having (with Internet connectivity in general) It was one of my ISP's connection points on the way abroad which had issues, I contacted them with a picture of the pingplotter screen and explained my issues. Took maybe a day or two and they fixed the issue. But in case it is a game issue, they're going to need log files from both you and the server host.
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