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  1. Yeps, I know you can hide and wait for a bit with stealth or run away, but aren't the wandering hordes supposed to be... wandering? As in, they just have happened to bunch up and flip flop their way into the general area you are currently in - not expecting an attack. Atleast that is my depiction of a wandering horde. 🙂 It's weird cos' they're not fully aggroed - they don't run at you if it's nighttime or whatever the current game settings tell them to do, but yet you can't sneak attack them unless you wait a preset time, that's why I wanted faatals' take on this; is it a game limitation, perhaps an oversight or done on purpose?
  2. Hey @faatal, freshly spawned wandering hordes seem to auto-target you. You cannot get a sneak attack bonus on them - yet they still don't "see" the player as they are not aggroed. Is this on purpose?
  3. I'd be really curious to see some of the data they've managed to gather so far. Not to pick on TFP but just out of general interest.
  4. Having higher player level, say you're level 40, that puts your food to 140 instead of the 100 you start with. While overeating/drinking is not a thing anymore, you can still do it, the counter will tick down slower so you still get a slight benefit.
  5. Poor T-1000, such blue balls. Jokes aside, I'm experiencing the same with the blueberry bushes. Games4Kickz had black blueberry bushes on one of his YT videos.
  6. About the ADS thing with specifically bows (haven't tried crossbows): Is there a way to NOT reload after firing a shot to keep ADS in effect? I'd like to see where my arrow lands when firing long range shots to compensate for the drop, but right now it's impossible due to the auto-reload (render range is longer when you are ADS).
  7. Lol we had this bug in A18, not sure if it was Rekt but he stayed like that permanently.
  8. It'll be interesting to see how vehicle damage pans out - if they're going to go into "specifics" like having a busted radiator or headlights from a frontal impact, a flat tire from driving over junk, broken oil pan / engine from a bottom front impact etc. or if everything will just require repair kits to get going again. Also eagerly waiting for more info on the tech junkie book series - I hope there's going to be new gadgets we can craft!
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