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  1. I want doors that are two blocks wide. That is all.
  2. @Kyonshi That's why I called him out directly after he gave my attempt at quoting Winston Churchill a poop react; no idea what that was about, but that's when it seemed like a personal attack. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/33365-tact-is-the-ability-to-tell-someone-to-go-to
  3. Are we discussing game features or the forum? Jokes aside; it bothers me more to see the SAME user constantly doing it when they have ZERO posts. One of the mods told me it might be a misunderstanding; well, if they never post anything, it's going to feel like a personal attack. If you think I'm wrong, have the guts to tell me to my face. It won't change my opinions, but I'll respect it. As for Reddit; I can't stand that site. It's nothing but a popularity contest.
  4. I don't expect everyone to agree with me; mind you, if you want to say my opinion is @%$*#!, tell me why. Don't take cheap pot shots from the side. If we all were the same and wanted the same game, it would have been done 10 years ago. If you think I'm wrong; tell me why. Don't just go around negging half my posts.
  5. Can a mod look into the user Kuosimodo; a member for over 3 years, but keeps harassing me with poop poop reacts and has never posted a single thing.
  6. Tact is telling someone to go to hell in a way that makes it sound like a pleasant trip.
  7. I'm more annoyed about people who have never posted a single thing, but go around @%$*#!ting on others.
  8. I'm not saying that it changes your point in that it's unfinished; however, my point was that I was sold on a meal 6 years ago and, while they've added a lot of garnish in the time and completely changed it. Obviously I'm still waiting for the finished product; like how I'm waiting on Elder Scrolls 6. @Roland That's exactly why I made the poll I did; no fluff, no filler, no ambiguity. It's as easy as I could think of and removes the argument of speculation.
  9. Thank you. I'm trying to keep it as impartial as possible. That way it negates any complaints that the other poll is biased.
  10. I made a new thread that asks JUST that:
  11. Exactly as the thread title/poll says. It's not about what could be or where it's going. This poll is about the here and now. Do you like the current looting system in A19?
  12. Your point is moot since they had a purported release date of May, 2014 and that date is still visible on the Kickstarter page. Seeing as the "meal" was supposed to be ready over 6 years ago, I have every right to complain about a plate of raw eggs. 2014 was when THEY said it was supposed to be ready; after all, NOT me.
  13. Indeed; especially since simple mods can completely change the whole feel of the game. The loot mod I got from Nexus makes the game playable by, essentially, reverting it to A18 with better graphics. I'd also like to see a "Darkness Falls" update for A19 that would bring back LBD and I still dream of a fix for the texture issues that madmole has outright said that they're ignoring.
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