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  1. I'm having the same problem, too; clean install, no mods. Single player; not that it should matter.
  2. It seems like every time there's an improvement, we lose existing features that work. Cities now look the best they ever have, but you have no ability to change the ground. Why is it not a priority in the new update that is focused on the world, overall? I've also hated farm plots since their inception; it's a grinding halt to realism and ruins the landscape when you have to excavate a field and replace it with blocky grids.
  3. After waiting through the BS that is streamers getting the game first, I was excited to see if the terrain issue is fixed. It is not. At this point, it is safe to assume that it will never be fixed. You dig up grass and place snow, it shows as grass. You dig up grass and place sand it shows as grass. You dig up grass and place asphalt, it shows as asphalt. Why does this only work for select terrains? If I want to place a green lawn in the desert, it shouldn't show as sand and harvest as dirt.
  4. I like the idea; but, is it feasible with the game engine?
  5. And that's why I'm going to keep commenting and trying to figure out how to share how I play the game in hopes that it may help for others with similar play styles or entice a different audience. The way my wife plays is even more different; she loves building massive underground complexes that she can drive vehicles into and pop up at points of interest and tearing down any building she deems unsightly. In A17, she would recreate as many roads as possible and linked all the isolated road sections on platforms together to create a bizarre elevated highway to drive on. This is exactly what my wife is doing now; she's building a reinforced concrete bunker around everything and leaving the plywood wall as a "weak point" to see if this works.
  6. I've asked and a few other places; it was actually my desire to figure out WHY this happens that caused me to join this forum despite that I've been playing since around alpha 6; whatever the one was where you'd find rockets in gun safes. When I bought the game, it was billed as "Like Minecraft, but with physics" in a review. I've loved watching it develop and intend to keep doing so. I realize that my particular brand of autism doesn't appeal to everyone and that what is a core mechanic to me may go unnoticed to thousands. I've asked about it here before, but got no answers to in that were specific. The last answer I got about it was "It'll be fixed in a future update" back when A18 first came out and I've been unable to find a mod or create one myself that fixes it.
  7. I'll add that I replied in this thread: Because this was my single biggest gripe about A18 and to see it's still broke in 19 was disappointing. Two of my posts got merged when it was moved and declared "not a bug" with everything after : "I have the same problem on the Voluya Territory map; I'm trying to replace gravel with forest floor and, while it harvests as clay, it does not render as the grass/forest texture." Is me @%$*#!ing about it being relocated; to put it into perspective, getting the terrain to change is literally the most important thing to me in the development of the game.
  8. Perhaps that's a different in mods relative to play styles; I found a lot more mods that were suited for what I wanted in previous versions versus A18. A lot of what you like seems to fly in the face of the I like to play; I enjoy it as if it's a Romero movie where taking over something like an entire mall would be possible. Zombies smashing down my walls are ridiculous, but having a mob of 100 waiting for me outside of it after I used the forge to build a few rebar frames is a terrifying experience. I've had to use varying mods that allow a great degree of zombie health customization to get exactly what I want; it's not easy, but it's very satisfying to do so. To elaborate on your first point; I'm well aware that it's a progress for the zombie transition and I think it looks great; the new zombies are so much better that it makes the old ones seem jarring in that they don't look like they're from the same game. That's not a BAD thing, as it illustrates the drastic contrast between the updates and gives me hope about the future versions. What I'm getting at is that I hate that if I comment on a feature or how a change disrupts my play style; like the shift from the craftable blocks in A17 to A18 where the only way to get a variety of blocks was to cheat them in, then the response I get is to "get a mod that lets you craft all blocks or play with cheats on" when my late-game fun is rebuilding an entire settlement and setting it up as a "survivor township," but, I digress. I like seeing the progression but I don't care for the rebuttal to things like "Why can't I craft curved arches anymore?" "Why haven't I been able to build a road since A17?" with "Get a mod for it." as though it were the end-all-be-all for every problem. I also have an immense disdain for farm plots as a mechanic. Don't take my criticisms as a disliking of the game; I wouldn't be playing if I disliked it, I'm trying to articulate that I care more about the world-building aspect of the game than the zombie aspect and I hate to see features of that disappear as the alphas progress and that has me worried about the overall path of the game itself. To me, the zombies are incidental and add to it as a challenge; but, as the number of different types of them have increased the buildable blocks have decreased. I guess I'd say that it's like an ice cream sundae and, when I used to have three scoops of ice cream topped with whipped cream and cherries it's shifted to a scoop and a half of ice cream and significantly more whipped cream and cherries.
  9. People seem to fail to understand my problem with the "It's an Alpha" defense in that it is often employed IN CONJUNCTION with the "Just mod it" solution. The two do not go hand in hand. When the final version is released, then I will mod it to the exact esoteric way that I like to play; until then, it's "play vanilla, note changes, look into mods to improve it, scrub mods for new alpha, repeat." It also seemed that A18 had the fewest mods of any version; I'm assuming that is due to the proximity of it to A19. In what I was saying, I'm going to continue to criticize that there aren't multiple "classes" of zombies that can be selected at the onset because I keep having to mod out vultures, cops, and spider zombies every version. It's also a weird disconnect to see the zombies like the businessman looking so crude next to the redone ones. Until things stabilize, the focus is extremely zombie-oriented grind. Turning EXP up doesn't fix this, either, as the stamina drain means that the only effective system to leveling up is to slaughter hordes until you can spend enough skill points to not be AS hindered with it.
  10. It is not a reason; it's a garbage excuse and I will not waste any more time dealing with someone so dedicated to overlooking faults as to be blind to issues and time. If you want a comparison; how about Cube World; a Voxel game that was created in 8 years by a team of two people and spent 6 years in alpha by comparison. It's also not a fully alterable Voxel game as of A18 when the inability to replace terrain blocks rendered that feature moot. You also miss my point that the problem isn't that it's an Alpha; but that they're using it as a crutch to delay/deny problems while still marketing the game as playable and trying to gain new followers. You can't have it both ways; either it's an alpha OR it's a packaged and playable game; as the versions that were sold for the console were purported to be. I'm sick of them running back to the well of "it's an alpha" and "just mod it" instead of remaining consistent. My comments and impressions have been related to the gameplay and the progression of changes, if you can't understand that then there's no point in you participating in anything that involves providing feedback for what people want to see in future updates or problems with the current version.
  11. That's not an excuse. There are plenty of other small studios that have churned out finished games in under 7 years. "Other people take this long" is not a defensible position and "wait until it's finished" is not valid when they've been teasing a completed version for years with the incentive of buying it for less before the price goes up on the finished version. The length of the development cycle isn't my issue; blaming things on it being an alpha is. That attitude is pretty much telling everyone to go take a flying leap until its done; which goes in stark contrast to the method of advertising via streamers that they seem so fond of and the reliance on players reporting bugs/gameplay issues to them in order to improve it.
  12. That would be more meaningful if the game hadn't been in Alpha for 7 years. There's a point of reasonable expectation in which you expect something to be done. You can't keep playing the "It's an alpha" card when the game is old enough to enter school. This also goes against the "just get a mod" approach to balancing out the aspects that people don't like as, with every update, mods have to be tweaked and reworked. The mods I used back on A15 to add extra places to the map are now useless, the mods from Alpha 16 that made it so if I stayed in one place too long I'd have to slog through a horde to get out don't work, the mod to remove bees is now useless and I have to mod out vultures again, etc.
  13. Good: I love the visual upgrade; it really makes it a beautiful world Bad: The inability to change terrain blocks that lingered from A18 continues to piss me off. Farm plots can @%$*#! off. Looting has become worthless. Injuries are too easy to the proportion of debilitation they cause. Injuries/Infection make the game virtually unplayable. Food consumption is insanely high to the fullness yield. Stamina drain makes doing anything almost impossible. Problems I've had in general: I want an option for zombie sets; the ability to turn off things like vomiting zombies, homing vultures, the dog hordes, spider zombies, screamers, and exploding zombies. (Yes, I've put in mods to remove these things; but, I would like a selector that would let me choose what types of zombies spawn so I'm not dealing with the buggy-ness of mods trying to remove them.) I want there to be a limit to the damage a zombie can do. No zombie should be able to smash away steel or concrete walls; subsequently, they should be almost impossible to craft in a post-apocalyptic world. (I've used a mod where it turns zombie block damage down to 1% and it has lead to a horde encasing my base waiting to tear me to shreds like something out of a Romero movie and it kicked @%$*#!. There, the challenge became getting in and out of places; knowing that on the other side of my garden wall were hordes that wanted to tear me apart on every trip outside. Step one was to slaughter them all before venturing out for more brass/lead/etc.)
  14. I agree with a disliking of the path that the game has been going down; since 16, the last three alphas have been getting worse; with things like exploding zombies, spider zombies, farm plots, and zombies that can tear apart steel with minimal difficulty. It used to be about the fun of crafting, surviving, and exploring; now, it's about struggling to be able to build a base and gather the resources to repair it within an in-game week. The fact that replacing terrain hasn't worked since Alpha 17 is also annoying in that I can't make an asphalt driveway for my base or a parking pad that doesn't clip around block edges and means that, now, to make a base work, I hollow out a massive square and build a base inside it.
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