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  1. Thank you. I'm trying to keep it as impartial as possible. That way it negates any complaints that the other poll is biased.
  2. I made a new thread that asks JUST that:
  3. Exactly as the thread title/poll says. It's not about what could be or where it's going. This poll is about the here and now. Do you like the current looting system in A19?
  4. Indeed; especially since simple mods can completely change the whole feel of the game. The loot mod I got from Nexus makes the game playable by, essentially, reverting it to A18 with better graphics. I'd also like to see a "Darkness Falls" update for A19 that would bring back LBD and I still dream of a fix for the texture issues that madmole has outright said that they're ignoring.
  5. This poll really needs an option that's between 1 and 2. I'm playing 19 with a mod that reverts it to 18 looting, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to see things change/progress in future versions. I will state that, in terms of fundamental philosophy/development almost everything madmole says makes me lose faith in the direction of the game. Fix the terrain, you sons of whores! I care more about that than I ever will about bandits.
  6. Or, in my case, I installed a mod that fixed looting and have been able to have fun again; to quote the two most common pieces of advice on the forums: "get gud. mod it."
  7. It is, by no means, impossible. I can let out the clutch and coast. That's how I've been moving the car around from place to place as need be. I can also drive it as-is at highway speeds; provided I can get an unobstructed path to the highway and the vehicle can be slowed via engine braking. There are means to slow it down and it can be controlled; it's every bit as functional as the loot system in A19; it's not my fault others aren't using the road as I intend for them to so that the glaring flaws in my ability to stop aren't a thing.
  8. I voted for the first one; but I'm somewhere in between 1 and 2. I'd like to see it develop into something better, but, until then, it should be reverted to A18 so the game is playable. I have a mod to do just that and it enabled me to play A19 for the first time since I grew bored shortly after its release. Having grand designs does not make it playable in the mean time. What "is coming" doesn't mean playability isn't a problem now; one that could be fixed by temporarily reverting to A18 looting. Let me use a real-world example: I've been building a hot rod. It has the body of a 1950 Rolls Royce and a Cummins 12v engine mated to a 5-speed. Unfortunately, due to the chassis modifications, I have to completely fabricate all new brake lines. As such, it has no brakes. It doesn't matter how much acceleration the 4.10 gearing in the rear gives it or how comfortable the custom Mercedes-sourced seats are, until I finish plumbing the brakes, it's unusable no matter how cool it will be when on the road. That's how I see A19; no matter what the loot system is a precursor to, it does not work as it is.
  9. Getting rid of the loot system, digging zombies, and return to learn by doing and the game would be excellent.
  10. I think that a cluttered menu is an idiotic reason to not add as many adjustable features as possible. I would like to see twice as many menu options so that people can make more choices and turn off things that they dislike so that they can best tailor the game to their preferences without mods. A19 has been the Alpha that I have played the least since, apart from the graphic changes, the gated loot makes early game dull and the lack of a late game means that there's nothing to do when I have enough resources. That's not a matter of difficulty; as I'd even gone so far as to turn up the difficulty to where it was nearly impossible; it was a challenge, but it wasn't fun. It is as hardcore as you make it.
  11. The dog hordes do get a little tedious; especially if I'm mining and trapped; that said, I'd like to see them limited exclusively to cities. I think having hordes of roaming dogs every time I get near a city makes sense as they'd be a realistic apocalypse problem; I think this was the case back in A15. I remember having to prepare for the early onslaught of dogs as I'd venture into a city and it was a great way to keep me out until I was prepared to deal with them.
  12. I like the idea; but, is it feasible with the game engine?
  13. I would like to see this made easier by the return of the garden hoe/tillable soil to produce low-yield farms so that you can plant a few things that would provide basic sustenance while you go out and raid for supplies; perhaps locking yield to a single food item per plant and require farm plots for more efficient farming so that it's not a scramble to find the materials to make a farm plot, seeds, etc.
  14. Terrain digs great; no idea what that's about. I have issues with the placement texture, but I'm probably the only person out there were the ground texture not remapping is my biggest fault with the game and the first thing I checked in A19. I do miss the organic-looking farms of A17 without the farm plots and wish it would return for smoother creation of organic farms as a low-yield alternative to give support at lower levels.
  15. And that's why I'm going to keep commenting and trying to figure out how to share how I play the game in hopes that it may help for others with similar play styles or entice a different audience. The way my wife plays is even more different; she loves building massive underground complexes that she can drive vehicles into and pop up at points of interest and tearing down any building she deems unsightly. In A17, she would recreate as many roads as possible and linked all the isolated road sections on platforms together to create a bizarre elevated highway to drive on. This is exactly what my wife is doing now; she's building a reinforced concrete bunker around everything and leaving the plywood wall as a "weak point" to see if this works.
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