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  1. If it's by design; why? It makes no logical sense and does not aide in leveling terrain to build bases.
  2. A large part of the enjoyment comes from finding random cities to recreate; in the desert, I've dug ditches and tunnels to create a similar setup to the San Antonio riverwalk by putting bridges over gaps and holes. The problem with some of the other games that are mentioned is that there's a bit too much of a "blank slate" to work with. It's fun to imagine a sort of "Omega Man" situation in which I'm the last man alive and I've taken to rebuilding society. If I find a bombed-out building with no content, restoring it leaves an empty warehouse, but when you have paper mills, carpet stores, bookstores, etc. you can rebuild the illusion of a functional city.
  3. Or I can roll back to a version that better suits my play style. I'll try Aplha 19 if they fix things to where it becomes more enjoyable, but I like being able to walk down a street and see rows of pristine buildings with manicured lawns.
  4. There's reading between the lines and then there's finding "War and Peace" in the punctuation. I had assumed that referred to the meshing of biomes; ergo no more random spots peppered at the edges or the texture overhaul that gave all the terrains new looks.
  5. Has there ever been an official statement on this matter?
  6. If it's intended to turn all the terrain from green to gravel, that will ruin half my fun and I'm liable to give up the game outright. With 3,109 hours logged in this game, I've stood by questionable decision after questionable decision; I believe I started playing around Alpha 4, but if this terrain issue isn't resolved, both my wife and I will be giving up the game. I got so sick of it that I rolled the game back to Alpha 16 without stupid digging zombies, obscure skill trees with no explanation of what perks are needed to unlock what attributes, having to buy each tool perk for better tools, crafting above level 5, farm plots, or uneditable terrain. It's a bad sign when I have to go backwards to enjoy the game.
  7. It's happened in every Random Gen game I've played; with multiple maps. It's been driving me nuts. What do you mean by the opposite happens to you in the Navezgane map?
  8. NONE of them display correctly in my game; if I place snow, sand, forest ground, burnt ground, or destroyed stone all display as whatever the original texture was. For example, if I dig a hole in the snow and fill it in with forest ground, it appears as though I filled it in with snow but it digs up as forest ground.
  9. Will the terrain be editable again? The inability to place new terrain blocks and see them in the world has severely decreased my enjoyment in this new alpha and I've been hoping for a fix with every update. Will it be working again in 19?
  10. I agree on the annoyance of hitboxes for plants; but the yield and difficulty of crafting farm plots are a greater inconvenience to me than that. It has become impossible to replace all the corn stalks in the massive farm in Navezgane without resorting to cheating.
  11. For those of us who want to play the game as a farming/desolate wasteland simulator, the lack of proper yields on harvesting of crops is maddening. The yield for blueberries is far too low and should be 50 to 100 per plant based off of how many are seen on the plant and real-world use. Pies should also require around 700-800 in keeping with this. Though, the main thing I miss is the garden hoe. The farm plots are unrealistic and a colossal pain in the ass when you're playing without enemies. 99% of my game has become scavenging for random flesh piles so I can craft another plot or two. Lastly; has anyone else noticed that the texture of placed terrain is unchanged no matter what you replace it with? I used to love making a crisp, green lawn; now it's all brown patched cities unless I build exclusively in a forest biome.
  12. If I dig up the terrain; snow, sand, dirt, etc. and replace it with a different terrain, then it does not show up as the new terrain despite yielding harvestable resources that correspond to the placed terrain. It will SOMETIMES show up on the map as the new terrain, but does not appear as such in the game world. As someone who derives most of their pleasure out of rebuilding cities and buildings, this is particularly irksome and severely reduces my enjoyment of the game.
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