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  1. @madmole So what is the plan for melee and Ranged bandits in terms of movement. will they just Run at you like a Crazy person and just stick out like a sore thumb while shooting you or will they be a bit more advance? like Dodging, Blocking, Crouching etc Also will they do anything to bases like open doors, break walls, etc or will they just be the same as zombies.
  2. well you're lucky i have been on my 7DTD hiatus. or else's you would see more of my god awful Spelling and Grammar! :) i like it but i disagree with the dog breed choice. but i don't work for The fun pimps and it looks Really good! so..... Fine with me!
  3. i uses a controller so. lol I like the model but like i said i would choses something more generic. i would say Wolf but the dire wolf will be a zombie wolf
  4. you know. im not supposed to tell you. but i talked to one of the staff members (i can't say their name) and i can be banned for saying this but he said
  5. Personally i would have picked a more "Generic" dog too fit the role. like a Wolf or even a Wild dog. what i would have done was make a Dog like a Lab or a Shepherd down to the Muscle, with little to no skin, bone showing, teeth Exposed and white eyes. and its skin has a rotten look to it. But i still Love the look of the new doggo model. tbh i didn't know what the new/current one was. A rottweiler?, A doberman, some inbred dog found in a trailer park? But Great work art team! but how will the bandits melee work? is it more Basic where they just run at you and beat you with
  6. i don't think its burned. thats just the way Doberman look. the flesh is just showing. same with the skin. but i could be wrong I like it
  7. yes but i can see it being more... "Junked" but i though bullpumps where harder to make... oh well. Maybe something like the bren where the mag is on top. bruh thats a rocket launcher lmao
  8. i would hope it would look like this it could uses 7.62 and could have maybe 10 or 15 rounds. We don't have a side loader in game so why not? like a Makeshift sten? thats what it was basically A angry Tube with another tube on the side and some coat hanger on the back! and a trigger
  9. its the pipe shotgun... Kinda looks like a Makeshift Crack pipe! but i like it! Also heres another one the Lever action (Class Unknown but i think its Marksman) i wonder what ammo it takes? 44? 9mm? Also That can and flashlight lol
  10. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHERE HALF WAY THERE!!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" im sorry i had too im just waiting for A20 and just posting pics for A20 and im hoping this alpha gives Alot of love to Intellecte class. IE stuff like a makeshift baton and a tier 3 baton. idk like a Tesla baton i would like a range weapon class but i would not be sad if there wasn't. MY SOUL HAS BEEN CONSUMED BY A R K HELP ME!
  11. the reason why i say it could be the AR class is due to the way you can shoot Leveraction. idk what its called kinda like in Red dead. ether way! it looks nice i would uses it as a day 1000 main weapon
  12. *cowboy mode activate* is this a Marksman or assault? @madmole
  13. @%$# i have not been here in awhile lol heres some extra pics from twitter in cases you missed them
  14. na they already showed that. i think it may be a Pipe Rifle. i hope we get the whole set!
  15. i just want bows to get a nice little TLC. imo they have kinda gotten the shaft.
  16. i would hope it would look like a sten but uses rifle rounds! we don't have a side loader!
  17. well her jaw is broken so good luck with that
  18. New smoking pipe looks REALLY COOL!
  19. YES! NO MORE GREEN PEOPLE! can wait to put a pocket on my Hardhat!
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