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  1. Sense the discussion of Zombie models came up i updated my own. my fav is the solder. I messed up the feral however im going to update it AGAIN
  2. Saw the stream it was pretty damn cool i love the new stuff shown but a few feedback points Feral weight: hes still not scary looking. just give him no skin LMAO Solder: I love the solder and the guts hanging out but the vest.... Its cool on paper but sense 7DTD can't have random bodies/Models per zombie. you got to think about when you see a group of them. What i would do is keep the model but the vest that is jiggly... just staple it back on, just make it look torn. Aside from that i love it Spider: I love it still Screamer: I love it so much i want to kiss it Cop: the game is set in the future so why is he dressed up like a cop from the 60s. he got a revolver and a Light blue outfit. What i would do is just make his shirt a Navy blue rather then baby blue Radzombie (IM CALLING HIM PAUL): Looks cool Hope he gives me rad damage or heals near by zombies Zombie Doge: I like it but... WHY DOES IT HAVE BALLS! also (this is me sense im just like this) i would make the dog look like a Fully rotten dog, no ears, barely and skin. but keep the outline of the dog. i like to think having generic zombies is best in some parts Nurse: I love her but in the Image i kind of wish they showed her Jaw being broken. Lab worker: she looks great hope she spawns with the nurse Hazmat. hope they give him something special. Like fire resistance or gives Heavy infection Overall can't wait for Alpha 20 but my PC is going to die
  3. "Hop in, we are going to find out who asked" its a small joke in the game bruh, Calm down. and yes if you didn't know stripe clubs are a thing ya know. i got like 7 of them around were i live, its not my cup of tea but oh well. also the game is rated M for mature. Your fine with Trader bob being a @%$#, heads being chopped off, Killing dogs, But a place called "the boobie trap" OH THAT TOO MUCH! enjoy your soy milk
  4. You mean we got to saw Boa's cousin, Soa for real am i the only one who sees that?
  5. na add a 4 barreled launcher 1: flamethrower 2: Grenade launcher 3: RPG i mean grenades makes sense because its the fragmentation that kills you. Not the explosion, same for pipe bombs, TNT is deadly due to the amount of gunpowder and because of that it could blow a hole in your wall. Hell it was for mining before people found out you can throw it at people. and for me i hate using pipe bombs, i go for Molotovs or Frags (TNT if im feeling risky or bored). Impact grenades are cool but at times i forget they are..... impact and i end up with no legs I uses the RPG but only frag rounds, cuz i don't have anything big enough (aside from bears) to uses HE.
  6. im Not faatal but i can answer one Yes, they did show this before heres a link https://twitter.com/7DaystoDie/status/1397668248322195459
  7. Na im just as dirty as he his. I just don't show it here
  8. hope so. cuz right now i call him the grasshopper zombie. Also hope the spider zombie shoots webs... (don't ask wear from) i wounder if we are getting a tier 3 baton?
  9. Sense i saw the new feral Wight, I was kind of disappointed because it really didn't bring back the "oh $^#^ WHAT IS THAT" it looks like Boa but tan and no shirt. SO I MADE my own! I did Photoshop it and here are the following images i Used Sweet dreams!
  10. i REALLY hate Auto correct "oh Grammarly will help you" I guess not But what I was trying to ask was: Will the Feral Wight get any new abilities?
  11. So the Raidioactive boy (lets name him phill) is a AOE attacker? or is ls just a specials move. Also @faatal i have some questions Is the feral weight going to stay the same in terms of ability's or is it going to stay the same is the new marksman rifle still going to uses 7.62 or 44? Are some of the things that got new models long ago (Deer, pigs, bears) will they get a new model to match the new Standard
  12. Yes im memeing on you. No hate but for real just uses your hands or Grenades
  13. 1: I think its funny but I HAVE NO CLUE WHY but in my head i think the drone should have at least 2 more propellers. its a box with 2 fans taped to the side, Still like it 2: i mean the Pipe shotgun looks like you just took a pipe and added some stuff and boom gun, the SMG kinda looks like the grease gun (whitch was/is basically a Hobos MP40 that shoot 45.acp and it was made with cheep metal and parts) AKA something i would see in 3: agree with that, but sense the game looks like YEARS went by, i would just skeletons 4: I LOVE THE NEW SPIDER ZOMBIE, but i do hope they give it more specials ability's 5: yes i do agree with that, I like the old weight better looks like something that would eat your heart out now he looks like me on a Friday night (i would make it so there was No skin, add sharper teeth, red eyes, Clawed hands, Torn pants)
  14. @faatal So how will the sewers work? will they be across the city? are they a POI will they span in citys or across the map? And will zombies spawn in them? *Hint hint Hobo zombies*
  15. I should knuckle rub you. THANK YOU FOR THE SEWERS
  16. I think the crispy one should spawn in other biomes. would fit in ALOT of areas as a aged zombie Can you explain... in english
  17. yes but ill make it cave man style this one spawns only in POIs, blood moons, and burnt forest sense it would be more of a special zombie this one can spawn anywhere sense its not specials im asking @faatal if thats how it would Work. (I love both models of the burnt zombie and would love to see the bottom one when im walking in the woods)
  18. @faatal So in terms of the Burnt zombie, we have 2 the burnt zombie and the burning zombie will the Burnt zombie spawn in with normal zombies like Moe, boa etc. while the Burning zombie spawns in the burnt forest/wasteland Or will they both spawn in that one biome? (idk how to explain it)
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