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  2. i think that should be a thing you can do without doing XML files but oh well. I always messed it up. i Got it fixed but it was still a Pain. suggestion hmm i don't think getting brass is that bad. (I buy a lot of bullets as well, Mostly special grade) but i think it would be nice to have brass in more salvageable like electrical stuff, sense brass can come from copper and alot of electrical stuff has copper but lets say in the 7DTD WORLD it only brass. so Why not. i was rather happy when i found that pipes with they yellow valve on it can give you brass but it
  3. alot of games had pipe like weapons. like Metro, and even old movies like Madmax had makeshift guns. idk why people say fallout came up with it. EVEN THOUGH THE ONES IN FALLOUT WOULD NOT WORK! *cough cough pipe bolt acton COUGH* But i wonder what the pipe pistol will look like i mean why would you not want to pay the traders a visit LETs go over why they are so nice. Trader joel AKA Randy savage hes madmole so he is going to be nice. Trader Jen, she had meds and is kinda awkward BUT SHE NEVER HAS MY STIMPACKS! Also Snowdog likes her for.... other reasons Trader hue
  4. Been there. done that. If i could. i would put Feral wights on a pike, I would Bath in Condors and cop acid, I would wear the screamers Hair as a wig. I AM THE WASTELAND!
  5. i mean if you dig in the wasteland deep enough you will hit dirt then stone, kinda like the snow biome but a bit less so. and i think it would be cool if there were times where rads came around more often. and sometimes less. and hell why not add some radioactive areas in the normal biomes, Via Water, Barrels, zombies or god knows what (my hope is microwaves :D) and maybe some areas would have rads in the wasteland and some not so much. either way i just hope we can live in the wasteland when that comes, around end game i always set my bases up there so more zombies come and try to
  6. Na too boring they ran so much on class, broken rocks, sand, Glass and other stuff, there feet have harden to the point where they are shoes!
  7. i would like to see that. i always need more bath sal- I mean Zana- I MEAN Painkillers!
  8. I partially agree to a point. back then items where much harder to find and you pray to god some days you get to unlock that hunting rifle. but i think it is for the better. you still have to look around and find stuff. that trash pile MIGHT have that book you're looking for. Weapons are a bit more common but sense they will add NPCs and more zombies. that i hope are much more deadly. and with zombie AI changes it makes sense. but its still a Scavenging game. EVERY once of loot counts and when i play. 99.9% of the time im overecomber sense im greedy and i don't like to invest muc
  9. you never know. they may want to add more SMGs but who knows
  10. I know each map had a set head and body model and you can get zombies say wearing a Gasmak on a captain outfit on Origins I would too
  11. i would like to see that too but sadly SMG is classed as Pistols and it would add too many for that class. Plus they said they are basically done with weapons (i think) after pipe weapons But i would love to see the SMG-5 be turned into a a new SMG like maybe a Uzi with a Wooden stock and maybe a Grip on the front. it would fit in better as a Pistol class and it would have a little makeshift look to it. But if they did want to add more SMG i would go with this "Pipe SMG" it looks like a Makeshift pistol but its burst and it holds like 3 extra rounds "MircoSMG" A mac 10 S
  12. LMAO just shoot them. highground beats all I wish the big kitty spawn in the forest and desert That will show them Forest dwellers. WASTELAND FOR LIFE! will enough Prayer, Armor, a Tier 3 melee weapon or even 2, and the most important DRUGS AND EDIBLES
  13. its not as bad as Big mama or the striper zombie at least with big mama she has a Patch of skin rotted off. but the striper/Party girl looks like she just had a Hard night with Snowdog Imo i think if the zombies all had random walking animations that would work nicely its rather odd when you see 4 boes and they are all walking like they had Lead shoes on like Boe could walk like Steve or do the cripple walk or the Waddle (not spider zombie walk though) they tried the color cloths thing but it didn't work. so they just make presets (idk what alpha i was not around during it
  14. Canada is not real. what are you talking about?
  15. thats so players can't find say a shotgun on day 1. i love that sense its a Barrier i either have to buy a shotgun from Mr Bread mole, Cranker boomer, Snow Dogs waifu, Mr i see people @%$# on the floor every day, and guy with too many Tattoos. I hope they do add sliders though so say "hey foods to easy to find? Lower it" "too many zombies?" Lower it "Too many Mountain lions tearing your face off?" Lower it "too little ammo" raise it etc what kind of luck do you have, i always find food. and worst comes to shove. that stripper zombie always got some Meat for me. not like food po
  16. No madmole said something like "we want him to fit in with more biomes" so i think he can spawn in the forest. thank god the forest is like eden lol needs some more danger or you can just get on a roof and start crying for dear life lol
  17. Back when i first played it on xbox i was scared as hell. and it took me like day 30 something to get a good weapon. yeah i agree with you on the skills. i don't think its bad but its also not great. *well said about building* but i still like my scrap (no clue why Lol) and yes new zombies are always great. though we are getting a new one this alpha he will not have his ability. and i do want bandits and NPCs but i hope the game does not turn into a COD style where zombies are just in the background and humans are everywhere. i don't think that will happen but you never you. an
  18. Agree but some alphas do things better then other. maybe once the game goes gold someone can mod the game to more like old 7dtd but have many of the new things. but then again i like to play the game vanllia and only mod a game if i have too *cough fallout 4* I just don't want them to Water down the game so much. i love many of the new things like the new idea for armor sense Most of the time. you will not wear say Biker boots over Any other boot armor. and the new armors look cool. i just hope they got more and i bet 90% that they do well that mod just sounds like hell. but you
  19. what stream? you telling me i miss a Stream! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  20. "Oh i am Lumberjack and im not ok" Ah thats hot. That hot! https://twitter.com/7DaystoDie/status/1376940854628151302
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