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  1. About my likes and dislikes I generally agree with other people. What I love: The beautiful lighting, and the early game scary-ness (sneaking with a candle through dark buildings looking for a pistol) What I hate: There's nothing I would use the word "hate" on. I dislike the auger hit sounds strongly and wish for improved AI for the zeds (not smarter zeds. Just the current AI feels cobbled together and a bit broken) I also like that it gets cold at night and hot in the day.
  2. Think of it this way: You did find 50 books but most of them were useless, the loot you see is only the actually useful stuff.
  3. I think forges does the same thing but I need sleep now, I will look at it tomorrow.
  4. Is there a reason why the lockers place like this? https://imgur.com/a/Ky5ZA5u
  5. For some reason I through it was not possible to Party up unless you are allies already. This is really interesting!
  6. Noticed that since B177 rabits can path through a tunnel 1 block high. Chickens are still scared of it. Up until B173 rabbits would only path through a tunnel at least 1.5 blocks high. I forgot to test it with the sneks. Edit: Just tested sneks and they too now path throw 1-high tunnels.
  7. When you get out of a vehicle on a slope, the vehicle will start rolling down, unless you first come to a full stop using the break. By holding Spacebar (break ON) and only getting out after you stop fully, the vehicle then stays where you left it. No more running after you gyrocopter into the ravine.
  8. For me the new loot system is positively a step in the right direction. There are things about it that I think can improve. I feel that the game changes tme moment you have a gun, and again the moment you have a vehicle other than a bicycle. In my B163 play-through I got a schematic for Motorcycle Chassis and bough a Motorcycle handlebars on day 6. I needed steel though and it took till after the horde to find a wrench so that I could take apart street lights to make it. So by day 8 I had a motorcycle and skipped both the minibike and bicycle. This suddenly meant no more stamina issues, which is the main bottleneck early on. And with having a gun going out at night was just no longer scary. I've posted some ideas about this in other threads but I want nights to be much scarier - Zeds that wake up easily, path more smartly at night and are hard to kill and hit harder, not just faster, all at night. Combined with Making it so that you can't repair items that you can't craft and/or making ammo very rare for a long time in the game. Long story short I like the idea of slower progression but it is still too fast. I have a steel tower with a variety of electrical traps by day 35. About finding Stone tools in loot ... Of course you would. The survivor who got there before you took the marksman's rifle and left his blunderbus / stone axe because he thought it would help you. You know, the guy who buys from your rented vending machine....
  9. Conan the barbarian's axe perhaps, for comparisson search for images of "Viking battle axe".
  10. Because of what I'm saying. The model semantically means the opposite of TFPs official standpoint. Whether it is effective as a weapon or not is irrelevant. Let me give you another example: If TFP said Spears were meant to be used as ranged weapons, and the spear model was a mace (which looks like it would be effective as a melee weapon) and I reported that the semantic meaning of the object - being a mace - conflicts with the intended purpose of the item - a spear - you would better understand it. Of course if it is fun then let people use the spear as a melee weapon, it looks like a mace after all and we are not min-maxing, but the meaning is still wrong.
  11. Could someone please explain to me why is there an "Allies" thing in the game? What is it used for? And why does the game remember what your allies are but you need to re-join a party every time you play? A buddy any myself always play Co-op on our private dedicated server. Is there a way for the Party to be remembered always and/or for us to autmatically be re-joined to our party whenever we are both online?
  12. I often wish I could swing faster when holding a Tier 3 club. With both Axes and Clubs, the Tier 3 item is slower than the Tier 2 one. This I assume is for the sake of balance, eg so that the Tier 3 does not become too ridiculously over powered. What if the Tier 3 was faster, but did less damage per hit to maintain the balance. The power attack can then still be used for one-blow kills, but with the same dps end result as is currently the case. Any thoughts about whether that would work? Now since the model of the Steel Club LOOKS heavy and slow, and the bat looks sleek and fast, I am toying with the idea of making a mod that just changes it arround. So tier 2 would be your iron club. Tier 3 then becomes a steel basebal bat. The iron club would be a bit slower and should have the same dps as the current bat, while the new steel bat should have a faster swing speed and the same dps as the current steel club. The objective would not be to change the overall power, just the fun level of clubs, particularly when you need to keep a mini-swarm of zeds at bay!
  13. @Roland I do wish you would not always assume MinMax at every possible oppertunity. This is not about what you can do or about what if effective. Yesterday I killed 3 zeds in a row with a shovel. This is about TFP stating that the axe is not intended as a weapon, and then giving it a skin of something that is clearly nothing but a weapon. This is a conflict. Either turn it into a good weapon and stop saying it is not a weapon, Or change the model so that the semantics match the intended use. On a side note: An Axe weapons line would be lovely. Some people in this thread hinted at it. You'd then have two kinds of axes - the tool axe - better at chopping doors, and the weapon axe - better for killing things. Related to this: I do wish the speed of tier 3 axes and clubs were FASTER not slower than tier 2. I'd accept a penalty in damage per swing to maintain balance.
  14. The baseball bat is awesome! The Tier 3 bat is slower (sure it is more powerful), also the tier 3 axe is slower than the iron axe. I agree, it is a lot of fun to whack them in the head.
  15. OK, so touch wood... my FPS is consistently about 60 now. With A18 I had around 30-40 FPS. I'm not a much of a gamer and was willing to live with that... And then A19 dropped and I got a nice little boost, it was closer to the 40-45 FPS mark. Then after I think the second update it suddenly became dismally bad. I saw lots of reports on bad FPS so I just left it at that and trusted that whatever TFP "fixed" would get solved before A19 stable came out. Today I decided to actually read some of the FPS threads (I avoid these because these tend to be about people's own very specific situations) and I saw some suggestions to just drop terrain quality to low as that is often a quick fix. So I decided I'd give that a bash. But one of the posts had specs fairly similar to mine, and I decided to go over all the settings and compare them. The very first item to check was vsync => off. I always have it off, but being meticulous I decided to check it in any case, and what have you, my VSync had somehow gotten turned on! I don't know WHEN this happened or why it took me so long to check this, but since that is often an issue for me, I stopped at this point: I then went with the following: 1. Select the "High quality" profile. 2. Set Terrain to "Low" 3. VSync off as it should be. 4. Motion blur OFF 5. DoF OFF And for the first time ever I get FPS over 50 with 60-ish being consistent now and sometimes momentarily as high as 80! I'm of course quite happy with this result so decided to share! My computer specs, for what it's worth - I don't have a "real" computer, only a Laptop. xD MSI Leopard 8RE i7 8750 H 24 GB ram First drive is 256 GB M2 Second Drive is 1TB SSD Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB I bought it as a workstation for software development. Like I said I'm no gamer, but I do enjoy 7 Days, I just die a lot.
  16. The 80% is just an example and perhaps I misunderstood but I think weapon tiers and loot tiers are different things. Most of the time you need to get things that are appropriate to your looting tier. Rarely you need to get something a bit better. My bad then, I thought that because everybody seems to be complaining about the loot that it is not. Also I've looked at the xml but I really don't understand 99.9% of it.
  17. I see a lot of people not liking the way the loot system works, wanting it so that you can find a wider variety of items early on. So a few thoughts on changes that can perhaps accomplish all goals: 1. Make it so that there is a lower chance to still find items from lower or higher game stages. Some kind of normal distribution where 80% of the loot is from your game stage, and 80% of the rest is one tier above or below, and the rest is anything else. 2. In addition to the above: Make it so that to repair an item, you have to be able to craft the item. So you found that lovely marksman's rifle early... but you can't repair it so you better save it for when you really need it. 3. The POI "type" should play a role in what loot is found in the garbage, etc. So, for example: the chance of a pipe in the garbage of working stiffs in increased, but the chance of finding potatoes is higher in a Shamway factory. Special loot containers already have appropriate loot lists, so this is just relating to the more generic loot, and the "change" in percentage needs to be small, you still should find a fair amount of everything everywhere! Anways just some thoughts there!
  18. If I was in the OP's situation I would just mod the Forge recipe not to require pipes. Once you have a forge you can make pipes for everything else that needs them.
  19. I remember spending the first few nights on the roof of a building crouching. I remember sneaking around a house at night with a candle because I did not have a torch, flashlight, or mod to free up a hand. Every time I wanted to use another tool I had to check the shadows and put away the candle. And now I just walk out and shoot them at night. I can make them faster at night but all that changes is reaction speed. The "speed at night" seems to me to be a placeholder for "make night times more difficult. Here is my Wish for night-time difficulty: 1. Zeds hit hardeer at night. 2. Zeds take less damage at night. 3. Zeds can smell better, see further, hear better at night. 4. At night the sleepers are more easily woken - sleeper volume larger and less sound needed to wake them. 5. At night they path less random and more smartly towards you. 6. And yes, faster at night too, but not all of them at the exact same speed!!! Having the above items scale with your charater level will keep nights dangerous.
  20. My game is working fine. I'm making fun of all the people who can't see that the zeds are NOT structural engineers. Zombies must be a bit random. Sometimes they follow the path you want them to, and other times they just do something unpredictable.
  21. Every second post on the forums are complaining about how the zeds are too smart. Just now I walked out of Jen's compound and decided to go look for the zed beating on her wall. I stood there watching the idiot for a couple of minutes. Would he notice me? Nope, I had to shoot him in the back of his head to relieve him of his misserable existence. Then there are all the zeds that storm my little re-inforced bunker from all sides, and keep pounding on the steel walls when there is an open door just 5 steps away. Only about half of the zeds go for the door. The rest I need to climb up out onto the roof to go and dispatch. And then there's just the typical idiot that stands there hitting a railing in stead of comming down the stairs to say Hi. Now I've got to walk all the way to him to greet him. How rude. Long story short I've been cheated. My version of the game doesn't have the structural engineers, so I should qualify for a discount.
  22. I have even asked in the modding forums for help in creating a mod to make it like it was in A18. I understand that in A18 the Auger "hit sounds" never played. So now the Auger has the Startup, Idle, and End sounds, plus it has hit sounds for different things - Dirt, Wood, Stone and Iron. I can kind of bear the sound it makes when hitting dirt - it is just loud. The other three is load and obnoxious. So I want to un-fix whatever was fixed to make it make that noise!
  23. yes in A18 I think the only difference between the tier 2 and tier 3 axe was color. Still is like that for the shovels. But a hatchet and a firemans axe would, in my opinion, make a better "tool set". Ditto a spade for lvl 2 and a shovel for lvl 3. On a side-note why don't we have any pitchforks in a zombie-game?
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