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  1. Fair enough, I guess we've just had different experiences in life.
  2. So you can't imagine any scenario in which you make no mistakes but still fail?
  3. Ok, I think I get your problem. You don't like that some places your stealth gets broken. Its completely irrelevant to you wants happens immediately before or after... the fact that in that instant your stealth is broken is the entirety of your argument? If so, then yeah..... you win. That happens. It happens by design, and probably will never change.
  4. Hah, no doubt.... (made up number incoming) 75% of posts here have a hidden agenda
  5. it only seems magical because you know about sleeper volumes. If you did not have that info, you would probably assume that you just weren't sneaky enough.
  6. hah, well.... about early game I was only replying to you about running and melee. I think stamina drain for mining is almost always a problem. Having to constantly pause and wait for stamina to refill while mining doesn't make good gameplay, IMO. It's more understandable, to me, to have to regen stamina after running or melee as long as the drain isn't too severe (which, early game, I think it is) Motorized tools should have drain.... anyone thats used one in RL knows that
  7. Its only really a problem early game.... but early game its a really bad problem, IMO.
  8. You can do other things while crafting or scrapping. I also believe that stamina drain is way too high for running and melee, but thats a different argument. But yes, balance takes priority which is why I suggested lowering the yield. So the net result is the same.
  9. I don't think it is ridiculous. I think of it as what does having to sit around waiting for stamina to fill add to the game? Not much, IMO. I would much rather they lower the amount of resources you get per block but allow you to constantly (or near constantly) mine. So that the end result is that you get the same amount of resources without having the constant pauses.
  10. I'm very rarely at my base, so not really. It should be easy enough to tell if there is a problem.... just watch the heat in your chunk while mining and see if its going up.
  11. Not sure what to tell you.... I get them all the time.
  12. See what @RipClaw posted a few posts ago I find if I spend an entire in game day (90 minute days) mining, as I said, I get 15-20 screamers.
  13. Yeah, I'd rather see them turn down the heat but increase the threat. I'd rather have 1 or 2 really threatening screamers a day than 15-20 nuisance screamers.
  14. Yeah, most likely it was on the old message boards
  15. I wasn't asking to stop it, lol.... I was just commenting that mining metal with an auger generates a ton of heat
  16. Nope.... nothing in the mine except me and my auger
  17. It is... its in the wiki https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Heatmap#cite_note-1 Ok.... doesn't change the fact that a day mining gets me 15-20 screamers.
  18. Well, its not only 1 chunk.... its a 100x60 pit currently 20 blocks deep.
  19. I've been mining in the same chunk for something like 50 days. I keep uncovering more and more ore
  20. I dont think I've ever had a screamer scream without seeing me.
  21. That definitely makes sense based on my observations.
  22. I wonder when the heat is generated.... when the block is broken or on each hit. If its each hit, that would explain why I seem to get far more screamers using an auger.
  23. Nice info.... but man, that seems needlessly complicated.
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