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  1. The character work in this game makes me think the devs were born in the 50s and never quite made it to the big city.
  2. Ah, I didn't know they still took such amounts of fall damage, I stand corrected. Never bother with pits myself, since I don't enjoy the amount of digging it takes. But most simple high ground bases hold up quite well into late game, in my experience. Upgrading to concrete helps, but with enough redundancy it's extremely unlikely for your platform to collapse anyways. It's not a big problem to me, especially since I expect the spider zombies to receive some updates that might make them able to actually jump on to stuff instead of into it, lol.
  3. Death three in A19: became wolf kibble on my first night in B173. I keep forgetting that animals in 7DtD are just zombies in disguise, advanced path finding algorithms and everything. Made the mistake of opening a storage chest while crouched on the 2nd floor of a destroyed warehouse, heard a growl and saw a black shadow quickly navigate to the one block giving access to my elevated position; it was over pretty quickly after that. Should've just ran into town and taken my chances there, but I wanted to see how viable lvl2 blunderbuss is against a quick moving target in the darkness. Now I know.
  4. I'm getting the impression that animals can spawn quite close to you during the night. Does anyone know how to check their minimum spawning distance?
  5. Dang, ran out of poop emoji's because of all the willful misinterpretation of arguments..
  6. Ah that makes sense. I also think of myself as quite efficient in this game (especially early game, I like dicking around later on), but I usually don't manage that amount of XP/loot until somewhere in week 2. Self esteem still intact 😉
  7. Yeah they made some changes to top soil in recent alphas. Not sure of the details, but basically you now get both clay and sand from what looks like just sand. Not sure why either.
  8. Do you play with days on standard length? You have quite a bit of levels, resources and loot for day 7, at least from what I could glance from your vid. Maybe I just underestimate going for INT straight off the bat and questing your buttocks off, I never really specialize in that tree.
  9. Not to stink up the topic, but it's kind of funny that after all TFP's attempts to remove "cheese" bases, a simple cube will do the trick just fine. I won't pretend to know how they should work around that without completely destroying any chance the player has, but it's kind of weird to me that they removed relatively resource/effort-intensive strategies like death pits while a glorified pile of cobble or chopping out some wooden stairs all but guarantees your survival anyways.
  10. Wood isn't going to do much on horde night, fencing either. Depending on how you set up the spikes, the zombies might just path around them. Digging a one block trench and putting the spikes in there (so their top is flush with the terrain) supposedly works, but honestly I don't even bother with them. The best way to avoid dying on early horde nights (without avoiding them completely) is to create high ground that the zombies can't get to. Either the roof of an existing building (destroy the stairs), or a platform you built yourself (preferably made out of cobblestone over wood). Make sure there's plenty of support (they will start knocking out pillars) and that there are NO paths to you that require less than two blocks of jump height, ladders and small blocks like furniture etc. included. Otherwise the zombies will find that path and swarm you easily. Unfortunately they're much "smarter" than you'd expect zombies to be based on popular culture, and can find weak points n your structure easily, and this won't be readily apparent to new players. Having fall back options is helpful, as is a way to get back on your platform if you fall off. Zombies can climb ladders, but they won't jump on them if they're two blocks from the ground, while the player can still reach that (if their leg ain't broken ) Early weapons that work well on horde night are bows, blunderbusses and Molotov cocktails or pipe bombs. Of course guns do the trick as well if you manage to find them and their ammo. As for perks to invest in early on: strength has a lot of stuff that will help you survive, from heavy armor to stamina management and cooking (you can't even make bacon & eggs without finding the recipe). A point in Advanced Engineering (under Intelligence) can help you get a forge and iron tools/armor a little quicker, but depending on what kind of stuff you loot you might not really need it yet. Intelligence also has Grease Monkey, which lets you make a bike and speed up the things you can do in a day significantly. Early on you should be able to make do with simple items and a skill point invested here and there, specialization only becomes somewhat important during mid- to late game. Good luck & have fun!
  11. Still have huge stutters/drops on B-173 if I set terrain quality to anything but low, at least in the map I was already playing. I'm currently wiping/reinstalling, will even go with the standard pregen maps to rule out Nitrogen being the culprit somehow. Bye bye skyscrapers, I guess I really hoped this update would fix it, because the stuttering and jerking was pretty annoying even with terrain set to low. It all seemed so nice and smooth prior to B-169! ====EDIT==== It seems like starting a new world (pregen02) fixed it (at least for early game), so it might have been either Nitrogen or playing on an old save that caused the issue to persist. I'll try another Nitrogen map soon, and if it has the stutters I'll report it in Damocles' thread, maybe he can look into it.
  12. I'd be okay with them if they weren't so janky. Always remind me I'm playing a videogame in alpha when I see them flying like they're on the end of an invisible jojo. I agree that they're more of an annoyance than something to be reckoned with. But before TFP buff them to one-shot vehicles, I'd like to suggest that vehicle health reaching 0 should just make it unusable until you find a replacement engine/battery/wheels/etc. Or at least give us some interesting mitigation strategies that don't involve looking at the sky while driving and stopping every couple of seconds to shoot at drunk birds.
  13. I mean, combined with the other stuff that's meant to interact with stamina. If you want to do everything without consumables while wearing unperked heavy armor, good luck convincing TFP of your cause, lol.
  14. I'm not necessarily happy with this alpha either, but at least try to play a little before coming here to complain because it's different from what you're used to? Roland and the other TFP defenders (err.. mods) already have a habit of dismissing complaints with "you just want it to be like A18", don't give them more reason to do so, please. All drinks give a short stamina regen boost afaik, with coffee, beer and megacrush offering a longer buff. Red tea and filtered water (the kind you find in water coolers) make it so that you build up less hunger while swinging away at things. If you plan to use sledges or heavy tools intensively, you will have to either stock up on those or accept that you'll get hungry quicker (which leaves you less stamina to work with). It's a pretty big difference in my experience, at least early on. Also, just to be sure: power attacks are terrible for mining purposes. (edit: I'm not entirely sure but I think armor penalties may apply as well, which could make a big difference if you're wearing heavy stuff without the perks) It's a little too heavy on the micromanagement imo, but it's definitely doable. Your mileage may vary if you want to do a ton of mining in early game which will be harder if you haven't stocked up on the aforementioned resources indeed. But if you have 3 points in Sex Rex and an iron pick, you should be able to mine quite a bit.
  15. Have you tried it? I find it works rather well on warrior difficulty. Only becomes a problem if you're fighting a fast moving enemy and miss the first shot. The blunderbuss being useful is one of the few rays of light in the disappointment that is the new looting system.
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