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  1. I'm very sorry to hear that. At least you have very many fond memories of him.
  2. You need to be able to pick up vehicles because it is possible for you to get stuck. It's up to you, if you want to be a hardcore player and you get your motorcycle or your truck stuck, just leave it there. Even in a hardcore environment, you should be able to pick up the bicycle and the mini bike no matter what. IRL you can do that
  3. Are you doing the quest and decide you want to do something else? Exit out of the game and then get back into it should reset the quest. Go scrounge up some food
  4. I want them to look like Justin Bieber for when I make headshots using a scope.
  5. I can make better ammo but I haven't. I should load that because whenever I use it I'm generally confronted by something big mean and green.
  6. What the hell?... I'll remember to say that next time. Lol. Those things are like four legged tanks
  7. THAT DAMN THING IS STILL ALIVE! S*** s*** s*** s*** s*** s*** s***
  8. It's very unlikely for me to get that way now. This was not always the case
  9. I'm more like that too which is why I got bored and turned it off.
  10. I have not. Even when I'm starving, I don't. Sometimes I haven't been able to find any meat and went through every can of whatever I looted, boiled all my eggs, but I didn't eat the pet food.
  11. It's not a bad mechanic. My first hord night, I got my ass kicked. The second time I got my ass kicked. The third time I figured it out. It was great, got my heart pounding, especially when they added the red skies and the lightning before the sun went down. I started in alpha 7. Sometime around alpha 18, hord became a distraction. I was spending more and more time on the base I was using for that one night, it was not my home base. Generally not very far from it. I turned it off. If you're getting tired of it, you can turn it off too.
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