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  1. I am hearing something too. I thought my stomach was growling at first. I hear it inside buildings doing missions and I sometimes hear it when I'm driving through the forest on my bicycle.
  2. 1 Jump from the roof of the building and sprain your leg. Try not to break it. 2 Equip club or knife. Using ammo is a waste 3 Get on your bike and drive through the desert. 4 Bash buzzard with club or knife. Harvest bone, flesh, and feathers. 5 Equip club if using it. 6 Drive another 50 ft and repeat step four. 7 Consider putting a point in parkour because this gets boring
  3. Take a good long look at all the armor crafting kits you're going to have to make later on and all the water you're going to need to make glue to make duct tape to make all those armor crafting kits. Not to mention cloth.
  4. This sort of kind of depends on what level you're at. If you were like me on day 2 and decided to go hunt a bear because you needed food, you shouldn't be surprised you were at one quarter of your hit points while butchering the bear. Not motivated to do it again either.
  5. Maybe because it feels new. It is a little harder than the forest. I get this creepy feeling the minute I enter it. A feeling of relief when I leave it. Every mission I've done has had something wonder in from outside I didn't want to deal with. Always things I had deal with with before I could start the mission. The others are okay and they get progressively harder. They did a good job this one.
  6. I have mixed views on this. So long as I get the experience reward and whatever Rekt might give me, He's such a generous man, I guess it's okay. I'm not in a hurry to advance anyway. Yet the better your tier progression the better your loot. With every new release, I start all over again with a new world with a different plan. I never get that far and I'm always playing a beginner. That's okay because I enjoy that the most.
  7. I prefer the original way where you would build your base around some place that had a toilet and then you got all the water you needed from the toilet.
  8. I play a ranged stealth build. My first four points is changed in an interesting way. Pre version 1 it was pummel pete, from the shadows, lucky looter, and healing factor. Now it is, pummel pete, healing factor, master chef, and daring adventurer. Interesting that nothing gets put into agility until I get my next point. A lot of people don't like traders, I do, and if you put one point into daring adventurer, Rekt gives you honey as a reward option.
  9. I do too. I got to where I just ignore them but now they're the first thing I build.
  10. Help me only OB Green Kenobi, you're my only hope.
  11. I like em mainly for the extra storage.
  12. I damn near unloaded my 9 millimeter on one and that did it. He was with a whole pack of feral Z's and I would knock them down with a round and then go back to him. I had two maybe three rounds left and had three more ferals. I carry two 9mm just in case the warm sticky stuff rains.
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