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  1. The best weapon is the one you enjoy using the most. For me it has always been the SMG with a scope, silencer, and drum magazine.
  2. I don't do anything about stamina regen while mining and for some reason it gets better as I level up and all I use is stone tools. They are modded. every time you level you get a point to customize your character. Put some into stamina regen and/or mining, whatever it is bugging you. One of the goals of a19 is to make these points mean something. And yeah, the auger is customizable but you're probably not going to find it until late in the game. It's not like it used to be where you might find one when you loot a tree stump
  3. This is my pet peeve about the game . You may not find a silencer in this new game you have started again. Then you can turn around and start another game and the trader is selling it on day one or the schematic. You may not be able to buy it but if you see it on day one for sale at a trader you're probably going to see it again later on. Of course not everybody wants a silencer. I'm like you I like to use them and I haven't seen one in the game I'm playing now but I had them in the game before that. It is too random. It's not just silencers there's always something I want that I just can't find because the random nature of loot
  4. The land claim block also lets you move your work bench and chemistry station
  5. I have a big FPS drop when I get near a lake because of all the wave action, I think.
  6. Animal AI does need to be worked on. I'll shoot a wolf and it will run to me and then stop about 5 ft from me and I'll shoot it again. that needs to be fixed They have done a good job with them buzzards I hate them things
  7. Zombie lore has dead somehow animated by magic or something. It also has them living but their bodies and minds are consumed by a biological agent. A virus or bacteria. Which is it for this game? I doubt the hunter mod would work for Z's. I emptied my 9mm into the head of a snow puma yesterday, so I'm glad to have it today.
  8. If you haven't played Nava in a while you should. That's all I'm saying. I should try that nitrogen doohickey
  9. If you haven't played Nava in a while, give it a try. I'm getting missions to places I've never been to before.
  10. I'm not starving to death after I put one of my first four points into the hunting perk. I'm getting good at shooting wabbit with the simple bow. And that's not easy
  11. The new information center could be a little bigger. I like it because I can role play listening for transmissions on the radio in a post-apocalyptic world, lol.
  12. They take too long. You have too many targets that you need to clear on too many levels and the radar you have only gives you a general idea of where they're at. If you're too far away your radar doesn't work at all.
  13. It never made sense to me either. Kind of depends on whether you think the zombie is already dead or not. even though I channel Legolas every time I use that knife, I prefer to use the baseball bat with the chain mod that way I almost always knock them down.
  14. You find enough cement there to build the Empire State building
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