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  1. Placed my responses in purple text, sorry if it's hard to read. If I failed to actually answer any questions, let me know. I do tend to miss points being made, and may ask for more to go off of.
  2. Stealth is quite alright where it's at. Scripted events withstanding (ex: Horde in T4 school PoI), it's all about the player having good preparation and perception. Honestly, the hardest part of stealth is starting off with it. If you can survive those first fifteen-ish levels, you're golden.
  3. I fully support bringing this function back. I never encountered this issue before, but let's take a shot at fixing it for the victims of the past and potential future. How to fix stealing crops (in no particular order): - Tie harvest ability to LCB (as mentioned several times already). You're not the owner/friend of the LCB? No harvest! - Take a page from Minecraft: Glass blocks do not prevent crops from growing. LCB + Glass Ceilings = no stolen crops. - Similar to second point: Tweak spike traps to be 'transparant' and allow crops beneath them to grow. Now
  4. On the current server I play: Got a little too full of myself and went head-on against a boar. Diggin' for ore, when a zed spawned on top of me, and beat me to death. Always have a hatch above yer head, mates. Always have a hatch above yer head.
  5. My dreams for a20? We need more variety of zeds poppin' up. If we're not the only survivors, let's see more survivor-turned-zed lookin' undead. Give us some scrap-armor zombies, some leather armored zombies, some steel plate mail zombies. Show us that we're not just a survivor in a wasteland. Show us that we're the survivor who is outlasting the wasteland. Building off this, how about some of the dead survivor zed be a kind of 'freshly infected' zombie? Ones that got enough motor function to carry melee weapons. For example.. Low Tier "freshly infected": Maybe has Cloth
  6. Aye, and I'm here to tell you that I am your 'astronomically bad luck' guy. But for what it is worth, I immediately dump into Int since I knew from my first few attempts at a19 that I'd never get a forge/bench recipe before first horde night. Yes, not a hard decision. If you've got enough luck that it felt difficult, that's great. Pass some of that luck my way, please'n'thanks. Alright, that's good to know. I found my bench schem around the same time. I guess that's the new norm. I spoke in the sense of completely ignoring any of the skill trees (like
  7. That's a good question. For any of us who've been around for a while, it's obvious that end-game PoI's are factories, or other gigantic settings ('specially since quest-related events don't touch on Factories 'till Tier 4/5). As for newbies, the easy ways are: 1. Hope the intimidating size of the PoI scares'em off. 2. Survival Tip! Have one pop up when they enter the PoI's parking lot or front gates. [Ex: Survival Tip - Turn back. NOW.] And then you add a description for the survivors that actually read the tips in the menu. [Ex: Turn Back. NOW. - This area is a high-r
  8. My thoughts: + Agreed that stone-age gear shouldn't be in sealed crates (even if the stones are purple). + Crate-heavy PoI's (like factories) should spawn end-game zed, regardless of game stage. If you want the goods early, you fight the end-game early (if crate loot was reverted). + Loot Caches that appear at the end of PoIs shouldn't spawn unless a quest is active in that respective PoI (prevent tower grabs. Again, if crate loot was reverted). This is a potentially good idea. Factories and end-game PoIs aside, perhaps having other PoI's have shoddily-sealed crates
  9. I'd argue that after the initial experience of "Have forge/bench schems stopped existing!?", it's not a hard decision when you make a new game, or jump to a new server. That bein' said, if we look at all skill trees the same way as we're arguing about Intellect ("pay the price in limitations or sp"), then Intellect is pretty much the only one that has real/unavoidable consequences for ignoring (early on, anyway). Refusing all the other trees will make you inefficient in their tasks, but you can more-or-less bypass the punishment with patience, food, and a good head on your shoulders.
  10. Making a skill tree's value increase is fairly different from nerfing everyone else's value. If TFP want people to invest in Intellect, they need to buff it, instead of taking a baseball bat to everyone else's legs (in this case, the acquisition of vital crafting schematics) Since a18 (I've been on'n'off for a while, so that's when I rejoined again), Intellect has always been a mid-to-late game skill tree. Why? - Weapons cannot be accessed without a workbench (and then you need to find the baton/turret parts, as they can't just be built with mats, since they don't have a
  11. My Feedback: - Give T1/T2 quest rewards a chance of spawning Forge and Workbench Schematics (maybe Chem station schems). I'm not going to explain in-depth my reasoning, as it's largely RNG based on how @%$*#! your luck is finding these by looting/inventories/rewards. That being said, the explanation is that my luck is @%$*#!, and I don't like being forced into blowing points on Intellect. - Sex Rex still sucks (imo), and shooting the Stamina system in the foot didn't help. Just buff/change Sex Rex completely. I won't speak for combat, but it's always seemed more effi
  12. Melee combat on Day 1 with wood weapons isn't straight-up suicidal on Insane. Zombies flinch more, and seem to be slower on reaction/attacks. This is great, as the original plan I had was to completely avoid combat, and spam buried supply missions until I basically had iron gear.
  13. I"m hoping the skills- The Penetrater, Sex Rex and LotL get buffs, rather than just reductions to point spending. Those skills had potential.
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