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  1. I took a tier one dig quest in the blasted biome. I take those mainly for the seed recipes. I had just completed a 360° cut of the hole when all the sudden I found myself outside and above it. I looked down and I was standing on top of a bear. The bear couldn't find the way out of the hole but might have eventually dug out I suppose. On the way out I had to fight a z, a dog, and a buzzard. it was more dangerous. But the compensation for the dig quest was no different than any other. I think if I had recieved another recipe, two instead of one, that would have justified the risk.
  2. Whenever I've had trouble with graphics cards it's usually a matter of just toning a few things back a bit, usually shadows, and I frequently can't tell the difference. When A20 comes out that's probably all you're going to have to do.
  3. As I see it, general discussion is almost anything about the game. My little story about digging up somebody's driveway is something I've actually thought about in game. It's called immersion. Sometimes this is called role playing. I don't see any sense in being negative about a post just because I don't like it. That's just being mean.
  4. Suppose he had grown kids. It's kind of hard to tell how old a crawler is. Am I going to stop and say pardon me sir, do you have any kids? Before I bash his head in. Nope!
  5. To answer your rant, this is how software gets developed. It starts at one way and then after a few years, it goes a different way, but you still have the code you started with along with the initial assumptions you made when you started the program that may not be true anymore. Circumstances have changed yet to go in and fix the code will cost more than it's worth or your programmers just don't want to mess with it. It's the way everything made by human beings is done. You'll have to put up with the registry until we transition to an entirely different operating system.
  6. As I was digging up this guy’s driveway for gravel, it occurred to me that I have totally trashed out his house. I looted all his food, broke up the furniture for wood and leather. I chopped up all his drapes for cloth. Then I smashed all the pictures in his house looking for a safe. Found one. Why the hell would he put junk in his safe? The great developer in the sky is messing with me. I guess. I took a wrench and broke up all his appliances for parts, even his lighting fixtures and beds. I chopped a hole in a couple of his walls looking for hidden treasure. Took things he o
  7. Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.
  8. I am very annoyed by it until I get my bicycle.
  9. I have to agree wholeheartedly. You look 10 bookshelves and five piles of books and you only get about three skills and a whole lot of paper. I can't remember the last time I saw a crack a book Tower
  10. So I built a blunderbuss and went after that damn cat. Shot it in the face and reached for my club. I forgot to make the club. But I was empowered for sure
  11. But It was no panic. The adrenaline was flowing for sure. I knew where I wanted to get. They were just like four zombies and a bunch of holes that I had to negotiate around.
  12. Huh. I always pegged him as an ex Grand Dragon of the KKK. Only because the KKK is gone.
  13. I went with the grip. More swings. But with the chain, it would be better swings.
  14. Intuitively you would think that they would. But they don't. If they did you couldn't use them so it wouldn't make sense to have them in the game.
  15. I paused and looked around very carefully but didn't see one. He kept screaming. I decided he was behind a door I hadn't entered that was locked and boarded up. I'll deal with it when I get in there. I turned around and there must have been 10 Z's being led by a fat lady and a spider behind me. Feet Don't fail me now. I managed to get to a place that forced them to line up and let me shoot them one by one except for the spider, he got stuck somehow. Had to resist emptying my clip in it. Always conserve ammo. Then the dog jumped me from behind... Maybe I should s
  16. Plunk one or two on a safe or a vault door back off and it is opened with finesse. my only complaint is that it should wake up every Zed in the complex and it doesn't but if it did it would become, not unusable, but I might be a whole lot more reluctant to use it and go back to using lock picks. Or maybe I just set the damn charge off, pull out my gun, and channel John Wayne. If you don't know who John Wayne is that would be Clint Eastwood or Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Rock.
  17. Until we got the baseball bat I mostly ignored the club. I kept it around for buzzards, that being the best way to deal with buzzards. But I didn't try to use it because anytime you mele you risk the disease and I didn't want to mess with it. I ditch the club for the baseball bat as soon as I can get it. I'll finish off the Z's with it if they survive my first shot. My only complaint is it makes the aluminum bat sound when I hit them in the head. I prefer the ding you get from wood bats. It's the best way to relieve frustration after coming home from work.
  18. I, for one, look forward to greeting our alien overlords. This thing about CERN is big news. The standard model is not right it just works for what we observe. Maybe we'll be able to listen to physicists explain the new model while we're bashing zombie heads in A20.
  19. Your rent problem is just bad luck. I have had that happen to me too you can put a point into a perk that will let you make them. I don't think it requires a workbench. Same thing for claw hammer I think it's a different perk though.
  20. If I wanted to commit suicide I just fly inside that house under construction next to my base that has the zombie bear in the basement.
  21. I'll let you know when I find a crawler. Now I'm running at super speed. WTF am I doing?
  22. I'm drinking brandy this time and have no idea how I did it.
  23. This is in a house I made. 100%. It is a 13x10 rectangle with a flat roof. I have upgraded everything to Stone. The walls are glass blocks. It is one square away from the Frozen biome so I get the weather. It has stopped all of the weather rain or snow. It's entirely possible I just by accident have an oriented just right so it doesn't rain inside or snow inside. It is parallel to the snow biome.
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