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  1. I like baseball bat. I don't get interested in the club at all, I use it starting out. It's essential when you're starting out. I find it very therapeutic to club zombies in the head with a baseball bat after coming home from work.
  2. there's nothing worse than spending an hour and a half going through a clear mission only to discover at very end you haven't got it all cleared and you don't have any idea where are the z is because it's not showing up on your radar. This is why I don't do level 5 missions. Now we're talking 3 or more hours in a very complicated zone. For some reason the cleaning room in the missile complex always has two Z's in it that never show up on my radar. I'm not complaining about z's evading stealth. I'm complaining ending a very complicated dungeon with no idea where the hell they are.
  3. Lol. My pipes froze up many years ago in a very very cold Oklahoma winter. I turned on a naked light bulb used when working on the car and placed it so it was directly touching the pipes. Water was flowing within 15 minutes. Incandescent light bulbs get very hot. That's how an easy bake oven worked back in the day. I don't think LED lights get that hot.
  4. Yes that is it. Four points in from the shadows and full set of padded armor.
  5. I would have to get the mission over again, I'm not sure where it's at. It's a church that has a little cemetery and three levels in a basement.
  6. I live without electricity because of a pet peeve. I don't like generators. They make noise and they make fumes. Now this is kind of irrational because this is a game and you can't smell or hear it but I imagine it. For the first time I looted a solar package from an airdrop. Now that I can get into because it doesn't make any noise and it doesn't make any fumes and I can make a battery bank and had lots of batteries. So now my base is fully lit. It did take a little trial and error on my part. But as I understand it, I can't make solar panels. You have to find them on the traider or loot them.
  7. I will sneak right by them. I got to the end of a mission and only encountered three Z's. It was a fetch/clear and I had the package. There were no red or yellow dots showing up on my radar because they're all hiding in the walls. I went back to the start, unstealthed, and went full Rambo on them with my SMG. That was fun too.
  8. You might be able to get them as a reward from a trader quest or you can loot a pair. Granted this is very very random. I made a blue set that has everything in it I want. The extra slot would be nice and maybe slightly better stats. The value of a level six pair kind of depends on how much of a perfectionist you are.
  9. My problem with the monster closets is you don't know the monster is there. It doesn't show up on your radar. So you can't properly clear the area unless you get out of stealth.
  10. I don't even go hunting. I had a dig quest in the polar biome and got jumped by a direwolf. I was diseased, a little less than half health, major abrasion. But I had the meat. Then I ninja laddered out of the hole to look down at the circle to see which way it had moved and got jumped again by a direwolf. This time I had elevation. That same day I had a mission in a house on the polar biome and I noticed a cat prowling nearby and didn't want it to intrude on me while I was in side the house. Damn near had two full stacks of meat at the end of that day. Yeah there's too many animals.
  11. Money has been way more tight with A20
  12. I don't like the current system. And I don't know how the new ones going to work. I've read how developers want it to work. That would be a definite improvement
  13. This morning the traider gave me a choice of a pistol or a beaker. I can make a pistol, I can't make a beaker. I took the beaker. They are rare.
  14. I have planted enough seeds to not trust that simulation. I have planted three corn and nothing gave me a seed. That means I can only plant two. Sure enough, I didn't get any seed from those two. Now you have to ask yourself do you really want to risk it. If I had an infinite number of seeds then over time my results would mimic the simulation.
  15. I don't understand the problem. What exactly is happening?
  16. By viable I mean self-sustaining. You can reasonably expect to get more out of what you put into it.
  17. Farming is not viable with living off the land one. You harvest four but it takes five to make a seed. Two bad harvests in a row can wipe you out. This is a statistical problem. I don't think you can reasonably make a farm big enough for living off the land one to work. Living off the land one doubles what you get from the seeds you find. You cannot sustain farming with it.
  18. I'm not worried about food. The first four points I get when I start, one always goes to living off the land and I think that's still a great choice even though some YouTube pundits disagree. Now I make a small farm and plant the seeds I find. It's never bigger than 5 plots yet that works out pretty good. If you don't get a seed you got a harvest of four. I worry about running out of potatoes though.
  19. Glass jars are easy to make in the forge. I always make about 10 or 15 glass jars on day one during the night. After that if I need any I'll make them. It takes sand, clay, and lead. I've never had to mine lead for jars, I've always managed to loot enough on day one to make enough to get me through the next day.
  20. I've been trying to understand the advanced map generation option and I don't completely understand it yet. There is a correlation between mountains and the polar biome. When I get rid of the mountains the polar biome is gone. Or minimal at best. I made a map this morning and had one mountain, no cracks, no craters, and that yielded a polar biome but no Forest. The map was mostly wasteland. I redid it with the same seed, no cracks, no craters, used the default three mountains. This time the map was half wasteland but I had a good sized forest biome and a polar biome. I decided to go with that.
  21. It could have been @%$# fighting. That just makes their society that much worse. If the chickens were jumping on my stone ax, I don't think it was fighting.
  22. I've posted before how downright weird this society is. You have daycare centers next to titty bars next to dog bars next to bear bars. Dog bars and bear bars? I'm not surprised this society died in some sort of horrific apocalypse. So then I find this bar full of chickens. WTF? Seriously WTF? The Dead Chicken was full of live chickens.The two chickens that seemed stuck in the bathroom I left alone. I was a little creeped out and didn't want to eat them anyway. Why were they just standing there? Chickens just don't stand anywhere. Not even when they're pooping. My uncle had a farm with lots of chickens. It's odd what a kid picks up on. I went to the basement and found this cage full of chickens. They looked okay yet I felt sorry for them stuck in that cage. I had plenty of meat. You practice long enough with the simple bow and rabbits and chickens aren't that difficult to whack. They are way more difficult if I'm drinking rum and coke. Then I just run up and hit them with my club. But today I wasn't drinking any and shot lots of chickens and rabbits. I jump into the cage and start beating one of the wire fences to let them out. The chickens ran from the other side of the pen to my side directly under my stone axe. I tried moving. It didn't do any good. My ax was the magnet and they were the steel. Why they do that? Needless to say I've got all the meat and feathers I need.
  23. Sounds like a bad seed. Try again with a different seed.
  24. I have my crossbow, SMG, desert eagle, club, bone knife. I feel like I should cut down and free up the inventory slots being used by ammo. Yet I keep finding myself in situations where one is better than the other. Seems like there's too many.
  25. Looted a drone from an army truck. Logged off with a mission just outside the missile silo. She's going to have a good time following me around there.
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