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  1. We take over whatever looks good, we used to do the junkyard with the big trash bins, and I'd use those for my farm plots, right now we're on top one of the electrical type poi's but we've build it up, so we've got like 3 levels for room.
  2. I've been running 6 rows of 12 each now, and it still seems to me that I'm getting more corn seeds back then the other plants. *Individually that is, not in total. Corn Yucca Hops Pumpkin Potato Mushrooms Every so now and then I'll rotate Hops to Coffee and Pumpkin to Blueberry, but corn seeds are still out in front as far as return.
  3. Well I was going to link a screenshot but the admin has the server down at the moment, we use the rolling garage doors as *break* between our bridges between bases, main base ---> --- <--- kill base. You have to set it up as vertical if I recall, but then when you "open" it, it becomes a bridge to the next section. I would not recommend riding or driving across it, but running is fine. We also will set up 2 of these breaks, one on each side to compensate for jumping z's with the exception of spiders who can jump where they darn well please.
  4. The real world is just a crutch for those that can't handle fantasy and science fiction.
  5. Bows and Crossbows, check. Guns, check, Class 3 permit, no, but only because I keep my tinfoil hat on when I enter a guberment office. Revenuers? Kill em all. Can Cook, check, can garden, (reluctantly, check) Run, stealth, not so much. Beat things with clubs, check, make concrete, check. Tear @%$# down, check, put it back together? eh... Maybe.
  6. I would have mentioned a certain dog of snow instead of Joel, but that works too.
  7. It's like they, they demand that you kill them. Coyotes, and wolves do naturally of course, but I've lost track of how many rabbits and chickens that just dive under my motorcycles tires. On an interesting note, I ran over a chicken with my 4x4 earlier today, and saw it running down the road no worse of wear. Sort of like guinea hens do in real life.
  8. Yeah, early game dire wolves are no joke, even marginally perked into stealth skills I cannot kill a dire wolf even with a crossbow bolt to the face, at that point it's hop on a rock and play the pokey pokey with a spear.
  9. Crossbow or bow, depending on what I can find or make, knife of machete depending on quality, steel axe once I find one, and a pistol or smg with a silencer, again once I find one. I'll carry one without the silencer, but I'll try my best not to use it until it's semi quiet. Horde night, everything goes, but don't forget the nailgun with plenty of concrete mix, just in case.
  10. Well there you go, I don't collapse blocks because the mixers and forges are HUNGRY, but keep in mind that I can use a steel pick on a door with a sleeper on the other side and make 0 noise according to the noise meter. Repairing the door, that's another story, TFP must hate people who repair stuff, my noise level spikes whenever I repair or upgrade a block.
  11. I can't really speak about the auger, because, well power tool. But as far as the steel pick goes, crouched, with skills, I generate no screamers. Of course I also have a screamer trap set up as a concrete pyramid close to my main mine, with spikes and 4 forges running, so that might be drawing the screamers and killing them without me even realizing that they are there..
  12. Trash, garbage around my base, I do leave bird's nests though. Pine trees and low hanging oak trees must die. My base must be even and look pleasing, or I'm tearing it down and starting again. Also boxes must be organized, no auto sort allowed. Roads must be kept clean of cars, carts and Z's, a clean road is a safe road.
  13. I can't speak for the light, but the roof is probably a poi vs player built issue. A lot, and I mean a lot of the poi's are decaying even if they don't look like it, hence, roof leaking. But in my built house, no rain leaking in.
  14. How about the other way? Used to be either up or down, you could build so high or so low that the Z's could not detect the heat map, that seems to be no longer the case now, and just means that we have to be cautious until we're able to defend what our heat map brings us. Dear Lord, let us be thankful for what we are about to receive, one player said as we saw the radiated screamer, lol.
  15. I feel your pain, I eneded up exploring a desert city, and was pleasantly surprised to find Trader Jen, was less happy when I realized her beakers, were about 1500 per, but she at least had 2 big ones. Beakers, that is.
  16. The way I'm looking at it, is it's the long view, they are, probably, planning more changes down the road that will make more sense, at least I hope so. I've finally got off my ass, and while I have not really been @%$#ing about it on the forums, I have been whining at my buddies in game, so I've started a spreadsheet to track my plantings and what I get back, I'll post it once I've done a few, 5 or more rounds of planting.
  17. The throw is the power attack, turn the volume up some and you'll notice your character makes a loud grunt, (shout of effort) as they throw the spear.
  18. But, but... the announcement of my feathers being delivered is needed.
  19. This is why I chew my friend out when he just drops a concrete cube, that's 2 upgrades for me to do since he's ripping through the exp mining the ore. Granted, I could mine ore, and I have, but I prefer to build and upgrade Yeah concrete is 5000 hp straight up, and steel takes that to 10k. I do like how the broken concrete in POIs only takes 500 hp to break out though, that is nice. But we still had to break out the steel tools when we made our forward base in the parking garage.
  20. My friend is the seed builder, I just name them, BrainnDrains or viceversa, and such. I played Nav when I was first starting out then fell in love with RWG, but try going into the Random Gen Previewer and see what you get.
  21. It is always recommended to wipe and start fresh, that said, my friends and I have moved several experimental builds over to stable with few to no issues.
  22. I *will* go out of my way to kill Dilo's now that I'm leveled up, *speech devolves into angry muttering.*
  23. He is the former skateboarder Z? I think, maybe he's just badass? Arrow to the face still puts him down, and if you can't hit the head take out his legs first.
  24. Okay, we are on a dedi server hosted by my friend, and we just did a day 40 horde, (10 day blood moon), 120 min day, 18 light cycle, so night is 6 hours, and we used the dart traps with pressure plates, and had no crashes.
  25. I didn't check my fps, mainly due to it being night, with lots of ferals chasing me, but I went though a town on my motorcycle and kept rubber banding, I'd be making a turn and then all of a sudden be back on the street I was on previously turning into a car while the Z's were howling for my flesh. Finally got out of the town by going off road, and once I was out and skirting it, my issues went away.
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