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  1. I agree with the OP on the topic of moving on to the rest of the game. Fix gamebreaking bugs, and then move on to the bandits and story. With those done, then it may be time to optimize and tidy up what they consider exploits of certain building blocks. Hopefully it is easier to balance stuff once they see the full picture.
  2. Voted no. By looting both day and night the reward itself is more loot and a better chance to get better loot. Since it also is likely to include a bit of fighting , your gamestage and therefore the chance of getting better loot automaticly increases more, as opposed to beeing somewhat idle during night.
  3. To be one step ahead of the competition, i've decided i start waiting for A21 instead of A20.
  4. Been there, done that. Base defence was like, left-click 8 times, then hit r. Rince and repeat until lag and zombies was gone. Survival skills, not really. In my opinion, survival actually is to fight as little as possible , or find methods that put you, the player, at as little risk as possible. In other words, kinda like min/maxing. Fighting skills, maybe. I'm not denying it gives a certain thrill to run around on the ground at horde night, at least the first times one do it, and most at the start of the bloodmoon. It's quite fun, but i am not considering it "survival". Just fun. Even if this game become super-optimized to support massive hordes, players will adept their fighting style to match the horde sizes. Explosives can be quite useful for large zombie gatherings. It's quite some time ago i had fun with those massive hordes. It was in multiplayer too. And, it was where i first learned how to run and club zombies. And, yes. That image just shows a roaming horde... not bloodmoon horde. Hiding image behind spoiler tag to not steal this thread entirely.
  5. Silence is golden. Some people, like myself, don't like noisy generators , and if it wasn't for my "no-trader" playstyle, i'd use solar , at least for everyday use. Maybe switch to generator for horde nights. edit: Also, once setup, solar is also "Setup and forget". No more worries about fuel.
  6. Perhaps it could be tied to the difficulty setting instead of a slider. But a slider or toggle (normal/survival) could do the trick too i guess , as well as beeing more userfriendly. Userfriendly as in , some players want ultrahard zombie fighting, but not wanting to deal with too bad weather affects. Or vice versa, or both.
  7. A somewhat related video... About horses, not cars. But i think it explains the topic fairly well. edit: Not my video.
  8. 15 rounds. No such issue as too much ammo, but a ton of issues with too little.
  9. We can carry a vehicle, and the vehicle can carry us. It's fair and square. The vehicle, that is.
  10. Nice is not the word i'd use to describe these two actions. Useful perhaps, but not nice.
  11. IMO, fully legit. Not very realistic, and don't make sense, but that's in perfect line with lots of other stuff in the game. So, legit.
  12. A multi-functional lawn mower. For cutting grass and zombie hair.
  13. Alpha 10.4. Pretty new to the game, 2-3 hours played. Knew next to nothing and had dug a small hole to settle in. Of course, i'd no idea what that nose icon meant, but i knew i was detected. So i panicked, and dug further down, and so did the dogs and zombies. Filled in with dirt above. I did survive, but skill had little to do with it.
  14. No pets. That's my peeve... Along with the removal of the plains biome.
  15. Can confirm same result. HP = 0 damage to regular soldier and demolisher. Also on 19.4 b7 , with pregen 1 map, save generated today.
  16. Some alphas ago, i did a no-poi run. How it ended? I was working on my base, and a roaming horde came by. No big deal, right? Well, i was waiting at my entrance , club ready. For one reason or another, i did a jump, and got stuck inside a wooden frame. Couldn't defend myself, and died. I could have gone creative mode, but i didn't want to do that when i play "survival" mode.
  17. As you wish. I did a test of electric fences early in A19. 1 fence (1 active, 2 inactive on each side), 3 demolishers. They look a bit angry, after beeing shocked for hours. All the damage dealt to them was with the electric fence. No damage done to the blocks. Perfect stunlock in the test. Not fully perfect on horde nights, but still quite good. Not sure if this still works though. Image hidden with spoiler tag to not take as much space. Just 3 demolisher beeing shocked.
  18. grata superstes. The strength of the pipebombs and grenades are also due to the fact that they can stack. Toss down a few unlit PB's or grenades, and then a lit one to set them all off. Since grenades do more damage pr unit, it might be worth using them once the zombies get stronger (radiated ones). Besides, late game i am usually overflowing with resources anyway, so making stacks of grenades isn't a problem. Can also be entertaining to try different approaches to horde fighting, instead of just doing the same all the time. My thoughts, perhaps the amount we can stack up before triggering them makes pipebombs a little bit OP. But what seem OP when playing warrior difficulty with 24 zombies might be just about right if playing 64 zombies at insane. At least pipebombs are a viable alternative to using guns, and i hope they stay that way.
  19. As long as those items can be obtained by other means, it should be fine. I was thinking about solar cells, but there could be other items i forgot about.
  20. I probaly use the "on face" and "copy rotation" more then i do advanced. The current default rotation is good enough as it is, but that is just my opinion.
  21. Club vs mountain lion, i don't think i tried that yet. Only bear and zombies. And dogs. Lotsa dogs. I kinda like cats, so i try not to hurt them. Still, hmmm.
  22. Uhm, every house now serve as a combined crack'a'book, pop'n pills, shotgun messiah and toolstore. Besides, i think the bookshelves in houses have a better chance of skillboks then those in stores. Not sure if the latter is still the case though. The skyscrapers and large POI's are just unnecessary FPS suckers. Well made, but not needed.
  23. I voted 3, which is "I don't care about this. It was fine before and it is fine now and it will probably be fine in the future" option. The stone age is not as bad as it sounds, since stone tools are perfectly good at what they do. Even at level 57, my main tool is a modded QL 6 stone axe. My last/current play is with trader unknown/out of reach. I put in one for later game. But, it's about 9km away, so practicly a no trader run. Perhaps there shouldn't be a trader at start, just overrun trader poi's one could clear to make a trader move in. Loot progression, well, as long as i don't play with a trader there might be some progression. If i was to play with a trader, aye, the current loot progression makes little sense. Couple screenies from a test start, as many options set to white (vanilla) as i could. Taken at day one, just after i finished starter quests.
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