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  1. For fully automatic weapons like the SMG (which i think is 9mm), Ak-47 and Assault rifle i love to put at least 2-4xscope and Semi-trigger thingie. And a mag extender/drum magazine if available. Saves me a lot of ammo. So much, i didn't have to craft a single round before day 50. For pistols i prefer the 2xscope and a mag-extender. I didn't find the SMG early enough in my last play, and in the end i just had an assault rifle and 2 stacks of 7.62 ammo with me when out looting. And a turret in case i expected tougher resistance. edit: One thing i would really like them doing, is one way or another list , in game, which mod fits which weapon. Either on the weapon, or on the mod.
  2. I wish they would pin this thread for a little while.
  3. I just restart my game if horde ends early and i think i can handle more. Did so with D42 and D49 horde.
  4. In A19 they are iron tools, and can be crafted fairly cheap. Might require a point in salvage operations and some mechanical parts, can't quite remember.
  5. uhm, you were level 9 with 2 skill points before, i suppose.
  6. A keybind for auto empty container content could be nice. (and dangerous too). I mean, R takes all, another key could empty all content onto ground.
  7. Motorcycle since it has better sound then the 4x4. The gyrocopter if i want to travel far over rough terrain.
  8. I voted 3, which is "I don't care about this. It was fine before and it is fine now and it will probably be fine in the future" option. The stone age is not as bad as it sounds, since stone tools are perfectly good at what they do. Even at level 57, my main tool is a modded QL 6 stone axe. My last/current play is with trader unknown/out of reach. I put in one for later game. But, it's about 9km away, so practicly a no trader run. Perhaps there shouldn't be a trader at start, just overrun trader poi's one could clear to make a trader move in. Loot progression, well, as long as i don't play with a trader there might be some progression. If i was to play with a trader, aye, the current loot progression makes little sense. Couple screenies from a test start, as many options set to white (vanilla) as i could. Taken at day one, just after i finished starter quests.
  9. As much as i like to nitpick stuff, the loot balance in A19 is actually one of the things i like. It looked horrible on paper (on the screen), but once i started playing, it was pretty much spot on for me. (warrior , 120minuts days, 100% loot, practicly no trader).
  10. Because of reasons, outrunning the horde with a vehicle is strictly forbidden, frowned upon, called cheating etc. But outrunning the horde on foot however is perfectly fine, at least for the moment. With this toolbar, you can survive any horde night if you run (and actually use the buffs they provide). Don't need megacrush, but it is the easiest way to avoid the horde. Coffee and other stamina refreshment buffs also works if you make a little obstacle course. Running shoes helps a bit too i think. Megacrush is most often found in these containers, in public food-serving places.
  11. It appears the robotic sledge turret and cops are good match as dancing companions. And yes, i did loose my sledgeturret on accident.
  12. I thought the demolisher zombie was good at dancing. At least until i found what cops can do when hit by a handheld sledgeturret.
  13. Perhaps i should apply for a place in the content creators threads, but I just don't make much content, and not very often though. Some more boom boom action. Short story, i realized it is the trench under arrowslits that is the real magic. This is why i seem to focused on the trench. The base might even work without any trenches or "AI pathing" magic still. Simple concept, slow down zombies with electric fence wire, and then rain down explosives from safety above. With the zombies stuck in the electric fence, shooting them was like shooting fish in a barrel. The bladetraps took lot of damage, so i guess they did some of the work too. Red apples = contact grenades.
  14. So, i watch a lot of streamers, and quite a few struggle with ladders. We, well, most of us, know by now we need the ladder 2 block up from the ground. Then it can get tricky to make the jump sometime. So i thought, perhaps just move the ground down a bit or two. And it is kinda zombie proof still. I made this image montage for forum users, and a 16 second youtube video. Hope this helps. The two trick on the right works with running, the one of the left may require a tiny jump. Perhaps a plate or something in front of the hole. And for the video. (it's more like a slideshow, without sliding).
  15. Players would find riding out the horde night to not be a challenge, and try out another way the next time. Players who genuinly want a challenge will find it, be it by method, option or mod/modlet. For players wanting a challenge, riding out the horde night was never a problem, since they'd choose more challenging methods in the first place. Beeing chased up on a rooftop and quit the game because a simple trick fooled the zombies. And afterwards introduce a system that makes the zombies ten times easier to fool around, not to mention making every POI like a fortified gun, tool and food store. And very often place those high value items high up.. Perhaps it was not a lack of challenge that caused the flying Dumbos, hmmm? 🤭 Well, that explain why someone said the reason for flying Dumbos was the some of the devs having a problem. My apology to that person, i think i might have overlooked his deeper logic😌. I apology, Jax. And no, i am neutral on the vultures attacking player-ridden vehicles on horde night, i just did not see a logic in it. I think i gonna let this dead horse rest though. Much funnier beating (un)dead bears.
  16. Yes, there is already an option for horde or not. And that is why i do not see there is a problem needing to be solved in additional ways. If harder difficulties came with horde settings greyed out, i could understand it, but as it is now, i just can't.
  17. Only a solution to an imaginary problem , but that is only my opinion. For who was it a problem? In singleplayer there is the option to turn horde/zombies off, and in multiplayer one can just log off, hoping someone don't have start driving back to horde base at 21:59. Maybe it save some server clockcycles though, but that's about it.
  18. I like that blade traps no longer trigger demolishers, since that opens up a lot of new possible designs for horde and everyday bases. I don't like the traders. But i can see them as a lesser evil to make the game appeal to more, and new players.
  19. That was at 0:34. Good catch anyway. And i run out of likes today, sorry.
  20. That, is just awesome. When i see that tiny dock down there, i know the picture just don't do justice to its ingame size. Absolutly mindblowing, well, if i had any mind left after my recent adventures.
  21. I thought bladetraps were fast. But, the rocket launcher kills zombies faster. I think it might be bugged, so the rockets don't hurt the player. Or maybe i'm perked so high i don't take explosive damage. Whatever, it blew my mind. Warning: Some say rockets do damage them. Seems related to a multiplayer pvp setting, i use no killing as default in my single player world. At any rate, this video is a showoff. Won't find 100 zombies piled up that nicely in the real game. Maybe in a horde pit, but there, rockets are fine. Rockets are most likely too expansive for killing single zombies in a real game too. Didn't use the fps counter, and it had a noticeable framerate drop, but not to unplayable levels even with OBS recording, even with 100 zombies. Thumbs up for improvements.👍 If you pause the video somewhere in the last 5 seconds, it kinda brings back memories of having just entered a town in A15 or earlier. (When zombies decayed slower).
  22. I did, back in A15. And back then, i even took the time to cut the grass ✂️. (actually, i think i used wooden frames to remove the grass and level the ground at the same time). Very nice setup on your base(s), btw.
  23. Bears? Nothing a wooden club and some cheesecake can't handle. Video is not publicly listed for 1 simple reason. It was a terrible edit. I tried to shorten it by speeding it up, but then the audio went out of sync. I could reupload it, but nah. Still shows what a wooden club can do though. And, i kinda hinted in A15 i would use a club vs bear in a later alpha too, so, now i've done that.
  24. There is something wrong by enable players to harvest decorations from POI's? I still have some fund memories of ripping the roof off a crack-a-book store just to have a nice roof in my base, and tearing down the cinema "screen" for white walls before painting came to be. Wouldn't need crafting recipes (how do i spell that word) at all, and the decoration beeing in the game already. Perhaps a tool mod acting like minecraft "silk touch".
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