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What you prefer to eat or drink while playing game?


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Hey, What you people prefer to eat or drink while playing game? I drink juices or sometimes drink detox tea, coffee, or black tea. Popcorns or fries are must. If I try to play without such snacks, I feel something special is missing 😁. To be honest, I don't enjoy gaming without snacks. What you people prefer while playing game? 

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Well, i eat breakfast if i play in the morning, lunch when i play during mid-day, fika (swedish thing for... Coffeebreak? And other sugar-high things like buns, muffins, cookies etc) during afternoon, and dinner when i play in the evening.  I dont have a specific "gamer-food" xD

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Usually decaff coffee and water, or beer with very occasionally shots of what ever spirits i have lying around. Never been a fan of eating at the pc, especially sticky or greasy food. When i was a kid and you have pizza and are taking turns playing RE4, no one wants to be handed a controller covered in grease😄so that's always stuck with me. Although very very occasionally i'll eat something that can be eaten without touching the food, like sweets from the packet etc. Maybe i'm just a weirdo😂

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6 hours ago, Data said:

Tyksie or the yellow Perla if i can get my hands on it


You meant probably Tyskie 😉.


Usually, I make tea with lemon and some brown sugar.


Decent local beer or sth from the barrel is very much appreciated anytime.


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7 hours ago, Roland said:

Without D_____ P_____ the apocalypse would just become too horrifying. 


Let's start a game about what DP means in this context.


Dumb People

Dramatic Porn

Disoriented Platypuses

Dangling Penises

Dreadful Penguins


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