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  1. It is not a commonly available item indeed. The fact that there's a book augmenting the chances to find some kinda confirms the rarity of it 😉 But you will find a couple of them, dont worry. Its not a question of "if", but actually of time.
  2. There's a book that can be found that allows you to potentially obtain acid from cars when you harvest them. Otherwise, you can normally find acid while searching kitchen/bathroom sinks or buy some from traders, if available.
  3. But... you do go faster when you're running down hill. Try it again. On some steep slopes, you'll notice you go so fast that you start ''bouncing'' while running down and next thing you know, you can sprain your ankle or even break a leg. It happened to me. Just crouch and you'll go down slower. Its the same with vehicles, they'll go faster down a slope. I cant fathom why you didnt notice this.
  4. Forgive my lack/ignorance of technical knowledge, but what does "Paint cannot stream" means?
  5. Never have i seen a zombie getting woken up by another one dying. You can observe this when killing a zombie in stealth mode with a bow and arrow, for instance, which is one of the most silent complex projectile weapon in the game, while there's other sleepers visible around. Kill a Spider Zombie and you'll hear its horrible screeching when it dies. That would be enough to awaken a whole city but it doesnt alert any other zombies.
  6. The new Sniper rifle. I got a level 6 in one of my game that's at 127 damage, and i think i only have Perception and Dead Eye to level 2. So you can imagine with high level perks how insane this gets to be. And contrary to previous comments, silencers do make a difference. Sure, it produces a "snap" sound that can alert another zombie but only if its considerably close to you. The noise range is definitely reduced by a decent margin. Many times ive been able to pop sleeping Zs in a POI without waking up the others.
  7. Dont mind the troll giving you thumbs down on this, this is very cool and you did a great job about it so far!
  8. Check Boidster experiments above. I wanna say an immense thank you Boidster, for that elaborate testing you just did. Im glad to had such concrete and limpid answer to my interrogations.
  9. And it doesnt mean that its "good" either. TFP can of course decide to do whatever they want with their game, some far stretched inconsistencies can still take place and there's one right here. There's place where i can see sleepers sitting and lying on the ground, through a doorless access, while im in the adjacent room, either digging cobblestone, breaking open a crate or even clubbing another zombie and it'll go down growling and screeching without waking up the sleepers. Yes i get that some of them are scripted to wake up or "appear" when i cross a certain node, but that still looks weird and inconsistent to me when i can attract a Z in the wild, from several blocks away, by opening my storage in my bunker deep below, but the sleepers next door, in the situation i mentioned above, dont wake up with all the ruckus i can generate 🙄. I also get that, for the sake of several technical and design inconveniences, corners can be cut round. But again, this doesnt mean that some issues cant get exaggerated and that they dont need rectifications, whatever the intentions the devs initially had.
  10. Jeez. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I clearly mentioned in my initial post that i know about the heat signature of workstations and that i dont intent to fight hordes in an underground bunker because again, i know Zs can dig. So, why are you telling all this? I take it that you only read the topic title and not what was following. I dont wanna be 100% safe and sound from Zs 100% of the time im playing... I just wanna be left alone for a second when i transfer my stuff in a storage box, which btw does not generate heat. Im sorry, but you wont ever convince me that it makes perfect sense that a Z can hear you perform such trivial task 50 blocks underground when, like i sais earlier, i can bust open a door with my axe and that the sleeper on that room didnt even budge. Whatever the intentions of the devs are, this-doesnt-make-sense. I take it that there's some suspension of disbelief but this aspect is completely dumb. The issue of people locking themselves up in the ground has been solved by digging Blood Moon hordes. So i guess that i can have a slight moment of rest while i sort my stuff out in my storage. That isnt cheezing the game out...
  11. 50 blocks?! And it could now be more? That's quite ridiculous. There's some places i raided, where i loudly axe-opened a door, just to find a sleeper on the other side who is still perfectly asleep but i would have to dig 50 blocks minimum to be able to simply open a storage box in peace? I know its been said before but jesus christ, there's something seriously wrong with noise detection.
  12. I wanna establish my hideout underground in my current game and i wanna be sure im not bothered by them anymore. I dont mind the heat signature from using workstations, because i think they have a too much large range anyway and i'll just deal with the Zs attracted to it. What im talking about is just simple noises that i produce when opening/closing my storage boxes or by simply walking and using ladders. Im getting quite annoyed that the slightest sound of going through my stuff triggers Zs and i wanna walk around by hideout without being in stealth mode. Also, if you decide to build a tall tower as an hideout, how high do you need it to be so you cant be detected? Is there a flat, specific distance at which you remain undetected and is it the same for when you're underground or high above street level? If there is, is it calculated in blocks? Edit: I dont plan to fight hordes underground, so dont bother reminding me they can dig down to you, i already know
  13. I see Morpheus and Neo fighting...
  14. I dont go with the argument that normal wolves or bears would attack on sight because they're starving. There's plenty of preys for them, running around : chickens, boars, rabbits, deers/stags. Given the situation where a huge part of the human population has been eradicated, there's less of us to interfere with predators like such and their search for sustenance, therefore allowing them easier access to it. I also dont buy the idea that they would resort to eating zombified flesh, consequently infecting them and making them aggressive. I would find it more plausible for vultures since they literaly are scavengers. As far as i know, i dont recall wolves and bears enjoying rotten and tainted flesh. Now, that doesnt mean wolves/bears cant be infected in any way since we do have Dire Wolves and Zombie Bears. But it would be good to know what are the vectors of transmission of the virus and therefore, maybe have a visual, in-between normal and full-zombie state, that would explain normal-looking animal that are still overly aggressive. Perhaps having missing fur patches, foamy maws? But otherwise, normal, untainted animals should keep their natural behavior reminiscent of real-life.
  15. Omg, you evoked a concept that's inspired by real life. Are you even aware of how outrageous you are right now? Never, ever, mention anything regarding what happens in the real world. This game is unrealistic and you will obide by this. Dont say you haven't been warned when they come and get you. I'll take a risk myself and dare to say that i agree with your point of view on regular wolves. Should be the same for regular bears. But Dire Wolves and Zombie Bears should remain the same in terms of behavior.
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