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  1. Honestly, people complaining about this are exaggerating quite a lot. The encumbrance system is one of the most permissive i have ever seen. And you can feel real constraints when you're about 8-10 items in excess. You're not really having it hard at only 3. I've played game with much more restrictive encumbrance than that. The one in STALKER : Shadow of Chernobyl was still too easy for me. If that would be only me, i would have made it way more taxing on stamina and movement. Stacks of items would have a more significant impact. You would not be able to pick up any veh
  2. I built a horde base on top of a building that least 25 blocks high. The Zs go up a long ladder until they reach my spot. They then walk along a short pass where my sledge turret is positioned so that it should push them down when they are walking on the flat surface and not when they're climbing up (the sledge wont push them off the ladder). But the turret just wont do crap. I'm near it enough, it turns left and right, its placed right by the pass so it cant miss anything walking by. Its active. But the Zs just go by and nothing happens. I know the turret works because i use it on street l
  3. Hahaha, this has been discussed a while ago here and we still dont have a logical explanation. They just bleed away 🤷🏻‍♂️😆 Alright so i wasnt wrong. I will only get XP if i clearly deliver the killing blow. If the Bleeding DoT kills them before i strike again, or if i let them bleed out of course, they will not give XP. I verified closely again last nite and im positive on this.
  4. Im using Blade weapons right now which cause Bleeding status to zombies and im currently lvl 3 in Deep Cuts. I can cause up to 5 Bleeding wounds, which of course can deplete their HP quite fast. But i noticed that if i dont kill them quick enough with a proper strike, they ''bleed'' out and die without giving me XP. This happened quite repeatedly now. Is this something that always happened, that i wasnt aware of until now, or is there's something wrong with the game about that? I know that zombies who die from fire, if its from your own hands and you let them burn (i.e. Molotovs), give y
  5. You're absolutely right. So just put one Bandolier on every piece of armor you have. Also keep one in your vehicle so you can get the buff as an AoE when you're near it. Keep one in a chest, in your horde base, for the same reason. They will all stack and you'll have like 60% faster reload. After all, its not because it says it only goes on Chest and Leg armor that it only goes on Chest and Leg armor. 😐
  6. Its affirmatively accurate to confirm that the description says exactly that it doesnt stack.
  7. In fact, he used "crafter" not as a noun to describe a modder but as a verb. "Comment crafter" wasnt properly translated and this actually meant "how to craft" the Research Data SD card.
  8. Dude, the simple act of placing and removing my torch off the base of the antenna of the airport control tower made the upper part of said antenna to collapse 🤷🏻‍♂️ I know this is a user-made POI from the CompoPack, but still, those are build with the same parameters that the Pimps use and its kinda ridiculous that a mere torch can make buildings crumble 😆
  9. Definitely. Might i add that i dont have Traders, no loot respawn and Delete All my stuff on death, which already happened once (i had back up stuff but still, it was a hard hit to take) I went into a store, at street-level, during a night loot run, to shut off some Zs and i kid out not, the brief ruckus brought me 2 fat Hawaiians (the new skin is dis-gus-ting, its glorious), a Biker, Lois and a Spider Z, who cornered me so quickly, i literaly screamed and jumped on my chair, out of stupefaction. I paused the game to assess the situation 😂 I never saw this coming and i repeat, im n
  10. Well. Turns out im playing in a map i generated... and i made it to be the Wasteland all over. What a brilliant idea i just had 😆 Then I can confirm as well that it doesnt hold back on you: i literaly had wandering Cops before the first Blood Moon (7th day). I was like, hmm, that's odd, my gamestage is really not that high to have Cops so early... 🤔 Now i know why. That's not mentioning the higher occurence of bears, dogs and ferals Zs. And feral Wights. And i just passed my 2nd Blood Moon, my gamestage is barely 50. 😳
  11. It's pretty repetitive in close sequences. I get that its supposed to be a desolate place but damn, its way too loud. Is there anything in the settings or XML files that i can adjust or will i have to solve this with mods? Thanks.
  12. Anybody also got this? The POIs are half-way below street level in a hole, with no logical and regular access from the streets, other than jumping all the way down and nerd-pole your ass up if you wanna get leave the ''sunken'' area. This isnt the only one in the image linked, i got several of them scattered around, but on the other hand a lot of others appear to be correctly positioned.
  13. Oh, maybe some people did have issues with it, sure. But this particular feature was added during Alpha 17 and after almost 2000 hours on the game, i can say that i never had problems with the LCB. Never ever had sleepers back once i place it.
  14. LCB does prevent respawns of SLEEPERS that are within the LCB zone of effect. That's a fact. It doesnt prevent biome spawns.
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