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  1. Navezgane doesnt have an ocean or sea shore. Its only radioactive lands all around. The only way to easily have an ocean of some sort is to generate a map in NitroGen and set "Border" as "Water". That's what i actually do. It feels like im stranded on an island, trying to survive. I prefer this to some part of land or road i can see but cannot walk through.
  2. As soon as i have a stack of 25 repair kits, i ditch it. That's my milestone. By the time i will have to repair a single iron/steel tool, i'll already have found other kits or enough parts to craft plenty.
  3. You really think so? ๐Ÿคจ I dont even remotely think of such pathetic language when i dont like something about a freaking VIDEO GAME. All that this guy did was insulting and sh!tting on people, it was so vile that it completely obscured any statement he would have done. I mean wtf. This guy acted like the Pimps stole everything from him and killed his whole family. All he did was having hate-filled speech, nothing constructive about it all. You really have something literaly going wrong between the ears to come on a video game board to act with such violence. That invalids everything. If that would be me, he would be banned from this site in the second. TFP, like any other developers, do lend a ear about community feedback, true. But in the end, they dont owe anything to anyone else. We buy a right to play a game, not the game itself. This is a creative process and the sole owners of such project is the developer. Some people will like the approach, some wont. Fair enough. But if they decide to go into a certain direction, they're totally entitled to do so. Im pretty sure TFP had good reason to part from a LBD system to go into the current one. Plus, its a game in developement, which one more good and legitimate reason to have such major changes. If someone's not happy anymore with that, its a shame but its not up to them to decide. But one thing sure, its definitely not an excuse to act like this
  4. That's a perfectly fine advice to someone who barges in and insults the Pimps and other people enjoying the game as its currently is. One can voice their disagreements about some aspect of it, but doing it like he did, he doesnt deserve to have his point taken in account.
  5. Ah, i see. Should have read further down. Sorry for asking. Thanks mate.
  6. Hey Roland, did you keep the topic you once made, "How to win at 7DtD", which was about changing the values in xml files to have more Zs spread across the map and the wandering hordes size too?
  7. What i wanna know exactly is how can i have certain xml values changed for a single saved game while having them remain original in another game? Like, i have saved game #1 and saved game #2. In #1, i wanna change the values of the xml file "Spawning", which regulates the number of Zs roaming randomly on the map and their respawn rate, to have more Zs. On the game #2, i wanna keep those settings aformentioned remain unchanged or again, with completely different values. But it isnt possible because once the values are changed, it applies for all save files without distinction. Is there anything existing in mods or modlets that can achieve what i wanna obtain?
  8. If i remember well there's two platforms, one low above ground and another much higher. I've been able to progress to the top of the tower by skipping one, for whatever reason. So yeah i forgot about the other one and that was the cause of my confusion.
  9. You're aware that additional zombies are added, in a certain proportion, according to the number of players in game, from a single player to 6-7-8 and so on? Even playing in duo with a friend, which im also doing, the numbers is surprisingly higher, even for our first horde, i was stupified. So for sure, if you're a group of 6 players, the size of the swarm will be dramatically bigger. I once played with a group of 5 and i thought it was the end of the world. We did beat the horde once, few minutes before reaching 4am, with tremendous firepower and optimal positioning. It is doable, but most of the time, you'll be overwhelmed and will have to stretch the fight until 4am and beyond.
  10. I finally found out. I did cleared all rooms inside the tower but there was a suspended platform (for window cleaners) that still had couple of vultures and a single zombie... God's sake... Not only that but i remember that i passed nearby, earlier and the game didnt trigger them so i could notice them. ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜†
  11. For some reason, once i started the quest (clicked on the big "!"), another "!" appeared on the map, which shows it inside the Tower, in the lobby, beside the front desk. Its invisible though. I proceeded anyways and went to kill all Zs on all floors. Now the mission doesnt switch to "Go see Trader" which means i can turn in for the reward and the invisible "!" still shows on the map and my compass. I know you'll tell me that i didnt killed all zombies but i verified twice, from top to bottom, making noise to wake up hidden Zs i could have missed, but there's nothing. Not even a vulture. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ Im getting concerned now. I spent 2 real hours doing this and i dont wanna verify 25 more times. So is this some kinda bug that the game doesnt register the mission once its done? Did anyone else experienced something similar or its me who did miss one single zombie?
  12. Sounds like a real interesting challenge. I wanna try all single biome maps beside the easier forest one. As for the wasteland, can you still find all types of ore (beside oil shale of course)?
  13. You can change the values of settings in the game options and in the game files. Roland has a sticky about this. I changed some settings myself. Now all my wandering hordes have 25-30 zeds, day and night. Overall random roaming zed counts are now higher over the whole map but they're more numerous during night. You cant really be at peace more than 2-3 minutes, real time. And make your zeds running at night. This is good enough to spice things up a lot more.
  14. Great rework! I can now read stuff on my phone without having to pop my eyes out ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. There isnt honey everytime inside a stub. Honestly, you're now so highly infected, you wont find anything completely curing the illness during the few moments remaining until you die. Antibiotics cure 25% max of infection. So you'd have to find 4 of them in very short time and this isnt gonna happen. They have a high rarity drop chance. Better clean the slate and start fresh.
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