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  1. @Liesel Weppen Good lord, calm yourself down. No im not trying to overhaul the whole game into a life simulator. Yes, i know its an unrealistic game: ZOMBIES DONT EXIST. Thanks for the hint, Einstein. Something's really annoying is someone who disagrees with a guy saying something on a video game board and going like "OMFG im gonna tell them so @%$*#!ing much!!!" *pumps shotgun*. Relax your sphincters, pal. Im not trying to tell the Pimps that we should obligatory take a piss at specific moments following the mechanics of a kidney meter or having to cut our fingernails like real life... Im just talking about food consumption within the parameters the game puts us into. You take it like i tried to burn your house down. It just seems disproportionate to me that different activities, or should i say different levels of physical intensity, result into more or less hunger regarding how much "energy" we seems to use. Also, whatever the level of "unrealisticness" a game has, some parameters will inevitably be inspired by some real-life facts. Dont go hysterical yet! Lemme explain. Generally speaking, a normally constitued human being will metabolize a mere can of peas quicker than a whole plate of steak and fries. Thus why i was saying that it should take more time to be hungry again after eating the later, while mining, lets say, than after eating that miserable can of peas. Not only the steak/fries fill us up for more (yes im aware of that), but it should also make the bar deplete slower and not only because we have more points but also because it should create the Red Tea effect, in some sort. That could help while you cant find either the schematics of Red Tea or the beverage itself yet, or Pure Water. That's all i was saying. Im not saying im right and i hold the most supreme Truth. Im just discussing about a video game on a video game board. Sorry to have kept you from sleeping at night with my outrageous comment. If it persists though, you should consult. Good day.
  2. I kinda partially agree with this. While this doesnt break immersion to me, it needs to be recalibrated i think. There's a level your food bar reaches and you automatically get hungry. Let's say you were at 40% and the hungriness kicked in at 50%. You eat Grilled Meat, which essentially is a steak. It boosts you of 10-15 points i believe? So you reach 50% once again. And then you become hungry again. But in reality, a piece of steak usually fills you for a bit longer, no? Food should have a satiety level in accordance to the type of food it is. Steak and fries should not only fill the bar higher than a can of tuna but also make your bar deplete slower, due to the fact that its a heavier meal. I can also understand that performing physically demanding activities, like mining, asks for more energy consumption from the body, therefore eating more often is needed. But some situations should be taken into logical consideration. I remember one night, i ate like 4-5 cans of food i found, with some of them being Rations, while slowly sneaking in a house, looting it. Then 2 minutes later, the game tells me i was still hungry and i wasnt at rock-bottom of my food bar prior to this. I was like dude, you just ate 5 f***ing cans! Im not running, axing down doors, or fighting 3 Zeds at once with a spear : im taking them down with a bow & arrows while they're sleeping... And im told im starving. Wth? ๐Ÿคจ
  3. Thank you all, that's great to know. I'll look at both ways and see which fits me better.
  4. So i can switch to either one of them, but i dont really know how to do this properly. I assume this has been asked before, sorry if its the case. I partitioned my HDD into two drives; C : and F :. I installed A19 on the F and then i switched my default drive in Steam settings to C and tried to install A18.4 on it. But it directly updates my game on drive F anyways. So what am i doing wrong? Thanks for the help.
  5. The game is "forcing" you to... no, its not. That's just a random bad luck. Why dont you go along with the sudden challenge? Shift your initial plan, it could be more fun than you think. Or... would you be forcing the game to give you what you want?
  6. Hell yeah Damocles! ๐Ÿ˜„ Thank you for your great work!
  7. Yep, im waiting for a PSA from the NitroGen creators. I assume they started preparing in advance for that. I wouldnt bother even trying to use it until then, the new game coding is surely not compatible enough.
  8. Navezgane? A Pregen? Totally RWG? I thought id use a Pregen, since i already know Navezgane and feel it would be to easy now and also, i wont have the same enthusiam i had the first time i discovered it.
  9. I faced a similar situation (after 700 hours of play). But im far from being bored. Its more about how i could find tons of resources with standard settings. So i amped the game with more brutal premises. I made a 8k desert-only map (in NitroGen), with few towns and cities, so i have to cover a lot of terrain to loot stuff. Set the difficulty at Warrior. Loot at 67% and 10 days respawn. Desert-only map means no coal to mine. At all. So i cant make my own ammo in sufficient amounts to even cover the Day 14 horde (32 Zeds alive at time) and i will never be able to craft enough anyways. I can only count on upgrading junk turrets. I also tweaked the values of zombies spawning over the map, in xml files, at 4x more during the day and night, with only 1 day for respawn. Now, things get savage quite quickly enough ๐Ÿ˜‰ I barely go out at night, seriously. I get swarmed the minute i make too much noise. Oh and i raised the amount of Zs to 25-30 units for wandering hordes lol. Im at 30 hours on this map and i dont have a forge or any other work station yet (but yeah im close to have at least 1 forge). I only have a bicycle, just unlocked the mini-bike skill. The heat is draining my water gauge. I had 300 9mm, some shotgun ammo and some for Junky. I burned through it all in the first Horde night. There's always a way to pump up difficulty beside only using a slider. You just have to know how. And honestly, i enjoy this level of intensity a lot!
  10. Navezgane doesnt have an ocean or sea shore. Its only radioactive lands all around. The only way to easily have an ocean of some sort is to generate a map in NitroGen and set "Border" as "Water". That's what i actually do. It feels like im stranded on an island, trying to survive. I prefer this to some part of land or road i can see but cannot walk through.
  11. As soon as i have a stack of 25 repair kits, i ditch it. That's my milestone. By the time i will have to repair a single iron/steel tool, i'll already have found other kits or enough parts to craft plenty.
  12. You really think so? ๐Ÿคจ I dont even remotely think of such pathetic language when i dont like something about a freaking VIDEO GAME. All that this guy did was insulting and sh!tting on people, it was so vile that it completely obscured any statement he would have done. I mean wtf. This guy acted like the Pimps stole everything from him and killed his whole family. All he did was having hate-filled speech, nothing constructive about it all. You really have something literaly going wrong between the ears to come on a video game board to act with such violence. That invalids everything. If that would be me, he would be banned from this site in the second. TFP, like any other developers, do lend a ear about community feedback, true. But in the end, they dont owe anything to anyone else. We buy a right to play a game, not the game itself. This is a creative process and the sole owners of such project is the developer. Some people will like the approach, some wont. Fair enough. But if they decide to go into a certain direction, they're totally entitled to do so. Im pretty sure TFP had good reason to part from a LBD system to go into the current one. Plus, its a game in developement, which one more good and legitimate reason to have such major changes. If someone's not happy anymore with that, its a shame but its not up to them to decide. But one thing sure, its definitely not an excuse to act like this
  13. That's a perfectly fine advice to someone who barges in and insults the Pimps and other people enjoying the game as its currently is. One can voice their disagreements about some aspect of it, but doing it like he did, he doesnt deserve to have his point taken in account.
  14. Ah, i see. Should have read further down. Sorry for asking. Thanks mate.
  15. Hey Roland, did you keep the topic you once made, "How to win at 7DtD", which was about changing the values in xml files to have more Zs spread across the map and the wandering hordes size too?
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