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  1. Something wrong with the Twitch stream? Nothing's up. Edit: Dammit, nvm, its 9 central so 10 for me on East coast *facepalm*
  2. As far as im concerned, i may fiddle around with the drone, out of curiosity. This said, i dont think i'll use it that much in my regular playthroughs. But for perma-death, it will become a game changer for sure and i'll be glad to have it around.
  3. Traders would raise prices at night since they would be @%$#ed off having their sleep disturbed by your presence. 😆 And Rekt would just simply @%$#ing shoot at you from his bedroom window.
  4. Oh ok 🤷🏻‍♂️ Im sure that i read what i mentioned more than once. I guess i never was aware of this variation in wandering horde behavior. I observed that those hordes conducted themselves pretty much like what i initially read about them, whether i was standing in the same location until they come across me as well as when i moved further away from their path and watching them passing by, oblivious to me until i drew their attention.
  5. Wandering hordes spawn at certain points in your game and it doesnt matter if you make noise or not ; it'll spawn anyways. The horde appears out of your line of sight, on a part of the map, and will converge to your position, in a straight line, at the time it spawned. So if you stay on the same location all this time, they'll get right on you. If you move in the meantime to another location like 40-50 blocks away, you can sometimes see the horde passing by, without noticing you, and come across exactly where you previously were.
  6. Can you quickly point me out which xml file has that zombie vision value? There's still a full month or so until A20 lands, so id like to fiddle around with this. Or maybe just drop a link to another thread if this already has been asked before. Thanks!
  7. Yeah i know, this is why i put quotes to "blood moon" situation 😉 I would love to experiment with the feral sense meter and this is one feature that was making me excited for A20. I would like to try with maximum feral as well as taking it low but not straight turned off, like i mention earlier. But if its just an on/off switch, i cant lie that i would be a bit disappointed. I do wish that Fataal brings more nuance to it, but otherwise its all good, ill live with it.
  8. "Maybe REMOVE this one." FTFY. Caps lock is important to give the impression you're so right.
  9. Aaaaw, its rigid like that? 😟 Last time i heard of this, it was supposed to be a slider that we can move to either increase or decrease the intensity of the feral sense. Meaning you can either be in a constant "blood moon" situation or make the zombies almost oblivious to you unless you get very close. Now if its off, it just returns to the default feral sense?
  10. Wow! Those are @%$#ing amazing photos, really. Love the composition and the simplicity of the settings, which is in return deeply evocative. Thanks for posting this 👌
  11. Oh ok, i see. I said that because im pretty such i heard them (it was Rick i think) that answered a live question about children zombies (back then during the streams about A19) and im sure he said that it wouldnt feel good or appropriate, and i guess i interpreted it like it would be too creepy and of bad taste. I think the international market reason slipped of my mind somehow. @Matt115 Yeah preteens or teens, we're talking about the same monster. But yeah i should have said preteens.
  12. You're not really following TC train of thought if you're saying strip clubs are out of context only due to the setting you personally believe 7DTD happens into. TC states is opinion based on political correctness, you're not really talking about the same thing. The Pimps said they dont wanna put kid zombies because they themselves dont feel good about doing so, not because of the fear of potential outrage it could cause. But other studios did it, notably Visceral in Dead Space 1 and more in Dead Space 2, where you have baby and teenage necromorphs that you have to kill. The noose attached to a tree in the backyard of one of the houses is a reference to The Conjuring movie i believe. At least it does look like it. And what if there would still be a corpse hanging on it? It fits in the apocalyptic tone of 7DTD and this is a recurring element in such setting, just like in the Walking Dead, from which this game is directly inspired of. If someone would be offended by that, it would be because they decided to go along their offended feelings and not because the Pimps deliberately tried to offend people or to downplay the issue of suicide. Like TC is insinuating.
  13. Although yes, conservatives and fundamentalist, religious people are far from being supportive of strip clubs, the current P-C driven trend of woke people is to muzzle and shut down anything that they decide isnt appropriate to their standards, without consideration for opinions that differ from theirs. It seems to portrait this rigid ideology that they're victims of everything and that a single person or minority being offended by something holds moral highground above anything that could undermine or question their motives. In other words, they're immaculate because they believe they're right. They also cant accept that other people see them in a certain way and particularly dont like the term "woke" because its of course offending and it either a made-up term or considered and "insult".
  14. Im genuinely surprised he didnt complained about Trader Jen. Yet. TC, your point of view isnt guidelines the Pimps should unquestionably follow because you think you're right. Or offended. Its just a perception. Or course there's forms of objectification in this world but women arent forced to work in strip clubs and most of them legitimately choose to perform as strippers. So not only you try caps-lock dictate what the Pimps should do with their own game, but you also state that strippers are poor victims of the mean males who get in clubs to admire them. This is what the woke end of activism doesnt get : men look at women, women look at men. We all objectify a certain person to be the focus of our desires. This is life. And this will never change. Oh and btw, yes, this is cancel culture. Wokes are always denying it when being called out about it and now claim its a made-up term lol. Anyways, you already have been told that you can remove the club yourself, and you even did! So, what do you want more? If im offended by the way you elevate yourself above others as being morally superior and that you instruct people how to think the way you think, can i ask you to REMOVE your topic?
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