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  1. @Roland I've used mods for years. It wasn't until A17 that I felt the need for mods just to make the game interesting. I'm glad they have mod support. I'm glad Bethesda has mod support. That said, I would still play Skyrim, Oblivion or the Fallouts without mods. A17+, I wouldn't. I don't hate the devs for making the choices they have. I just speak against some of those choices because I have enjoyed this game so much over the years, and would like to continue that enjoyment. Unfortunately for me, even with mods, I play the game less and less these days. I count the money spent as well spent, and would have payed more.
  2. Already there, but not for the anti-cheese. Well, not just that.
  3. I actually miss the old patchwork maps. I prefer them to this new, in my opinion bland, all desert over here, all snow over there setup. Would like to have seen those refined rather than thrown away.
  4. You are not alone. The colors now are just too, there, for lack of a better description. Like it was all dialed to 11.
  5. In before "tired of EA being used as an excuse". Seriously though, things changing and possibly getting totally borked are to be expected during EA. Even finished releases that are "ready for launch" have all kinds of bugs even though we are told "it just works".
  6. And in the years that I've owned the game, I've never had a character reset before.
  7. In other words, 7 Days to Fallout.
  8. I agree with this general sentiment. But, since I can get more stone taking random swings at boulders as I walk by them than scrapping stone tools found in locked safes, I'm going to call a lot of early loot crap.
  9. I took "level 67 of the game" to mean game stage 67. Hence, my rock delivery comment.
  10. Welcome to A19's new and improved loot system! Or as I call it, "The rocks delivery system".
  11. I usually don't even pay attention to who is saying what. But, if you made repeated insults, I likely gave repeated dislikes. And if you have to insult people to try and make your point, your point isn't worth reading. Don't remember ever going to the trouble of looking for someone's posts just to drop dislikes either{my memory could be faulty however}. But, if it made you feel better...
  12. Be careful. If you dislike alanea insulting people for having different views on the path of the game, he may drop a dislike bomb on you like I just got. I had 9 notifications of dislikes on various posts, all made within minutes of each other. I guess it was a carpet bombing. I'm still reeling from the impact. Honestly, when people start using the crying, whining and other personal attacks, I just stop reading their post and give a thumbs down. Out of curiosity, if people who like the changes are free to insult people who don't, is the term fanboy back on the table?
  13. Unlike the stone age, that looks like a strong foundation.
  14. Voted no. Would have preferred a long string of expletives before the "no", but this will do for now.
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