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  1. I'll try that later. Things like this is why I really wish there was a manual save.
  2. I am aware of how it is 'supposed' to work. The quest failed when the bag fell to the ground. In the quest log, it shows as failed with a red X. Can't abort and can't remove quest.
  3. Is there a way to drop the supplies from a buried supplies quest? Something glitched when I tried to pick it up. I usually like to place them in the bottom row of my inventory so they don't get in the way of other items. This time, I individually moved all the other items and pressed R by accident. I got quest failed sound and the supplies dropped to the ground. I picked it up and now I can' get rid of it.
  4. Given the new slooowww progression and time to generate, starting a new vanilla world is less than appealing. NitroGen helps with some of that. In previous alphas, I would restart often.
  5. Did your mother have you tested?
  6. There was a mod once that toned down his language. It also removed the stripper model. I think it was a PG-13 type modlet. Don't know if it still works.
  7. Jen hates stupid people. If you come back to her, you've passed the stupid test.
  8. Same. I only deal with him until I find someone(anyone) else. Much like going to the wasteland, it just isn't fun going to his post.
  9. I loved hacking up the corpses after hordenight. I found it oddly therapeutic.
  10. I don't like the idea of temp buffs either. If I have some AND remember, I might use them.
  11. Don't care for the new injury system, but the homing missiles(vultures) make it horrible. If they look at you, you get an abrasion. If they get near you, you get a sprain or break. If they actually hit you, you get infected.
  12. I also preferred using the hoe and fertilizer. I hate the the new farm plots.
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