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  1. Coffee mostly(love the taste, caffeine lots its effect long ago). Sometimes a glass of Woodford Reserve or Jameson Black Barrel. One glass lasts a while. I'm a sipper not a drinker.
  2. What did you use as a foundation block? Plates, half blocks or anything that doesn't look like a full block still counts as a full block.
  3. Magnum Research has a line called BFR(Biggest Finest Revolver). It is available in .30/30, .444, .450, .45/410, .45/70, .460 and .500.
  4. I want to see a S&W 500 in the game. Unless you are Scott, there should be a noticeable delay between shots.
  5. How dare you choose to play the game the way you enjoy most! Degenerate!
  6. I agree with calling it tedious. All of the slowing down of the early game did not raise difficulty, it just made it take longer(tedious). I get that some people like it, but some of us don't. I am a habitual restarter in almost every game I play. This slowing down of the early game has sapped a lot of my enjoyment out of the game. I don't play anywhere near as often as I used to. And before someone comes in with the obligatory 'learn to adapt' or 'git gud', I have adapted to the changes and don't find the game too difficult. I just don't enjoy it anywhere near as much as I used to. Just my opinion, I know many have a different one.
  7. I'll try that later. Things like this is why I really wish there was a manual save.
  8. I am aware of how it is 'supposed' to work. The quest failed when the bag fell to the ground. In the quest log, it shows as failed with a red X. Can't abort and can't remove quest.
  9. Is there a way to drop the supplies from a buried supplies quest? Something glitched when I tried to pick it up. I usually like to place them in the bottom row of my inventory so they don't get in the way of other items. This time, I individually moved all the other items and pressed R by accident. I got quest failed sound and the supplies dropped to the ground. I picked it up and now I can' get rid of it.
  10. Given the new slooowww progression and time to generate, starting a new vanilla world is less than appealing. NitroGen helps with some of that. In previous alphas, I would restart often.
  11. Did your mother have you tested?
  12. There was a mod once that toned down his language. It also removed the stripper model. I think it was a PG-13 type modlet. Don't know if it still works.
  13. Jen hates stupid people. If you come back to her, you've passed the stupid test.
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