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  1. -Not a fan of the stone age loot. What hardware store orders boxes of stone axes? I guess the military bases will have boxes of stone arrows? This means entire POIs will just get skipped. -Don't care for the candies either. -The onscreen way point indicators just seem wrong. -While the previous version may have seemed too washed out color wise, A19 seems to be too much in the other direction. I use ultra settings, would lower settings (which ones) make it look better? -The new injury system can just f@%$ right off! Also, did infection percentage rate get increased? I got hit just after midnight day1/day2, and the percentage seemed to climb really fast. No stumps, no antibiotics at trader.
  2. I voted for the gun safes. I much prefer the older system with the red and yellow theme. I'll refer to it as alpha 16 which I liked. The one prior to this one I'll call alpha 17, which I very much disliked. This version I'll call alpha 18, which is better than 17.
  3. Well, technically, the phrase n the cartoon was puddy tat.
  4. Between the base building and blood moons, would you prefer F.E.A.R. or Condemned?
  5. Looks like the Easter bunny threw up.
  6. It seems as far as dirt goes, if you dig out gravel and place forest ground, it will turn to gravel texture. If you dig out burnt and replace it with forest, you get burnt. It's something to do with the new terrain mesh(?). I'm sure someone with more info will come along. Someone will probably even explain that is part of the new and improved design, even if it sucks.
  7. Nice green lawns turning to gravel or whatever is intended. Apparently TFP don't want us to ruin their apocalyptic terrain with any sort of beautification. I also hate the new farming. I liked having a cement mixer beside my farm and using it as a composter. Does anyone else have the problem where you plant a seed in a planter and it immediately "falls" out of the planter? wasted so many seeds with these damn boxes.
  8. That's why I loved the old way of making a minibike. Poor man's generator.
  9. I hate the new system too, but for more reasons than just punching an ear of corn. It seems like all the hit boxes in the game need some work, not just plants.
  10. Really wish they would incorporate a feature that would keep multiple auto saves on file. Backing up your save game before you start playing is one thing, but losing hours of progress due to a software or hardware glitch is completely different.
  11. WotW is in beta for A18 now. Still has plenty of bugs, but when it's ready I definitely want to use NitroGen.
  12. Can anyone tell me how to get the POI's from War of the Walkers into NitroGen? If you can, then, as General Sarris said in Galaxy Quest "Explain as you would, a child".
  13. So, they have PC emulators on consoles now?
  14. Forest. Can't stand wasteland and burnt forest. Only go to snow for easy water early on. Only go to desert for shale. Really miss the plains. So as far as vanilla RWG, much of the map is unused. Really need a RWG overhall. At least there is Nitrogen.
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