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    i always thought i had my own opinion but lately too many people tell me my opinion doesnt count and just want to fight with me to prove that their opinion means more than mine.

    just remember, one day you may get old too and have youngins telling you to shut up!
    like it or not, thats how i feel and too old to change my mind now.
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    south central U.S. in Arkansas
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    i want to play a game my way so stop telling me how to play.

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  1. for me... no for fast travel... i like for game to stay 7dtd not an off spring of others... faster vehicles... we tried and so has modders (and still some are doing it now) but speeds from vehicle are capable of bricking the game because of overhead calculations that has to be checked stored on sec to sec bases and people will see the big lag spikes worse then we have now. thats why the speeds were reduced. voxels need to be constantly watched by game and unfortunately some limitations atm. i enjoy destroy-able voxels... its why i bought into the game so i rather not lo
  2. best to my knowledge, if an item has a durability bar and random stats, it cant be stacked because each item having separate stats and all of that needs to be constantly checked and recorded...
  3. out of fairness... my situation was back when we brought in the quests so there has been a lot of changes since then... your issue sounds like a corrupted player save (i have no knowledge on tampering with them or if they can be).. maybe some one else can help on that... i will shut up then and wish you luck.
  4. as for an option... i see use for it. but... remember... 1 bad apple always spoils the whole batch. we cant force people to do certain things as anything can and will be abused. (like... and this is only an example of how it can be abused.... a pvp server owner/operator decides to make a single spawn point and just ruin a good experience for players who didnt know that was going to happen.. yes i know there are many good reason but just as many bad ones) so as long as it is something that we can do just by mods or modifying the xmls, i am ok with it and devs can
  5. if you took all good stuff out of your back pack then no need to retrieve the old one when you die.. (further decrease the chance of getting stuck with it again). i'd let that sucker set and decay and stay 50 miles away from it for safety sake. just as Beelzybub says... leave it. interesting.. i did what beelzybub talked about one other time and worked for me...
  6. *************************************** 1. IF you are running the dedi or have access to the save folder of said map, there is a spawnpoints.xml text file in the folder. you should enter map and set this up before your players join. example for mine is C:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\map name folder\spawnpoints.xml * copy it for backup. * hop into the map and go to where you want have everyone to spawn at. * drop console and type lp to get the x y z (4th is arbitrary to direction youll be facing) of where you are standing * leave game * open
  7. i suspect different alpha build... which one you on? full size screen shot would help and or output log to see if you have something in there interfering with game.
  8. or you can stand in the poi and drop console to type DBS which should show the poi as well, i think default key is F11 or its that on my key bindings in the global. as boidster pointed out... you must be inside the poi boundaries.
  9. use a bicycle and you will get there faster..... because you'd be trying to outrun the vultures... oh and stay on the road.
  10. if someone was to look at the game credits it would be clear we have far more then 2 developers. but i am sure when he said 2 he was just giving an example. also, if you (meaning anyone so no one in particular), were following our progress/process, you would have seen that we tried the speedy, small builds and it failed (no matter how we develop.. there will always be the 50/50). so we steered away from the smaller builds in favor of getting a larger project done that gave more meaning to the game in the direction we are heading and then releasing it.
  11. trader rekt is protected under the nokilli act and as such, he is entitled to his freedom of speech as we are... but he tends to over step his rights as the bleep bleep called me a bleep bleep. just do what i do when wife isnt around .... i go to dr jen for medical help (physical and mental). <looks over shoulder to see where wife is>
  12. sometimes a little humor is needed around here as way too may things are taken too literal. if anyone was doing something that shouldnt happen, the moderators would or will take care of it. sometimes i see useless stuff too, but just go with the flow or i have a laugh as well.. and hell sometimes i contribute to the fun... its better then seeing the constant bickering back and forth over trying to raise a dead horse or name calling that we see.
  13. *************************************** mechanics can help if they had more to go off of then "i have a problem with my car" so while this is the help section... guys and gals here will need more info and a link to your full output logs that you post in pastebin. good luck QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  14. agreed with a few who restart... i do not ask for the game to be made harder (we have options for that).. just that it not be so damn easy to get everything in the first in game week of playing.. (i'll bet many complaints of bordem is caused by this) while i change my play styles with each game i play, it is time to reset after i get into steel and a lot of what i get is looted from various places. i know we must look out for johnny newcomer and hope he enjoys the game i know we have lots of work to try to balance the game but i still dislike finding 14 ston
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