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    i always thought i had my own opinion but lately too many people tell me my opinion doesnt count and just want to fight with me to prove that their opinion means more than mine.

    just remember, one day you may get old too and have youngins telling you to shut up!
    like it or not, thats how i feel and too old to change my mind now.
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    south central U.S. in Arkansas
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    i want to play a game my way so stop telling me how to play.

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  1. the bad news is... there is a cost... a zombie now spawns where the newsstand used to be. well there is your chance to make a skeleton... go kill him
  2. yeah kinda going off of his statement "Daltak" its the player with the "bug". maybe looking at wrong output log. (the person having the issue should be here adding to this). or get server logs as he said its a nitrado server and it froze.
  3. sorry bud, but they need a complete output log uploaded to pastebin and linked or another place that you can load the whole output log. the output log will review a whole lot more especially if it has warnings and errors. that banner at top of every thread has the procedures needed to help out here. i imagine he ZZZZZZ them out for a reason but if he didnt .. yeah that would be a start.
  4. i am afraid of how this is branching out.
  5. you may find it easier to get the keys to ft. knox!
  6. yes that was in the prefab editor and i wouldnt want the tile being reset if i was looting a different poi in that same tile.
  7. the "End of Time" may be closer then you realize. time will tell
  8. ok thanks for getting back on this and have fun
  9. while it may sound like fun... problem is... we wont probably support tronados. tornados on the other hand sound better (yes... simmer down just funni') but in any event unless someone can mod something like that, then i doubt it will be added as it would be a new feature and even more time consuming code when the devs at tfp want to get this show on the road and get to gold asap (within their scope). just keep hoping tho as we never know what can happen.
  10. the guys here will still need info from you. such as , router settings, any anti virus software, port forwarding settings and exceptions in firewall.. list can grow.
  11. good luck if you are going to try what i think you are going to do.. let us know/or me.... best not to hijack this thread tho.
  12. *************************************** thanks for adding it here and hopefully the guys here can help B U T you need to following this link below so the guys can have more to go off of. please read Hated's post on making a usable report. QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  13. no worse then for example... mahrins pic of skimming stones.... what does it do... nothing really but for some (me included) it is/was fun when i could do it... at 63 i would break my arm now trying it. but its all about fun ... some like it and some dont.. nobody is forced to throw rocks. i think walking bare foot across hot coals is stupid too but there are people who can and are doing it.
  14. unless playing on a modded game/server the animal's AI task list doesnt have distraction allowed. (this particular task was in one of the zombie's AI task list) <property name="AITask-4" value="ApproachDistraction"/> this is the current a19 AI task list for the wolf. <property name="AITask-1" value="BreakBlock"/> <property name="AITask-2" value="Territorial"/> <property name="AITask-3" value="ApproachAndAttackTarget" data="class=EntityAnimalStag,30,EntityPlayer,30"/> <property name="AITask-4" value="ApproachSpot"/> <property name="AITask-5" value="Look"/> <property name="AITask-6" value="Wander"/> <property name="AITask-7" value=""/> <property name="AITarget-1" value="SetAsTargetIfHurt"/> <property name="AITarget-2" value="BlockingTargetTask"/> <property name="AITarget-3" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" data="class=EntityPlayer,29,24,EntityAnimalStag,0,0"/> <property name="AITarget-4" value=""/>
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