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    i always thought i had my own opinion but lately too many people tell me my opinion doesnt count and just want to fight with me to prove that their opinion means more than mine.

    just remember, one day you may get old too and have youngins telling you to shut up!
    like it or not, thats how i feel and too old to change my mind now.
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    south central U.S. in Arkansas
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    i want to play a game my way so stop telling me how to play.

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  1. random old age basically nature takes care of the map by killing a few and respawning elsewhere... (those not tied to quests and pois)... sounds good to me
  2. please send me the winning loto numbers for june 2021.
  3. forgot to tell ya... TFP = The Forum Players
  4. TFP is holding a meeting on that particular topic.
  5. legacy code that was never deleted... fixed in a20.
  6. my mind said to put "mtn" in front of lion but my fingers didnt hear the memo.
  7. @Roland fully agree, hence why i always stipulate i dont play by crunching numbers and i actually dont want them but i didnt create the game. but i wont play by being concerned with stats on a weapon.. i simply know the higher the weapon color for me means it will last a tad bit longer... i use rl experience with game weapons so i dont know how much damage they do nor do i cry if a guns damage is lower than i baseball bat.. just means i might find a good one later and yes i am a melee player as well... save the ammo for the bloodmoons when you are allone and need the firepower. end result for me is, i enjoy the game when i am playing it my way and it doesnt affect anyone else as i dont want anyone in mine to mess with my style. if i didnt enjoy i wouldnt be playing it for more than 13K hours.
  8. tid bit - dont make the mistake believing its completely safe during the day either, as far as lions and bears and dogs and wolves and coyotes and snakes and vultures and an occasional feral to boot. anything can happen in this game... just dont throw a bone at the bear (you have to give him a jar of honey) if that is not exciting enough, when you get a20 when time comes... turn on feral sense and make them jog or run or sprint at day. we dont need 1000s more zombies.. we just needed feral sense and its here (or will be).
  9. yes, opt out of beta. the stable build does not get the proper id until the next experimental. now when you opt out, you will not see anything change if you or whomever already had latest exp build because its the same thing.
  10. yeah seriously and i know a lot of people wont see it that way... 1m of wood block is not and will not protect your base or equipment from radiated spitters (cops/vultures). and as i had already said, by the time you have to deal with spitters, you should already be into concrete and steel and better fortified.
  11. i went by title of the thread. and my wood wall that took the worse was the one i said i had 1 iron bar in it as a passthru.
  12. i did same test... my findings... wood = NO for protection (as it should be), because by the time you encounter radiateds, you should be into concrete and steel. i did also make a window with 1 ironbar in center... the splash will wrap as expected because projectile can go threw the bars. but steel and concrete will hold up but not under continuous vomit attacks (again as expected). my switches and relays only took a hit if the cop spit thru the iron bar. cops exploding is a different issue and was discussed to death before and does not need it again.. so from what i have tested.. vomit is dangerous and can be controlled with proper blocks and thickness (it is all about figuring it out and adapting). if there is a week point where the vomit can spread/wrap it will and cause trouble.. but 1m concrete hit with 1 vomit did not show any signs of vomit penetrating and destroying switches/relays on other side. this is all based on my all vanilla settings and no mods test.
  13. hmmm i never said i placed anything under a hatch,, i just place my stuff 1m down so it becomes floor level for me and my bases are on solid foundation with no easy access to zeds for quite a few bm. BUT, this is not a 100% fool proof system and as far as i am concerned, there is none at 100%... there will always be a factor somewhere that has to be accounted for (its the way of the west) ooops maybe that doesnt apply here but for an fyi my base foundation is usually 11x11 upgraded to concrete and its only for bm fighting as i really dont have much as far as a regular base, i stick around tha trader area to use his/her bench and forge when i find one that works. but i did say that i cant and wont verify my trick as it works for me and i dont waste time crunching numbers. i know the vomit has a splash radius and i am more then sure the spitters always seem to be aiming for my head so i keep my valuables in my floor... which is merely concrete.. can never get a game to last long enough for steel. if i am lucky before i have to conjure a new map or game.. i might have a couple blade traps and i do have a lot of metal spikes... now.. i guess i should let you know i am testing this in a20 so not giving/leaking out info that i shouldnt because everyone will twist it and put words in that were never spoken if i did.
  14. dont forget that vomit is a projectile and allowed thru iron bars and such just like bullets and arrows. so if a bullet/arrow can travel thru them, so can the vomit. vomit makes contact on solid blocks and per hp of blocks will start to deteriorate... so the more it is hit, the more damage is inflicted to the block and is in a small radius. best to my knowledge... there is no instant explosion effect (at least i have never seen it in any of my play-thrus.) of course there are weak blocks and strong blocks and each have their own perspective properties. in short - how much blocks does vomit penetrate.. basically one block deep at a time but you have to remember the splash coverage area. so switches.. should not be next to windows, weak doors or in the path of bar type blocks that can be shot threw. my little trick is to place switches in floors with my storage boxes seeings how they always seem to be aiming for my head so i keep everything low.. i cant or wont verify that but it works for me (so far).
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