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    i always thought i had my own opinion but lately too many people tell me my opinion doesnt count and just want to fight with me to prove that their opinion means more than mine.

    just remember, one day you may get old too and have youngins telling you to shut up!
    like it or not, thats how i feel and too old to change my mind now.
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    south central U.S. in Arkansas
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    i want to play a game my way so stop telling me how to play.

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  1. no issue there as Rick (dude on the left) is co-owner of the fun pimps and he is part of that music group.
  2. i checked to make sure so yes the different book icons are in game and what about people who do not have any color perception (color is meaningless to those who only see b&w). the pics are of same book one not read and other is after reading.
  3. see what happens when wife catches you staring at the stripper or have 50 spawned. and for those of us who have or do work in construction... the men wont work when women are around.
  4. *************************************** i have submitted an improvement/request ticket to have a visual identifier for such an issue. hopefully they can add what i suggest. still not gonna be 100% fool proof because of human nature but every little bit helps. QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  5. best answer yet to your questions
  6. been using them in combo for years with no issues and Brains.... confirmed, there is no ads on this site.
  7. *************************************** while we dont give date anymore... we are trying to get a build that will carry everyone through the holidays so the fun pimps staff can enjoy the time off too with their families and friends (where they can that is). so we would like to see a good product go out that everyone can enjoy. patience is the key and everyone please be safe. QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  8. *************************************** please attach the whole output log as it has or can have details that we need to see what leads up to a problem. QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  9. careful revealing the secret ingredients. thats what makes it taste good. looting is a WIP and should not have a specific location unless its a boss room setup. as others have noted, looting should be evenly spread out in a poi and the treasure room should be heavily protected. but we will never stop people from bypassing things as that is what people do by nature.
  10. this is precisely what i do and yet to have issues at harvesting any crops. also if i place the plots on the ground and look into them i can harvest with no issues too. i feel its the aiming reach that might be causing issues when standing and punching at angles. (could be wrong). dont forget the yucca plant acts same as corn as far as height is concerned.
  11. seen a few times in this game and i have seen it in medieval dynasty and more then enough times in night of the dead. (just about everything dead does it in notd even the gibs). so 2 UE4 games and 1 Unity game so far. oh and also several times in world of warcraft.
  12. *************************************** open your regedit and follow the yellow brick road [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die] oh and the registry is what you want, there are no separate reg files unless you save/exports some. QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
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