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    i always thought i had my own opinion but lately too many people tell me my opinion doesnt count and just want to fight with me to prove that their opinion means more than mine.

    just remember, one day you may get old too and have youngins telling you to shut up!
    like it or not, thats how i feel and too old to change my mind now.
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    south central U.S. in Arkansas
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    i want to play a game my way so stop telling me how to play.

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  1. steam is just like blizzard in the regards to maintenance days... its every tuesday for them as well and can last 30 minutes to several hours and there is nothing anybody has said or will say to stop them. (now how long steam takes is not known by me). i just love visiting blizzard forums to watch a few people complain... unfortunately people pay monthly services for blizzard servers and thats why they are complaining.
  2. and the frozen women in the snow biome.
  3. you definitely have a glitch as i am seeing page 407...
  4. here you go. one is a20 and next is a21.
  5. you were on your way to progression but you stopped too soon... LBD = Level By Drinking more
  6. not gonna make a list but a very good start is in the folder where steam installed your 7dtd game... mine is at default location at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\ItemIcons". there is the actual icons for every item/object in the game that is in the creative menu. it should give you an idea to the amount available.
  7. just in case this isnt a joke or an AI post.
  8. that is also known as chicken retribution against all those who love hot wings. these wings bite back.
  9. ima thinking he wasnt wanting to have to kill a player to see it laying at a news stand.
  10. calm down as it is apparent they are trying to get the forums set up for catching spammers and or the new ai crap and just bad links being used. its not the end of the world yet ... but just think... when the end is here, you'll get all the skeletons you can handle. ooops
  11. here is mine from my hosthavoc server and screen shot to show what it looks like. <property name = "ServerDescription" value = "[00aaee]A not for public 7 days to die server[-]\n\nfamily and close friends only!\n\nI have no friends and very few\nfamily members that talk to me." />
  12. probably as i believe some (some) of the tame animal pics are from other members of the staff.
  13. thats an old pic and it wouldnt have shown arthritis, carpal tunnel and breathing issues. we all dont age the same in life.
  14. so before any wrong gossips get started... i am officially retired from testing now and my name will be moved in the credits to reflect it. its been a long winding fun road but bones are too old for running from zombies. also... the names are fictional on the wanted posters.
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