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  1. You would not get 25% more eggs at Loot Abundance of 125%, for the same reasons outlined above. Eggs can only be given in integer amounts, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 in a single nest (vanilla settings). With 125% LA, the only time you would get an extra egg is when the RNG lands on "2 eggs" (about 6% of the time) in which case you'd actually get 3 eggs. The rest of the time, you'd get 0 eggs or 1 egg as usual (because there is no way to take the "1 egg" result and apply a 125% result to it; it just rounds down to 1 egg). It sounds like what you and the other "duped" pla
  2. I haven't read closely through your results, but what I saw on the 25% abundance actually lines up with what I'd expect, if the system works as I described above. That is, Loot Abundance only affects the quantity of items you get and only after all other checks (basic loot prob + perks) have been made. So for example, a bird's nest has a very small chance (about 6%) of producing 2 eggs under normal conditions. Since bird's nests aren't scaled with gamestage, loot-boosting perks don't affect it. Since Loot Abundance only affects the final quantity of items after all othe
  3. Strictly speaking about the chance of an item being selected as loot, I think that is correct. My own testing has shown the loot probabilities work as expected. What I think is happening with the Loot Abundance setting, specifically, is that it applies after all of the "chance" calculations are done, and it only applies to the quantity of items dropped. In other words, it's not a probability/dice roll thing, it's strictly "multiply the final results by X% and round". I will do some testing to see if an exact 50% loot abundance allows qty=1 items to drop. I'll try 49% too, to confir
  4. I can try to do some testing, but I think the consensus (?) view that Loot Abundance affects quantity, not chance is consistent with all reported results. Based on previous testing related mostly to chance, but not quantity, I think this is the likely process upon opening a new loot container: 1) Run the loot tables using player's loot game stage (chance) 2) Award N items for each item selected in 1, also according to loot tables (raw quantity) 3) Apply Loot Abundance modifier to N, and round the result (adjusted quantity) If that is correct, then any loot ite
  5. Hi @Cziko. You should probably read this thread and try to get her log file uploaded into Pastebin. Full PC specifications might be useful too, as well as the server configuration settings (posting the server log to Pastebin would be excellent). How big is the map? Have you tried a game with no mods, to see if the problem occurs? That's usually a good first step.
  6. I don't have any no-forest maps ready to use, so I haven't done any testing, but it seems to me if you just deleted/commented out the two highlighted lines (manually or via a mod), the quest would work for a trader in any biome. In fact, you can see that apparently this was set to "exclude Wasteland", but they changed it to "only Forest". This is in quests.xml. <!-- White River Citizen 1 - Journey to Settlement --> <quest id="quest_whiteRiverCitizen1"> ...some other stuff... <objective type="Goto" id="trader" value="5" pha
  7. This is what it looks like: Here is a link to it.
  8. For giggles, I modded the auto-shotgun and shells to do 9999 block damage in a tight spread at 120 RPM and 1000-round magazine. It was an extremely effective terrain blaster, but even with the tightened spread, not particularly precise. You could make a 5x5 or 6x6 tunnel with it, but there'd need to be significant cleanup on the margins.
  9. Are you playing on the same machine that is hosting the server? The machine you listed? How do the performance metrics look while you're playing? If everything was fine until about day 66 then it's not strictly related to # of zombies during BM, because you would have had 24 total attacking zombies (2x per-player max of 12) back at party gamestage 74 (you're probably at GS 150-200 now). If you were playing at 16 max, then you reached the 32 total BM zombies at GS 97. So that kinda explains why reducing the per-player max isn't affecting the performance drop: if you were going to ha
  10. If you mostly want to remove blocks, you can use the Creative Menu ('cm' in the console) and enable the Dev tools. Select the Dev Super Digger. Every bullet will destroy any block and there is NO UNDO. Be careful what you shoot!
  11. The two biggest clues IMO: Changing graphics settings affects how the game loads and at what point it crashes = clue that maybe something is up with drivers and/or GPU. Game runs fine in headless server mode. Another clue it's GPU/driver related. In spite of the absolute perfection of OP's computer.
  12. That's probably my issue as well. I have always been using the ESC/DM controls pane to select God Mode (then using H to toggle flying on/off as needed). I didn't use Q very often and didn't pay attention when I did, apparently. Why are they different though? What purpose does God-Mode-but-not-really on the DM tools pane serve? (He asked into the void...)
  13. I noticed lately on my server that if I go into God mode I'm not auto-healing or losing status effects (broken bones etc.). I can fly, but also zombies can kill me. I didn't recall that being the case before, but I very rarely use God mode on the server so maybe it's always been this way. NBD, I just load up on medkits food and water. My ID has the max permission level in the server config (it's on a local machine, not hosted).
  14. Pretty close! Here is the online link to your pasted file: https://justpaste.it/6sit8 Was the world created in a version prior to 19.4?
  15. You probably should read this thread and provide your client log (after trying to loot some things). If you can also get the server log and server configuration file, that might help. Put the log files into Pastebin (pastebin.com) as shown in the thread. Please don't just dump all the text into a forum post. With that info, I'm sure you can get some help.
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