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  1. User name checks out. Sort of. I would not be surprised at all if the very early design phases of Minecraft included attempts to play with SI (beyond sand), but were abandoned because of the cave issue. And so it has outstanding underground caves, and also you can build your entire fortress in mid-air.
  2. For what it's worth, the <decorations> section - where trees are selected - of the pine_forest biome in 18.3 and 19.3 are the same. 18.3 would have been 2019-ish I think (it's the only old version I still have hanging around). Probably the biomes.xml has been edited/modded to boost tree count in the world used for the video. I used a 4x setting for just 4 tree types to get this: Note that large quantities of trees can impact performance. If you want to play with it yourself, open biomes.xml and look in the <decorations> section of the pine_forest
  3. Wait, are they removing forges and work benches from A20?!? Holy crap that's a horrible "improvement". How many game days have you played in A20 so far? I'm wondering if it gets better as your gamestage goes up. I'm still playing A19 so no experience with A20. That's good to hear. Man, I need to go download A20, which you obviously have already done, and start playing it! I do not think the POI loot changes mean what you think they mean. Loot boxes are already tied to gamestage, which is exactly why you see stone tools when star
  4. Only if they are horse-sized. I want an in-game Concrete Cage of Chaos where we can choose the combatants.
  5. Well that's good, because dismissing the developers' work really makes it hard to take your argument seri... Oh, never mind. In any case, here's some behind the scenes. And here is a list of updates and changes. And here. Also here. Here, here, and here as well. But devs never tell us what they're working on, right? Except when they do. Or that other time they did. Yeah, but they don't really want our ideas, except for the place they specifically set aside for it. Have you considered running an overhaul mod? Maybe that would give you the new hotnes
  6. Well, how about some questionable math? A 4K world has about 1 billion terrain blocks (not air), give or take. If 1/100th of one percent (one out of every 10,000 blocks) is an ore block, you will have 100,000 ore blocks in the world. Assuming they are equally divided between iron, lead, coal, nitrate, and oil shale (which I don't think would be the case since oil shale is only in the desert), there's 20,000 ore blocks each of coal, nitrate, and lead to dig up. With no perks or candy you get 50 coal/nitrate from each block, so 1,000,000 coal + nitrate would be available in the world
  7. This thread got sidetracked by your title, @Darklegend222. You don't have any real questions about 1000+ day games, you apparently want help with three specific issues which you encounter much earlier. Why even mention 100-day games much less 1000-day? It's completely irrelevant. Let's focus on the actual issues you're having: If you want detailed technical help with this, you need to post in the Support forum and include your logs. In your case, you might need a log which spans an entire in-game day or maybe two, without you logging out, so the activity (or n
  8. Post in this thread, @Saffron885. It's the place to ask war3zuk questions. One of your other posts has already been moved over there by the mods.
  9. Oops, OP, wrong door. This is the Good-Faith Help department.
  10. EXCUSE ME, but Working Stiffs sources only the finest flint or, for the discerning customer, obsidian, for its Back To Basics™ line of fine workmen's tools! Using techniques passed down through four generations, the edges are hand-knapped by highly trained children youthful apprentices who are defininitely not underfed nor paid slave wages as they toil 18 hours a day in indentured servitude. ♫♪ When the world falls apart And you need the best rocks Crack open a Working Stiffs boooooox! ♫♪
  11. So I voted the "rather say no", but really my reaction is "maybe, maybe not, I need to hear more details". Off the top of my head, this seems like the most promising idea. Maybe resource cost is lowered if you perk into "Master Builder". Maybe (no clue if this is possible) your blocks get % boost to hit points or SI. I'm the builder on my team, so the idea is interesting, if it could be balanced with the other gates (i.e. for iron, steel, high-end repair tools). TFP, though, seems to be moving in the opposite direction, having gotten rid of the table saw requi
  12. How do you get from "I experience problem X" to "Problem X is encountered by everybody and the developers just ignore it"? If you have a stability problem, you should post to the General Support forum and provide your logs (read the sticky post at the top of the forum). Don't lead with your chin like you did here, and you'll find many people willing to help. Go in with "why does this game suck so bad" and, well, at least you can get it off your chest. Edit to add: are you talking about other people's servers? If so, maybe you should take it up with the server owners? My d
  13. Not running any mods? And you're playing it straight, not using settime to play with day settings (I do this from time to time and it does jack with spawn rates). Are there things that you typically build in those first 20 days? Big tree farm near your base? Do you tend to explore a lot of the map early on? It seems very unlikely that the day counter itself is the cause of any issues. Something about the world is changing over those first 20 days. You might want to post over in general support (with your log files) about the zombies not spawning for days and days. The default fores
  14. Combined with your 2G video card, this to me seems maybe not so much about "days elapsed" as "about the time when you get a faster vehicle". Faster travel = faster coverage of chunks = more textures loaded/unloaded per unit time. Here's an easy test: start a new single-player sandbox game in Navezgane. Use the creative menu to spawn in a motorcycle and some gas. Go for a ride. Do you experience the chunk loading issues when riding down the road at full speed?
  15. You will, occasionally, get scrap iron drops (the crossed I-beam block) from falling ore blocks. If I read the xml correctly (blocks.xml, "terrOreIron") it's a 40% chance.
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