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  1. "It is easy for me to do, therefore everybody else should be able to do it" "Struggling with this stuff develops skills which can go on your ZipRecruiter profile" We technophiles live in a bubble. I see similar arguments coming from corporate IT development teams. Why do we need to develop X? It's easy enough for the business user to just do Y and Z to get what they need! No, it is not "easy" for many people. Computers are inscrutable boxes of devilry and witchcraft for most people and they just want them to work. The standard meme is PC Masters vs Console Heathens, but there are plenty of PC Heathens as well (a majority of PC owners, I'd wager). These are the people who call us to ask "what happened to My Internet?" or "I think my son may have installed a virus, can you check?" Or...*shudder*...they go ahead and install the McAfee shovelware that came with their Best Buy off-the-shelf "gaming" PC. Could they learn how to open a zip file and put the contents in the right place? Probably at least half of them could with patient instruction from one of us, but it should not be required of them. If we can make it easier (and therefore attract and keep them as customers), we should do so. Within reasonable cost/ROI limits of course. With few exceptions, we're all average n00bs in many other areas. Car maintenance, home plumbing, chemistry, little men in boats, horse deworming, the list goes on. Let's not look down on the average n00bs in our own domain of expertise. Their money spends just as well as our own.
  2. Shirley you know that understanding of and appreciation for the classics provides a solid foundation for future memes. We need humorous, biting commentary on society, encapsulated in a picture with 10 words or less! Not stupid image macros and the utterly devoid of humor template: Nobody: Literally Nobody: <some stupid image> The internet is rife with this type of lazy, unfunny crap. Learn the old jokes, so you can do better, BE better! Good luck, we're all counting on you.
  3. I do. When planning and careful behavior is not possible, FAFO should be the rule. Sorry about your 4x4 at the bottom of the canyon bro. Better start digging it out...sun's goin' down. We take full advantage of the Bag of Holding nature of 7D2D's inventory system, but if they made motorized vehicles non-storable in any container, including other vehicles, I'd murmur "well played, pimps, well played" and adjust accordingly.
  4. Sorry, what I meant was that all of my own little modlets in Nexus start with "Boid's", so there is "Boid's Pour One Out" and "Boid's Infinite Horde" and so on. If you search for just "Boid's" I would think Nexus would show you all of them.
  5. Yep! Lake bed is at 71 or something like that. Cities set at 60. Surprised there isn't a "not on water" exclusion built in, but hey the tool has some not-really-that-difficult ways to work around it, so I will do that. Custom cities map and custom splat map were always in my future for this project anyhow...
  6. Just search for "Boid's" in Nexus and you'll find them. Mostly they are tiny modlets (small XML changes) created in response to someone on this forum asking for a particular behavior change. I don't know if any of them really qualify as "more real life like". Maybe "Boid's Pour One Out" kinda does.
  7. Is this expected behavior in the current version? I have a heightmap and a water map and no other custom maps/overlays. I did not expect a POI in the lake. If the log window is to be believed, cities are generated before water. Maybe it's out of order? Or maybe the rule is just "if you do a water map, you gotta do a cities map too".
  8. Yes, it works that way, however take a look at my big fat BUT ...not all mods work that way. Any mods which only change XML* will be automatically downloaded to your friends' machines**. Some of the more advanced mods add assets to the game (like new zombie types or new POIs) and often these will need to be downloaded separately. The description of the mod should explain how it will work in a server/client game. For example, I run a handful of mods of my own design, plus Creature Pack (new zombies, NPCs, and weird critters) and CompoPack (new POIs). My co-op playing partner had to download Creature Pack and CompoPack himself, but all my little modlets downloaded automatically. *or the 'localization.txt' file **what actually happens is the modified XML gets downloaded to their machines, not really the mods themselves
  9. Well, you will have to register an account if you want to download mods. You can use a throwaway Gmail account if you don't want to use your real e-mail (I do this all the time, though not on NexusMods). As far as "safe" goes, you can be pretty certain that Nexus itself is a safe website (unless it gets hacked some day, but that applies to any website). It's been around for years and it has tens of thousands of mods for all sorts of games. It is a legitimate source for game mods. The safety of any particular mod might be a little bit less certain, but if a mod has a bunch of downloads then it's going to be safe. Players would scream at Nexus if they left a "bad" mod up on their system. I mean "safe" as in "no viruses or other malware". A mod might mess up your game, of course, but this also is very rare.
  10. Okay good. If you want to make a change to one of your KingGen inputs (the Cities map for example), then click it to make it visible: For ease of editing, maybe you want to also show your heightmap: So I don't want that southern purple area in my Cities map, and I delete it: Then I turn off the heightmap so it's only the Cities layer visible again: File -> Export... -> PNG and then load it into KingGen and re-generate the world to see if I like it. If not, repeat the steps to adjust the Cities layer again.
  11. Sourceforge is just a tool, like github or Google docs. Yeah, people with bad intentions can upload stuff there, but generally it's used by open-source coders trying to do useful work. As long as you trust the source of the Sourceforge link (which I definitely think you can in this case), then the download will be fine. Of course have your antivirus give it a once-over, if it doesn't do it automatically during download.
  12. Try KingGen. It's under active development. I'm using it for my first-ever attempt at a fully custom map (hand-placed cities and whatnot), but it will do advanced RWG just like Nitrogen did.
  13. What program are you using? Are those each layers, or separate image files? I'm not entirely clear on what you're asking, sorry, but I'm willing to try to help once I understand.
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