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  1. To go a bit farther astray from the original idea: one trip to the snow biome and you can get all the water you could ever need in the form of a stack of snowballs. Two stacks if you're an especially heavy drinker. For aesthetic reasons, I very much like the idea of digging an irrigation waterway and having it work. Hopefully some day.
  2. This has been brought up before and one problem is, what counts as "player hoard"? Every container in every location in the entire world? So you have 20 Meat Stew and 10 First Aid Kits at your base 7,500m away, but you ran into a spot of trouble and are now bleeding, infected, and hungry. Sorry, pal, you've got all that stuff on the other side of the map! Or remember that one Shamway you were looting and there was too much stuff, so you left a bunch of canned goods in a random container somewhere in the store, intending to "come back later"? Well, that's now part of your hoard and
  3. I tested in 19.3 just now. The power is directional, so it must be wired in this order: Generator (1) -> Cam A (2) -> Cam B (3) -> Bridge (4) (Edit to add: to be more precise, you have to wire the components in the direction of the arrows; you could do it out of order so long as the from->to direction is correct) If you wire from Cam A (#2 in the image) to the Bridge, then only Cam A will activate the bridge. And the bridge will not accept two inputs, so you can't wire both cams to the bridge. Must be in series as shown. I've been playing a lot o
  4. AKA "exploit" or "cheesing", to some people. Anything other than 100% random behavior will have patterns. Patterns which can be studied and exploited cheesed overcome with attention to detail and planning. There is no cheese. There is only the enemy's behavior and your behavior, and if you survive to fight another day, you win. That said, of course we all want TFP to fine-tune and polish the enemy's behavior until they are (more) worthy opponents. Still won't mean that we can't find repeatable strategies to overcome them. Which will then be labled as "exploits" and "cheese" by folk
  5. I don't have too much problem with farm plots, though it took a little practice to get consistent with it (slightly different approaches to different plants). But man I punch/stab a bunch of dirt if I'm out trying to harvest plants in the wild. It is...bizarre...that the reticle will clearly say you are looking at Chrysanthemum, but when you swing you stab the dirt. Hey, 1 free piece of clay I guess...
  6. This is the correct answer, though "PiHoe" is the one you have to pay fifty bucks for. PiHole is free. 😉
  7. I would be gobsmacked if they implement this as a "locked door" mechanism. Unless the entire loot room (set aside how this would even work for open-air loot boxes on rooftops) is invulnerable, a locked door does nothing about the "problem" of quick loot. I'd bet 200 quatloos that the container will be locked. That seems far simpler to integrate into the game than trying to adjust loot rooms in POIs.
  8. To clarify for me, "can't get to" means there is no path at all, not just a path that is blocked by a wall, right? It's the HULK SMASH mode where they're just attacking random blocks (for us it's usually the nearest support pillar to a bridge into our base).
  9. And a compelling argument for not being able to pick up vehicles! Drive it into the lake? Fix it your damn self!
  10. I thought one of the reasons for the switch away from tilled soil and into farm plots was a performance-related thing. Maybe related? Or maybe I am imagining things. The narwhal that lives in my microwave says that I am...
  11. Probability of loot bag drops from zombies has been the same since at least A18.3. Normal zombies: 2% Feral/Radiated: 3% Demolishers: 30% You're looking for LootDropProb in entityclasses.xml.
  12. If my math is correct, here's the chance of getting at least one Repair Kit from the containers which have them. This takes into account the min/max count of items you can get from a container, i.e. the number of RNG "rolls" that are taken when opening the container. It does not take into account the # of Repair Kits you will get if RNG hits on "Repair Kit" as a reward. For example, the cntLootCrateCarParts will return from 10-25 Repair Kits 😲 if RNG lands on "Repair Kit" in its loot table. We usually end up with a decent stockpile of Repair Kits after a couple/few in-g
  13. Y'all full of it here, bro. Duct tape is only looted from loot groups "junk", "garbage", and "workbenchLoot". Here are the containers which have those groups: Junk: cntTrashPile01, cntBin, cntBruteStyleTrashCanFull, cntTiltTruckFull, cntTiltTruckFullFlies, cntStorageGenericPOI, cntChest01, cntCoffin, cntCoffinWildWestClosed, cntCardboardBox, cntSuitcase, cntLuggageMediumClosed, cntBathTubGore, cntTrashCompactor, cntDumpster, cntDumpsterFlies, cntMorticianDrawer, cntGreenDrawer, cntUtilityCartFull. cntCar03SedanDamage0Master, cntCar03SedanDamage1Master, cntBusSchool Garb
  14. You might be able to get pretty close in A19, if you're not averse to modding. I haven't actually tested this, but hey I'm the Idea Guy. 1) Set the default zombie template hearing distance to something insane like 100 2) Change the default zombie AI tasks so that "ApproachDistraction" is no longer in the list - no throwing rocks at them 3) Change the two numbers after EntityPlayer in this line (the see distance and hear distance) to 100: <property name="AITarget-4" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" data="class=EntityPlayer,0,0,EntityNPC,0,0"/> 4) Modify
  15. Your perception of the reason I brought up mods is different from my intent. I did not mean, "stop complaining, there's a mod for that". I meant, "you [Stranded Napkin] appear to have a balance issue with how you prefer to play a non-vanilla game. Here's a way to alleviate that issue so you enjoy the game more, today, right now, without waiting for A19.3, A20, or A21". Jus' tryin' to solve problems, man. With the game still under very active development (and very specifically including the loot system) I just don't get too worked up over balance issues, especially ones which are tr
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