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  1. And be sure to go out of your way to introduce yourself to any wandering zombie neighbors. Every zombie has the 2% chance (some are even 3%) to give you a departing gift.
  2. No, this would not be affected by that bug. The shoes are not using those probability tables.
  3. This makes sense, though it is definitely a...patient...pace for leveling if you've already hit day 56! Level 11 + Days Alive 11 (capped to the player level) = 22 * Difficulty Modifier 1.2 = 26 And at GS26 the total # of zombies you can see in a blood moon is 99 (three waves of 33 each), so your expected # of bags after a full horde would be about 2. But if you are being patient during the horde and not trying to kill them as fast as possible, the waves can time out before they've sent their full 33 at you, so by 4AM you might only have encountered a small portion. If the horde goes all the way to 4AM and there are still zombies spawning at 3:59, then you definitely are not killing the whole horde. In short, I think your bag drops are right in line. Gotta start killin' more zombies!
  4. Probably the piles of shoes and shoe shelves in stores is going to be the highest odds-per-container-searched, since they only return from the "ApparelShoesAll" loot group. But you can find the shoes anywhere you might find clothes - dressers, luggage, lockers, clothing store shelves, etc. Also coffins, desks, Savage Country crates. The shoe piles/shelves pull from the group below which has a 1.2% chance of producing the HP runners. This group also shows up in the Savage Country crates, but there it has to compete with other loot groups. <lootgroup name="groupApparelShoesAll"> <item name="apparelWornBoots" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <item name="apparelCowboyBoots" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <item name="apparelGothBoots" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <item name="apparelSuitDressShoes" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <item name="apparelRunningShoesRegular" loot_prob_template="low"/> <item name="apparelRunningShoesHP" loot_prob_template="veryLow"/> </lootgroup>
  5. I think the settings you're talking about are in biomes.xml. I don't grok the weather system completely, but for the purposes of @Sjustus548's issue the question for me is how granular, geographically speaking, are weather effects applied. Reading the description of weather effects in the comments at the top of the file, it sure seems like a whole biome ought to experience the same weather at the same time. But maybe it's the same granularity as "zombie spawn areas" (which are larger than chunks, but smaller than biomes)? And but so if you and your wife are standing within sight of each other in the same contiguous biome, but one of you is in a rainstorm and the other not, that would definitely imply some finer-grained weather effects. Broadly speaking, there are global weather values for precip, wind, temperature, etc. and then the biomes each have their own (RNG) weather which modifies the global and is subject to minimums and maximums i.e. maximum temperature in the Snow biome's "default" weather condition is 32, as shown below. So if global temperature is 62, the Snow biome will be 32; if global is 28, Snow biome would also be 28 (if it's in its default conditions) since that's within the min/max. How often are these effects recalculated with new RNG results? Dunno.
  6. HACKER! Get out of my desktop!
  7. I think this is the correct answer as to why harder zombies spawn in harder biomes. The spawn groups are different, not the player's gamestage.
  8. Hmm, that is odd. The gamestage calculation is in gamestages.xml if you want to sort out what you should show. You might also check the console command 'gamestage' to see if it differs from that the multiplayer list shows. Your group gamestage (determines strength of enemies), assuming the 96 & 94 values are correct, ought to be 141. Also from the calc given in gamestages.xml. So 96 + (0.5 * 94) = 141.
  9. For you, especially, it's not worthless! It's just that the buff really only helps when you're expending/recovering stamina. So make sure you trigger the buff when you know you're going to be punching a bunch of zombies. Not when lazing around the base (though if you have enough Red Tea to go around, no reason not to just use it all the time). You still get the buff even if you 'waste' a Red Tea when you're fully hydrated. So you can use them as sort of Potion of Efficient Digestion too.
  10. Well, it's always unfortunate when you have to kick a friend out of your gamer group... They're just extras filming an episode of Property Zombies. Doing demo on that ugly mid-century wainscoting in the foyer.
  11. For what it's worth, beakers were in a lootgroup that ties into the zombie pack drops (and a whole bunch of other containers like Pop-N-Pills cabinets), but it was commented out: <lootgroup name="groupMedicalRare" count="1"> <item name="drugAntibiotics" loot_prob_template="veryLow"/> <item name="medicalFirstAidKit"/> <item name="drugFortBites"/> <item name="drugRecog"/> <!-- <item name="toolBeaker"/> --> </lootgroup> I expect that uncommenting that would unbalance too far in the other direction, but maybe adding the "veryLow" probability to it would keep things under control.
  12. That sounds awes... ...yes, right, carry on. Note to self: there's plenty of iron in the world, don't mine out the deposit right next to base!
  13. Well, confident wrongness is all the rage these days...
  14. You are arguing against a point I didn't make. Neither you nor I get to decide when someone else's art is "finished". We can say, "Well, it's good enough for me!" and we can even complain "Hey, why did you throw that out, I liked it!" In this case, they didn't think it was finished and whatever their artistic vision was, it wasn't going to be met by what they had at the time, so they set it aside. It's their art. Their decision, even if we don't like it.
  15. I've tested same seed, different save name, and the nodes (and surface decorations) were all different. I'll start a new save with the same name as Test #1 and see what happens. Okay done. Seed name is "oretest" and the Test 1 save name was "A20 OreTest1". Test 1: Test 2 (new RWG, same seed, different savegame name): Test 3: Same RWG as Test 2, same save name as Test 1 (results identical to Test 1)
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