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  1. So I tested A18 and I think it is behaving as I described above. I set a forge to cooking 1000 cement for ~28 minutes and started it at 9:20 game time. I then logged out for about 10 minutes and logged back in. The server is set to 120 minute days, so every real minute is 12 minutes of game time. If "Forge Time" continues, but "Game Time" stops when logged out, then I would expect the game time to be around 9:21 or so (a little time passes during logout and login), but the forge to be about 10 minutes through its work. That is exactly what I found when I logged back in - game time was 9:22, but forge had completed 10 real-time minutes of work. If Game Time continued as long as a forge was running, then I would have expected it to show about 11:20AM on the game clock (10 minutes of real time x 12 minutes of game time per IRL minute). And but so, game time stops, forge time does not stop. This was a handy exploit to get extra resources refined/crafted while game time did not pass, but it probably should have been fixed as they did in A19.
  2. Are you talking about A18 here? My experience on our server if both of us were logged out, but forges were working when we logged out is: Forge time does not stop - if there is 30 minutes left to process then 30 minutes after logout the forge will be done Game time does stop - if you logged out at 10:00 AM then it will be 10:00 AM when you sign back in (even though the forge will be done) I just did a very short test (a 5-minute forge workload) and this seemed to hold up (A18). I'll do a longer test; maybe I've been misinterpreting what I've seen. Whatever the case, I have always thought it was a sort of convenient bug. I expected that eventually they would pause "forge time" the same way they pause "game time" (or so I thought) when nobody is logged on.
  3. What if they made a "Hothead" mod for clubs? Turns the club into a torch, like Burning Shaft does for bladed weapons. I'd buy that for a dollar.
  4. <raises hand> I pay almost no attention to the things people are complaining about. It's an open world with zombies and interesting places to explore in it, things to build or destroy! With recognition of the fact that a horde will arrive in the next 6-8 days, I just roam around doing whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes that is spending all day mining because I need ore. Sometimes it's doing a quest or two. Sometimes I'll go look for POIs I haven't seen before and explore them. Maybe just Netflix and chill back at base. This game has never felt "grindy" to me at all. There are just too many things to do - all of which advance my character - to label anything a "grind" (except in the literal sense when using the auger). I don't really pay any attention to my character's level, though, and I am always pleasantly surprised when I make a level. I can see where people who are focused on level, gamestage, and getting this or that weapon ASAP would pay much more attention to it, and would go out grinding for XP. I am much lower level than they are on the same day I'm sure! It would add interesting incentives if there were biome-specific loot (or biome-specific POIs which contained POI-specific loot) to encourage people to explore farther if they are not inclined to do so otherwise. Bandit-specific loot might cover this idea pretty well.
  5. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  6. The place lockpicking "fits" is in a stealth build where you want to get the loot without ever interacting a zombie, or at least before interacting with the zombies. I dunno if anybody actually plays that way though, even if otherwise they play stealth. You sneak through the POI, silently re-murder the undead monsters, then go back and open the safes at your leisure. And lockpicks are kind of a novelty at that point. Once you get a modded T5/T6 steel pick it's just wasted inventory space, IMO. The one place where maybe they have some utility even in the above scenario is for the locked-but-partially-broken doors. Since those are part of the One True Path through the POI, it might be worth it trying to pick them instead of bashing them open, so as not to wake the former residents.
  7. I thought the hacking mini-games in Deus-Ex and Watch Dogs weren't so bad...
  8. It was pretty good in A18; never lost a bike nor a backpack. Gotta start picking them up or throwing them into chests again I guess...
  9. Ha, really? Well unfortunately that means that your opinions of how much meat can be carved from a typical deer carcass: are absolutely accurate and really on the level of expert testimony must be ignored when discussing how much meat the poor former accountants can get with their sharpened femurs. 🙂 You literally have too much knowledge to be helpful. I happen to be a former blacksmith* and I have a deep understanding of just how much better a person gets at crafting axes once they have done it a few hundred times, but does anybody want to listen to my expert opinion on that? Noooooo.... *I am not
  10. I dunno. AD&D was pretty realistic even going so far as to limit pointy things in backpacks (and it translated to the games). Setting aside the magic loopholes, players really seemed like they could only carry a reasonable amount of crap. Buying a cheap wagon and a mule was often an early goal. I am not suggesting such a system for 7D2D - I think they way this game does it is fine and suits the gameplay well. But some games do have inventory systems that hew more closely to realistic human carrying capacity.
  11. In that case, I'd take the .44. But pump shotgun over .44. I just scrap all the double-barrels. I'd rather carry a 9mm pistol than a DB shotgun, but that's based on my typical use case which is several zombies put me in a tight spot and I want a little crowd control. A DB would let me absolutely take one zombie down, but the 9mm (or .44) will let me kneecap at least a couple of them with bullets left over, if not kill them outright (with the .44).
  12. Well, the game doesn't use weight or inventory space as a way to limit carrying capacity, so it has to use item value (roughly speaking). There is absolutely nothing "realistic" about 7D2D's inventory system so we can just toss any concerns there out the window. They are using approximate item value (to the player, not necessarily monetary) as a proxy for carrying/stacking capacity. It's awkward and sometimes jarring (pun absolutely intended), but understandable IMO. Now what they could do is add something to a perk that lets you craft gallon jugs of boiled water, similar to the bundles of wood or rock or gunpowder etc. They already do have the helmet purifier mod which would let you just drink the murky stuff.
  13. Yes you can use the HDMI port to go to the TV. It would give you the best video quality as you will avoid analog-to-digital conversion. HDMI > DVI > VGA, for the purposes of connecting to a modern TV. OLEDs suffer mostly from image retention, not burn-in. They look similar, but image retention will fade over time (measured in minutes, not hours). With "normal" use - i.e. some gaming, some TV/movie watching, some time off - an OLED should not have any permanent burn-in issues.
  14. You are not anywhere close to a "survivalist", pal. You are a barely-functional former accountant with a pointy leg bone to carve with. You are lucky you can even recognize edible parts from intestines. When you are fully perked into The Huntsman, then you can talk about how much meat you get from a bear.
  15. Reminds me of the ARK recipe system. Each ingredient adds this or that and you can save recipes for re-use later. So you could have "Snowberry Egg Sludge" which is 10 berries + 1 egg (that recipe being made up by you, not by the game - make it 20 berries or 2 eggs whatever you want). Each berry adds 1 food and each egg adds 5 food + 2 health so the total benefit would be 15 food + 2 health. Uncooked it keeps the 4% chance for uncontrollable pooping from the egg. Maybe using mineral water in a recipe negates any poop-related debuffs from a recipe. It is a neat system, but like you said more complex than I think TFP wants to go with 7D2D.
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