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  1. Hmm, that is odd. The gamestage calculation is in gamestages.xml if you want to sort out what you should show. You might also check the console command 'gamestage' to see if it differs from that the multiplayer list shows. Your group gamestage (determines strength of enemies), assuming the 96 & 94 values are correct, ought to be 141. Also from the calc given in gamestages.xml. So 96 + (0.5 * 94) = 141.
  2. For you, especially, it's not worthless! It's just that the buff really only helps when you're expending/recovering stamina. So make sure you trigger the buff when you know you're going to be punching a bunch of zombies. Not when lazing around the base (though if you have enough Red Tea to go around, no reason not to just use it all the time). You still get the buff even if you 'waste' a Red Tea when you're fully hydrated. So you can use them as sort of Potion of Efficient Digestion too.
  3. Well, it's always unfortunate when you have to kick a friend out of your gamer group... They're just extras filming an episode of Property Zombies. Doing demo on that ugly mid-century wainscoting in the foyer.
  4. For what it's worth, beakers were in a lootgroup that ties into the zombie pack drops (and a whole bunch of other containers like Pop-N-Pills cabinets), but it was commented out: <lootgroup name="groupMedicalRare" count="1"> <item name="drugAntibiotics" loot_prob_template="veryLow"/> <item name="medicalFirstAidKit"/> <item name="drugFortBites"/> <item name="drugRecog"/> <!-- <item name="toolBeaker"/> --> </lootgroup> I expect that uncommenting that would unbalance too far in the other direction, but maybe adding the "veryLow" probability to it would keep things under control.
  5. That sounds awes... ...yes, right, carry on. Note to self: there's plenty of iron in the world, don't mine out the deposit right next to base!
  6. Well, confident wrongness is all the rage these days...
  7. You are arguing against a point I didn't make. Neither you nor I get to decide when someone else's art is "finished". We can say, "Well, it's good enough for me!" and we can even complain "Hey, why did you throw that out, I liked it!" In this case, they didn't think it was finished and whatever their artistic vision was, it wasn't going to be met by what they had at the time, so they set it aside. It's their art. Their decision, even if we don't like it.
  8. I've tested same seed, different save name, and the nodes (and surface decorations) were all different. I'll start a new save with the same name as Test #1 and see what happens. Okay done. Seed name is "oretest" and the Test 1 save name was "A20 OreTest1". Test 1: Test 2 (new RWG, same seed, different savegame name): Test 3: Same RWG as Test 2, same save name as Test 1 (results identical to Test 1)
  9. They were - just someone from TFP they works bad. AKA "the artist who decides when the art is 'finished'."
  10. Koreans too. They aren't explicit about context in their conversations and they will also do what we call "beating around the bush" - using implication and nuance rather than direct language. It's very tied up in the politeness and the idea of giving respect/saving face. I rather like the concepts, but it makes following a conversation difficult if you weren't there from the beginning. They don't sprinkle pronouns into their speech as much as we do (so keeping track of who/what they're talking about can be difficult), they don't have definite/indefinite articles (there is no "the book" it's just "book") and there is no plural consonant. There is a way to indicate plural with a word-suffix, but they often just leave that out. Hey, if you don't understand what they're talking about, I guess you just weren't supposed to be part of the conversation! My girlfriend has been here long enough, speaking American English long enough, that she is far more direct than her family is when speaking Korean. I think they can tell she's been "Americanized". She still won't use Korean swear words, though she can drop F-bombs at will.
  11. I will be very disappointed if @SylenThunder does not use the phrase "heat bukkake" in the next discussion of PC case cooling requirements.
  12. First, sympathy for your plight. Acid is pretty rare. Second, don't worry about going into harder biomes. Acid is not on any lootstage-scaled lists*. Neither are beakers. The odds of finding Acid in a junk pile (or any of the other locations which Vedui covers in the video above) are fixed. So you'd want to prioritize being able to search as many containers of appropriate types as possible per unit of time. That probably means a big town in the pine forest. *To be technically accurate, the probability for acid is a single value (determined by the container type you're searching) for lootstage 0 through 999999. They have not really 'curved' it at all. Yet.
  13. Hello, welcome to the United States! Since you're new here, allow me to show you the DC Circuit Court docket from, say, late 2020 through today.
  14. I think we can use "point" in all of those ways also. So we have "bus stop" for where the bus stops, and we have "vista point" (like on a scenic highway) for where your car stops to look out over a vista (ooh, more Spanish). Are you writing your posts in Portuguese and then Google-translating them for the forum? Because if so, wow it's working out pretty well. I know a little bit of Korean and my native Korean girlfriend and I talk about the language differences a lot. Not only is Korean structured differently from English (it uses subject-object-verb word order, so "I to the store go" instead of "I go to the store"), it also overlays a system of honorifics and politeness levels like other Asian languages. So saying "I'm going to the store" can be done a few ways depending on whom you're talking to. It requires a lot of mental work for me to craft a sentence in Korean. (The first time I visited her family, I did a Stupid American Trick and walked on the hardwood floor of the apartment with my shoes on. There are several ways to say "I'm sorry" in Korean, with different politeness levels. For my 2nd Stupid American Trick, I chose the "I'm sorry this happened to you" - a sort of expression of sympathy - to her mother. Instead of "I'm sorry I did this.") For her part, there are some quirks in Korean conversation which can trip her up in English (she's fluent in English, except for the occasional quirk). For example, take this question: "You didn't get groceries?" Assume that you did NOT get groceries. English response: "No." (acknowledging that there are no groceries) Korean response: "Yes." (acknowledging that the questioner is correct) Korean also has a single character - ㄹ - which is pronounced between an 'R' and an 'L' sound. It is extremely difficult for me to get the pronunciation correct and I'm sure her family chuckles internally when I pronounce it with a strong American accent. It also contributes to some...fuzzyness...in her pronunciation of R and L. She will complain about silent characters in English words and I will remind her that Korean characters can completely change their pronunciation - or go silent - depending on where they are in the syllable! We have fun. I am half-Portuguese, but I don't know a word of it. Besides my family name, ha!
  15. Sounded to me like the question was, "why don't they just exit their POI and walk across the street?" I assume the pathing cost to get out of their POI was more expensive than [break through basement wall] + [dig 30m horizontally]. If this is an intended mechanic, wow it's pretty devious. *shakes tiny fist at TFP* Now we gotta dig a moat around POIs and fill it in with concrete to slow down the zombie worms! "Honey! There's zombies in the basement again, did you put out traps?"
  16. TFP better f***ing model at least the first three laws of thermodynamics accurately or I want a refund! Second Law of Thermodynamics at play here. Two systems [hot thing] and [container of ice], each roughly at equilibrium. You put them together and they start doing the thermodynamics nasty. The old heat bump-and-grind if you know what I mean. Trading all that juicy heat. [Hot thing] pumps a load of heat into the ice, causing the ice to start getting wet. If the entire thing is open to the atmosphere (an open cooler, say) and presuming it's not below freezing then the ice also starts to get it on with the atmosphere, getting a DP of heat injection from the air and the [hot thing] at the same time. Very NSFW when diagrammed out. Where it starts to veer into real darkweb stuff is if [hot thing] is hotter than [atmosphere] also. Then it becomes like a heat bukkake.
  17. Fixed. Sounds pretty hard. The sort of thing that might require a group of people to cooperate to help the entire community survive. The more mouths there are to feed, the more people should be involved in keeping them fed. A perfectly cromulent game mechanic, and certainly better than "find one seed, be fed for life!" But if it is too hard for your group, it is pretty trivial to turn on Super Easy Mode for harvesting. Just add the seeds back into the harvest (blocks.xml). They're only commented out in the code, so you don't even have to figure out where to make the changes. Just uncomment the seed harvest and *boom*, Super Easy Mode. I bet there's already a modlet out there for it. It'll be easier than A19 even since you get the A20 harvest boosts plus an extra guaranteed seed. Don't keep playing if it's too hard for your group, just make it easier.
  18. The problem with online translators isn't so much the translator itself, it's the dialects, colloquialisms, and spelling/grammatical errors people make when writing. In any language. @TresChocolates appears to write perfectly Google-compliant Spanish! And we gotta have at least a couple of Spanish-speakers 'round here. And replying to theFlu: It does sound like this is a good topic for the mod forum. But TresChocolates, you ought to use Google Translate on your posts. They are easily understandable in English. Better than much of the English we get in here from native speakers.
  19. Digging cost (as calc'd by the AI) is too high maybe? It's a good question. Edit to add: or maybe the "move to last location" is an x,z location only unless you are being hunted? Could be worth seeing what happens with an elevated platform when the Z's stop hunting. Do they mill around at ground level, or will they path to stairs to try to get to your y-value.
  20. You clearly play a lot of games and have strong opinions about what is or is not sufficient "change" in 7D2D. But none of that rebuts the point that every change to 7D2D over the years has been towards the 1.0 release. We're all just along for the ride. We can offer - and I'm sure TFP appreciates at least in some cases - our opinions on which changes work and which don't, but there really isn't much basis for a "you aren't changing enough!" argument. These are not DLC packs, these are evolutions towards the very first release of 7D2D. There are, hopefully, a couple/few million potential customers out there who've never bought nor played 7D2D. They are the target for all of this, not us. We are the hecklers sitting in the auditorium taunting TFP before the real show has even started. Wow there sure are a lot of us. Minor point: Demos will appear in downtown areas. More likely in Wasteland downtown than others.
  21. If stealth.txt is to be believed, and if you ASSume that "hunted" means "will dig to get to you if necessary", then possibly a loss of line of sight would be enough to make the zombies just mill about but not really have anything underground to target. A20 stealth.txt, formatted for your pleasure:
  22. Try not to **** up any basic math on the way through the parking lot!
  23. I held my mouse button down on the "Like" icon for like 5 minutes. I hope you felt that.
  24. Huh. Testing: polesaw, hacksaw, @%$#saw. Ahh...lol nevermind. I thought "****saw" was the forum bleeping something out. But the forum uses the industry-standard '@%$#' for bleeps.
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