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  1. This will be my one and only self-promotion thread, since I have already posted over in the Images & Videos forum and I don't want to spam up the forums too much. But if you want to see how this ends (and another fight as well), go here. I hope to do a video every week-ish, work- and home-life permitting. If nothing else, I'm no longer ignorant about how to create and edit videos! Octagon_WolfVSMoe_Intro.mp4
  2. Ohhhhh...I see now, duh. They are snapping at 1/2-block heights, or so it seems. They are 1x2x1 multi-blocks and I tested with wood stairs w/railing which are the same size. Only the lockers did this weird partial-block stuff. I actually have a theory about this that I need to go test... Edit to add: Theory confirmed. The problem is that the lockers blocks inherit from block "cntLockersShortOpen" which has this property: <property name="IsTerrainDecoration" value="true"/> If you comment out that property, then the lockers stop being stupid. (Note I did not remove and re-place these; when I reloaded the world, they had been snapped to full-block heights already.)
  3. Okay, so this is a thing now:
  4. A thread over in General Discussion got into wolves attacking (or sometimes not) zombies in the wild. That led me to run some simple tests about which animals would beat which zombies and vice versa. Which I presented to the forum in neat tabular form. BORING Several people asked me if I had videos of the fights. "No," I replied, "I don't even know exactly how to record and edit videos, but maybe I'll look into it." I have since looked into it. And being the type of looking-into-things tech geek that I am, I really kinda went maybe too far. And but so, embedded below is just a taste of what I am doing. If you like the intro, head to the YouTube channel. There are two full videos up, and I will keep making more if people mostly like them. Probably will not be able to produce more than one, maybe two, videos a week. Here is your CONCRETE CAGE OF CHAOS (Sponsored by Traitor Joel's) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1lNLhQXVTBADrt4k1B7EIw/featured Octagon_WolfVSMoe_Intro.mp4
  5. Well, the obvious and unhelpful answer is "because you placed them that way." 🙂 If you want them level, can you just attach them to that concrete wall?
  6. Oh sure, add an AND/OR gate into the game and next thing you know someone will build a Minecraft simulator on a computer built in 7D2D.
  7. Yeah, supposed to. In our case we are getting sleeper spawns within an LCB volume. Every few days the Doggos where we have our crafting base is re-populated with dogs and their handlers. In spite of the fact that we have gutted the interior and covered all the floor blocks with wood plates (under the mistaken impression that sleepers wouldn't spawn on player-placed blocks).
  8. Are you playing a brand new world created in b177?
  9. Related: turrets set to attack "strangers" will not attack allies. So even if you want your allies to keep their dirty mitts off your stuff, they can at least come to your base without getting SMGd.
  10. That is correct. Damage protection is only for other players. In SP as well as MP, the LCB will let you pick up your workstations (workbench, chem station, forge, cement mixer, I think even electrical parts require it i.e. picking up a generator).
  11. FOR THE LAST TIME, LCB IS GONE AND IT IS NOT COMING BACK. Good gods how many times do we...<touches earpiece>...what's that? Really? Oh... (Note to ArtMyst - that was an inside joke for forum regulars and particularly old people. Just ignore it) In addition to what Sydious said, LCB blocks do confer damage protection against other players. The amount of protection and how long it lasts is configurable for server administrators (in serveradmin.xml). I should also add that I have had mixed results with the "LCB prevents respawns" idea. I allow 3 LCBs in my game and at least one POI covered by an active LCB regularly gets respawns inside of it. Bedroll will prevent respawns, however and I've never had any weird behavior from them. One day I need to do a rigorous test of LCBs and respawns.
  12. My personal opinion: You should definitely buy the game right now. It's awesome and surely worth the money! But srsly, 7D2D is at this point sort of like an older RV or maybe an old sports car - 60's Porsche or Karman Ghia. It has a lot of neat features that don't always work quite the way you want, and sometimes you need to get under the hood a bit to make it better. But when you're using it, it is a lot of fun and you will spend more time with it than probably is healthy. Oh, also, somebody comes and steals your RV or sports car every few weeks and replaces it with one that is almost, but not quite, the same. "Hey the water pump is fixed, but now the blinkers are always on!"
  13. She should always be found following this guy around, and his AI should be updated to run away from Karen.
  14. You can do this with the 'chunkreset' command in the console. Here's how it worked for me: 1) Find POI 2) Use dev gun to destory POI. Fun! 3) Stand on the rubble IN GOD MODE (so I can clip through the blocks which will pop into existence), open console (F1) and type 'chunkreset' 4) Watch the POI magically regenerate around me You can also use 'chunkreset x1 z1 x2 z2' where x1/z1 and x2/z2 identify the bounds of a box you want to reset (if the box crosses chunk boundaries, all affected chunks will be reset). For a server admin I suppose you could mark off the boundaries of towns, for example, and tell your players that all chunks in that town will be reset every N days. They obviously should not build their bases within those towns. You just run your chunkreset command with the proper coordinates every N days (you don't need to be anywhere near the town in that case).
  15. I was referring to particular posts, not a general observation and certainly not meaning to ascribe any position to you, personally.
  16. I mean, it's right there on the cans of tuna...
  17. That is bizarre, it works for me in all axes, as I said. Up, down, sideways, forward & back. Works perfectly. For what it is worth, I remapped the God mode keys to PgUp and PgDn at one point, and I don't remember mapping them back to -/=, but my game shows them back to -/=. Maybe doing that knocked something loose? Anyway it now works. See the attached video. You are using the detached camera, right? Not just flying around in God Mode, but detached from your character (F5, P, [)? SlowPan.mp4
  18. You are begging the question with the part in bold, but every opinion is valid and I absolutely understand why you would not loot containers if you consider it a waste of time. That's just rational behavior! Modding the game and pop-tarting your character are also rational if you dislike the progression. I 100% support your actions in this. I just hold a different opinion on the "waste of time" thing, so I take different actions which are rational for me. Now, if I had Q6 T0 items across the board before GS10 (when a tiny % chance for T1 stuff kicks in IIRC), then I might get a bit more impatient for gamestage increases.
  19. Yes, I might have noticed that. 🙄 That comment is particularly amusing in a thread which starts "Am I the only one..." OP appeared to not understand why on Day 7 he was still getting lower-tier loot even with Lucky Looter and goggles etc. I was only trying to explain to him why this is happening. It seems likely, given how he appears to dislike much about A17-A19, that now that he understands this is an intentional change (not a bug in A19) he will join the chorus of discontent. You absolutely can choose to limit your options to just two. Everybody plays the game in the way they prefer. My preference is to loot everything just as always, knowing that there are literally thousands of lootable objects in the game and it's not like I'm going to run out before GS12. As well, the primitive/stone age implements are proving pretty effective for me - moreso than in A18. I don't particularly miss finding pistols and ammo, or a steel tool, on Day 3. Not when I can one-shot Moe/Bloated Walker with a primitive bow and iron arrows and a little Hidden Strike. As you say, it's perfectly valid for you to think otherwise.
  20. I've been shooting some videos and while I don't have it completely figured out and I did have problems with it to start, it seems now that using Shift with these keys does the trick for the detached camera, in all axes: Numpad +/- do not work.
  21. Just the other day someone posted - and I am not making this up - that INT was one of only two useful trees in the game. INT!! Can you believe that? Three weeks ago INT was for losers who wanted to hide in the base all day instead of clearing POIs. Now suddenly learning how to craft some things is kind of important, since the game isn't going to hand you WIN on a platter on Day 3.
  22. You might want to read the patch notes regarding changes to loot. You are in the Tier 0 "stone age" now (or just emerging from it) and as your gamestage increases you will start to find Tier 1 tools and weapons. Gone are the days of lucking into a Q1 steel pick or a Q3 rifle on day 3. Traders have not yet been balanced to match, so you can still buy stuff outside of the progression. For now anyway.
  23. While we were discussing infection from vultures in the Vultures Are Silly thread, we got into finding honey and how stumps seem be visible only at closer distances, at least with potato and semi-potato GPUs. I played around a bit and discovered: Stumps, as a block, are weird. Related to cactus and trees, but also have some Entity-type properties? I dunno I'm not an expert; it was just weird. Stump visibility is controlled by the Object Quality setting; I had mine at "low" which gives 21 blocks of stump visibility. Increasing it to "medium" gives 29 blocks. For some reason cacti are visible from much farther, switching to a low-res texture (instead of disappearing) at the same distances as above Stumps can be replaced with the wood log block, though the textures behave a bit strangely. Visibility is vastly improved and IMO the texture weirdness is worth it. Honey still comes from the wood log-looking stumps I think stumps are bugged - they should behave like the cacti and become a low-fidelity brown blob or something from longer distances Here's what it looks like as a wood log from very far away. There is no way a stump would be visible from this distance even at "high" settings. The "Ultra" setting does give about this distance for stumps. And here you see the weirdness in the texture. Sometimes the top of the log will float a bit above the sides, too. It doesn't affect the chopping up of the log though. Modlet is attached. This is too crude I think to put in the mods forum. It's just a hack until they fix the stumps. BoidstersStumpLogs.zip
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