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  1. I don't mean to judge, but your base looks very un-welcoming. 🙂
  2. Note that even after getting the save folder in place your maps will appear to have reset (all fogged over), but if you drag the map view around it'll start filling in as it pulls data down from the server. It's kind of a pain, but faster than walking/driving everywhere again!
  3. This may seem a dumb question, but we gotta be sure: you are still in close proximity to each other, right? The default max distance is 100m (in serverconfig.xml).
  4. Yeah, the fences have some weird bugs. It sounded like OP had just set up a new fence so probably it's not the glitch, but maybe? Here's a recent bug report about fence problems (not exactly the 'coplanar' error, but that error is mentioned in the comments). Another possibility for non-working fences is that the electrical load exceeds the capacity. Unlikely to be OP's problem, but traps will stop working if there's not enough juice. I've hit this problem when I wired up a bunch of traps and everything seemed to be working until...the base lights came on at dusk. Oops.
  5. I think you have it right! The yellow lines are generic power (and they show the direction of flow). The blue lines are specifically to show electric fence lines. These also carry power, as you can see below. The power flows right to left through the fence line and to the 2nd light bulb. I put the light bulb between the battery bank and the first fence post just so I know when it's on. Here is what it looks like if I walk into the fence. The blood spatters are how you know you've got a good trap! Note that as zombies (or you) walk through a fence
  6. By which you mean 3 out of the 12 options? If it helps, pretend those 3 options also mention builders. Good heavens.
  7. I think the idea is that engineering-related recipes use glue (and duct tape). Food and medicine, not so much. The perk alignments are more by use-case than by the specific work station used.
  8. And yet, you could be very...meticulous...in the 'home' portion, but haphazard with the horde-defense portion. Or vice-versa! Or you could have a perfectly-designed home which also has a carefully designed horde-trap built into it. Home base and Horde base are concepts; sure they can be the same physical structure! I need to try that game. Lots of buzz and it sounds right up my alley.
  9. Note that "batteries" for solar/wind/biomass include things like pumped hydro, molten salt, compressed air, and other technologies. One company has been funded to try robots stacking heavy blocks - a sort of dry pumped hydro. Several countries are >90% renewable energy by combining direct generation + existing storage technology - sometimes actual electrochem batteries, of course. The technology is out there, what is lacking is willpower and investment. There is a lot of money behind not moving to renewable energy, which unfortunately creates drag on both.
  10. I'm 'Significant' on both, though early-game of course I can only be 'Some' OCD due to lack of resources. But the final base has significant OCD aspects. I've been known to dig up POI concrete with the little "trash" texture on it (not the real trash, the painted-on stuff) so I can replace it with clean concrete. Of course you can't just do that to one block in the parking lot soooo...out goes the entire parking lot. That only happens after I've got an auger, though. I mean, I'm not crazy. I don't think we've ever put down a potted plant for decoration, or used farm plots as "flower beds". I'm
  11. Well, how OCD are you for the "home" portion, and how OCD are you for the "horde" portion? You could have a very nice living/working space with a jumbled field of iron spikes as "horde defense". Or you could live in a bare concrete bunker, with a carefully patterned horde trap system, impenetrable to even a wave of 100% demolishers. Or you could live in an elaborate and ornate castle with hidden precision defenses gracefully worked into the architecture!
  12. Sounds like you're at least 'Some'. It's hard to make categories which really cover everyone's play styles. Pick the most OCD you have ever been.
  13. If OP wants to retain entity damage, just comment out the lines with EntityDamage in them. E.g. change this: <set xpath="/items/item[@name='thrownDynamite']//effect_group/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage']/@value">0</set> to this: <!-- <set xpath="/items/item[@name='thrownDynamite']//effect_group/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage']/@value">0</set> --> There are two RPG lines which are similar.
  14. Just because it's the apocalypse doesn't mean we can't have a nice terrace with some potted plants, right?
  15. See, now you're just giving me ideas...
  16. My friend and I were just commenting that we wish torches could stick cleanly to poles and 1/4 pillars and such.
  17. Related question: would you prefer dynamite-based mining, or the addition of a precision laser mining rig which works like the auger, but without shaking.
  18. Welcome fellow former console heathen, to the PC Master Race. A15/console to A19 is quite a leap! Zombies dig now, so be careful. No more easy, safe underground bunkers! But now we have automated turrets, so it balances out.
  19. Here's a modlet I made which removes damage from RPGs and dynamite. Basically does what I described above. Tested in A19.3. I pushed it up to WeTransfer - does not require any registration to download, but it will expire in 7 days. https://we.tl/t-lTSI0nhz3L
  20. Look in \<install dir>\data\config\items.xml For the RPG you want the <ammoRocketHE> and <ammoRocketFrag> entries. I think if you set the properties below to 0, you'll see no damage (though the players can have fun shooting rockets around). The numbers will be slightly different between HE and Frag rockets. <property name="Explosion.BlockDamage" value="2500"/> <property name="Explosion.EntityDamage" value="442"/> (You could leave this one alone, if you still want rockets to hurt players/zombies/animals) <passive_effect name
  21. Thanks for saying this. My company is nationwide (mostly) and in the supply chain for energy production. Today we had a sort of conference going on. Wind turbine shutdowns are a contributor (the turbines ought to be retrofitted for extreme weather), but the contribution from natural gas supply constraints is far greater. I live in the SPP (the dark purple plus I think most of the aqua blue above it; map is out of date) and we had rolling blackouts yesterday to balance supply and demand. But since we are part of a very large interconnect the impact was minimal. Reboot the PCs, set t
  22. The older style houses should have wall-mounted phones. Preferably avocado or banana color, to really capture that 70's vibe.
  23. We had one of those? I've only been playing since A15 console. Did I miss it? BRING IT BACK.
  24. You make a little "whew!" sound when you are thirsty. Also some heavy breathing after running below 50% stamina. Also the zombie archers could be juuuust missing your noggin.
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