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  1. Assuming power consumption of 350 Watts of load 7dtd would pull from the wall. 20,000 hours works out to an electricity cost here of about £1015.00. what a waste, glad I don't have 20k hours spend doing nothing to pay for🤣
  2. Good options that add little visually but suck fps are Sreen space reflections (I completely disable them) Object quality (I'd go go higher than high) Reflection quality (low to ultra+ makes little difference to my eye so I leave it at low) Reflective shadows (disabled) Shadows (low to medium)
  3. Last time you were boasting about your 20,000 hours no one cares about, you had 17 player kills according to your steam achievements. Have you managed 18 yet or is that another 1000 hours away? 🤣
  4. Another couple tips for the affinity trick. If you have a modern cpu released in the last 3-5 years your cpu may have what's called "best cores" these cores give you your single threaded max boost clocks. They run at higher clocks speeds than the others so it's worth targeting those cores to lock the game too. If you have a ryzen cpu you can use ryzen master to see exactly which cores those are (won't always be the same cores for every cpu) also with ryzen don't split your affinity across multiple ccd's and ccx's if possible. CCD's are the physical "chiplets" on your cpu if your process is split between them it has a latency penalty having to communicate back and forth with a completely different chip. So try to find the block diagram for your exact model to find out how it's arranged (the 5800x for example only has 1 CCD) CCX's are the groups of cores within a CCD, the performance penilty is minimal here but it's you have a ccx with 4 cores use them. Some cpu's this might not be possible so just do what you can do and it should be fine. For intel the intel extreme tuning utility exposes those cores i believe. If you want to take things even further. You can assign any programs you have open normally to cores not assigned to 7dtd. This can be done exactly the same way using shortcuts. You can even copy the shortcuts to: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and they will open on start up automatically with the assigned affinity.
  5. You need to make sure steam is running before launching the game with the shortcut. I'd also change the start parameter from "7DTD" to "7DaysToDie" after that you can add /high if you want to give the process high priority, i haven't noticed any meaningful change in doing so but doesn't hurt so why not xd. Also make sure in the shortcuts properties you fill in the "starts in" field with your install path. for mines it's "V:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die" Also make sure that field and the target field actually point to where your install is, if it isn't installed on your c or v drive at that location it won't work. This is a great tip, however keep in mind it isn't eac compatible. If you play on a eac protected server you can't use this. Additionally it will revert to stock after an update. Fatal mentioned enabled gpu jobs will be in a20.1 i believe in the dev diary. So hopefully everyone can enjoy it's benefits in the future.
  6. I did some Benchmarks on a couple systems here Tests were on navs to keep thing comparable to a19, however based on my game play time in the new rwg cities, performance is a mess atm. The avg is fine, better even than a19 its the lows that completely kill the experience. In the cities it ranges from bare minimum playability to hitching and stuttering so bad it's an unplayable mess. As a bandaid solidtion I've locked my client to a max of 80fps to restrict the huge varrience going from 150 to 22. It doesn't stop the stutters from happing but it at least makes it a bit less jarring.
  7. yes it's on Tab 3/4 Level Tools 2 i did a written guide that covers where everything is, it's the a19 version so may be missing the new a20 features but the replace blocks text boxes should be in the same place https://7dac.net/prefab-editor-overview-guide/
  8. Ye you could make a custom settlement made up of tiles for each separate type of feature. Like you said hangars, terminal, towers, roads/runways etc. I haven't played around with tiles yet so i'm not sure how you get them to line up together so it all fits into place to form especially a airport city/settlement.
  9. Yeah a small airport might work, it would probably still need to be miniaturised. For a single prop aircraft the recommended amount of runway length is 244 metres (according to google anyway XD) if it was 1:1 even that would have a larger footprint than anything ingame atm. Users with low view distance would encounter the distant mesh bug at that size. If they made it 100-150 metres it might look ok and it wouldn't have the mesh bug even on low view distance. However that's still a ton of space taken up for very little gameplay value. I'm partial to more unique POI's tho so i wouldn't mind if they did it. Although then i wouldn't have any ideas for my own poi's if they did everything. I like to make things that aren't already in the game,, so far i've made a super aircraft carrier (1 server hub version and 1 poi version), vehicles (v22 osprey, f22 lighting 2, blackhawk, ah64 apache, tanks, humves, fuel trucks, rib boats), Lighthouse, Wind turbines and an arena for my server. I'll leave some pics bellow if your curious 😛
  10. welcome, their are 2 types of major alpha updates it seems for prefabs. 1. Shorter dev time alphas, a18, a19 2. Longer alphas A17, a20 The longer an alpha is in development the greater the chance there will be significant changes to convert older prefabs. However as much of a pain as it can be, i don't think there has ever been a time were older prefabs could not be converted (At least since i've been making prefabs). So if it is still possible at all i won't complain (much anyway XD)
  11. In general 40 fps would be quite low for that hardware, however in the city that's pretty normal. I get around 40fps in a city with lots of stutter and dips to as low as 22fps. CPU: OC'ed 5950x Ram: 64GB 3600Mhz Save drive: Sabrent rocket nvme 4.0 1TB m.2 Game drive: Sabrent rocket nvme 4.0 2TB m.2 GPU: MSI RTX 3090 OC'ed I did some a20 benchmarks here (2 systems and on the nav map)
  12. I think the reasons are: 1. performance large poi's are very demanding, a 1:1 scale airport is huge, they could scale it down but then it would look like comically small for what it's supposed to be. 2. There is a bug with large prefabs where above a certain size and and view distance setting, the prefabs distant mesh continues to display over the prefab while you're inside it. There is also no logic in RWG to have the prefab split into multiple prefabs and have them line up together to form a larger prefab. 3. I think MM said, but don't quote me, it would be a boring poi since most of it would be an empty run way, while the terminal and traffic control towers make up only a small area and that would be a waste of map space.
  13. Just wanted to pop in and share the blocks i've found that won't convert. A19[Fountain] --> A20[drinkingfountainsingle] (There is also a double version) A19[scrapironmaster] --> A20[corrugatedmetalblock] (No direct replacement equivalent) A19[scrapironramp] --> A20[corrugatedmetalramp] (No direct replacement equivalent) A19[scrapironcnrramp] --> A20[corrugatedmetalcnrramp] (No direct replacement equivalent) A19[scrapironcnrrampfiller] --> A20[corrugatedmetalshapes:rampcornerfiller] (No direct replacement equivalent) A19[cntgaspump] --> A20[cntgaspumpempty]/[cntGasPumpRandomLootHelper] A19[cntcoffin] --> A20[cntcoffinwildwestrandomhelper] A19[haybaleblock] --> A20[haybalesquare] (old single voxel block is gone, now a 2x1 block) A19[steelsupport] --> A20[steelshapes:pillarcrosssupport] A19[Chainlinkpole] --> A20[Chainlinkfencepole] A19[chainlink] --> A20[chainlinkfencebottomplain] A19[chainlinkfencebottompole] > A20[chainlinkfencemiddlerailpoleleft] A19[chainlinkfencetop] --> A20[chainlinkfencetopplainrail] A19[chainlinkfencetoppole2] --> A20[chainlinkfencemiddlerailpoleleft] A19[chainlinkfencetoppole] --> A20[chainlinkfencetopplainpoleright] A19[chainlinkcornerbottom] --> A20[chainlinkfencemiddlerailpoleleft] A19[chainlinkcornertop] --> A20 [chainlinkfencetopplaincorner] A19[cntmicrowaveovenrandomloothelper] > A20[cntmicrowaverandomloothelper] A19[poletop01] --> A20[utilitytransformer] (A20 replacement is actually multiple blocks) The way i do it is have an a19 install and a a20 install. Run the converter in a20 and note where blocks are still missing and return to the a19 editor. Use the replace blocks in on of the tabs to replace that problem block with a "placeholder block" this can be any block that 1. isn't used anywhere in your prefab and 2. has no problems converting to a20 blocks. Once you've done this and are in a20 again replace that placeholder block with the a20 equivalent. Tedious but gets the job done. If those prefabs are from a19 they won't work in rwg without adding this line to them in the prefabs xml file <property name="Tags" value="wilderness" /> Just give it the appropriate tag and it will spawn in a20 rwg (this assumes that the prefab has had it's blocks converted to a20 blocks)
  14. A bit late to the punch at this point but i haven't had the time to get these done until now, so better fashionably late than never xd. Today we have a host of data to go through, looking at a20.0 vs a19.0, older system vs modern high end, a20.0 vs a19.5, a20.0 status of proven a19 tweaks, new exclusive full screen mode and a note on 30 series nvidia sli. My Other 7DTD Benchmarks Benchmark Notes & Disclaimers Hotbox Benchmarks First up are the system "Hotbox" results looking at A20.0 VS A19.0 A20.0 VS A19.0 Ultra Settings A20.0 VS A19.0 Lower Settings Conclusions I didn't have GPU Utilisation and clocks to compare since i started logging those after i did those initial a19.0 benchmarks. Theses results at first glance look pretty encouraging. We see a modest but consistent plus in all but 1 performance category. However 0.1% lows are arguable the most important metric and that is the one that trails behind the a19 results by a quite substantial 25-40%. 0.1% lows represent what the lowest frame rate is 0.1% of the run, these quite clearly demonstrate the stutters, pauses, hitches people have been talking about, especially in the new RWG city's. TFP were spared the rod so to speak since these results were obtained in my nav run were the city of dirsevile has not yet been updated with the new tile system. I can certainly confirm first hand from my experience performance in the new citys can be quite rough even on high end hardware optimally configured. A20.0 VS A19.5 Ultra Settings A20.0 VS A19.5 Lower Settings Conclusions Comparing to A19.5 The gap of improved performance decreases somewhat while the differences in the 0.1% lows are very evident. This isn't unexpected however, usually the fist major alpha is about getting a acceptable version out for people to get their first taste of the new content. While the Axx.a, b, c etc updates fine tune and optimise. it would be nice if the gains made in the smaller updates of a previous alpha are maintained for the next major version, but as far as i understand it, that's just not how it works. We can only hope TFP continue their pattern of improving performance in later updates and historically that has always been the case. A20.0 VS A19.0 Tweak Benchmarks These benchmarks will compare past tweaks that have proven effective in improving performance in past versions. I've also added comparisons for the new Exclusive Fullscreen Option. Testing at 1440p ultra settings for all tests except 1 addition test run at 4k for the Exclusive Fullscreen Option. Tweaks tested Assigning 4 Core Affinity Boot Config Tweak Exclusive Fullscreen Option Conclusions All Tweaks tested in a19 continue to provide a benefit. The Assigned Affinity tweak seems to not provide the same boost as a19 and as you will see in Tridents results great i9mprovements seem to have been made possible implementing this tweak natively or something similar in that regard. The boot config tweak continues to provide the same boost. For those not aware the boot config tweak refers to changing some lines in a file called boot config, it comes with the caveat that you cannot run it with EAC so not ideal if you play on a server. I believe Fatal has said that enable gpu jobs will be included in A20.1 so if that comes to be we could see a nice bump in performance EAC or no EAC in 20.1 I tried the new Exclusive Fullscreen Option and it didnt seem to make any difference at 1440p (CPU Bound), the 4k test (GPU-ish Bound) saw a small loss in performance oddly, so i'd just leave it off for now. It could have some importance in sli for the 20 series nvidia cards and older however. Trident Benchmarks I do have finally a second 3090 in Trident, however 30 series sli as we know it is dead. The type of sli required for 7dtd is locked down in the driver, it can't be forced like you could with 20 series and earlier. That type of sli is called Implicit SLI and isn't included in the drivers for the 30 series. I tried pre 30 series drivers, launch drivers, hours of profile inspector tuning. Tried everything and as far as i can tell it can't be done. The type of sli for the 30 series is explicit SLI which requires native game integration by developers. 7DTD does have Vulkan which in theory does support this, but i couldn't get it to work. It's either a version of Vulkan that doesn't support it or it really does have to be made compatible by developers. In which case given the 3090 is the only 30 series card with nvlink fingers the userbase for such a feature can be counted with 1 hand easily and if AAA studios aren't bothering with it why would a smaller inde dev. So there are no sli performance benchmarks and it will probably be my last dance with muti gpu unfortunately, luckily i have use cases for the second card but it's sad to see the muti gpu space for gaming defunct RIP. Conclusions Overall A20 is technically better than A19 very marginally, however the losses in the 0.1% fall far behind a19.0 and illustrate the hitches and stutters people have been experiencing regardless to hardware. On the brighter side however 7DTD is more friendly to many core cpu's than it has ever been and users will get close to optimal performance without having to do anything. This doesn't negate the stuttering issues however, but i believe A20.1 could possibly make a solid dent in addressing those issues. So i'm optimistic despite the issues currently some pain today for some gain tomorrow. I look forward to taking a20.1 for a run around navs 😛 If you want to chase those small improvements in performance by assigning 7DTD cores, most of the gains i'm pretty sure come from the increased clock speed of the "best cores" of my cpu, this is a relatively recent feature of cpu's so check your model and see if it has cores that are better than the others first. To find out which cores are the best ones for AMD you can use Ryzen Master which tells you. For Intel i believe Intel Extreme Tuning Utility may tell you though i'm not 100% as i don't have an Intel CPU new enough with that feature. they will be different cores depending on your CPU so i can't tell you the exact cores to lock down too. You can however look at my example of how a windows shortcut that assigns 4 core affinity Here and combine that with a guide on how to figure out the hexadecimal value you need Here
  15. I can't edit my A19 topic on this, but here is the A20 version. I've simplified everything and got rid of the multiple versions, electricity and reset scripts. It was a cool gimmick to have the doors open and release zeds into the arena, but it just causes lag and overcomplicates things. The pit doors are still there but always open, it has the same protection/open hours as the traders so can't be damaged, so no need to reset it after a battle. You can use Botmans Arena features or make your own custom waves with CSMM. It's build to allow passing hordes or screamers to navigate through the pit tunnels and into the combat area, so they can join the fight Full install & setup instructions are included in the download. A20 Naza's Arena: Download Video's Arena Trailer Arena Demo
  16. look again. OptionsGfxGrassDistance OptionsGfxObjQuality
  17. Thank you if i'm lucky i'll get it done before 7dtd goes gold in 2057 😛
  18. Updated for A20 and new a20 maps available. I just did a straight convert no new a20 blocks were added. I've been working on and off for some time now on a new version, so i'm not going to do any more work on this version, except to keep it updated as long as the new version isn't ready. I started working on a new version of the super carrier poi in a18 as an experiment to see if i could ditch the janky terrain and still have it structurally stable (idea was to put it in a dry dock). However things come up and it gets pushed to the backburner since i wasn't even sure it would be possible. However i've made some head way with it in the last few months and it's now 100% stable. The goals for the new carriers are: -Get rid of the ugly snow terrain and use a more believable dry docked setting (done) -Do the above and still have 100% si stability (Done) -Give the carrier a refit on it's rougher areas. (engine room, v22 ospreys etc) (In progress) -Try to optimise the use of high detail blocks and models to improve performance and get rid of any unnecessary details that just contribute to lag. (In progress) -Loot balance, it was originally balanced for 25% loot setting since that's what i normally play with, but at 100% it's a loot piñata. (to do) -Better and more optimised use of sleepers, currently i just kinda used the shotgun approach to sleepers and reviewing gameplay from users they tend to run through multiple volumes and wake up too many zeds reducing performance.(to do) -Optimise and make better use of lights so they either guide the player better to the dungeon path or make clear they are part of a design/ambiance etc. (to do) -Finally i have a theory on how to solve (mostly) the distant mesh issue with the single prefab version, but i've yet to test the theory so not worth talking about until i know it's a viable solution.(to do) Doing anything with the carrier is an incredible time sink, so i wouldn't count on seeing this version for some time. However it's just to say it's not been forgotten about and i fully intend to continually update it, as MM says "it will be done, when it's done"😂
  19. Could be an overheating issue causing your hardware to lower it's performance. Laptop cpus are not as powerful as their desktop counterparts, so it could also be a20 being more cpu bound. In that case you could try launching the game with this shortcut https://www.mediafire.com/file/v9c26kxs2k4h66i/7DTD_Affinity_ShortCuts.zip/file
  20. In the main menu type F1 then enter the command: sg optionsgfxviewdistance 12 This has to be done every time the game is launched and if you change video options ingame you have to quit and enter the command again in the menu. 12 is the max possible, you can enter 13,14 etc but it won't actually go any higher.
  21. Updated for A20 Change Log 20.0.0 Blunderbuss Ammo Bundle Removed Grain Alcohol Bundle Removed Moldy Bread Bundle Removed 7 New A20 item Bundles added -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frame Shapes Bundle - Unlocked perk Advanced Engineering 1 Wood Shapes Bundle - Unlocked perk Advanced Engineering 2 Cobblestone Shapes Bundle - Unlocked perk Advanced Engineering 3 Concrete Shapes Bundle - Unlocked perk Advanced Engineering 4 Steel Shapes Bundle - Unlocked perk Advanced Engineering 5 Chilli Dog Bundle - Unlocked perk Master Chef 3 Radiator Bundle - Unlocked perk Salvage Operations 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Not for A20 no,needs to be converted. Should be ready before stable lands hopefully depending what needs done.
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