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  1. I tried that out once, i created a custom map on kinggen, i lived was a small island about half a square kilometer, with no pois at all! It was an interessting concept, but it quickly became abit boring, as you spend the days mostly chopping wood and stone, and constantly searching for spawned zombies that might drop a loot bag... 😅
  2. If you havent played for 3 alphas there would be alot of changes to navezgane since alpha 17! Dont panic, there is random gen! x) The game just happens to offer 3 pregen maps, but otherwise you can create new random gen as normal! @
  3. The food items used to have unique textures some alphas back. You would see cans, pies, potatoes etc in your hand, which was nice! I remember you holding an egg in a wide open hand, that looked very funny(in a good way, in my opinion xD). I dont know why they removed that and went with 1 single texture for all food items... Saving of memory space? No idea!
  4. You can always paint a more durable block to look like bricks!
  5. I wouldnt have played this game as much as i have if it wouldnt been for the bloodmoon horde! As others have stated, in many other survivalgames, you build a shelter and then a reliable food supply, then youre set! There is no big background threat thats gonna wreck your base... This is why i enjoy 7 days so much, it gives that threat that makes you go out to get more stuff to help your survival! But if one does not like BM, you can turn it off, or have it farther apart and smaller hordes, there is plenty of customization for that.
  6. Well, i eat breakfast if i play in the morning, lunch when i play during mid-day, fika (swedish thing for... Coffeebreak? And other sugar-high things like buns, muffins, cookies etc) during afternoon, and dinner when i play in the evening. I dont have a specific "gamer-food" xD
  7. Question! Will the pipe weapons have their own primitive ammo, like the blunderbuss, or will they use the standard ammo that the higher tiered guns use?
  8. Its an interessting thought, but i think the building-mechanics are already somewhat gated, since we need the respective material to upgrade our base. Rushing that skill wont make us steel-bases faster 😅 However then again, many things are gated behind certain materials needing to be found... But you CAN do just about everything if you find all schematics, you will only be less efficent at them. So if we translate that to your suggested skill: there must still be a way to build and upgrade our base without said skill. This could either be achieved trough schematics, or make it more expensive to upgrade without the skill? In any case, for me personally i dont feel a need for such skill, but if it would have existed, i suppose i would deal with it without too many complains.
  9. Im just sad that they removed the crafting-recipe to the refrigirator! One of the first things me and my friends checks when we look for a house to live in, is wether it has a working refrigirator or not xD That aside, many of the "removed" features has either been reworked or simplified, and we also got a ton of new features instead! So maybe 10% is removed completely, but 30% new things have been added
  10. Is it only me, but wouldnt it sometimes be handy to be able to make a smaller map, like a 2x2 km map? I have on multiple occasions wanted to make a map with myself being stuck on an island, or contained in only 1 big city surrounded with radzones. Ive tried nitrogen alot, but other sizes than 4, 8 and 16 km didnt want to work for me. (so maybe my problem could have been solved with just a bit more digging in files?) I know many people seems to aim for larger maps, but sometimes a small map is nice to have access to, for a short-term challenge playtrough!
  11. The only thing that kinda triggers some sort of OCD in me regarding the skilltrees are that you have maxed out everything at around level 276 or so, meaning the last points up to 300 becomes meaningless 😅 I would rather have too many skills and unable to max everything in a playtrough, than having to few skills and leaving some points to waste! So either add more perks to spend points on, or maybe you could get spicy and make some perks have 6-7 levels instead 5 as max! x)
  12. It used to have quality-levels before alpha 17, but that was before modding were a thing. And yes, i know no one in their right mind would choose the nailgun over other ranged weapons! Its a tool, and it should have worse offensive stats than proper firearms! BUT it would very nice to have the option to mod it, since we can mod all other tools. Think of the players that are out of their minds, and enjoys nailing chickens, vultures and zombies! xD Also that could help save the more expensive ammo for more important encounters! (But its mostly for the fun part, it would be quicker to just bash their skulls with a sledge if we talk efficency)
  13. How come that of every item in the game that has a durability bar, the nailgun is the only one that doesnt have a quality level? I get that its a tool ment for building and thus modding it/changing damage and durability isnt very relevant in many cases. But the hammer and all other tools have those benefits, and that is awesome! As a player whos primary melee weapon is a steel pickaxe, i really enjoy using tools as weapons. They arent as good as sledges or clubs, but still oddly satisfying..! So back to the nailgun, if one were able to craft higher qualities of it, and be able to mod it with like, a full auto mod and magazine extender... Oh boy~ still worse and even more inaccurate than a held junk turret, but oh so lovely for everyone out there that have the angry-unhinged-mechanic survivor dream! The pimps are doing a very good job in general to be open and unrestrictive in terms of gameplay, so i just thought it was odd of them to remove the quality and modfunction on 1 single item with a durability bar.
  14. Think about it more like this: For every hit you make on an ore with a pick or auger, there is a 20% chance that the ore will break immediately! This means you might be unlucky and have that 20% chance occur on the same hit that would destroy the ore anyways! Using an auger however seems alot more effective with this perk, since you have a much more rapid rate of which you hit the block! That means you will faster be lucky enough to have the ore destroyed sooner! I hope you understood what im trying to explain xD Edit: Basicly, to increase effectiveness with the 20% chance, its not about hitting harder, its about hitting faster!
  15. For something short-term ive done a challenge a handfull of times where you have around 20 minute days, bloodmoon every day, and then see how long you can survive! I never bother building any base(not enough time) so i mostly just board up wherever location im currently in when bloodmoon strikes! I usually increase exp and loot-gain for this mode, but thats optional, just as the difficulty of zombies And yes, if you die, the game is over!
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