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  1. I said i DIDNT expect them to do so, only that it would have been interessting if they did! 😅 I am all aboard on them working on the bandits and other things that add more gameplay elements!
  2. Youre either extremely unlucky, or you are doing something wrong/not taking advantage of the game-elements properly. If i struggle with food but dont dare to loot, i put a point in living of the land, and i punch all the snowberries i can find. Since they removed to chance to get sick from them there is not really a reason not eating them! And having no real gun at day 28, then you should have either enough dukes(or things to sell) to buy one from a trader, or you should have some gun parts to be able to craft your own gun? If you dont have acess to a workbench, put points to get it! If you
  3. Ooh! Im looking forward to it! Yes, planting crops was also on my mind, but they require alot more rescources, they take up a total of 3 blocks in height, they cant be picked up and moved elsewhere with a simple click, and they also dont grow with roof over them? Indeed i can scrap them, but clay is not a problem, and smashing them with whatever tool/sledge you have is much more satisfying xD However, me and 1 other have now decided to join my friend's plant-cult, so i guess i cant smash anymore plants now..!
  4. Here is a short story: One of friends i play with has a habit of always picking up all the plant pots he sees, and then puts them down into our base. My friend is out looting aloooot of buildings, so you can imagine how our base looks like after a while... Plant pots on the floor, plant pots on the furniture, plant pots on the workstations, plant pots in the ceiling... Its gone so far that some kind of a cult, a plant-cult has starting to form, and im going to have to build more rooms just to make place for more plant pots! Now dont get this wrong, i do like plant pots, they make a nice deco
  5. Master chef once was in the intellect tree, which i thought fitted better than Strength. But i agree that it also would go along nicely in fortitude. However right now fortitude might be too OP if we would squeeze in another perk in it... Opinions? (i never quite understood the logic of chef being in strength tree, so moving to either int or fort is the question!)
  6. Just as 12pack replied in the comment after! But to tell the truth, i acutally enjoy having stuff in many different places, it give me a reason to run around in all rooms and floors of my house! I know its not optimal, but as long as im enjoying it... Then thats the main thing! 😁 Agree, i use gunsafes too! I really miss that we cant craft refrigirators and stoves and some i other electrical devices anymore. Yes, buy at traders, thats indeed an option!
  7. No no, i use the real cabinets, and yes, they are alot smaller... But in a kitchen i dont have just one cabinet, i have like, 10! And if there is no more space, i put the excess items into a deep storage, which is a some sort of big archive for items that im probably not gonna need anytime soon.
  8. I usually use the storage blocks that i feel fit into the environment. Cabinets with food and nature-loot in the kitchen, storage boxes with all mechanical stuff in my workshop, lockers and medical cabinets in the bathroom, plain chests next to the forge... It all depends on the look of the building around me! 😅
  9. We got wooden and metal furniture blocks, and A19 added toilets and sinks blocks(awesome!), so now im only missing electrical furniture blocks, so you can build fridges, mircowaves, washing machines, stoves etc! No, i dont like having to cheat them in..! Are there more decoration block groups that should be added soon?
  10. As someone stated above, those food items are pretty much ignored when we get to better foods... Its a shame, i like having a larger selection of foods in my cabinets 😅 An overhaul might be nice! (i still miss the wellness system) Or maybe have more of the better foods give some minor buffs to make them more niche, like the pumpkim cheesecake giving 5% buying discount from traders, that was a nice thing they added! (also yes, ive eaten IRL cornbread too, its pretty filling! But im fine with it being a low-tier food in 7 days, tough)
  11. Ive had this thing bugging me during the last alphas... Why is corn on the cob better than corn bread? It uses the same ingredients, only thing is that corn bread has 1 more step in processing (corn to meal), so what if the numbers were switched on the items? (cornbread gives 5 food, cob gives 4 instead) I know this is a kinda very-not-so-important thing, but i havent been able to take it off my mind since i noticed! 😅
  12. Hello survivors! I had this idea a couple years back, and it seemed like a ridiculous idea at that time, but since the addition of junk turrets and the upcoming junk drones, maybe this idea isnt that ridiculous any more: How about being able to craft a junk mech as a late game vechicle? A scrappy exo-suit, about 4 blocks tall and 3 blocks wide. It would be controlled in a similar fashion as the player: it can walk, sprint and make small jumps. The normal walking speed is a little slower than player-sprinting, and shift-speed is a bit faster than spri
  13. Hyperbolt

    0XP RolMod A18

    Hello hello! I was interessted in this mod and downloaded it according to the instructions on the first page. I have 2 questions: What is the xp-bleeding debuff, and why am i still seeing the xp popouts? (Yes, i have double-checked that the xp-multiplier was at 0% in the main menu, and yes, i started a new map) Edit: Oh, i noticed im still leveling as normal... so something is wrong somewhere... i used a fresh install from that mod-launcher you recommended, how do i troubleshoot this problem?
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