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  1. Pepsi with real sugar before 10pm. After 10 pm, either a glass of Malbec or Woodford on ice depending on my mood.
  2. I have the g502 also, my favorite of the Logitech mice. I'm on my second one after wearing out the first after a few years of daily, multi-hour gaming sessions. It fits my hand nicely, perfect weight and the buttons program the way I like. I don't use the multiple dpi settings as I no longer play competitive fps games.
  3. Have you witnessed any wandering hordes in A20 yet? Specifically, are they wandering again? A19 wandering hordes just stand around a lot.
  4. I have pretty much the same rig as OP and have zero issues. My psu is 1000 watts Corsair platinum and power doesn't seem to be an issue. The 5950x runs about 53 degrees after an hour of playing 7 days. I'm air-cooled with a Noctua fan set up and have a huge case with plenty of case fans helping out. This was my very first amd build and didn't realize that you needed to be carefull of your ram speed with amd cpu's. I bought 4200mhz ram when, in fact, the max speed for the 5950x is 3800. If I try to go past 3800mhz, my system becomes quite unstable and either constantly reboots or won't even leave setup. Leaving it at 3800 and the system runs great. So maybe take a look at your ram speed?? Just a thought....
  5. Please post your log file using the instructions in the pinned thread above. This will give us hints. Also it helps to post details about your rig and version of video drivers currently installed. With those 2 things, someone will be able to sort things out for you. Without those 2 things, no one can help.
  6. I just read an article that MS minimum requirements are cpu based. Many rigs with older cpus will be flagged as not being able to run 11. I’m pasting from an article about which cpus that are supported(not sure about the forum rules on posting urls): Windows 11 support for Intel Intel 8th Gen (Coffee Lake) Intel 9th Gen (Coffee Lake Refresh) Intel 10th Gen (Comet Lake) Intel 10th Gen (Ice Lake) Intel 11th Gen (Rocket Lake) Intel 11th Gen (Tiger Lake) Intel Xeon Skylake-SP Intel Xeon Cascade Lake-SP Intel Xeon Cooper Lake-SP Intel Xeon Ice Lake-SP Windows 11 support for AMD AMD Ryzen 2000 AMD Ryzen 3000 AMD Ryzen 4000 AMD Ryzen 5000 AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2000 AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3000 AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3000 AMD EPYC 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 3rd Gen
  7. There are other good sources of brass besides radiators. Air conditioners……there are 6 of them on top of the school for example; inside buildings you’ll see gas or water pipes with orange colored fittings…lots of brass; if you read a book(don’t remember the name) you’ll get brass from breaking down doors; some sinks and light fixtures give brass. Also, your play style greatly affects brass amounts. Using melee as much as possible, shotguns and blunderbusses for guns and turrets, saving the brass for ammo for horde nights only.
  8. I don’t power level either, actually I have never even checked what level I am since it makes no difference to me. I do beginning tutorial quests, finishing around 1030. Wander around town, grabbing feathers, getting rock/cobble/cement/wood and looting outside while killing any zombies I might come across. I might raid a kitchen if I’m having trouble finding a cooking pot. I play with 1-3 others and I’m the Intelligence guy so I’ll have a forge and, if I’m lucky, a workbench by the end of day 1. If I hit any buildings, they typically have lots of bathrooms like condos or motels. That way I get wrenches, acid, murky water and canned food. We have a 13x13 cobblestone base up by the night of day 1 or day 2 and we only use one base for normal storage and horde night. I used to put up spikes but now I don’t do that because I prefer the xp for kills. We put our base over a mineral node and mine at night. If we do quests, they are almost always buried supplies over the first few days.
  9. If you want to change the points needed to level, just edit the xml yourself rather than installing a mod. The equation is a simple one and you should easily be able to tweak it to your liking. I’m not on my pc atm so can’t tell you which xml that the equation is in but a decent guess would be gamestage.xml.
  10. I put the question to Fatal in another thread and he said it must be implemented by Unity, not The Fun Pimps. So unless Unity takes an interest, it won’t happen for 7 Days. I have it enabled on my rig but was surprised how few games there are out there that utilize resizable bar.
  11. Not that I've noticed but I haven't looked at the code to know for sure. It was my understanding that all that lucky looter did was give a boost to finding better quality items, not that it caused items with no quality to drop more often.
  12. @Fatal……any thoughts about including the ability to utilize the resizable bar for those graphics cards/cpu’s that can take advantage of it for 7 days?
  13. Lots of interesting takes on INT. As someone who plays almost exclusively INT, the stun baton is what I use 95% of the time. Usually I put 3 points in it. Early game I carry a 9mm, investing no points but will seek out the books. I only use the 9mm for those “Oh sh*t” moments otherwise just the baton. Mid to end game, if lucky enough to find auto shotty book, I’ll throw some points in strength to make a decent one. I pretty much only use turrets for horde night, eventually maxing turret skill to place 2 of them for hordes. It’s just my opinion, lots of other ways to play INT. I don’t feel weak as compared to my teammates playing other classes and I seem to kill as many zombies day to day and on horde night as them. I like things as they are now and it’ll be better, I hope, with the introduction of the pipe baton.
  14. As someone that invests in lucky looter early, acid is really rng. Some games I have 30 during the first week, some games I’m lucky to find 1 in the first week. When looking and really needing acid, I hit anywhere with a lot of bathrooms and kitchens. The condo bulidings and motels, at least for me, are fabulous sources.
  15. Agree…. I never mistake whether a zombie is dead or stunned using the baton, neither are my team mates. Of course we all have over 6000 hours each so it’s plain as the nose on my face if one is dead or not. Stun baton ftw even on horde night!!
  16. Side note for amd bios issues. I have an amd 500 series mb and suffer from usb power issues. I have installed the latest bios beta of from Asus and still suffer from bios power issues unless I use a powered usb hub. So if you are using one of these motherboards, try using a powered usb hub before giving up. The newest bios is an improvement but the problem is far from fixed.
  17. If it's what I've been seeing, the trees have only 1 hp left when you hit them with an axe. I was told it happens when a tree and another container spawn at the same place and are 'combined'. A common, funny and realistic one is the tree birdnest combo where you get eggs and feathers from a tree.
  18. Are the servers on hourly reboot hosting mods? Sometimes mods can be the source of leaks as well. I rent a server, no mods, and the only time I reboot is when there is an issue with the server provider. My server gets ‘laggy’ and I submit a ticket to Bluefang, they do whatever server providers do and lag is gone then I reboot to be sure and all is good. Happens once every 3-4 months, certainly not hourly.
  19. I do something similar. I dig down until I’ve opened up the mine 3 or 4 blocks down below the dirt and build a ‘ceiling’ of cobble blocks. As I widen the mine I drop vertical pillars of cobble blocks every 8-12 blocks(I never count, just approximate). This allows me to continue mining until I’ve removed every piece of ore. I’ve never had a mine collapse doing it this way. I use cobble because I make it from what I dig out of the mine. I do like hearing how others mine though, seems to be several ways to prevent collapsing.
  20. I was puzzled that the game was based in Arizona or New Mexico region. I would have thought it would have been Florida and the zombies were just the evolution (or devolution) of an average Floridian. Heck there was even a news story about a guy in Florida attacking people and chewing on their faces.
  21. Back in A17, when military poi’s actually spawned, I was on a minibike at night. I was far from base so I started cutting corners when turning and didn’t realize the last corner I cut was an army base…with mines. A18, I thought I was smart. I used wood frames to climb a tree, picking the frames up as I went. I shot a bear with an arrow figuring he couldn’t get to me. Did you know bears can chop down trees?
  22. Strictly intelligence with our group. I’m responsible for getting forges, workbenches and bicycles for everyone. Usually have all three by day 2 then motorcycles and electricity before day 10. It helps that I enjoy stun batons and turrets too.
  23. There has been no release date posted for A20. A19.5 will be released before A20 and that release was mentioned to be ‘soon’.
  24. If you have a good graphics card, the graphics are actually really good. I have over 6000 hours in this game as it is very, very replayable. Understand that there is no end game so you play until you get bored then start again. There is also a steep learning curve so my advice would be to join a server with helpful players in order to get tips on playing or read any of the posted player guides.
  25. If it’s a single player game or you have admin powers on server, try going to the marker spot and using god mode go below and above the map to see if the vehicle is either really high up or far below map surface. If that can’t be done or you still can’t find the vehicle then I believe if you place a different vehicle of the same type, it should go away. AFAIK, the game only remembers the marker for the most recently placed vehicle for each vehicle type. So if you lost a minibike, put a second minibike down and you should only see the new minibike marker. Hope this helps.
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