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  1. Check this thread out. Apparently it’s a harmless message that shouldn’t affect server function. An aside, I see that you’re running a bunch of mods. Further down your log it mentions wrong hash tags in a bunch of .xml’s. I don’t know if that could be caused by the mods or from someone editing those files. If people are having trouble joining, the first thing I’d do is remove all mods, verify files then see if people can join. If they can, add back one mod at a time to see which mod is causing problems. Just my 2 cents.
  2. When you uninstalled Steam, did you then go into your firewall and remove the entries for allowing Steam through the firewall?? I just uninstalled Steam and all my games. Rebooted, went to Windows Firewall and both 7 Days and Steam still had their firewall rules set up as allowed. So if this is a port issue and if it's due to updates to Steam or Windows, you should probably delete your firewall rules for Steam before reinstalling. Just my 2 cents.....I'm hoping this solves my connection issues.
  3. Excuse me if this doesn't sound right.....if this 'could' be a Steam issue, wouldn't completely uninstalling/reinstalling Steam so that it automatically sets up the ports it wants to use, be an option for these folks? I am about at that point myself. I posted a thread about a handshake issue where I get booted from a dedicated server a couple of times a night. I've tried every single thing that I could think of as well as those who chimed in on my thread and I still have the issue. Reinstalling Steam is the only thing I haven't tried.
  4. I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that you can craft pipe weapons on day 1 with no perks necessary. I haven’t read anything about changes to making of other weapons without a perk or schematic.
  5. We would need you to post your complete log file to determine what might be causing the error. A wild guess without any further info is a corrupted chunk but we really need to see your log to help. Info on how to do this is in the pinned thread on the top of General Support.
  6. My dad bought 2 M1 Garands from the military and both are for lefties as was my dad, both guns came complete with bayonets. He also bought an M1 carbine, inaccurate as heck but a fun gun to shoot nonetheless. The M1 Garand with armor piercing bullets can penetrate an engine block at 1000 yards. It was the first rifle that I ever shot also the only gun that I broke a bone using.....I was 10 years old, didn't hold the butt of the M1 against my shoulder and the kick cracked my collar bone. And that gun has one heck of a kick. On the military version, there was no padding on the butt if I'm remembering correctly, it was many many years ago.
  7. Yeah talking is huge when teaching new players. We use Steams chatrooms instead of Discord. Not as many bells and whistles but the voices are clear.
  8. He needs to change the font, he used the camouflage font.
  9. Glad it helped, let us know if you need any other help. Lots of us on the forums rent dedicated servers.
  10. Yes. There should be a folder named Saves on your server. Inside that folder is serveradmin.xml
  11. Could the LiteNetLib being unable to connect help point to the problem??? Seems like I've seen that being part of others with connection issues.....
  12. Put this in your serveradmin.xml file: <user SteamID="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" permission_level="0" /> where xxxxxxxxxxxx is your steam id; you don't need to put your name. The quotation marks are needed and there is an extra space after "0" before /> This is copied directly from my own server file so I know that it works. If you have entered this correctly, when you join the server, on the player list your name is preceded by star. If there is no star, there's a syntax error in your serveradmin.xml file. That file also shows at which admin level you get certain commands. Let me know if this works. your name is optional so let's keep it out for now
  13. In case you weren’t aware, Madmole got his start in games by making mods for Skyrim if I remember correctly. So he really understands what should be modded and what should come from the developers. I would expect to see quite high-end unique stuff from any dlc while continuing to support the great stuff coming from the modding community.
  14. Let’s make sure you are doing things correctly. In order to issue admin commands, you hit F1 to open the conole then you type dm then enter. You should see a response that dm was successful. If typing dm was unsuccessful, then there must be something wrong in the serveradmin.xml. So firstly, was the dm command successful?? You can’t issue admin commands until you’ve entered dm successfully
  15. You need to make yourself the admin of the server. In the servers Saves folder, there is a file called serveradmin.xml. Open that file(edit the file) and there are instructions on how to make yourself and anyone else you want to be admin with various levels of authority. For yourself, you want to give yourself level 0 to be full admin.
  16. There should be a file called serveradmin.xml in your servers Saves folder. Edit that file to make him admin 0. Instructions are included on how to do so in that file.
  17. Good question, just the one I’m renting but I’ve had it for 3 years. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try another dedicated server. Playing on my own rented server that’s private, I don’t run eac on either the server or my machine for obvious reasons. So I’ll re-enable eac and play a couple of nights on a different server. Thanks for the suggestion.
  18. Can we build those little bridges?? That screenshot looks fabulous, the city layout is very nice.
  19. Unfortunately, even with a different engine, it would be hard to get loads of zombies unless there was a big change to the game itself. Somewhere, in the far recesses of my mind, I remember talk on these forums a few years ago that removing underground mining might free up enough resources for things like more zombies but I could be misremembering. One of our forum members actually did some testing, I don't think it was Guppycur but I'm pretty sure he was part of the discussion. If he reads this, maybe he could remember more details. I do know that having a fully destructible world is one of the main reasons we can't have lots of zombies. A sequel where the game is not fully destructible and we get more zombies, more items etc would be a neat idea for a sequel.
  20. Just wanted to give an update to this problem of mine. I turned off Game Sparks.....still got disconnected. I turned off antivirus at the router.....still getting disconnected. So, I don't really know where to go from here. Since it only started once I changed to Spectrum for internet and bought a new router, somehow, one of those 2 things are the culprit but I have no idea how to dig deeper. My router settings are default and I went through those settings and didn't see anything odd or different from other routers settings I've seen in the past. My connection is wired, I've tried rebooting the router just before playing to no avail. No one else is on my internet when this happens. Typically, I play for about 3 or 4 hours most evenings and I lose the ability to interact with the game anywhere from 1-2 times an evening. I wish I had some odd set up that I could blame but it's pretty generic. I've checked firewall settings, verified that my Steam folder is excluded from Windows Defender. Any other thoughts of how I might work through this further would be appreciated. Thanks folks!
  21. Oh and there has not been any official release date provided by TFP as of today.
  22. If I understand you correctly, you need to determine which region(s) your area is in, back up those regions then after generating the new map, replace your generated map region(s) with your backup. I assume it would only work if both seeds were identical.
  23. Back to OP’s original question…….if you read Steams rules or whatever they are called, when you buy any game through Steam, you are not buying a copy of the game, you are buying access to the game through Steam. So if you do something stupid and Steam bans you, you lose access to any ‘purchased’ games through Steam. You can’t take any games with you if you lose Steam. So do developers owe you anything? Absolutely not as the legal agreement is between you and Steam, not the developers of any game. However, good developers do try to do what they initially claimed. That being said, those that were involved in the Kickstarter for the game, it may be a different scenario.
  24. What about not spending any points? Now that would be hardcore survival. No bacon/eggs until/unless you find the recipe in loot. Only using existing workstations, only using tools that you find except for level 1 stone tools. This might be too severe but I might just try it one day.
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