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  1. "factory reset"!! then no, all its lost, its basically a wipe and restart back to when the computer was made or its 1st version of windows was installed, i guess there were a lot of updates to be done ? or did the "expert" tell you how to roll back an update?
  2. where is your server hosted?, you said you ping is 50ms, which isnt that bad, when downloading the map does it take more than 5 mins, and does it get to about 70% before it fails? also as said above, remove norton
  3. " It is a server and if it has some mod, zombies and some other it may be but the rest of the people will go and it works for me if I enter another server. And mod that I have used apart in some personal game I do not have one" google translate is it you that is hosting, as you seemed to of said, that you can go into other servers without a problem, but "other will leave"?
  4. i get something similar, i have solars to battery bank, to sensors that feed back to lights and speakers, (to sound alarm when zombies are in range its a loop), ive noticed that sometimes, they get triggered (set to triggered/instant) that they dont stop even when no zeds about, so i then turn off battery banks, and then turn back on, it stops.....until next time, defo some kind of bug there
  5. I hope this helps in the future, I wrote a batch file that saves single player saves folders AS LONG AS YOUR GAME IS INSTALLED INTO ITS DEFAULT FOLDERS Its creates a backup file of your single player folders with the current date and time, when ran (double clicked on) It can be run as many times as needed, as it creates a whole new file each time, so that’s up to you on how many times you want to create backups of your single player, probably best once an hour 1st though you will need to install winrar for it to work, found at https://www.win-rar
  6. youve only made 1 post, and your logged in with the name, survival, ok so not really survivng then, but anyway ok ill bite “can someone explain me why you cannot jump while low on stamina?” Erm…stamina When you get out of bed in the morning can you run a 25k marathon within 5 minutes of getting up? No!! Oh wait stamina Body need to grow stamina You got injured so body needs to repair, takes a funny inbuilt system called stamina Everything you do isn’t down to strength but the ability to
  7. i realise that now, so would this work? <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='1']/@reset_interval">1</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='6']/@reset_interval">1</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='2']/@reset_interval">1</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='7']/@reset_interval">1</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='8']/@reset_interval">1</set> thats the normal traders ids
  8. sorry about that, when i made the 1st post i didnt think it was a mod issue until someone replied saying it could be
  9. they all work fine the khaines back pack buttons do work, and are not part of the game, its an added "upload to chest" feature which is excellent also the other a18 mods work fine aswell, no errors at all but i have found the issue in my zzzzdatasmodlets trader.xml i had this line <set xpath="/traders/trader_info/@reset_interval">1</set> which i thought just made the traders restock everyday, but it seems to affect player vending machines, showing "restock" overlapping as shown above, when i removed that line (
  10. mods im using in my zzzdatasmodlets, i dont have any xui changes
  11. what is this and how do i fix it, i cant extract dukes
  12. This game isnt call of duty on a console, so aim assist should never be even thought about being included, the only aim assist i need is when ive had lots of beers and need go toilet!
  13. Couple of issues I have, please if anyone has an idea how to fix 1st I use nitrogen to create maps, I've got the latest version But when map is loading I get this, spammed a lot, and happened also since a18, I suppose the map just doesn’t load the poi I have no idea why I should need to edit a prefab, some have said, if its vanilla why would i need to, or even a clue how? I have no prefab mods downloaded, just server sided mods 2nd I'm trying to make rebar frame of any variety repair item changed from forged iron
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