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  1. Couple of issues I have, please if anyone has an idea how to fix 1st I use nitrogen to create maps, I've got the latest version But when map is loading I get this, spammed a lot, and happened also since a18, I suppose the map just doesn’t load the poi I have no idea why I should need to edit a prefab, some have said, if its vanilla why would i need to, or even a clue how? I have no prefab mods downloaded, just server sided mods 2nd I'm trying to make rebar frame of any variety repair item changed from forged iron
  2. make it 4 different options in the admin config settings, everyones happy then
  3. Raunchy Women Gangs Randy Wild Gatherings Roman Woman Gods Relaxing With Gin Romantic Western Getaways
  4. i have an error when map is loading after using latest nitrogen 2020-12-10T10:27:47 56.394 ERR Loading prefab "utility_electric_co_01" failed: Block "cntBackpackDropped" used in prefab is unknown. 2020-12-10T10:27:47 56.394 WRN Could not load prefab 'utility_electric_co_01'. Skipping it is there a fix?
  5. lower or remove the "survival aspect" from a survival game? that would be like removing snakes from the snakes and ladders board game? what would be the point?!!!!
  6. Rotten Wheat Germ Rotational Weather Grid Reactive Warp Gears Responsive Water Genetics Robotic Welcoming Graffiti Radiant Wacky Gimmick
  7. There’s plenty of information of progress, twitch streams, and posts in forum, the devs won’t always post minute by minute updates The progression and speed of updates has increased since a17 to a18 and then to a19, there was a major overhaul of programming required due to the core unity updates, so a lot of things had to be reworked All can be read on posts on this forum They are doing a good job I think
  8. Red Womans Garters Rough Wedding Guide Ridiculous Woke Girls Republicans Win Georgia ohh that last one hehehehehehe
  9. no side bar here, adblock plus or is it a setting that i havent seen and dont need on the forum, no matter for me, i dont see it
  10. ahhh so that would also explain the no damage with contact grenades aswell, i always wondered that
  11. Harvesting is easy, I don’t understand why you seem to have problem 1: jump up or align yourself straight heading along the lane, and then looking down at an angle to the plant so you can see its description 2: wait until you see the plant name, and click to grab, don’t need a tool, just your hands will be fine 3: step forward same angle and repeat step 2,its kind of a rythm, step grab step grab, easy For tall crops look up/forward and repeat step 3 It’s that easy i would do a video, but ive just done my crops so will have to wait for t
  12. i got an 850w with 35amps availaible on the 12v rails
  13. you need khaines buttons mod HERE
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