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  1. Could you snag a quick video showing the glitches?
  2. Yes, that poi reset goes from bedrock to skyboxes (although I havent personally tested all the way up at the sky limit)
  3. I've personally put in a ton of tickets and the animator has done a lot of work on issues such as these, so hopefully the reworks/new models and such are more satisfying. When A20 does hit and you find things like that do report them.
  4. Something I've not been able to find a reproduction to fix, but normally putting something for fuel in a free fuel slot will fix it. Or re logging
  5. Look in the logs section to find a recent log file and upload that to pastebin.com. Sounds cliché, but have your tried completely restarting your network? Unplug cable modem, router, remove the coaxial cable from the modem, let it all sit for a good 10-15 minutes, rehook and restart everything and try again.
  6. On a first hunch I would check your networking configurations (ip routing, ports, etc.) and make sure any mistakes weren't happened there.
  7. @AXDaily Hmm well did some digging and I'll bring this up in a soon meeting just in case it's something we can look into, but here's a steam post with a lot of people doing work arounds and discussion: Mac Silicon M1 Big Sur Controller Support Workaround :: Steam for Mac (steamcommunity.com) Skip the first link in the first comment, that's for non-M1's. Some people got stuff working some didnt, maybe you can find a solution there. Evidently this is a widespread problem with a lot of games on Steam, so perhaps it's on Steam's end. I'll see if I can find out either way.
  8. This was suggested as a fix https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211861 We certainly do support ps5 controllers, but after googling a bit a lot of people are complaining about a lot of their games not working with this mac. Fixes greatly vary, I'd try reading suggestions and see if one works for you.
  9. As in load the stack mod, remove the excess stacks below vanilla limit and then try again. Although I don't see that working i guess can be worth a try. For the record though, stack size mods (same for forges) will easily corrupt and break game saves for characters (int limits aren't adhered in those).
  10. Would you mind connecting to my client sometime? Can shoot me a dm if you wish.
  11. You have a bad/outdated video card driver, try updating or if you dont have any updates uninstall and install a fresh driver.
  12. Sorry to say but I think that world is toast. Generally if the save is corrupted making a new one on the same map would work; so, between that not working for you and the looks of the world I'd say one or more of the mods broke the world. Maybe Sylen can spot something else before I have a chance to dig through logs, but for now I'd probably just start a new world generation.
  13. They likely replaced all the vanilla poi's with custom ones, and you don't have them so that's why they aren't showing up on the list. Add them to your prefabs folder.
  14. That error is specific to memory. Highly unlikely but it could be an anti virus thing. More likely is something with the memory modules, I know you said you've run memtest but running that once usually doesn't net any results (usually they don't show errors in 2/3 times). But, from ram tinkering experiences, when you have a bad frequency/timing on your ram this is one of the bsods that can show up. And as Joe said the truncated logs show nothing there. Yes this may happen with 7 days but this game is intensive, this one will find issues since it stresses/uses more and more frequently system resources (and believe it or not CSGO is good at finding bad overclocks/ram timing configurations for some reason). Do you have XMP enabled in the bios? Any other ram frequency/timing settings? Try Prime95, use either blend or check custom, uncheck FFT's in place and set the max ram to like 85% of your total ram. Let that run for a few hours.
  15. That comes from playing the game a ton. I've introduced a few new players lately and they're all terrified especially at night lol
  16. It wouldnt mess anything up may help. For some reason I feel like your data paths arent in the right locations for the game to call. About to start dinner and do stuff, for now I'd look there and maybe do that (sure someone else will be here before me too)
  17. For what it's worth (I am completely unfamiliar with the path of Linux + steam you've gone), that list pulls from your local prefabs folder so any custom POI's won't show up in that list.
  18. Everything everyone says is speculation unless it comes as an official announcement
  19. This isn't even insider knowledge and was publicly stated: not even the employees knew. One day they had a job next day they got told they no longer had a job. We understand the anger, but there are a ton of red banner alerts leading to the stickied explanation and news for the future of the console version.
  20. May be onto something, @SylenThunder I dropped you a message. Welp none of those Ideas worked, I don't think.
  21. Kind of thinking what Naz said too, I just tried this to verify and it worked fine on my end. Maybe... try to see if windows blocked that DLL and unblock it? Missing windows updates perhaps (although if you've tried different OS's, perhaps it is drive or ram related).
  22. Reason why I asked is some keyboard (usually laptop ones) have function keys like media/window switching and such as default instead of F#, try using a function key like Fn then press it.
  23. Oh a whim, have you checked the EAC service to see if it's set to disable or manual? Maybe try setting it on manually.
  24. If you're on a laptop press the Fn key then F6
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