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  1. Known issue that should be fixed in an upcoming update. Note that EAC disabled does not disable achievements, but those ATM are also not working which will also be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  2. Why are you running this so frequently? INF Executing command 'xui close trader' Honestly this may be a issue of an antivirus not excluding the game completely or something(s) running in the background causing a delay in the game. A disconnect from a server usually is a loss of communications between client -> server.
  3. Well then, lol. Confirmed it. Thanks for the report.
  4. <property name="PlayerKillingMode" value="3" /> <!-- Player Killing Settings (0 = No Killing, 1 = Kill Allies Only, 2 = Kill Strangers Only, 3 = Kill Everyone) --> There isn't a pvp mode per say, you just need to set the killing mode accordingly.
  5. Get a good cleaning of your game files, text is in the link in the banner or here's a quick vid
  6. This is due to your UI mod. Confirmed with a few users.
  7. Automatically deleting save files/worlds is a big no-no.
  8. Quite a few of providers I've seen players have issues with use very old or incorrect configuration files and those providers typically overwrite whatever changes you make in a lot of places. I would contact them and tell them to fix it on their end. I have seen one provider force old A15 or so configuration files and everyone was able to infinitely place land claim blocks no matter what was changed.
  9. The lever action rifle is my personal favorite addition too
  10. This is a regression introduced with a server fix, will be addressed soon. Those are also fixed and the fix will be released soon.
  11. Yeah, working on it and other drone manager issues, thanks!
  12. Known issue, however you will not get double blood moons, you will get the one that's intended by your setting change.
  13. Hi There is an issue where the drone can sink a little underground. Check where it is and look closely at the ground You can also enter "dm" in the console without "" then press Numpad0 which will bring up the AI debugging, youll see the drone
  14. Hey survivors! In prep for A20, I've thrown a quick video together detailing on how to ensure you get a clean slate ready for playing. Here's the video, if you need a visual demonstration. Sylen here went through with how to use the game cleaning tool, which is here. A TLDR is, if you're still having issues after using the game cleaning tool, delete your game saves entirely from %appdata%/7daystodie and make sure your Mods folder is removed from the directory, finally doing a file verification through Steam. Have fun!
  15. There are two known issues with animal tracker: one is with the eyewear thing like Sylen said and another is a new one where it tracks enemy animals but doesn't display a sprite (on screen above them) or hud marker.
  16. Really sorry for your loss as well, Lead said it perfectly. I hope everyone is doing well in your family; it's great you had such great memories in the game with him, perhaps build him a memorial in A20<3
  17. Could you snag a quick video showing the glitches?
  18. Yes, that poi reset goes from bedrock to skyboxes (although I havent personally tested all the way up at the sky limit)
  19. I've personally put in a ton of tickets and the animator has done a lot of work on issues such as these, so hopefully the reworks/new models and such are more satisfying. When A20 does hit and you find things like that do report them.
  20. Something I've not been able to find a reproduction to fix, but normally putting something for fuel in a free fuel slot will fix it. Or re logging
  21. Look in the logs section to find a recent log file and upload that to pastebin.com. Sounds cliché, but have your tried completely restarting your network? Unplug cable modem, router, remove the coaxial cable from the modem, let it all sit for a good 10-15 minutes, rehook and restart everything and try again.
  22. On a first hunch I would check your networking configurations (ip routing, ports, etc.) and make sure any mistakes weren't happened there.
  23. @AXDaily Hmm well did some digging and I'll bring this up in a soon meeting just in case it's something we can look into, but here's a steam post with a lot of people doing work arounds and discussion: Mac Silicon M1 Big Sur Controller Support Workaround :: Steam for Mac (steamcommunity.com) Skip the first link in the first comment, that's for non-M1's. Some people got stuff working some didnt, maybe you can find a solution there. Evidently this is a widespread problem with a lot of games on Steam, so perhaps it's on Steam's end. I'll see if I can find out either way.
  24. This was suggested as a fix https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211861 We certainly do support ps5 controllers, but after googling a bit a lot of people are complaining about a lot of their games not working with this mac. Fixes greatly vary, I'd try reading suggestions and see if one works for you.
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