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  1. Interesting observation. Was this single player, and was it ever mp? Actually if you don't mind can you upload a log file?
  2. Knowing your running processes may be useful. Open up the command prompt and enter tasklist > processes.txt (that will put it in the current working directory shown). I'm not an engineer, but one of your stack traces was talking a lot about memory after a block_remove call, so I highly suspect it's a memory or some permission issue (could be a conflicting program).
  3. I do this sometimes in testing: I pick a gun/melee weapon and give myself a level 6 with 1 stack of ammo (if it's a gun) and play nomad with never visiting a trader (also delete the starter quest). I find it fun to also make blood moon completely random, as in turn off the warning and mess with the ranges. Mix in different settings to taste sometimes I give myself a vehicle with like 10% fuel in it.
  4. Not 100% this, for once I saw this upon load in from a save. Granted the only times I've reproduced this was on my laptop which is below min-spec GPU wise with slow ram and a HDD. I've been experimenting with memory and such, it's a WIP. Still more info the better.
  5. I pick a day after I've "beaten" a world and change the settings to all maxed (including zombie block damage) with horde night every 10 mins, then stay at my base and fight until I die (no leaving for resources); when I do die the playthrough has ended.
  6. Hi @kinematics41 you can solve this by turning occlusion off or turning cameras off (i.e. turrets, motion sensors); you can also point an unpowered motion sensor (not connected) toward powered turrets/sensors and that will help too. To be fixed in a future patch.
  7. Absolute madman, lol! Nice work!
  8. I suspect you have cooling issues overall, since your cpu is at 46c with speccy, unless you already were running 7 days before you grabbed it. That temp is hot but not critical, although you can verify that by checking the max temp for that card. Sometimes a bunch of air blowing into the case doesnt mean it has good airflow Also your ambient temps matter a lot. Note you can also try undervolting your GPU and see if it's stable, that will reduce temps.
  9. Future optimizations may help with this, but I'm suspecting a memory issue myself. Sounds like it's crashing when she's loading the loot and hitting an asset cleanup. A log will tell more or confirm that, but she can try reducing texture size and resolution. Also compo pack uses a decent chunk of memory (lots of high-detailed POI's tightly packed usually), so try a new map with less POI's and mods. That should help.
  10. Oh for sure, any of the 3000 series will be great for a long time, that's for sure if you can snag one at retail or at least close to it... if you can get one even that is :). Crazy times, these are
  11. There are optimizations being done, but it shouldn't be that bad. I suspect all those timers some of your mods add on have effect on it, as well as I see you have a custom deco/object mod, those high-poly items add up real quick (which is a reason why a lot of POI stuff is locked behind the creative menu). I would make a new world for testing with 0 mods with your friend, give yourselves XP to where you were at (or more) and some gear, and use st 70 21 50 in the console to warp to a blood moon and see if you run better. Then after that, in the same world, add turrets /
  12. If you all could grab a screenshot of your configurations and share them we'll look into it
  13. Honestly all of the new cards are overkill unless you want 4k raytracing, so any of them are good. You said "need 2 after all", you don't mean SLI do you? IMO seems like a waste of money if so, be better spent elsewhere. Good luck in this market!
  14. I would backup your saved game files/world externally then nuke all the files from the server, rebuild and upload your files back, then reverify the file integrity through the control panel twice and try again. If not, maybe contact their support and have them take a look at it on their end. Usually that's a server issue and/or dsync (general connection issues or mismatched files can do it too) from what I've seen (seen it once before). If you had corrupted game save files it likely would have said something in the log.
  15. Actually this is a ticket already (ki). It's specific to this guy and it's only in certain locations. If you find a cause I'll certainly relay that info; I've got plenty of locations where he breaks but it seems the cause of it is deeper in code
  16. I assume you've "No killing" set in the pvp options under multiplayer? No killing is a hard "no killing" to the players I'll check to see if this is intended.
  17. It's a known issue to be worked on, but thanks for the videos, I passed them onto the ticket.
  18. Your output log should tell us if that's happening or not.. either way it should help diagnose it anyway. Server output log would help, too. If you don't feel like truncating info such as server password just PM it to one or all of us. Pastebin works wonders. And, for reference, you can also just generate the map on your own using the same seed and size before connecting to the server.
  19. Log files will help here. Screen freezing may be a red herring, if a program is just sitting there doing seemingly nothing for even a small moment Windows will assume it's frozen and grant you that "this program isn't responding" and ask you to kill it when in reality it may be fine lol. 2.9ghz is a little on the slow side but is fine, what I'm wondering is what kind of ram and storage devices do you have in those? A dxdiag will do if you don't know how to find detailed information (Start > run [or search] > dxdiag > save all information). Prebuilts a lot of times put real
  20. Hi @Iminimelanimo, a picture may help out. But, if you set a battery bank down, connect a wire from the battery bank to one fence post, then connect a wire from that fence post to another fence post that should work.
  21. https://status.playstation.com/ Says it right there.
  22. Hi, I would contact their customer support. Of course you're welcome to continue updating here, but I've heard of quite a few similar things coming from people renting from Nintrado. Most cases they moved their server to another box. Your server is dying trying to generate chunks from what I saw in one of the logs.
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