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  1. In my group, whoever is behind on experience does the building/upgrading of the base. The buiilding-xp lets them catch up and this gives people an incentive to do it instead of leaving it to others. That sounds like it's working as intended to me.
  2. Everything floats down here, Georgie!
  3. Another blow struck against us poor scavengers by the tyrannical pro-mining lobby! Well it won't work. You'll have to press those mining tools into my cold dead hands.
  4. Is the game now entirely balanced around the expectation that people will spend every night mining like you do? I know that I (and the people I play with) find mining utterly tedious, and the thought of having to spend a quarter to a third of the time we spend playing the game doing it is offputting to say the least. For example, any vehicles beyond bikes have become a complete waste of time for us in A18 because the fuel consumption was ramped up so high that if we don't mine oil shale we can't run them. I'm not talking about constant driving around either - without mining you don't even find enough gas to support a single drive to the traders and back each week.
  5. The best way to deal with buzzards is with a baseball bat. It's just so satisfying to knock one for six (yes, I know, wrong sport).
  6. That's all very well when it works, but when you skip ahead to watch the battle and see yourself lose it can be a real pain trying to then win without causing a temporal paradox. My advice is that if you're going to use chronomismatics to determine results you need to keep at least three and a half Quongs of uncertainty at all times to avoid prejudicial predestination.
  7. Now, now! Let's not stab anti-vaxxers... Their tet♥♥♥♥ shots might not be up to date! Edit: (I think your profanity filter needs tweaking. T E T A N U S is not a rude word. I think we're seeing the S♥♥♥♥horpe Problem - and I can't wait to see how the filter mangles that perfectly innocent Wikipedia link!)
  8. Wow, weird. I don't even use half the stuff that other people are desperate to find on day one, never mind wanting to find it quickly. For me, the most important things to find quickly are a cooking pot and a helmet light. Most other stuff can wait.
  9. If's KhaineGB's "Backpack Buttons" mod. You can find it here.
  10. I don't remember the exact names of the mods I use, but they are: A simple UI mod that adds extra info to the HUD. A mod that adds "dump all to container" and "dump matching to container" buttons to the UI. A mod that removes the stripper zombie from the various spawn lists. The first two don't change the gameplay or difficulty at all; and the third barely does. All three are just for cosmetics.
  11. I admit to taking advantage of the "Stealth Cheat". That's the one where if you sneak into a building with a bow or crossbow you can kill sleepers by shooting them in the head without them waking up. It's completely OP. I also use the "Ranged Weapon Cheat". Did you know that there are a whole bunch of weapons (I'm not gonna enable you by telling you which ones - you'll have to find that out for yourselves) that let you kill zombies while they're not even close enough to hit you back? That's completely broken and needs to be nerfed.
  12. Yes, it's a fundamental disagreement in how we think the game dynamics should work. Me: You should have a safe haven you can make forays out from and retreat back to. You: There should be no safe haven. Everywhere should have danger. Ultimately there's never going to be a version of the game that suits us both without either an option that can be switched on and off or without there being some tactic that I would be happy to use but which you would consider an "exploit" or "cheese" and refuse to use. The former would probably be ideal, but since I started playing (A15) it's always been the latter. Although I don't see it as "exploits", because that implies that there's some kind of flaw in the AI that I'm taking advantage of. This is a zombie game, and building bases that zombies' simple behaviour doesn't let them get into seems to be a fundamental part of the genre. The way I see it, it's the developers tweaking of the zombies to make them behave in decidedly un-zombielike ways to get around different base-building techniques in order to provide an artificial "challenge" that's cheesy and is the exploit. Currently, the stat of the game is a compromise between the two. The above-ground base isn't totally safe - I do have to defend it from wandering hordes by going out and killing them; but its defense is trivial so I'm not in danger while I'm there and, more importantly, not ablative so I don't need to keep rebuilding and repairing it.
  13. My plan is to do the minimum amount to get what I need. I therefore usually just break surface rocks - but occasionally if I break a surface ore node I'll dig out a handful of blocks beneath it for more ore. Don't do enough of it to know. Not in the slightest. It's tedious busywork and all I can think of when doing it is that I could be having so much fun doing other things. I therefore set up the game settings so that I need to do minimal mining (basically by turning Blood Moons off - no blood moons equals no horde base to build and repair equals no need to mine resources).
  14. True, but I'm talking about having a simple underground bunker where the roof of the bunker is level with the surrounding ground. The sort of thing that can be built on day one with a level-one stone axe and shovel. Digging down to bedrock under a mountain is not "a bunker", It's "a major mining project" - and see my previous post about finding that sort of mining tedious in the extreme. Simple, safe, underground bunkers are no longer possible - but simple, safe, above-ground buildings are easier to make than they have ever been.
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