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  1. C is the down command, youm ight have changed your button by accident.
  2. I asked thsi the other day and got no hits, maybe you'll be luckier xD
  3. mining produces more heat. Most loud things like mining or shooting cause more heat and thus mroe chances for a screamer. Cool headcannon tho
  4. We want to run a server for 5 people. We also want to be able to use a map we've all ready generated if possible because we use nitrogen. Is it possible to transfer the character info and map info from a game hosted by one of the players over to a server hosted by a service? What recommendations do you guys have for reliable and easy to use server hosts? They all seem to be around 15$ a month but theres tons of them, :l We dont run any mods, just base 7days.
  5. does the pois command work if you are not the host?
  6. SI really isnt that bad, we havent had a build collapse in years. Pay attention to how much a block can hold and dont try to build the exact amount. I always stay a block or two below a blocks limit to avoid any mishaps.
  7. It's really not that slow. Day 18 and we have steel tools, auger, chainsaw, 4 cement mixers, 2 workbenches, a chembench. We have tier 3 weapons both melee and ranged. It's really not that slow.
  8. can this be done on a current world or is a restart needed?
  9. you can always write down what books and stuff you have. Then using the console give yourself the appropriate xp, items, books, etc... back. or the admin can do it if you're not the admin
  10. Did you do sometihng to make the zombies notice you? It was changed so they wont continue coming after you if you die and then dont make them notice you with noise or something.
  11. did you fill them and let them dry? Wet concrete has a much lower weight limit then dry concrete
  12. neither. The 4x4 can carry 2 people and has more storage but requires more gas and smoother/larger paths. The motorcycle carries 1 person, has a smaller storage but can go over terrain that is bumpy and unever a lot better than the 4x4.
  13. The only other way is doing a quest, it will reset the entire poi including any cars that are on the property.
  14. this. In order to allow people to use the new skill that makes you harvest 2 and 3 they had to change how we harvest. Everything else calculates harvest amounts and stuff when we hit it. Neither side has figured out how to get the perks to apply with the use of the E key.
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