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  1. Generally world wide violence against children is a big nono. It will get your game blacklisted by a lot of people and cause controversy. Small baby versions of creatures like minecraft is ok because they really are not associated with children. Shooting a anatomically correct child zombie would turn a lot of people off from the game, especially those who have children themselves. a quick google reveals there has been some dismay over that. I've never heard of days gone before now and I have to wonder if the child zombies didnt stop some of the advertising and word of mouth that usually happens.
  2. You can edit the amount of skill points you get per level. If you dont like the base amount of points do that. You can give youself 2 or 3 or even 5 per level and get everything you want. I think the base amount is fine for what they want to build. If your playstyle doesnt fit that they have left you the option to change that. Thats the best part of this game, if you dont like it you can change it
  3. Theres a new medium size house with a large red brick and iron fence around the entire perimeter. I love that one so far, I just outline the whole thing in a few layers of spiked and im done. Its also a nice fixer upper with a giant hole in the roof so I have something to do when I dont feel like being productive while wiating for something xD I dont do horde night in palces usually but the first few I sometimes do. Ill take out the stairs in a shotgun messiah or a hospital if I decide to do that
  4. Can you do some formatting? My eyes went funny around the second sentence, I want to read it but I cant keep my place in that wall of text.
  5. I cna go through 2-3 stacks of 9mm doing a tier 5 poi like shotgun messiah. Definitely not too much ammo dropping
  6. you mean by day 14? I can get to 10 fort by day 14 easy and have plenty of points to spread around still. I actually find myself buying vegetables from traders now instead of throwing them away. Seeds are more common in loot now and most of the time I save them instead of throwing them away now.
  7. Acid is rare but it feels good the way it is. I bought acid from traders and looted enough for a chem bench, 2 minibikes, 2 motorcycles, 2 gas upgrades for the motorcycles and I have a set for 1 4x4 when I get there. Im on day 22, its really not that bad if you're looting a lot. I dont have the acid perk book yet, Im intelligence/agility and my partner is str/fort. I dont even think we have the lucky looter rank 1 perk from perception, havent felt like we needed it.
  8. yes. The loot room for it is with the bears. Each poi does have a loot room type area. The higher the tier the more there is in that area. Not necessarily a treasure chest but loot boxes. Might be various 1 time use medicine, food or ammo piles. Might have multiple crates or locked boxes
  9. they can give you better stuff now. We've been getting the food package thing (the new boxes fo stuff they've added) and out of one we got a stack of the pumpkin pie that increases bartering. We've not done a tier 5 yet but the tier 1-4 are pretty good so far.
  10. they took the banner off the top of the screen and now its hard to find so most people dont realise it exists.
  11. Im encountering this as well. We just god mode everytime now and get it out of the ground or go to the spot 100-400 it has now chosen to be at. Im playing multiplayer with 1 other person. He is hosting. This happens to me ALOT, he doesnt see it that often. I actually watched my motocycle teleport once, went to get on it and it vanished in front of me xD
  12. but what do you call the majority? I know people who play vanilla with a few tweaks, none of which use the backpack mods. I think you use that word without actually knowing if a majority use the mod. I dont think the base inventory needs changed really. Its fine for what vanilla offers. Now we have the drone that can carry some stuff for you. You have vehicles you cna unload into. Me and my partner looted 2 pois twice (we had quests) and we were at about half inventory once we stored stuff on our motocycles. We also did another small udnerground sewer area and were still fine on space. We scrap brass stuff, lead stuff, and most iron made stuff. Drop small amounts of random stuff like wood and stone, empty bottles, etc...
  13. The base game is really easy. But thats ok for now and even in the future I think thats fine. You can mod many parts of teh game and you can adjust the difficulty through that. They also are not done yet and done have everything in, so a full balance patch cant be done. By day 10 with me and my partner: We have motorcycles, bought the steel I needed since I cant make a crucible yet. -Have 1 tier 3 rifle thats level 2 or 3 -Have various tier 2 weapons like pistol, double barrel shotgun varying in levels from 2-5 -Starting to acquire steel tools, we have a pick and a shovel so far. I had the opportunity to buy a chainsaw but didnt see the need. -We're somewhere around gamestage 35 or so. On day 7 we were about there so might be closer to 45 or something now. -Have found and looted a boar poi -Have a workbench and could have a chembench but we lack the acid for it. -Have more dukes than we know what to do with even with 3 traders. We buy all the basic pistol, shotgun, and 9.62 ammo we can find at traders. some of this I wish was not possible yet. I think that the motorcycles really need to be moved further away, put a level requirement. I could have bought them from the trader for 28k each with my better barter. But isntead I spent 10k on the steel and made them quickly. The traders really need balanced but I feel like they are not going to be for awhile due to other things being out of balance with some features not in fully (the bandits). We have not looted anything outside of the forest biome yet.
  14. Everytime we do the new generator night quest my partner bugs out and cant hit things with his melee weapons. If we restart it is fine. We've noticed it happens the moment I start working a generator, he is host.
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