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  1. its all the same chance. You just notice it more when you are doing a fancy kill because you're paying attention to it more. Your brain connects fancy kill with bags and remembers those more than random killing method dropping bags.
  2. I have a big metal water bottle thing I keep filled with ice and water. I also tend to keep a small snack like goldfish crackers or pretzels near my desk for when I get the munchies.
  3. but thats why you're able t odrive 6 feet and not have the undercarriage and bumper destroyed by the stuff you ran over xD
  4. pois for questing in dont care about being destroyed because when you start a quest the building is reset back to its original state. Why woudl you care about griefers? edit: rferead the original post since I forgot what it said. Still dont think griefing is something the devs should be very worried about like that. This game isnt meant to play with a whole bunch of random strangers as much as a small-medium group of up to 8 friends. It's more of a coop game, not a pvp every man for themselves game at its base.
  5. doesnt the landclaim block make blocks harder to destroy by enemy players? I thought it did anyway... but either way griefers are not really an issue. This is a 1-8 player game for a few friends, not a large server like people keep trying to do.
  6. the nthey'd have to give it a large adjustment because picking it up to refill it is the downside to using it, it does its thing automatically.
  7. We usually set it to walk during the day and night. Run feral and run on horde night. We do default difficulty. Either 1 or 2 hour days. Depends on the run and what we want to do. We turn the horde night to like 16 at first and once we get set up and wanna test stuff we jack it up as high as it will go, we both have computers that can handle it. we have loot respawn every 5 or so days and turn off the planes. The planes just get annoying and never seem to have anything useful past the first few days. Drop nothing upon death. Turn the xp range to max and we make the landclaim blocks 40blocks, think that is the max? The other settings we change as what we want to do that game changes. We once played a like x5 xp game and it was crazy lol
  8. an ssd isnt a key to generating maps faster. Me and my bf both have ssd's now and we both take awhile to generate still. Unless we use nitrogen and then its less than minute. I nfact I've noticed almost no difference in play and load times since I switched to a new ssd.
  9. with biomes gaining different difficulties in the next update or 2 they have set it to start you in the easiest biome, the forest. Desert and Snow will be like a tier 2 difficulty and wasteland the hardest. If you want a challenge just move to that biome. You can always teleport there and bring everyone with you, then just start there. Or use Nitrogen to generate a map that is an odd type like all desert or something.
  10. The only other way is doing a quest, it will reset the entire poi including any cars that are on the property.
  11. but you can. The base amount of points is plenty to go down two trees with little trouble. I always pick two trees and easily go down them both and get what I want.
  12. first: what cannon? Do you mean a forge and thats just a translation error or something? so impose restrictions on yourself. Mod those things out. The game is highly customisable, use that to make the changes you want. It does get ahrer with less loot and no loot respawn. No respawn = having to go further to find the stuff you need if you dont get lucky early on. Especially with loot scaling by game stage. To get the higher value loot you'll have to not loot high value places like shotgun messiahs and the like early on. Once you loot a building that is it. If you loot a bookcase and never find that miner 69er book or the last pistol pete book you will not find it unless a trader has it. Combine that with 25% loot and its even harder. Considering the 3rd tier of everything needs some sort of parts this can add a large difficulty factor if your zombies get to radiated but you're still using tier 1 weapons because thats all you found. Add in self inposed or modded rules like no weapon mods allowed, or no traders, etc...
  13. If you want a more hardcore game, go do it yourself. The base game is set so most people can have fun and learn the game. You can make a more hardcore game by doing things like setting no loot respawn, insane difficulty, 25% loot, etc... play with the settings and make the experience you want
  14. I mean zombies are predictable, they move in certain ways, an animal isnt so predictable and has intelligence. Animals give important resources when killed, zombies not so much. The animals should be harder to kill because once you hit any guy above blunderbuss animals become pretty trivial to kill.
  15. I mean it is pretty realistic. If you do a labor intensive activity like mining stone and metal with a hand pickaxe you will need more calories to keep up. The game shows that by making it be points in hunger. People who do severely labor intensive activities tend to eat huge calorie filled meals, the game just spreads that out instead of setting 2 or 3 points in the day where you're hungry.
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