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  1. I;d imagine we'll eventually see an update but not anytime soon ;p character creation isnt really high on the priority list when they have entire systems to implemenet
  2. just put a bedroll and a lcb down and you'll be fine without doing all that work to the hosue
  3. nope. It used to take an entire day to chop up bodies, loot bodies, and fix spikes. Now I pick up a little bit of loot and fix some spikes. Most of the stuff you used to get from the bodies was junk anyway, empty bottles, cans, etc...
  4. The buried quests probably wont go anywhere, they are the easy level 1 quests you can do with no weapons or levels. I think itll turn into more a you need the people on your server to be responsible for themselves. It's not hard to carry some of the terrain blocks with you (soil?) and just fill in the top of your hole. If they make it a poi that makes another poi spot people can block with their bases, another problem for servers to contend with if someone's horde base gets reset because they didnt put down a LCB Ryan sounds like your server needs to prune some people thats a huge amount of people to have bases and share resources lol
  5. I find it fun to test new base designs during horde night. Also at lower levels its a great source of a few quick levels and some random loot, I've gotten some pretty lucky finds from the horde night loot bags - - - Updated - - - I agree with this we're having to changer our settings a little bit to keep it fresh because we've gotten good at playing this game after playing ti for 3(4?) alphas now xD
  6. I'd be fine with losing level as the drawback, it would still be worth it. If you were to lose any recipes or books it would be useless to me unless I had backups of every single one.
  7. your poll is weird. you have the 20,30etc.. in two answers so it 30-40 or 20-30? D:
  8. the problem is its better to go with a lower amount by default as it will work better for more players. That is why the game is so easily edited, it doesnt update enough to make editing xml's a hard thing to do. also fro myour other posts you are looking for a super hard, bone breaking game. What you want will never be a default thing as most players dont want that. But by using the available tools they have given us you can change the game more to your liking
  9. A stop gap is to just craft the wood one, put that down and upgrade it. Requires some more materials but then if its messed up you can just use an axe to kill it.
  10. Building is till very much a thing. I have 2 base designs, 1 very easy, 1 medium difficulty that both work amazingly well. A ramp base that withstood the horde very well and a base using the ai's want to get to a door with ladders behind it. We just built the walls thicker and higher to compensate for the ai randomly trying to kick some of the walls in ramp base: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/773984108180897456/5CCCB3D86BC964D00F23276F40A5A9B5D8067AE9/ version 1 of other base: we have since made the walls higher and added a totel of 9 turrets to various spots. Also made the corridors narrower and the walls thicker with electric fences every block along the way. It's shaped like a U where they enter one side of the U and the other side has the ladders behind doors. I can get pictures of base 2.0 if wanted https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/770605243339949971/A66080A9CCE3E24F1AB20EEFF26879D393202501/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/770605243339950297/BCF787637045C2AA039C4A757BCC627FC99C41C2/ btw before anyone says it's only day 13, we have 3x exp turned on and we've gotten scary good at building... 6 cement mixers, 6 forged, 3 chem benches, 3 workbenches. We loot EVERYTHING and have 2 selling boxes which I empty every 3 days when I visit the trader for dukes. I buy any concrete, cement, anything interesting and I started smelting the dukes into bullet casings because we have a lot. 2 player game with us both eventually being over level 80, one of us being agi,int,str. the other being per, fort with something else? I was the builder who did some small house looting, the other person went out and did quests often and we looted many building twice (graces's, doggo's) that we got quests for. THe amount of concrete and cobblestone sitting in pois is amazing btw...
  11. 1) nope, never had a base actually collapse due to demolishers. I am always in concrete before they come and I build thicker base walls to accommodate them now. Demolishers are rather easy to kill if you keep an eye out for them and shoot their chests
  12. they are in the game as recipes tho. So if you want to you can spawn them in sicne they arnt on loot tables yet
  13. How does it work? we used the wire tool to hook hook up the generator to the battery bank, the batteries dont seem to be recharging but theres a drain of 110 on the generator. The generator is on and the battery bank is off. edit: Nm I figured it out, you have to have both turned on, the generator then powers everything attached to the battery bank while slowly charging the batteries.
  14. axes are not weapons so no, they are tools. only the three limdood mentioned are affected by deep cuts.
  15. also the intellect tree lets you craft things for cheaper. It's like the cooking perks make food take less meat and cook faster, the int perks do similar things. Plus early game its really convenient to buy the perks and buy stuff from the trader for 20% or more less as well as sell stuff to him for that much more. Im currently going agi,int, str for the int perks, knife, bow,and the various str perks that rock. Also later on you can always buy the elixer and respend your perks once you have the benches and vehicles you want made
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