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  1. True, but they do make a nice sound if you shoot them with a bow up close as they are running towards you. 😛
  2. I'll heal with meds too, it's much faster. Of course, then need to drink to offset that, but water is much easier to get/make. (and once you get to make purified water....) Mind you, none of that helps with broken/sprained bones. That takes time to heal, and being impatient, I like as much HF as I can get. :D
  3. I wouldn't call it OP, but yes, with the books, heavy armor, HF, IS, you do become a tank and very very hard to kill. HOWEVER, charging into a mob and punchy punching away, while fun, t'ain't so fun when "your exhausted" (need a vitamin) or, sprained arm. etc. (it happens, annoying too) I do the STR/FORT build a lot. Punch the individual/small groups, M60 for the big groups or the green ones. One punch popping the head of a bear is soooooo satisfying though. (same for one-shotting those stupid leaping lizard zeds. I really really hate t
  4. Paste wasn't green. The booze tho.... "it's, it's, .... it's Green!" Scotty. 😛
  5. I've seen than in plain RWG as well. Now, smooshing 2 POI so they overlap, that's ... different. (trying to put too many POI into nitrogen settings. overload it.. heh) I think it's a nitrogen thing, current map, the highways? They've been fine all along, cutting pathways through mountains etc. This time? Nope, the highway got partially buried. Methinks nitrogen needs an update. sigh.
  6. But does said paste, have a minty taste? 😛
  7. The paste/glue in kindergarten tasted minty. That 'stuck' in my mind over the years. WHY did it taste like that. This is stuff 5 year olds are using. Make it taste like a vegetable or something, NOT candy. Unless we were supposed to eat it. (which also begs the question of 'Why?') :P
  8. If we were'nt supposed to eat it, why did it taste like mint? 😛
  9. Or take the cooking, loot a Bob's Boars, and grow a lot of Supercorn.
  10. Horde base I build I am OCD about it, have to be otherwise it doesn't work at all. If I take over a POI (like the junkyard), then meh. fix up a few things, but it's considered disposable. 😛 Home base tends to just be functional nowadays. I have gone completely overboard on a home base (A16 in particular), but, have done the Red Tower of Doom. (that sucker took forever) I may do another one. (keep thinking I wanna do the Red Fist of Doom, so would need 4 smallish towers and just 1 tall one... heh-heh) with Mischief Maker even with safe zones, n
  11. strip mining, controlled caveins. I recreate the grand canyon for my mines. I hate trying to put supports in. Mostly. Only time I do use them, is if the mine goes under a road. Then I put the supports in to keep that up. (or rebuild it after I've cleared out that area, if a dirt road)
  12. The one I'm talking about is a small airport. Longest runway is 3500', the other is 2600. Put the thing in the blowed up lands, and you don't need the runways (they've be blowed up) Just a bit to show where they were. For the wartime version, add the H shaped barracks. Gotta have somewhere for the zombie pilots. The hangar (put 4 barns together, and that's the size you'd need for a bunch of small cessnas), slap the stripmall business bldgs on the side kinda things (but 1 floor), and the tower is not a big thing, it's on the corne
  13. 60 dart trap killing platform. (15 on each side, stacked 2 high, electric fences on each) requires 2 generators to power. 4 shotty turrets to help in the cage part against birdies Can handle 64 zeds on insane for a long, long time. Really only have to shoot at the vultures, and the odd leapery type. Feeding said traps though... They don't set off demos either. You get 50% xp when maxed from just letting the traps do the work. (yeah, it gets boring, but it does work)
  14. At my age? prolly not live as long as I would like. 40 years ago? um.. gonna need cleanup in aisle 3, 4, 5 and 7. 1,2 and 6 are just smoking craters now. Then again, I know where the armories are, and I do remember how make things that go BOOM or BURNYBURNY. Thank you harmy training. 😛 (actually, I'd probably try to get to a small island and just wait it out there with a few... defenses.) heh.
  15. Used to use a drop base. 25m would take out the weak zeds, the 4 shotgun turrets would take out the rest. It was.. messy.
  16. Even a small airport would have an Office, lounge, kitchen/snackbar, bathrooms, classroom (for teaching pilots), and a small tower. 3-4 floors. 1 Hangar with several offices. Firestation (small one) That's what our local had, plus a few other old bldgs left from WW2. (which is when it was built) So even a small airport could have a buncha stuff in it. (and if left over from the war(s), you could add bunkers too. Something like an international airport, .. um.. yeah, potato pcs are gonna barf on that. (would be nice to have though) oh,
  17. Well, that explains why they won't walk ONE block and go through the open gate/missing fence. (or finish walking down the dratted stairs!) mumble.... (also explains why they say "Braaaiiinnnsss...." they clearly don't have any) 😛
  18. I would like an option on where to save the files. Never liked everything going into the C drive. I move as much as I can off there to somewhere else. Anywhere else. E, F or G. (D is the DvD)
  19. Once you get all the books , silencers have no damage penalty. That is when you absolutely want one on the pistol/smg. Until then, it's still good for sneak shooting sleepers in the head. Oh, and sleeping vultures. heh.
  20. Don't use your main base as your horde base. Not anymore. (not since A16) Zeds are smart and stupid. Not stupid smart. There IS a difference. Passive defenses won't cut it anymore, as they will bore a path through, dig around etc. Leave them what looks like a way to you, and they WILL take it. Fun can be had with this though. (yes, there is such a thing as overkill for the defenses too. So far, nothing has made it through the 60 dart trap Temple of Doom!) (and that does get kinda boring for a stream)
  21. "Why is the rum always gone? .... Oh, that's why!" hee-hee
  22. Because you have a "Death"Grip on the grenade? 😛
  23. got 19,800, then 9900, 6600 when I tried stone, iron, wood. (didn't have enough for nitrate/coal, will try tonight) was on stable. I'll check and see if I have any of the mining books, forgot to check that. got the xp on the packing, nada on unpacking.
  24. that might explain the random lootbags I find driving about.
  25. I end up taking 3 in chef when going solo. I have to put the pts into str for mining and heavy armor, so.. LOTL, that has to wait a bit, but 1 pt early to double the yields, second pt only when I have enough stuff to start the farm. 3rd point is whenever, as triple comes in handy. (and you can end up with waaay too much stuff) don't think I've ever put the final point into chef. I don't use those recipes anyway, cook time meh, make more campfires.
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