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  1. RNG seems to wait until you BUY the expensive item, and THEN it starts giving you the cheaper parts. (same for long sought books) evil coders! 😛
  2. fyi, I never use the plots for mushrooms. Those go on the wall somewhere. (If I take over a POI for a bit, or, when using the old bunker, it's the bathroom. seems appropriate given the state of cleanliness) 😛 10x10 plots, using a checkerboard pattern. currently have 2 of'em, more to follow after digging out the goodies below. (base is 10x10, walls 30x30)
  3. I've seen that suit in LA. (venice boardwalk, or under many overpasses) /shudder
  4. Personally, if the game bugs out, using god mode to fix what borked is fine with me. Remember trying to find out just where your minibike was after it bugged in 16? ugh. 😛
  5. I've been doing 20 of ea of the main crops (corn, tater, shrooms) 50% would be 10 seeds. that is about what I'm averaging, but last night got 13 tater seeds, so RNG liked me there. Sometimes more , sometimes less, BUT even after upping to 20 seeds, I still show a net profit. For SP this is fine. For MP, it would still work, but just have to reinvest into seeds for a bit to grow the size. Tossing 3 pts into that tree isn't much since I go heavy in that area anyway (heavy armor, MG/brawler) For those who don't go down that one, well, that's your choice. I don't go deep into INT/Agi until later in the game. So I use more resources/time for smelting crafting. (but full mining means I have more resources. trade off) I DO prefer the having to replant btw, since the old way, I'd punch out a few crops by accident. (wonky hit boxes for a few crops) Would I like the full perk to be a bit better on seed return? Of course! It is workable though. (go try getting a farm going in Valheim for oh, say turnips or onions, when you only find 3 miserable seeds. How long until it's viable for crops? (flax too, but that one ends. BARLEY though.... heh. You basically have to keep recreating the Great Plains) 😛
  6. I just changed the sounds.xml to make metalhitmetal be metalhitstone. (I hate the new sound too)
  7. That would be fun to do..... <evil grin>
  8. Once the zombies started stacking into the same space, I turned block damage down. 1 zed at 100% no big deal. 6 zeds in the same space all beating on the same block? nope. not good. 6 zeds making the pyramid to get over the wall? cool! (and demo damage was just too high imho)
  9. axe, steel knuckles, wrencher, shovel, pickaxe, bandages, .44, smg, M60 backup, M60 main. that's my item bar. (steel knuckles double as knife) axe, shovel, pickaxe do work as weapons. (pickaxe is GREAT for crawlers)
  10. in A16 sitting in the base, defeding 360 is exactly what we did. many many many rows of spikes. Shoot the cops as priority so they don't blow up. weaker zeds died to the spikes. Cleanup/repair/replace was a pain, but...
  11. Pregen10k only has country_junkyard_01 the other 2 are not in the map. The big building in the other 2 was good for horde. catwalk (bars) and hop-ups. the pit inside, well, amusing, as if you removed 1 block, so zeds couldn't get to you, they'd go crazy, and go into the pit and start smashing. toss down a few pipe bombs (unlit), then a lit one. Bonus points for bouning one off the ceiling. Extra bonus: molotov, then lit bomb. Flying Flaming Zeds! heh In 16, there was only 1 ranger station. 10x10, 2 floor. walkup outside. cobblestone first floor. close off the the ground floor, and slowly upgrade. there are 3 rangerstations now, none as useful/easy to use. the bombshelter, the fence covered all the underground, so digging didn't happen. new one, well, it doesn't quite cover it, and you have all the crap to get out inside the walls, instead of just a car and some trash. It's usable, but a LOT of work. I'm using creative to see just how much work, and it's easier to just build in an open area. (but not with all cool stuff down below, so there is that to consider) y'all DID notice the tinfoil hat part, right?
  12. chimneyBlackPOI is the one, and yep, had to change the blocks file. That's one that should be avail to make. (buncha rocks, sand, and coal) edit: like the support q that was asked 2 years ago, you cannot destroy that block directly even with the GodHammer! Have to break the block below it, then let it fall and destroy itself. But, it is there, and works. (prolly would only take a few min to mode it to craftable, destroyable, though)
  13. Data: id=2991 r=3 d=0 m=0 m2=0 m3=0 cobblestoneShapes:cube (W=Top->B=Top) Paint Id: 63 (txName_Flagstone) Shape: cube V=24 T=12 UV:G Light: emit-0 opac=255 sun=15 the top of the chimney is larger than the blocks below though. trying to place blocks around the chimney, collision goes right up to the chimney itself, the top part looks more like a plate though as placing on top of the chimney shows a gap. (you can't actually put a block into trader area, but can check the collision) hmmm
  14. /tinfoil hat on Original Ranger Station: made a great starter base that could be expanded. Loved it! (changed, no can do now) Bombshelter: upgrade the fence, the little gatehouse thing and good to go. area in the fence made a great farm. Loved it! (changed, gone.) Junkyard: made an incredible early/mid horde base, (found that by accident) .. changed (or at least can't find one) Drop pit with shotty turret horde base: zombie drop damage pretty much gone. Haven't checked the dart trap base yet, but I expect that will still work. (it bloody well should given how much time/mats go into the thing!) /tinfoil hat off 😛
  15. those 300hp skinny trees (overgrown bushes). they're scrub, and must die. any bushy tree that is on a corner, or goes into the road. choppity cars in the middle of the road. (lootable or not) wrenchity #(&$%&(*^ shopping cars in the road!!!!! anything withing a couple hundred meters of the base, gets chopped/picked etc. grass within a smaller area. (yes, a lawnmower/weedwhacker would be nice)
  16. That's why it's called an Idiot Stick. 😛 (yeah, aiming is a pain sometimes)
  17. Hmm, locked behind a book, or part of lucky looter. (or one of the foods (or a new food)) hrmmm...
  18. People not reading the information presented is not new. I've people not even read what is on the screen during installation. (or error messages) So even having it show the link/info doesn't mean people will read it. (many will not) I suppose they could put something for first launch with "Did you delete/clean the old data via... bladeeblah", (I'd put that in, with a followup of "Are you sure? Just checkin ya know. Baaad things will happen if ya didn't!") (actually, that would be hilarious if they did put that in. Have the screamer lookin at ya... heh) When a new major alpha comes out, pretty much always wipe the data. (personally, I just rename the game folder, and copy the savegames out. Makes it easier to go back to an older alpha. I still go back to 16.4 and my 8km tunnels from time to time) RNG btw, is really really brutal this alpha. The R is really, really random. Kinda how in 16, one game it's day 50 and no minibike book, make a new game, and it's in the first trashpile you loot. hrmph! 😛
  19. I take over a rooftop for the first bit. (there's a nice pass'n'gas station/store for that) Removable frames to get up (remove the last one, so it's a 2 block jump) Get pipe weapons asap! Bears and wolves DO spawn more now early game. Sneak headshots can take a wolf out in 1 hit. (direwolves... umf) Bears I leave alone unless with the pipe mg. I do cook at night, and yes, forge is going. They cannot get to me though. Ground floor? fuggedaboutit! (I use melee during the day as much as possible early on, to save on ammo)
  20. 7DTD2 but Steampunk-ish. Imagine the weapons, buildings.... mad scientist time! (still zombies of course, gotta have something for the experiments) 😛
  21. Hamsters have had too much 'nogg and are hungover. 😛 We must be waking them up to load pages. (taking 5-10 seconds to open anything, posting takes as long)
  22. The iron bars (2500hp) would go to steel though. oh, and it's wood-cobblestone-cement-steel. Yes, I missed added steel (or explaining why I stopped at cement) my bad. I'd always done wood - iron for bars, as it was easier to remove a misplaced wood bar, than iron. Upgrade to iron afterwards. (and that's as far as it could go) Now, at cement, it's twice as strong, and cement is cheap for repairs. Dunno if I'll need to go to steel, as I just use'em for catwalks.
  23. Frame-Wood-Cement. 5000hp. Iron-Steel. I'm staying with the first one for now. Once you place the iron bars, better make sure it's in the right spot. Can't move, only bash it out. Frames, well, you can pickup the "oops" placement. I like that.
  24. The invisible forcefield has been around for a while. Totally random. Happens in SP and MP. I consider it the world saying "SLOW DOWN DAGNABBIT!". You bounce against it for a couple seconds, so let off the gas, wait a couple seconds, then go. Game has to be doing something in the background, but what? Dunno. (I consider it a feature anyway, not a bug) "Shield UP Keptain!" "I didn't ask for them to be up" "oh. Well, they're up anyway" 😛
  25. Heh. One massive city. You start on the edge. You have to work your way to the center, to the Tower of Evil, fight your way in to the final control room. (said tower has all sloping sides, so forget landing a 'copter on it) Final building is like Dishong on steroids, espresso and pixiestix. 😛 Biomes change as you work your way inwards... That could be an interesting one... (most likely would have to be a mod)
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