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  1. Did you create a Saves folder on the new server and then copy the world from the other Saves folder on previous server?
  2. All the quest poi’s are linear beginning to end. If you follow the designers linear pathway and don’t break down doors/walls to make your own path, you will clear any poi completely. Once you stray off the designed path you run the risk of missing some zombies.
  3. I believe that all you need is the map folder from his Saves folder. It contains everything....the world, player data etc. Take that folder and place it in your Saves folder. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here.
  4. Oh, I thought he meant the mods would be replicated.....my mistake. If that's the case, then I'd have no issue however there's really no reason for that function since you can just remove the mod from the weapon then use if for creating a new weapon then add the mod to that. /shrugs
  5. I like your general premise, though I’m stuck on the mod part. Once you get the first mod then you never need to find another. For example, build a better AK with a rad remover. Or build many, supply all your friends and sell remaining for big money. I’m afraid there would be some abuse. It’s an interesting idea nonetheless.
  6. Yeah iron tools to motorized for non-miners, skipping steel tools. Non-miners generally have no reason to fully spec sexy rex, only 2 levels needed for iron tools. However, if you are primarily spec’ing in mining, 4 in sexy rex, then steel tools make sense.
  7. I build my base over ore surface marker so I know there will be ore beneath the base. Base is 2 story, 15x15 and put 4 columns to support roof. I mine beneath the base, clearing all stuff up to the where base walls meets the ground. I continue the columns, making identical ‘rooms’ same size as the main floor of the base. I make 3 such rooms beneath each other. First sub-base room is where all the generators go. Second sub-floor is where I put a water pool for water supply. Third sub-base room is where I put all the workstations and forges that I eventually moved from the first floor of the bas
  8. Post your output log. Ideally, start your own thread but at least post your log so we can see what might be causing the problem.
  9. If the sounds are pretty frequent, you could capture a short video and post a link to it here so we can all hear it. As mentioned above, posting the output log of whichever player heard the sound in case the game logs it. I’m always up for a mystery!1
  10. Just built such a system....Ryzen 5950x and MSI rtx 3090 Suprim. 4k resolution and all settings on ultra....fps 82+ so no increased quality needed.
  11. For Game Name, put the map name, in this case PREGEN01. For Game World put rwg. Game Mode is always GameModeSurvival. To switch to other maps all you need to do is change the game name. For a custom, random map just type any word in Game Name and it will generate or make a new map. I hope this is what you were asking for. To use maps generated by Nitrogen generator, settings are a little different.
  12. I read that CenterPoint has no natural gas storage and rely on the constant flow of the pipelines to keep things running. I’m no expert but that doesn’t sound so smart to me. Any disruption in supply will cause problems. Have some on-site storage in case of pipeline issues. I read also that natural gas provides 67% of Texas electricity while wind turbines provide 7%, forget how much nuclear provides. All have contributed to the loss of power but natural gas has hurt the most.
  13. My 2 cents......set resolution to 1080, disable all shadows and water effects and tick on dynamic resolution. Turn off occlusion, grass to far and textures to half. Sometimes vsyn helps, sometimes not. My laptop with Nvidia gtx 980m runs a steady 72 fps with these settings. Start there and increase one thing at a time to see the effects of each change, so you can make it prettier without sacrificing performance.
  14. I also agree with it being a server issue, the game is having trouble reading chunk data as well as saving chunk data. Ask for a new location or try a different provider. You should, I think, be able to send Nitrado the server logs which will help them pinpoint the issue on their end. Good luck.
  15. Use the pinned post above to get info on how to post your servers output logs so everyone can see what’s happening. Without those logs, no one can help.
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