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  1. Post your log using pastebin. Consult the pinned topic above for instructions.
  2. It is automatically saved after generated. In order to play the map, go to start a new game and cycle through game names to find it. You’ll need to remember what game seed it was assigned. For example, if your seed was “ThisGameRox” and you go to generate, it will tell you that the name is Tykeo County or something like that. So when you cycle the seed names Tykeo County should be a choice. I hope this makes sense.
  3. In this thread a couple pages back, Fatal said he believes he has fixed the issue with some tweaking to do and should be in A20.1. Place a box to put your spoils in and pick up your vehicle until then or take a break until A20.1 is released. I always start the quest then place a box. By putting it right where the quest starts, I can go back & forth adding items when my inventory gets full without risking failing the quest by going out of bounds. An extra step but seems to do the trick until the fix is released. Edit: @Jost Amman beat me to the post
  4. Looks like his player data got corrupted. As you can see the game attempts to spawn him and the spawn location can’t be read properly. You will need to delete his player files and he will then start over. You can use admin commands to give him back the experience and items to get him back near where he was before the problem. Here is the pertinent line in the log: 2022-01-14T20:56:59 6918.069 WRN Spawned entity with wrong pos: [type=EntityPlayer, name=[BM8] Rebelodicus, id=50183] id=50183 pos=(0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
  5. Remove both mods and see if fps remains that low. I haven't seen any reports of anyone else seeing fps drops while mining. Just because a mod has been updated to A20, doesn't mean it isn't the problem. However, if mining in a vanilla game results in bad frame rate then there is an issue. As for mining, I assume you mean iron/coal/nitrate or lead and not ethereum as ethereum is not in the game. If vanilla mining is fine, I'd post about it in the mod forums as those folks would likely have the answer that you need. EDIT: well I'm dumb, ethereum as in crypto mining......yes it will devastate your game performance
  6. The only other suggestion for city frame rates is to either turn dynamic mesh off or set it to land claim. This is the first version of dynamic mesh system so it’ll need some tweaking to get it working better.
  7. My experience with A20 so far has been a huge change in how I’ve played past alphas. For as long as I can remember, mining iron has been a main priority until A20. A good majority of base defense, mods, vehicle creation was iron-dependent. Iron for iron bars, iron for mods, steel for mods and vehicle/weapon creation had made the game iron-dependent at least for our playstyle. With A20, iron has become less dominant. Yes it’s still needed for mods & vehicles but not as important for base defense…. I love this! I shouldn’t need to depend so much on one resource so the changes to blocks, especially the upgrading of bars has leveled the playing field so to speak of resources. While playing a ‘normal’ game with friends on a server, I’m also playing a single player game with blood moons turned off, doing nothing other than quests and exploring all the new pois in this alpha. The variety in pois are astonishing and am completely enjoying the exploration. Huge kudos to the poi development crew! I’ve been at this game since A6 and this A20 has been my my favorite alpha thus far. I’m having way too much fun, the challenge is top notch even for someone with way too many hours in the game. I cannot in all honesty say anything bad here. I have not experienced everything this alpha has offered but am definitely ecstatic so far. Call me a homer, idc….I’m a happy camper.
  8. This is a known bug and there is hopefully a fix coming for this when A20.1 gets released.
  9. My new favorite embarrassment is hearing “I need fire by the gate!” on horde night, I oblige by tossing a molatov while forgetting that I need to light it first. As the glass jar just lays there I can almost hear my mates shaking their heads. Good times!
  10. Very, very odd….was really betting on the ram. Like SylenThunder mentioned, can you post your output log from your last crash? Maybe there’s something there that will give some clues. I haven’t heard of blue screen error just due to 7 Days, blue screens while playing 7 Days has always uncovered some hardware or driver issue. I’m quite puzzled at this point. What was the other game that you played where you had issues?
  11. I see this a lot….people who lose power while playing get corrupted player files or saves. I’m assuming it’s due to the constant updating of information to the player profile and when that updating is abruptly interrupted, the data can become corrupt. I don’t know if it’s avoidable or not, a programmer would need to chime in but I’m guessing that it’s because 7 Days is a voxel game and the amount of data being written is tremendous.
  12. Lol, this was an uncommon occurrence in A19 but in A20 it seems to happen a lot. I’m hoping to see a fix in A20.1. I’m guessing that vehicles dropping below ground, traders dropping and turrets dropping below ground are all being caused by the same issue. Hopefully Fatal can figure out a fix.
  13. In a way, I hope memtest comes back with something, at least you’ll have an answer to your frustrating issue. I, personally, have gotten defective brand new ram, a real good quality Corsair stick. Fortunately, it was an easy rma under warranty. I tried googling your issue and the most popular reason is faulty display drivers but you said you updated those. Did you do a clean install? I use Geforce Experience to do a clean install with every new version that comes out. I’m just tossing out ideas but it seems you’ve considered most of them. Any bloatware or any other unnecessary software running in the background?
  14. I have no experience with Windows 11 but you stated you’re having the same issue with Windows 10 so it shouldn’t matter. Have you run memtest or the built-in windows memory management tool? You could possibly have some ram issues. Is your swap file set to let Windows manage it? It’s best to let Windows take care of it. Since you’ve changed os to try and work through this, I doubt corrupted system files are the issue but it wouldn’t hurt to run the scan especially if your ram checks out fine. You’ve updated video drivers which is good, hopefully you’ve scanned for malware. I’m betting your ram is the issue. Be sure to open your case and make sure that somehow your ram sticks are seated properly. Maybe someone else will chime in with some other suggestions.
  15. The stickied topic at the top of the forum lists all the ports you need to forward: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/3998-support-faq-information-and-common-solutions/ Be sure to use an online port checker to confirm that the ports are actually open. Sometimes ports don’t open as expected.
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