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  1. We call them ‘garbage bag maps’ since we find most in garbage bags. There are definitely multiple sources.
  2. Any chance of us seeing the same log from the lan server? All your log shows is that the lan server disconnected you, it doesn’t say why. The ‘why’ will be on the lan server log.
  3. Be sure you verified files. If you have done that and it's still broken, upload your output_log file so we can see what is actually going on.
  4. And you don't need to buy top of the line power supplies. As mentioned earlier, bronze rating is just fine, I haven't priced them lately but I would bet way less than $100 and definitely worth the purchase. Don't get another 300 or 400 watt...like SylenThunder said, go with at least a 750. This will breathe some extra life in your rig before needing to upgrade. Let us know how it goes.
  5. I always have a second power supply around....you get can a cheap one for testing for little money. Swap it out and see if the game crashes. I’m not good at using multimeters but if you are, there are tutorials out there where you can check voltages on the rails. To me trying a second power supply is easiest.
  6. Also, you were not successful forcing dx10. It states dx11 and there was a directx error right before crash. Can you post your system specs? So I actually think you have 2 separate problems happening.
  7. I have a rented Bluefang server, latency for me is a steady 40 and it’s passworded and with only 2 of players, no mods and I still get the missing swing animations. /shrugs I’ll wait for fixes down the road.
  8. I agree that melee feels better from the players swing perspective....you hit when you think you should hit and at the proper distance from a zombie. However, on a multiplayer server, getting hit by a zombie with no corresponding swing animation 50% of the time is absolutely annoying as heck. I’m patiently waiting for a fix for that. Some people say that it never happens to them, guess I should learn how to take videos and edit them....never taken & edited videos in my life!
  9. So, has 19.3 exp fixed any of the issues talked about above? I'm still keeping my server private until some of these things are fixed.
  10. Mine is odd now but I do have more than 19.1 stable. Mine goes from 19.1 stable->19.2 stable->8.8 stable->9.3 stable->latest experimental-unstable build; so temporally they are out of order. In my opinion, with your situation, it seems to be a steam issue rather than a 7d2d issue. Someone smarter than me should be able to tell you how to fix steam without uninstalling/reinstalling steam and all of your games.
  11. Not sure why the down vote on something that had zero to do with you nor was I involved in any discussion with/about you, just responded honestly to a guy wanting to know how to tweak wandering hordes. Rather childish.
  12. I just bought Baldur’s Gate 3....excited to play a Baldur’s game with real co-op vs single player. A bit pricey for early access but I’m taking the risk.
  13. The issue seems to be in your configfile, specifically a bad value for your shared party range. Maybe post your configfile but be sure to remove any passwords, ip addy info and anything than some nefarious person could exploit. Sight unseen, the problem could be a weird number or syntax so seeing how it’s written will get you better advice.
  14. There are optimizations happening with every alpha. In fact, I'd say that the optimizations from A18 to A19 were the best so far. I was really able to crank up my video settings for A19, playing on a 5 year old gaming laptop at 1080p {Nvidia gtx 980m}, all things maxed except shadows and water while maintaining a steady 60fps. The developers have said that they aren't done yet.
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