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  1. On the military armor parts...I agree. We save all of our ‘parts’ in a parts box, rarely using any since we just buy the armor and weapons or just find them. We always have between 2 and 4 times as many armor parts than any other armor or weapon parts.
  2. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced traders dropping through the floor?? Twice now on a ded server we’ve had it happen and seen by all players. Trader Jen falling through the floor so only her head shows at floor level and the treehouse trader, trader joel???, falls to the ground next to the workbench. You actually cannot interact with him in his usual place, you have to go to him by the workbench so it isn’t some graphical glitch. I don’t want to add more work for the testers so don’t want to submit a bug report until I’m sure it’s a bug. Never had this happen before A19.
  3. I’ve experienced more crits in b180 on a dedi than before which is good but I don’t know if I’m seeing it often enough or not but it is improved.Another thing I’ve noticed in mp on a dedi is that I get hit in melee without a corresponding zombie swing animation much more often than in previous alphas.
  4. Or cut down the light pole and harvest the steel after if falls. But the only saw we have only cuts down trees. Almost every event used for nerdpoling can be done a different way. The problem is how much time it would take. I’ve never used it to get to the loot, but do use it in cases where it saves a bunch of time like getting steel from lightposts. This game depends on time management so saving time on a few tasks is a good thing, imo. I enjoy going into every single poi and going to each room so I can strip it of everything I can sell. So using nerdpoles to get the loot would take all the fun out of doing a poi for me but I do use nerdpoles for other things. {shrugs} to each his own I guess. I really only care how I play, not anyone else.
  5. Hmmm...... I take those platforms as a purposeful SI traps that the POI designer did intentionally. Both platforms collapse if you jump on them, sometimes triggered when you go for the first shovelful, sometimes when you just jump on them. I defeat that by taking all those hay bales and stack them in a single column from the ground to the bottom of the platform. I never considered them as bugs. It would be interesting to hear from the designer which it is. Collapsing buildings, however, would have to be a bug as they’ve fixed several of those over the years. Edit: I know that poi as it’s one of the first poi’s I look for early game for the meat, corn, cobble & cement. A very valuable poi.
  6. This is exactly me. I do base repair/maintenance and if there’s one block or one iron bar with a point damage, I go crazy. My teammates are wanting me to go questing after horde night and I’m like....nope, these 20 reinforced concrete blocks have 5 points of damage each and I have to fix them right now! Ocd at its best.
  7. Interesting topics for filling some pages in the forum, but come on!! I want bandits, legendary items and random encounters. I don’t want to see the work on this stuff delayed because a group of people want to bring back the past. This game needs finishing and maybe for 7dtd2 they can do degradation. Bandits & random encounters will add so much more than reverting to degradation. Bring on the new stuff!!
  8. I play Dead is Dead or Permadeath and have for many alphas. Myself and others have brought up several alphas ago having this as an option and MM has stated they will look at it after more important things have been dealt with. I also asked for a button so I could delete my player file from a multiplayer server if there was no active admin willing to do it. It was discussed, responded too and I’m patiently waiting for something to be done, no need for me to harp on it. Until then, I handle it by renting my own server and deleting my player profile when I die and I don’t even need to reboot the server that would bother other players. Just state your case once and let it go. They hear you, consider it and eventually decide if it fits their vision. Complaining over and over will get you ignored at best, banned if you become nasty. Just hang in there and wait for them to get around to it. The stuff you are asking for is not very important compared to the other tasks they are doing. Just my 2 cents....patience.
  9. I've heard lots of sizes for chunks.....16x16, 64x64, 512x512 {/shrugs} but it might be because some people say chunk when they mean region or vice versa. Irregardless, IMO, resetting a region would be the way to go if you are interested in resetting an area because it is a significant area. Then how do you decide what action resets the clock.....does just causing the chunk/region to load enough to restart the 30 day clock or do you need to interact with a chunk/region to reset the clock? Things to think about for sure. I still think it's a fabulous idea and hope they figure out how to make it work. Doing it manually is a pia.....deleting the region file is simple, figuring out which and how many to delete is time consuming. As far I as know, there's no way for me to figure out if a region or chunk has been loaded recently. Having the game doing those calculations would be great. Less work for a busy admin. Again, just my opinion.
  10. @MM Resetting chunks rather than respawning loot is a brilliant idea!! It solves multiple issues especially on busy, longterm multiplayer servers. Besides poi’s resetting, I’m assuming everything will reset including cars. It would solve running out of sources for brass and other finite resources without resorting to mods. I’ve done some chunk resetting myself but it isn’t a simple process. I know many many would approve including those realism fans who say respawning loot makes no sense. You can justify chunk resetting by saying it’s a new town that needs exploring. Hats off to whoever came up with that idea. Simply brilliant.
  11. As much as a pia it is, I personally would do a complete uninstall/reinstall of the game rather than simply updating. Sometimes files aren’t updated/replaced during a simple update process. It used to be a fast thing to uninstall/reinstall when the game was small but now that it’s a few gigs, it takes me about 40 minutes or so. Just my 2 cents.... Edit: if your game is single player, backup your save. After reinstalling the game, if you still have the issue with your save then you’ll need to start a new seed.
  12. I really need to give a shout out to you castle builders. I don't have an artistic bone in my body so when I see the stuff you guys build, I'm jealous as heck. I'm a solid math/science guy and I've tried to create stuff, I just don't have the talent. I will stick to my square base and just admire what you guys build. Seriously, keep posting pics for me and others like me that aren't creative. Very impressive stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Thanks....wasn’t sure if exploits should publicly go there. I will post it as a normal bug report.
  14. Found an exploit with the bone shiv.....not game-breaking but an exploit nonetheless. How or to who do I report this to? I’d prefer not to publicly explain it. Thanks.
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