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  1. I, for one, like tomatoes. Not big chunks of stewed tomatoes, though. I'd rather eat toes than those.
  2. Not entirely true in this case. They will still add bandits and a story, which will mean lots of quests and such added as well as bandit specific POIs (I would assume) at the very least. But that will likely be the end of "new" content until release (except that they will occasionally be adding things like POIs to the game as time goes on, even after release).
  3. I actually miss some of the glitches that used to happen with the RWG. At one point it created sheer cliffs where one step you were following a road through a town and the next you were staring down at the rest of the town below you some 50 meters below. Grand times trying to figure out how to get down there without dying. I don't remember if that overlapped caves but it made for some interesting hiding places for night time.
  4. I can't remember the name of it but there was a game I played in high school that you had to sit there and watch it draw each screen, like that program The Designer's Pencil. It was a mostly text game with a graphical image for each "room". It took 30 seconds or more to draw some of them.
  5. Back in my day we measured seconds per frame.
  6. Or you could just follow the lag.
  7. The easiest way I've found to remove traders from maps is by editing rwgmixer.xml. Find this line at the end: <prefab_spawn_adjust tags="trader" bias="20" min_count="10"/> And change it to this: <prefab_spawn_adjust tags="trader" bias="0" min_count="0"/> Maps will now generate without traders and you don't have to edit prefabs.xml for each map (like I used to do).
  8. But ElCabong has a face for radio and a voice for silent films. Or so I'm told. The voices in my head are very rude.
  9. On a side note, if you look at the real world around you there will be lots of duplication, too. This is especially true in housing areas.
  10. That's the thing with flying... you always make it back to the ground.
  11. All of my gyro controls seem to automatically be programmed for crash and burn.
  12. Are there any plans to move from TXT to XML?
  13. If you see something specific that could be translated better then submit a bug report with updated wording. I'm sure they would welcome it. Also keep in mind that for most languages there can be regional variations. As an English speaker with access to people from the US, UK, and to a lesser extent Australia, it is very easy to find common "English phrases" that are very different between the three cultures. I've also heard frequently, though can't confirm personally, that there are equivalent differences between Spanish used in Mexico, Peru, and Spain (just to name three). I'm saying all of this because there are times TFP will need to pick translations that may not fit everyone's personal preferences (or face a much larger translation table). Some funny examples of regional variations in the US based off my two most recent places I've lived: Where I was before we called shopping carts "carts", but where I'm at now they are frequently referred to as "buggies". Winter hats that were called either "beanies" or "stocking caps" where I used to live are frequently called "toboggans" where I live now (which is exclusively used as a term for something like a sled where I used to live). Same English, different words used to mean the same thing but confusing to someone not from the area they are used in. But, yeah, please submit better translations to TFP. There are far more posters here from varying backgrounds than there ever could be employees of TFP. EDIT: If you're feeling really ambitious then you could take a look at the Localization.txt file and add what you want to it then submit that. I wish it were XML so that someone could just come up with a mod for each new language they want supported.
  14. Probably the #1 thing for me is the maps with a large central city. I so desperately wish they'd bring that back before release.
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