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  1. This place is dead most days and will be until until A20 launches. Just block/ignore the offending user if you want and leave it at that. /shrug
  2. Unfortunately, there are just as many complaints that people can't find everything they want in the first week. The solution is mods, not a million game options. What makes one person very happy will likely make another rage quit. Thus is life.
  3. There are no kids in this apocalypse. No kid zombies either. People are born adults, duh.
  4. Most likely it is some library/tool/framework they are using which is the culprit. I certainly would not expect them to suddenly start using the registry for anything like what the XML is used for.
  5. I play 7DTD on Linux, which does not have a registry. The only non-XML settings I've seen are for the launcher and Unity.
  6. Truth. It's like someone stepped on a dog with a squeaky toy in its mouth.
  7. Agreed, but programming an infinite inventory interface that is also efficient is harder than it sounds. But even if the hard cap was 20 rows of inventory it would be more than enough to do what you are talking about.
  8. The number of bleeding wounds might just be the amount of damage taken per tick while bleeding. So instead of more wounds it is really a greater wound. This is my guess, I know I can tell a difference with more wounds applied, especially when you play on a higher difficulty.
  9. Which is exactly what the current perk in the game does. Which would be fine if we had more inventory slots available (another row would be perfect, in my opinion).
  10. I suspect that 7DTD with a weight based system would be horrible. If bicycles were a bit more accessible to start then it would make things a bit better (like not requiring a perk to make, just finding/building parts). But I also like the idea of having an even smaller backpack to start and building bigger ones as you go.
  11. We should really only have two slots available, one for each hand. Sucks to be you when you sprain or break an arm.
  12. Sticks and stones may break my bones but encumbrance excites me?
  13. Welcome! It can be scary here at times but most of us are willing to help. Remember that humans will never ask for your brains. Telemarketing zombies are the worst!
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