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  1. Because of LBD, of course.
  2. Only if SI spends its points properly as it levels.
  3. All while everything with a microphone is recording what we say and everything with a camera is taking pictures and/or video... If they follow my search history it's their own fault their eyes are bleeding.
  4. You're welcome! Wait, I didn't do anything except post annoying things on the forums. Go team FP!
  5. True, but nutrition isn't. Requiring someone to eat a variety of foods (meats, veggies, fruits, etc.) and vitamins on a regular basis would make things harder for sure. But whether that would be fun or not is a personal thing.
  6. Crazy people cannot possibly coordinate poorly constructed propaganda causing paranoid creepypasta. (yeah, I cheated on that last one)
  7. There was something floating around recently that they were working on adding something like "terrain POIs" to random gen. If those can be placed underground then they could, with a few dozen pre-generated cave POIs, return caves and underground exploration. But they'd have to make them reinforced somehow so that they don't auto-collapse a world by stepping foot in one or by whacking a piece of trash on the ground.
  8. Which reminds me that this sucks because it does not have ironing boards. This is an injustice that cannot be tolerated! As opposed to injustices that can be tolerated like not having zombies wearing speedos. EDIT: And isn't Minecraft at least equally destructible?
  9. They have been optimizing as well. But in all seriousness you can't expect a game in development for so many years to keep the original specs, can you? Not to mention it's a voxel game with physics, which automatically means beefy machine requirements (then and now).
  10. A42 is my favorite. I moved here from the year 2037 and can assure you it is awesome.
  11. There really needs to be a zoo POI with all the animals in it.
  12. If you look them in the eyes and whistle a complicated Irish step dancing song, or yodel anything sung by Glenn Medeiros in any language, then they are more likely to leave you alone.
  13. My first time encountering one of those I tried repeatedly to pick it up and then smacked it with my stone axe figuring I could at least get some iron out of it.
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