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  1. Even with that you could have it only move a stack worth based on the receiving container. There are solutions and they're not all complicated. But, as Gazz hinted at, there are a lot of edge cases that might take a while to iron out. I still think it is very doable. Personally, I've written routines to do this sort of thing and it pretty much amounts to making a function that "moves an item from container A to container B" that understands the stack sizes might be different. If you make it smart enough then you use that function EVERY time you move items around and the logic is all in one place. But I'm not a programmer anymore, I'm a farmer, so what do I know?
  2. Not really... could be an XML entry for every exception. Make player inventory the norm and allow containers or whatever an exception to stack sizes for specific items. If you wanted to put in a LOT of exceptions then you might have a point.
  3. I thought of one other thing that isn't so simple but would still be nice. Add an option to games to have the air drops come the day after a blood moon, regardless of how frequent you have them set. If you have blood moons set every day then you'd get a air drop every day, too.
  4. Rough day for that toilet. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  5. Could you please add: My character's level to the save game selection screen The seed/map name (like Old Foneku Valley) to the map screen while in game In Random Gen Previewer have it detect if a map has already been generated for a given seed and just show it instead of regenerating it (or at least prompt first) I tend to play a lot of different maps trying out different things and the above changes would help my brain and are also likely useful to others. That is all for now.
  6. When playing on random gen maps the end of this game is what you want it to be. You can give yourself goals that satisfy you. On another general note, you can adjust the difficulty settings prior to entering your save each time. So if it seemed too easy the last time you played that save you can make it harder when you play next time.
  7. I would expect you would be best served by starting a new game (required or not). Remember that you can always choose to keep playing your old saves by downgrading (or not upgrading) your version of the game. Every old version back to 7 something is available there if I recall correctly.
  8. Then at over 5000 hours I'm thinking I might have made a good purchase. But I will say that a BIG part of the fun of 7DTD is that you can tailor the game to how you want to play. Start with the built-in game options and then add or create mods as you feel necessary. Start playing around with the XML files and I guarantee you will get a lot more than 70 hours out of the game. EDIT: Also, worst case scenario is that you have to use Steam to repatch the game back to normal and start over. Back up your changes to keep from wasting too much time.
  9. You should read the book The Lord of All Things by Andreas Eschbach. The English translation does it justice as far as I'm concerned.
  10. What you need is the new DNA Memory sticks. Their bit density is insane but the read/write speeds are nothing to get excited about.
  11. I suppose a shiny new 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 wouldn't work?
  12. Options -> Controls -> Options Tab -> Invert Mouse
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