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  1. The areas with steel fencing around them frequently have panels that cover some of the fencing. Those panels are often made of plastic and are one hit with an axe to harvest.
  2. There just needs to be more ways to knock enemies back, with or without damage. I'm sure a rocket launcher at point blank range would do some of that but good luck with that.
  3. Yeah, in the past you had to hang signs.
  4. This is the only zombie game I've played that doesn't have at least one form of "push the zombie away". You can't even push your way past one by moving most of the time.
  5. It would be best if you could throw the bear or cougar... just sayin'.
  6. Not trying to sideline the thread, but I remember clearly my C64 days using "flippies" (one-sided floppy disks you had to flip to use the other side). The Bard's Tale was 3 disk sides and a fourth for the character save disk. Thankfully, they designed it so that the flipping and swapping was kept to a minimum.
  7. Mostly some differences in terrain generation. Sometimes I like the built-in version over the other one.
  8. It takes over 20 minutes for an 8k map on my computer. And yeah, with NitroGen you can generate a 16k map in less time than it takes to generate a 4k map with the built-in RWG. But I think it is unfair to claim that NitroGen is "insanely better in all ways". I don't think it is better in all ways but it is most certainly insanely faster.
  9. How about a melee ranged, spring loaded, rock shooting "gun" that has low damage and a moderate knock back? EDIT: And a not-too-slow reload speed.
  10. There's always room for mods. Plus I suspect the dev team is mostly male.
  11. Even on a 4k map that would take a LONG time. Even if you started at bedrock and hollowed out a layer or two to start everything falling. And good luck having your computer handle that collapse.
  12. As long as we don't start finding corn in toilets...
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