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  1. You should be able to have a farm in full swing by day 10 or so, depending on how lucky you get with finding farms and/or seeds. Farm plots = infinite food. But before then you need to loot house kitchens, do buried supply quests, buy food from vending machines, or raid farms and other food friendly POIs. Cabinets, coolers, and fridges have a good possibility of having food. Food is an early game survival issue, as it would be in any real survival situation. Learn what not to do and try something different if what you are doing isn't working. Good luck.
  2. There was a time there were very few paintings as well, but they've improved that considerably so I expect they will do the same with house plants at some point. As a temporary fix, try planting farmables in your base like red and yellow ones for added color. Just a thought. EDIT: You can also scrap the plants for clay if you wish.
  3. Up your butt with a coconut! Am I doing this right?
  4. You don't necessarily need a new biome for bosses as they could just be within special POIs. And since POIs can be HUGE it shouldn't be a big deal making them hard to get to.
  5. I used to play 120 minute days exclusively, but for months now I've switched to 60 minutes. I sincerely hate that food/water consumption does not scale with day length. There is no reason I should need twice as much food because days are 120 minutes instead of 60 minutes. Makes no sense.
  6. Difficulty should probably be in this order from easiest to hardest: Forest Burnt Forest Desert/Snow (same difficulty) Wasteland
  7. I do this a lot, especially with the larger buildings. I play on maps without traders and no loot respawn pretty much all the time now so no worries about leaving stuff to get later.
  8. SexyAndIKnowIt City/town in every biome except snow.
  9. Build your base next to (or near) a water source. Problem solved.
  10. If they had a special zombie spawn as the last member of the horde that had special loot (and a chance for unique items or something like that)... people might just want to plan ways to kill the entire horde.
  11. Those aren't bugs. They are bits of exploded zombie vulture.
  12. I'm guessing what was meant was 4 minutes for a 4k map, 8 minutes for an 8k map? Which is a lot faster than it is now but still a lot slower than NitroGen.
  13. I've taken down whole buildings before and one of those construction sites. Lots of lag in the early stages of it coming down. I could just imagine how much lag would be generated by a skyscraper coming down. /shudder
  14. Try removing all the mods to see if it still happens. If it does then your save/world is likely corrupt, otherwise it's a mod. At least that's my best guess.
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