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  1. Any chunks already loaded in the save game will stay as they are in the save game. Think of the world as the starting point for the save game and the save files hold what has changed about the world. This is why you can start over on the same world and get it in its original form. I don't know how but I'd imagine if you reset the chunks you'd get to see the changes from the world editor but then you'd lose changes made in the save game. Also, starting a new game will also allow you to see changes made in the world editor. Going back and forth will be problematic at best.
  2. I prefer them cooked, but to each their own.
  3. I actually miss that game and wish it could be revived in some way.
  4. This and the alpha / Early Access status is why most complaints should take a chill pill. It's just a theory, but I'd bet money TFP is at least paying attention to which mods are the most popular (and especially once workshop support is added in). If 50%+ of people are modding something out or something else in you can bet they're paying attention.
  5. All porn is banned in my home country of Limpbonia.
  6. Considering the hardest POIs would likely be in the hardest biome, I doubt we'll have to worry much about it even if it did happen. If the difficulty adjustments are big enough then finding a hard POI in the wasteland should be nearly impossible to get to for just about anyone on day one. Also, I vote not allowing beds to be placed in the wasteland. If you're hardcore enough to live there then you don't need a bed anyway.
  7. Your day requirements seem a bit excessive, especially if you live in a desert.
  8. Ten years in apocalypse time would be... <calculating>... a lot more than 10 years of regular time.
  9. They pimp the fun, though... so maybe fun should be here complaining about the comparison to women?
  10. How many days would you have to live to reach end of life? Ten years would be roughly 3652 days (if leap years were added in)... would that be enough?
  11. I might just venture into orbit for a visit to that... Not sure I'd bother going through years of training first, though.
  12. For clarification, did they complain of the removal or complain it was there in the first place?
  13. More than one thing can be worked on at a time and this is hardly the worst offender of "unnecessary posts". Take most of my posts as Exhibit A. The biggest mistakes the OP made are assuming their opinion is matched by all women and that they have any say about what women think to begin with. He (I'm assuming at this point the OP is a he) is an armchair warrior in a battle that should not extend into the unreality of 7DTD. I'm in a family with strong women and they much prefer to talk for themselves.
  14. Knuckle rub sort of does that, but I agree... that an "I Agree" option would be a good thing.
  15. Personally, I think food balance just requires more potential for "failure". For instance: Crops returning nothing to some maximum each time instead of always a minimum amount Crafting food items sometimes creates inferior or inedible items Can goods can sometimes be spoiled Food poisoning should be an accumulated state, so the more bad food you eat the worse your condition gets. Reviving from death should start you out hungry (or at least not full) All of these things could have perks to help mediate the negative effects. There are lots of other things that could be done, of course. But my point is that right now it is too easy to make your food and water supply irrelevant, which it would never be in a "real" zombie apocalypse, at least as long as the zombies are arround.
  16. It is not offensive to every woman, you are exaggerating to make your point. Also, it is something many, many men find offensive. In reality. This is a game, though. Why are you offended by perceived sexism (it's a game, no actual women were mistreated in any way) but okay with other things like the violence? No, I'm not attempting to change the subject I'm merely asking where does this line of thought end? If you take out everything that could offend someone then you are left with Barney Hugs Someone Pretending To Be A Zombie. Nobody wants to play that. Seriously, please don't expect everyone to agree that removing potentially offensive material is always the best option.
  17. To be fair, they are not a needed POI for the game. But it is also trivial for you or anyone else to remove them. Modding the game is not only possible it is encouraged. There will always be aspects of any game that someone out there will find objectionable for one reason or another. As a father of 3 girls and being married to a military vet (my wife) I can also say unequivocally that not all women would consider the presence of these POIs as offensive or even objectionable any more than their presence in a movie would be. The difference, as stated earlier, is that 7DTD allows the game to be modded easily so if you want the PG version you can have it. As it stands, 7DTD shows that these things existed at the time of the apocalypse and were likely more popular after it started. So my vote is mod it out if you don't want it along with every other POI you find objectionable and leave everyone else the option of leaving them in if they choose.
  18. With some POI's, Qbert noises might be more appropriate.
  19. I want Mario World sounds to play as I'm jumping around a POI.
  20. This game is still in alpha, not even beta. It does not have all of the features, let alone full balancing of the features in place. If you want to nitpick the timeline and order of implementation I'm sure you will find all the proof you're looking for. Not that it will mean anything.
  21. Roland vs. playerthatthinkstheyknoweverything My money is on Roland.
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