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  1. There was a time there were very few paintings as well, but they've improved that considerably so I expect they will do the same with house plants at some point. As a temporary fix, try planting farmables in your base like red and yellow ones for added color. Just a thought. EDIT: You can also scrap the plants for clay if you wish.
  2. Up your butt with a coconut! Am I doing this right?
  3. You don't necessarily need a new biome for bosses as they could just be within special POIs. And since POIs can be HUGE it shouldn't be a big deal making them hard to get to.
  4. I used to play 120 minute days exclusively, but for months now I've switched to 60 minutes. I sincerely hate that food/water consumption does not scale with day length. There is no reason I should need twice as much food because days are 120 minutes instead of 60 minutes. Makes no sense.
  5. Difficulty should probably be in this order from easiest to hardest: Forest Burnt Forest Desert/Snow (same difficulty) Wasteland
  6. I do this a lot, especially with the larger buildings. I play on maps without traders and no loot respawn pretty much all the time now so no worries about leaving stuff to get later.
  7. SexyAndIKnowIt City/town in every biome except snow.
  8. Build your base next to (or near) a water source. Problem solved.
  9. If they had a special zombie spawn as the last member of the horde that had special loot (and a chance for unique items or something like that)... people might just want to plan ways to kill the entire horde.
  10. Those aren't bugs. They are bits of exploded zombie vulture.
  11. I'm guessing what was meant was 4 minutes for a 4k map, 8 minutes for an 8k map? Which is a lot faster than it is now but still a lot slower than NitroGen.
  12. I've taken down whole buildings before and one of those construction sites. Lots of lag in the early stages of it coming down. I could just imagine how much lag would be generated by a skyscraper coming down. /shudder
  13. Try removing all the mods to see if it still happens. If it does then your save/world is likely corrupt, otherwise it's a mod. At least that's my best guess.
  14. I want a club mod that shrinks a zombie by 6 inches or so every time I smack it in the head. Or at least drives its head into its torso that much each swing.
  15. I had asked at one point that they also add "days to first zombie spawn" and "days to first blood moon" options to the game as well. That way you could simulate having a pre-apocalypse time frame as well as a longer delay to having the first blood moon than your normal blood moon cycle setting.
  16. I'm hoping TFP adds a lot more options into the built-in random world generator (and speed it up). In the meantime may people have been using alternatives like NitroGen to get even more variety out of their random worlds. Some of what NitroGen does can be duplicated with changes to the XML files but a lot of it can't, and it is a LOT faster. You can create an entire 4k map in a minute and an 8k map in less than 5 minutes (much less is most cases).
  17. No structures, no zombies, just a flat lot ready to build on. Sure, it could have some construction materials on it or stuff like that but not much else. It could be paved, it could be dirt, it could be something else (all cobblestone, for instance). The point? Having a flat place to build on in a city that doesn't involve clearing out something else.
  18. The Pimps definitely need to add a "Forever Blood Moon" mode to the game. Where once the first blood moon starts, it never stops. Ever.
  19. My solution is to just not have friends.
  20. This isn't a shortcut, but it can save a little mouse dragging time. I will frequently keep a stack of fuel in the output section of a forge, campfire, and chemistry station. If I'm not making 6 stacks of things then it saves me a little bit of time and frustration.
  21. I'll bet there isn't a fix for that other than cancelling the quest and trying again. Some zombies don't spawn until you get close to the room they are in, so by collapsing the building you made it impossible for them to spawn. I'd recommend a different approach in the future.
  22. Weighted head mod is also fun to add to a club.
  23. There are treasure maps and that's about it now. There used to be the simpler quests (like Nailing Chicks) that did not require traders to get the reward but those have all been changed to now require a trader in your world to get the benefits of doing the quest. Some of us prefer to play without traders or at least have very few in the world. Besides that, variety is good and some of the mini quests have no real reason to require the trader interaction. Without traders these note you find are basically a scrap piece of paper and nothing special. Thank you for your t
  24. Healing factor I used to get right away, but now I wait until I actually have damage to heal, so by level 2 or 3 or so.
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