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  1. I didn't know roland lives in Botswana... 😄
  2. Typically a block conversion tool is released along (or shortly after) with the Alpha if there is a significant change in blocks. I believe such tool is planned for A20 as well.
  3. I would prefer no quest marker at all and the quest just starts when you get close. This would prevent people double dipping the POI, but does come with some challenges. (E.g. what to do about shared quests, failed activations due to bedrolls / landclaims, etc.)
  4. Should be quick to pick up because of all of the new filters to choose from within the shape / creative menus. What will mostly take alot of time to learn is what you can do with all of the shapes. Especially all of the new trim blocks. I suspect players will come up with new and creative uses for them apart what the level design team uses them for. I am mostly excited to see what kind of castles people make now. I'd try making one myself but just don't have any free time. 😅
  5. Spiritually perhaps but not in their original forms. It depends where the needs are (e.g. districts, sizes, etc.).
  6. I am glad he didn't go any further into that POI, as it has quite a few surprises in it. T4. 😆
  7. I think its a promising idea. I hope they add different tints for each piece as well so players have more variety which is important in MP games imo.
  8. I predict alot of people might do a couple quests here and there but will get sucked in just roaming around the map now nomadic style. The tile system does a nice job immersing you to want to just keep exploring every nook and cranny of a city. Some of the POIs markers in downtown tiles are close enough together which leads some pretty cool emergent gameplay opportunities if players are willing to take a "leap" of faith. That and turn on feral sense as well for even more intense fun.
  9. Nice job. Is that the tall remnant building that is destroyed diagonally? If you haven't checked out the level design dev stream (#3?), I show cased the face lift I did on it using the new a20 shapes. 😄
  10. Also something to keep in mind is builders will be able to pack more into smaller spaces because of all of the new shapes. All of the new/updated POIs, especially those in the downtown area will be good examples on how to use them. I wouldn't be surprised if most builders are able to reduce their POI footprints by at least 25% using them. Food for thought. 😃
  11. Robert mentioned last night some functionality that would allow smaller sized POIs to fit in larger sizes. However, my recommendation for custom prefab creators is to try and update your POIs to conform to these new standard dimensions for the best experience. I believe creating custom sizes is possible, it is just probably more work to try and do so AND create enough custom POIs to fill that new custom size. Edit: Unless your goal is to create a unique custom tile set specifically for only certain POIs, which sounds very doable (e.g. The Walking Dead Woodbury, etc.)
  12. Do you work in a newstand by chance? Lol
  13. Wow didn't know there was something like this out there. May give it a go if I want the harder challenge. Off topic is there anything out there like a players stat board? Be cool to be able to reference something in game of the top players and how long they have survived along with other stats as well.
  14. I understand where the OP is coming from especially given his play time. Who wouldn't more features/challenges to a game that they have already beaten / mastered? However, its important that the devs need to finish all of the promised features from their kickstarter before they look at doing more. If they have time before gold to add more they will, otherwise future features could show up in a future DLC or one of their next games.
  15. The zombies also dont come from the same direction which some people still don't know. The direction changes throughout the night.. The AI also won't go out of its way to go through a hole that is too far away. I've seen this often in bases that are too large.
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