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  1. The faux attic insulation is very creative. 👍
  2. Have you been to Canada?
  3. I am disappointed in everyone in this thread. Not a single screenshot of any attempts to rebuild the bridge. Sounds like a fun challenge....😀
  4. Im sure the pipe shotgun will be fun but nothing will erase my memories of firing the blundy for the first time....unless they eventually add a handheld cannonball gun one day....😅
  5. Perhaps but that how fast do POIs need to be cleared anyways for it to be significant? I suppose if someone plays at a really high difficulty and very short days, it becomes more critical. I never had issues with clearing POIs with 7 day BM cycles on 60 min days all the way past demolishers.
  6. As a player who likes to spec intellect, I feel it is awesome for BM hordes, especially if you like to play solo. I highly recommend specing into it early so dual turrets can be unlocked faster. I have no issues using other weapons im not specced into as it supplements my spec very well and why not use the weapons and ammo that you find? I doubt the zombies care if who their eating are purists or not... 😅
  7. Is the change only impacting gamepads? I will do some comparisons with keyboard/mouse and see if I notice anything.
  8. We already have one. He is called the demolisher...😅 The forums was full of tears for a while...
  9. Just tried, still nothing. Thanks for the idea though.
  10. You running any mods? I just tried this in vanilla 19.3 B6 and no xp for packing or unpacking. Edit: Maybe it has something to do with perk selection. Press F9 when your in game next time and it will take a screenshot and also snap your player perk selection. Attach here and I will also use the same perks/skills that you have selected.
  11. If you can reproduce this reliably let me know. I have tried to reproduce it in the past with no luck. Will try again in the current build.
  12. 1st time hearing this but if it works for others this may help us narrow down the issue further. If anyone here are experiencing the problem, try this workaround and report back your results here or pm me please. Thank you. Instead of exiting to the main menu only try exiting the game completely. I have see some cases where exiting to main menu > continuing doesn't fully release all memory being used. P.S. Thats a nice church POI...😅
  13. I think one point to all weapons having a prim version is so you can start using all ammo types sooner then later. The baton is probably for the new marching band outfit...🤣
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