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  1. A quick fix would be a bandana variant but I wouldnt mind a new face mask wearable. Put those art guys to work lol!!!
  2. I highly recommend u watch dev stream #1 where rick talks about the development of the game. Several factors have caused the development of the game time to increase. I for one am grateful they increased the scope from quake 2 + minecraft otherwise I probably would of shelved the game ages ago....
  3. Pas un bug. Le bloc de scie à table a été changé en bloc de décoration en A19. Peut probablement le modifier si vous le souhaitez.
  4. Loving those new trim blocks! I see you have a parking space for your horse and carriage for those long trips to the castle....😁
  5. If my memory serves correctly, when stable is released is when the biggest increase happens. *knock on wood*
  6. 7d2d has a new peak player count. Congrats TFPs! 37,635all-time peak
  7. 100% the world is starting to feel more lived in! All the new blocks are also great for creative builders! MORE PLEASE! 😅
  8. Did the hosting company update to build 157? I heard the issue happens when the host is on an older version?
  9. Awesome read, and well done! Thanks for taking the time to journal your adventure! Edit: You should do horde night videos. I'd watch and sub. 😀
  10. Maybe even a quest and/or pop up journal tip like the one in the end of tutorial quest? Altho it would be annoying to get it while in combat...
  11. Well said. That deserves a knuckle rub! 😂 If things go as planned, maybe us PC players will be playing with you console guys in the future cross play functionality (next gen consoles). 😀
  12. You do realize darkness falls will continue to get better because the game continues to develop? I get you like it more then Vanilla A19 but try to show alittle respect...
  13. Rolland...stop casting your level 5 summon troll spell....😂
  14. I hear ya madmole. Change is tough. I think alot of people are still under the mindset that higher tiered items + quality will always be better then their lower versions in every way. Hard to erase that past experience. At the same time, it is a bit of buzz kill to find a higher tiered/quality item only to find out it feels slower then your existing equipment. I bet it feels like a punishment to some... I haven't done much mining yet so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Edit: this might sound silly but maybe user experiences like this is a good opportunity for a stamina tip on the loading screen. Not everyone will see it but perhaps it will help...
  15. It is an interesting playerbase we have here. So many different games wrapped into one. I do hope the devs stick to their guns (no pun intended lol) and balance all types well so they all feel good and fun to play. 😀
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