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  1. @gpcstargate, are you familiar on how to export things to a prefab? If so, it would help narrow down things if you can do that for the base you have in your video and then provide a link here for us to download/test it. If you are unfamiliar with how to export a base to a prefab this video should help. (8:55 minute mark)
  2. Another easy way to check is to enable debug mode and detach camara and fly around outside like in my video. You can even press numpad 0 which will turn on an info panel above any nearby zombie and what they are targeting. As far as the wasteland is concerned, the respawn delay there is shorter then anywhere else. At night its instantaneous. If the biome spawns are coming into the POI its probably because your making too much noise.
  3. FYI, the killall command doesn't count as a kill so those zombies will respawn immediately and not trigger the defined respawn delay in that given area.
  4. If you have a POI/Biome in mind let me know as I just tested this and no GPS zombies (Vanilla). Test Case: house_old_ranch_10 / Forest Biome / Navezgane SP / A19.1 B8. I entered the POI and didn't even bother clearing the biome spawns around the house and still no GPS behavior that I could see. See video below.
  5. What mods are you using to up the biome spawns? This doesn't happen in vanilla AFAIK but can check. A good test scenario is to pick a specific biome and POI to test the suspicion.
  6. That would be one way to go about it. Probably even easier now that we have 2 more toolbelt slots added recently. The prepared survivor is the alive survivor. 😀
  7. Vertically challenged peoole probably would appreciate the ladders. Those canned food on the top shelf in pantries are hard to reach you know!....😅
  8. Yes there is. See video link below. I recommend watching this guys entire series. Will help you get started making prefabs within the editor. 😁
  9. Did you try holding down R to select which ammo to load? Should work the same as any weapon that has alternate ammo types.
  10. Always thought we needed some bus depots prefabs. Great idea!!! Congrats on your 2nd build. ✊
  11. Its very RNG to get upper quality items especially t3. With that said crafting is a way to get to upper quality items of a certain quality more reliably. This is even more the case with the slowed down loot progression of A19. OP, have you actually experienced what your concerned about or is it mostly just what if / theoycrafting?
  12. If its any consolation to you, one of the devs has acknowledged they may look at the possibility of improving sleeper mechanics in regards to stealth. What that will look like at the end of the day is anyone's guess. Hopefully they land on something that is both fun and balanced for the game.
  13. Please do and include a video as it will help the QA team repro what your experiencing much easier.
  14. I'm on a gaming laptop as well and a couple things to keep in mind. Make sure your nvidia gpu profile is being used as some mobiles have auto switching to on board video. I think it its called nvidia optimus technology. You may need to set profile to always use nvidia gpu.
  15. My laptop does the same thing when not plugged in otherwise I'm sure the battery would drain too fast. One compromise im fine with in order to game on a laptop. 😁
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