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  1. Thank you, yeah no chance it will stand up to the real deal, there isn't a complete visual record of the interior online for obvious reasons so i had to extrapolate on most of the interior. Also things like tanks onboard while from what i could find online that would be technically possible, but it would be a waste of the ship space so doesn't really happen in the real world. Truthfully the interior is massive and i need things to fill it with haha😂
  2. https://7dac.net/prefabs 100% Unofficial, 100% self promotion😂 haven't looked it over for a21 but should be enough to cover most of what you would want to do.
  3. in one of the old a17 dev videos MM showed off new scopes that are actual models instead of a basic overlay. However they obviously never made it to any alpha since so not sure what happened there.
  4. Are radiation mechanics still planned for any future alphas? like needing a rad suit to go to the wasteland for example. I think it's been talked about before but i haven't heard anything about it in quite some time, just wondering if its still in the cards.
  5. I get why the bike smokes when broke, it's easier to just use the same effects on all vehicles. Less work and keeps things consistent. However it really sticks out like a sore thumb, unless you hook up that bottom bracket to the engine of a car and rev the shiz out of it, there is no possible way for the bearings in that bike to spin so fast they ignite and smoke. Do we now make hand tools like the pickaxe and fireaxe erupt in smoke and flames when their durability hits 0? Course not ( I'd hope) because that would be silly and not make any rational sence. There are more believable with minimal dev time ways to communicate to the player the bike has broken. You could use sound effects like a tire popping or gears jamming, you could make the wheel animations hitch to make it look like somthing has broken/bent/warped preventing them spinning smoothly. Simply copy pasting the fx for the other vehicles on to a bicycle is a very "it's 16:59 on Friday" solution 🤣
  6. Good stuff glad it's sorted for you👍
  7. I've only ever encountered that in the world editor but i have a theory of what it might be. i used an excessive amount of adaptive terrain covering much of the carrier to make it easier to place on uneven terrain when manually placed so it would look a bit more natural. You could try settings <property name="AllowTopSoilDecorations" value="True" /> to false and reset the regions, that might fix it if the game is just being wonky with biome decorations on terrain blocks that should be air.
  8. space heaters are power hogs so i can see why you would 😂 yeah it sucks when you have to rma parts, motherboards especially since you have to pretty much completely take apart the system then wait weeks until a replacement or a fix shows up pain in the but. GPU's and storage devices arnt so bad if you have a spare or even just using the igpu, tho just as much a pain if no spares or igpu.
  9. Funny story i had a card literally get nuked by 7DTD😂. Pretty sure it wasn't 7DTD specifically that killed it tho, it was just the game i happened to be playing when it popped its clogs. Was back around A12, 13 maybe was a long while ago. Had a Inno3D iChill GTX 980 Ti Black, bought it because it was relatively cheap for a 980ti and had an aio watercooler. Anyway was happily playing away at 7DTD then the screen froze and i heard a little pop and got the lovely magic smoke smell wafting over from the tower. I didn't bother looking into what happened exactly since it was still within warranty so i just sent it back to the retailer and got a Gigabyte card back as a replacement since they didn't have anymore of those specific inno3d cards. My guess would be either they cheaped out on vrm components or they had a badly designed solution for keeping the vrms cool, thats my guess anyway.
  10. Is this in the world editor?
  11. Something i'd like to see addressed for the gyrocopter is biome fog elevation limits. Currently fog in the wasteland goes from bedrock to the top of the world. This means you can't see anything when you fly in the wasteland making the vehicle a hard skip for some despite being the end game vehicle. I could accept in any biome fog like that as a weather event to make things interesting, but not 100% all the time as is the case with the wasteland biome. The smoke there should really stop above 50ish meters.
  12. here's a old simple ui 120 mod i still have kicking about. it's 120 slots for a16.4 b8. You just need to extract all the folders except the server data folder to your games main directory, after that you need to disable eac since it won't work with it enabled.
  13. If you enable creative, find something like one of the vending machines. Then those blocks have a 45 degree rotation, place one somewhere random and switch back to your wood block and finally mouse over the vending machine and "copy block rotation" with the wood block and it will face the direction you want. Might have to place 4 vending machines to find the right rotation for the wood block. However while this should do what you want, you probably won't want it when you see it. It won't work like you think it would and placing blocks next to each other to make a wall at a 45 degree angle will have large gaps in-between each block since it isn't an intended rotation. It's super janky, you have to float about the vending machines to get the option to copy their rotation and as you can see it doesn't look pretty.😂
  14. A21 has that glass block optomisation which should help in the cities. There may be others too we'll have to wait and see, but they do optimize along the way. Maybe not 100% dedicated to that 1 task since like you said it would waste too much time optomising a feature that then gets cut or completely changed, but they have made consistent tweaks to improve performance over the alpha's. I think it's too close to a new alpha to evaluate performance atm since it could all change when a21 drops, I wouldn't expect massive gains but an improvement to the playability of cities is definitely possible imo. I also have a 13900k and 3090. I've also done significant benchmarking on this game and can say very certainly a 3090 is no pumpkin. You have to keep in mind the other Benchmarks you see online are usually the latest aaa games, older indie and alpha games are no where near as demanding on the gpu and are almost always cpu bound with a 3090 even at 4k in 7dtds case. The 13900k is one of the fastest cpus for gaming currently and it still gets cpu bound in most of the games I play and definitely for 7dtd, so you wouldn't get anywhere near the performance improvement seen in Benchmarks of games like cyberpunk 2077, I'd be willing to bet you probably wouldn't see any noticeable increase in performance going from a 3090 to a 4090 in 7dtd. It's also nothing new and not exclusive to 1 specific gpu that when a new generation comes out the value to performance ratio of the previous generation dives off a cliff. If you buy new hardware it's generally an accepted reality that, 1 the Value of the hardware depreciates significantly over time and 2 the new hardware will only be the latest and greatest for a matter of months at most. GPUs also don't just become paper weights when a new generation comes out, they still provide exactly the same performance they did on launch day. According to the steam hardware survey the gtx 1060 is still among the most popular gpus currently. That gpu is 3 generations old, released over 6 years ago. So most people are happy with their cards performance for many years.
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