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  1. I held off using nitro until a19, the only negatives I could find was sometimes you get missing water in lines, were the sea or large bodies of water are. Nitro gen also uses more ram In game. Vanilla 8k: 4799MB Nitro 8k: 6930MB A17 spelled the end of vanilla rwg. Damocles thankfully stepped up and gave us a worthy replacement. I did play around with it in a17 and a18 but I just didn't get around to learning how to use it and spawn custom poi's until a18. Based on my experience with it so far and assuming the pimps never make any significant improvements to vanilla rwg, I can't see myself going back πŸ˜›
  2. Welcome πŸ˜ƒ
  3. In A18 a player asked for an arena to fight zeds in. It has no sleepers but uses server mods/managers to spawn zeds to fight. There are 3 versions, 1 has more advanced electrical features with automated "pit" doors that open to release the zeds into the combat area. Takes a little bit of work to set up and as far as i know it can only be "reset" during server restarts with scrips that replace the region file with a "fresh" wired up region file. It also uses a mod (Phds Better Lights) to have red industrial lights that can be connected to motion sensors etc. There is also a Vanilla electricity version and unpowered vanilla version. You can use Botmans Arena features or make your own custom waves with CSMM. It's build to allow passing hordes or screamers to navigate through the pit tunnels and into the combat area, so they can join the fight Full install & setup instructions are included in the download, including the reset scrips. A19 Nazy's Arena: Download Video's Arena Trailer Arena Demo
  4. updated for A19, sorry it took a little while😜
  5. thank you i wasn't sure people would be happy with all the janky snow, but it looked more natural in a17 when ice worked, least it kinda works for now πŸ˜›
  6. You're welcome, glad you like itπŸ˜€
  7. Intro To solve the stability issues of a ship in 7DTD, the carrier has been made to appear logged in an ice lake or an ice lake with years of snow drift. It's a hybrid open style and dungeon crawl, The ground level is at deck 8 (13 total) it has many ways to enter. Decks (excluding the island entrance) 6-9 is open style as you start to delve deeper into the ship you're eventually be funnelled to the centre of deck 9 where the start of the dungeon segments begins. You then proceed through decks 10-13 and up into the island entrance towards the end at deck 6 (flight Deck). The last part of the dungeon crawl is in the island (control tower decks 6-1) and it finishes at the top with a convenient ice/snow cave pit with water to jump into below. Please be aware Currently the carrier cannot be spawned with vanilla RWG. It does work with NitroGen However, but there is an issue with large prefabs where the distant mesh doesn't go away and displays permanently, even inside. I do have detailed instructions to get it working perfectly, with Nitro & manual spawning. Included in the main download if you wish to use your own map or add it to an existing map. So to keep things as simple as possible. i have predone 5 maps (2 Vanilla, 3 Nitro), so the only thing you would need to do is choose a map and copy/paste the generated world folder and the prefab files and that's it. Installing it as a new Nitro map and manual spawning can get a bit involved and i've been sitting on the carrier since it was ready in A18 exp, just to see if the TFP might have fixed some of the issues with the size/mesh bug,terrain bugs (Ice displaying as Snow) and RWG dropping support for large prefabs after a17. However those are still on going issues and i just want to let people try it out. So as it is now there are workarounds for everything except the terrain bug, so no ice ether way. But i'd rather release it like this than never so here it is. Pre done Maps Everything you need is in each map download. Once installed everything should work, except the ice. To install on a new/existing map see the main download under the maps. Predone 8K Vanilla: Download Predone 4K Vanilla: Download Predone 10K NitroGen: Download Predone 8K NitroGen: Download Predone 4K NitroGen: Download Main manual spawning or NitroGen download This download has all the need documentation and step by step information to manually spawn or use with NitroGen. Super Aircraft Carrier POI: Download To see more screenshots of the Carrier throughout the build process, check out my project gallery
  8. Made some changes and additions in V1.4 Un-smeltable items have been made smeltable again, but they give less resources to make it unprofitable to craft bulk then smelt back down. 9 new bundles added, each with a bulk craft recipe. -Bulletproof Glass Variant Block Bundle -Glass Variant Block Bundle -Empty Can Bundle -Nail Bundle -Rebar Frame Variant Block Bundle -Wood Frame Variant Block Bundle -Flagstone Variant Block Bundle -Poured Concrete Variant Block Bundle -Scrap Iron Frame Variant Block Bundle
  9. i remember that too, but MM discussed it in a video way back. I think it was around a12-15ish but i could never find that video again, i'll see if i can find it.
  10. "-Some vanilla forged items (Forged iron/steel, etc) have been altered to be un smeltable, to prevent players getting infinite iron/resources by crafting bulk then smelting it back down."
  11. I've gone through each recipe one by one and i think (Touch wood!) i have ironed out all the issues. After updating the game/server will need a restart for the localization fixes to take effect. Also on a server the mod needs to be installed client side for the localisations to work.
  12. forged steel & iron now require the correct amounts. I'm going to do another test pass to see if i missed anything else. Let me know if you see anything else
  13. The forge locals should be fixed, did you restart the server after updating the mod? i'll get that forged steel sorted asap. Sorry a couple issues got through i was bound to miss a couple things thanks for helping getting it tightened up, if you see anything else gimi a shout =)
  14. Fixed, i'll add more details to the op too
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