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  1. Doing it through task manager while the game is running won't work if you're running Eac. You can set up a desktop shortcut which launches the game with the specified affinity that will work with eac. I cover the details on that in the conclusion of the affinity benchmarks I did here
  2. Yes limiting the game to 4 physical cores does help.
  3. You'd still be cpu bound at 3840x2160 with a 3080 running a default config at ultra settings. Dlss doesn't super sample. Dlss runs a game at a lower resolution and ai upscales the image to a higher resolution. Super sampling doesn't need any dev support and can be enabled in the driver now if you want. Super sampling runs the game at a higher resolution than your display can display, then down scales the image to your displays resolution.
  4. With a 3080 you're cpu bound, any kind of upscaling would just make the image slightly worse at the same performance you're currently getting.
  5. I tried to keep the traditional overclock methods alive for my 5950x, but the best i could do was worse than stock๐Ÿ˜„. So i had to adapt to the more modern tuning the frequency curve of the boost algorithm route. Got much better results 5-15% more performance. I mean it's nice modern hardware is already tuned near it's maximum potential out of the box, but i'll miss the satisfaction of making it run better and knowing i'm getting everything it's got out of it๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. Is it possible to create tiles that have some kind of meta data that when generated in rwg always spawn a group of specific tiles, that always line up together in a specific way? Say to split a larger prefab than 150 into separate prefabs and have each section of the prefab in it's own tile always spawned together lined up. true the 6700k has a boost of 4.2 and there is an all core optimisation option in the bios that runs all cores at that boost, but for that test it was running a manual 4.5 all core oc, so the clock speeds were capped at a maximum clock of 4.5, single dual or all core loads would never exceed that clock speed.
  7. That may be a factor with newer hardware, however the 6700k is a 4 core 8 thread cpu, so not utilising the 4 virtual cores has a minimal impact on how much power the chip draws. It's also an older cpu that doesn't have todays boost technology's and it was running a static all core 4.5Ghz overclock so any boost behaviour wouldn't apply there. The 5950x system however does indeed boost significantly higher with only a few cores under any kind of load, however i've benchmarked stock cpu performance against a static per ccx overclock on a 3950x and the gains of a few hundred Mhz higher boost don't come anywhere near the performance gain from assigning 4 true cores. So if the cores are running at a fixed frequency and assigning affinity still yields a significant boost, it must be another reason. I'd wondered if it was just unity being optimised for systems with 4 threads, there was a very long period where 4 core i5's where the go to choice for gaming systems.
  8. @faatal If you have a sec could you look at these performance tweaks and share your thoughts? if they check out with you, they could give a substantial boost to performance in a20 and they're small changes. I can measure that things are better with them, but i still don't understand the "how" they work as well as they do and i don't know if there are any potential issues running the game with them. 1 is locking the game to 4 physical cores, helps more the more cores/threads you have. I saw a 20-25% improvement in Valheim with the same tweak so maybe it's a unity thing? 2 is editing a file called boot.config , this has a similar boost to the 4 core affinity tweak, however it's not compatible with eac, so currently it can only be used in sp. Using both of these tweaks substantially boost performance. I don't know how useful or practical to implement the 4 core affinity tweak could be, however the boot.config tweak is a very simple change and as long as there are no side effects it might be worth changing it in vanilla. It would also be nice to know what exactly the changes are and what they do ๐Ÿ˜› I'll leave benchmark numbers on 2 systems and details on the changes to the boot.config in the spoiler bellow (so i don't clutter up the thread :P)
  9. Just wanted to follow up with some more info on the bootconfig tweak. Seems it isn't compatible with EAC, so unfortunately players can't use it if they play on a EAC enabled server. It would have to be part of vanilla which is a shame since it's a really simple change and on initial tests provides a great deal more performance.
  10. Do you have a bunch of electrical timer relays set up for that time?
  11. Thought i'd throw some ideas in the pot ๐Ÿ˜œ - see if it works if you install the client on another drive, could be some funky drive error causing issues The eac support page has some ideas, but most of it you've already tried. The "Untrusted System FileUntrusted System File" says it a system level corruption, but you said you've reinstalled multiple times with different os's, so maybe your C:\ drive is having issues or maybe it's ram related. My guesses, probably not useful but i tried XD
  12. Benchmarks from my other system Specs cpu: AMD 5950x 16 Core 32 Threads Ram: 64gb 3600mhz GPU: RTX 3090 All setting's set to ultra, except motion blur which is disabled. This time the affinity tweak came out on top, but combining the tweaks still wins the day. Like i've said many times 7DTD doesn't like having tons of threads available to it, the more threads it has the worse the performance is. This is why the affinity tweak won this round because the game had access to 32 threads it couldn't use efficiently. If you want to run a similar benchmark, choose a new game on nav's map. Since i use the "settime day" command to reset the time of day after every run, i wouldn't recommend doing this on a world you intend to play on, since settime is notorious for breaking things. i also use GPUZ and it's sensors tab to log the avg gpu load and clock speed, just reset the log just before you start a new run and remember to screen cap the app after every run to somewhat accurately record the averages and add them to the benchmark txt data. I'd also recommend you follow my benchmark run around Diresvile if you want it to be comparable, i'll leave the exact path i follow below (note the image is from a14 and the working stiffs before the bridge is now on the other side of the street) I used to use food and coffee to continually sprint, but it's no longer necessary. You can how enable debug mode in the console (dm) and hit Q the H. Q is god mode and H is fly mode, first go into god mode for unlimited stamina and then disable fly mode so you can run like normal.
  13. This is because you assigned the game 8 threads, just assign the 4 physical cores not the virtual threads. Physical cores start at core 0, then core 1 is core 0's virtual thread, then core 2 is a physical core, core 3 is core 2's virtual threads etc so forth. So you just want core 0,2,4,6
  14. Yeah no worries I use msi afterburner and rivatuner server statistics. The reason it helps for a 4 core cpu is because it has hyperthreading, so on top of it's 4 physical cores it has 4 virtual cores. So windows and applications see it as an 8 thread cpu. I haven't tried the tweak on a 4 core 4 thread cpu, but I think it's safe to say it wouldn't do anything.
  15. Thank you for returning with something more constructive. First up is this statement. You do not have to edit any other process affinity because you altered another's. I've never had any problems setting affinity on multiple apps and using 4 monitors, not sure why you think this is the case. It most definitely does NOT affect the entire computers performance while 7dtd is running. Now this tweak you linked actually holds some water. I've ran some benchmarks to test both the affinity tweak, boot config tweak and running both tweaks. These test were run on my other machine with a 6700k (4 cores 8 threads) & 1080ti at 1440p. You can see regardless to what we do we're still firmly CPU Bound even with a older 1080ti. However both tweaks improve this As we can see from these results this part obviously isn't true, running both tweaks here yielded greater performance than just either 1 and again there are no drawbacks from assign 7dtd 4 core affinity, not that I've ever experienced in thousands of hours anyway. This was an interesting read, however he's talking about csgo, you're comparing apples to a bacon sandwich, so doesn't really apply to a fully destructible voxel game on an entirely different engine. Also when i refer to affinity i mean launching the game with a cmd affinity start-up shortcut or task manager, i haven't tested the -threads launch option in steam so i can't say if this will still apply using that method. However his closing statement has some relevance here. My recommendation would be to not set the launch option, unless you can objectively measure different values are beneficial to your performance. I cannot stress this enough, don't do anything unless you can objective measure the effects. These kinds of tweaks are dependent on all kinds of things, such as your hardware, in game settings, stuff running on your machine and god knows what. Any 'guide' you find online that will tell you to set this to a specific value (be it 4/8, or the number of logical/physical processors) is likely full of snake oil. I've published tons of data here to support my claims of the benefits of 4 core affinity, i'm not pulling recommendations out of thin air. Try things and benchmark them yourself to validate it. I also agree with the statement that More people should test things and properly, and i don't mean taking a screenshot of the framerate. Run a proper comparative controlled benchmark. A "Spot Check" can give you a quick indication however you're comparing 2 frames to each other, you don't know what was running in that split second it took to take the screen shot, maybe a horde was spawning, maybe the slightly different camera angle changed the load on the system because it has more shadows or reflections, maybe the state of the particle effect on the weapon affected the result. Even taking the screenshot can affect the result if for some reason it was saving to a hdd that had to spin up freezing the game for a split second. A proper benchmark run can account for these things and give a more realistic result. I'll do some more benchmarks on my 5950x and 3090 system to see how the boot config tweak works on a different system, but first results are really good even better running them both.
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