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  1. Game dvr is windows 10 built in screen recorder for recording video of your gameplay. If it's actively recording during gameplay it could lower performance. However I think by default it only records if you press the record hotkey. Also you can turn it off in Windows setting, no need to mess with the regestery.
  2. I'm a bit late with them but even after ordering within 15 minutes on launch day in September, i didn't manage to get my hands on one until the end of December XD. This time we're just taking a look at the system "Trident" going from a GTX 1080ti to RTX 3090. Instead of reposting and making things even more confusing i won't be adding the previous benchmarks to this post, instead i can just link them. Note on previous Benchmarks Something to note on the previous benchmarks is that i made a small error with the formulas for the positive % increases. It's a cumulative error (ha
  3. Thank you for taking a look and replying. Yes obviously I can only make deductions based on what I can see on the surface. Si or mesh coliders I'm just happy the issue got the attention of the right person. I was really happy to see that the unity devs will be working with tfp. Hopefully they can help squeeze out some more nice gains. 👍
  4. I have a similar spec system, out of the box performance for the 3950x in 7dtd isn't great and needs some user intervention to maximise performance. The single biggest thing you can do is lock the game to 4 physical cores, that will improve fps by up to 50%. To do this you can set up a short cut following this guide to always launch the game with 4 core affinity. Luckily for you we have the same cpu so you can just use my hexadecimal value and can skip the part about finding that. For 4 physical cores on a 3950x the value is 55. That will lock the game to cores 0,2,4,6
  5. Ok there has been many updates since a17 and i never showed shooting a zed and if it happens then. So i've retested and the video will be Here when it's done uploading (Slow internet bear with me 😛) This time i've set the overlay to display a realtime graph so you can really see the dips, Shooting a bear it fluctuated a little bit as you'd normally expect, then i shot up the side of a building and again stutter vile.
  6. I was talking about later in the video I spawned 2 zeds and watched them beat on the glass. I don't know the exact time code when it happens but its only a 1 minute clip so I'd guess after the 30 second mark XD
  7. I'm not a game dev, i'm just saying what i see ingame, that example was in sp and you can clearly see the framerate dropping while the zombies hit the glass with no visible impact graphics. I guess it could be the block damage crack indicators updating, but they're just a static black 2d texture i can't imagine they would be all that cpu intensive to update.
  8. Actually this is a misconception with how games use the cpu and how utilisation is displayed, most games will never use 100% unless it's an older cpu running a new game. In that example i had a 4 core 8 thread cpu and 7dtd was manually assigned 4 physical cores. So 50% usage is all the game could do, why locked to 4 threads? because using more than 4 threads actually makes performance suffer. Games also don't use all threads equally, so with 4 threads 7dtd only maxes out 2 with the other 2 used under 50% Here's a couple screenshots, one is with 7dtd limited to 4 cores and the other is with
  9. Based on what i've seen and the popularity on servers for disabling falling blocks to prevent lag and chunk corruption. I had really hoped SI was up there on the optimisation hit list. I was really concerned when they mention on one of the dev streams that they wanted to do some "Demolition" quests where you destroy/collapse a poi. Here is a video on A19 Nav of a small remnant structure collapse. You can see the framerate went from 115-130 FPS before it started, then the frames where removed and it nose dives down to 45-50 FPS. That 1 feature killed nearly 90% of the starting performance and t
  10. I use a curved ultra wide and it actually makes the issue worse. The game doesn't seem to increase fov, it seems to just stretch an existing value. You can see what i mean in this thread here
  11. ok i've been told "has more to do with a change in Unity than anything" so the new command is sg OptionsGFXFOV 85 However i just tried it and it won't go any higher than the video options max of 85.
  12. Small update with a couple fixes Change Log 1.7 Fixed missing recipe for Spring Bundle Fixed missing recipe for Mechanical Parts Bundle Fixed missing recipe for Electrical parts Bundle
  13. I've had a day 2 dog hoard in A16 & a day 2 Vulture hoard in A19.
  14. Small tweak to make primitive bundles more viable early game. Change Log 1.6 Blunderbuss Ammo Bundle - Unlocked perk changed: Shotgun Messiah Complete > Boom stick 2 Stone Crossbow Bolt Bundle - Unlocked perk changed: Rangers Complete > Archery 1 Iron Crossbow Bolt Bundle - Unlocked perk changed: Rangers Complete > Archery 3 Stone Arrow Bundle Rangers - Unlocked perk changed: Rangers Complete > Archery 1 Iron Arrow Bundle Rangers - Unlocked perk changed: Rangers Complete > Archery 3
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