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  1. Are you talking about the ssao and reflection options? Or console command options like poi's?
  2. What method are you using to assign affinity? You should see at least a 50% increase in performance.
  3. Ryzen 3000 cpus won't ever be fast enough in normal situations to max out a 3090 in 7dtd. If you follow my previous discused "4 core affinity" advice, you can get a much more desirable 60-80% gpu usage at 1440p. Also 7dtd doesn't scale past cpu 4 cores, so a 12 core 24 thread cpu will never see 70%-90% usage in game, regardless of what gpu is installed. You must of had something running in the background like a steam game update or Windows update.
  4. Only the devs know for sure, but if you're theory is on point. The system may indeed be 'functioning' as intended but produces results that are easily mistaken as bugged/broken. When it comes to the quantity of Loot, is it shippable to have a Loot setting that scales completely differently depending on which side of 100% you go (the end results that is) . If you set Loot to 125% and get roughly 25% more eggs than 100% which is what I think is reasonable to expect. Why should the system scale the results differently on the other end of the scale. If I set 25% am I mad
  5. I did some testing a while ago, recording the results of looting hundreds of containers, book piles and bird nests, 100%,25%, 300% etc Loot abundance. It's something they're still working on, is the good news. The bad news is the system has been Wonky for years at this point. It never behaves how you would expect and is fundamentally broken under 100%, so I can definitely relate to everyone's frustration with the Loot at times. It's been reported alpha after alpha but the game is early access so all we can really do now is hope the pimps eventually come through and give it a final polis
  6. Small update (V1.1), the carrier as 2 prefabs had a problem with no sleepers. That's now fixed on all maps and the main download. I also tidied up this post after the form updates most of the images broke and I've added some more to show a bit more.
  7. I've been using the eac affinity shortcut for a long time never been banned.
  8. If you assigned affinity through task manager it won't work with eac, however if you do the shortcut route and set the target to the 7dtdeac exe it will work.
  9. I used to run 2 1080tis in sli for 7dtd, I know you're not asking about sli but what I learned from that can still apply. 7dtd is massevly cpu bould as sylen has said, adding another 1080ti gave the game an on paper 100% increased performance ceiling. However in reality that only gave me an extra 25-50% increase in performance. Also that was at 4k, running stock it wouldn't even scale positively at anything below 4k. Overclocking ram, cpu, gpu and assigning 4 core affinity it could scale positively at 1440p. Any type of multi gpu setup has extra cpu overhe
  10. Game dvr is windows 10 built in screen recorder for recording video of your gameplay. If it's actively recording during gameplay it could lower performance. However I think by default it only records if you press the record hotkey. Also you can turn it off in Windows setting, no need to mess with the regestery.
  11. I'm a bit late with them but even after ordering within 15 minutes on launch day in September, i didn't manage to get my hands on one until the end of December XD. This time we're just taking a look at the system "Trident" going from a GTX 1080ti to RTX 3090. Instead of reposting and making things even more confusing i won't be adding the previous benchmarks to this post, instead i can just link them. Note on previous Benchmarks Something to note on the previous benchmarks is that i made a small error with the formulas for the positive % increases. It's a cumulative error (ha
  12. Thank you for taking a look and replying. Yes obviously I can only make deductions based on what I can see on the surface. Si or mesh coliders I'm just happy the issue got the attention of the right person. I was really happy to see that the unity devs will be working with tfp. Hopefully they can help squeeze out some more nice gains. 👍
  13. I have a similar spec system, out of the box performance for the 3950x in 7dtd isn't great and needs some user intervention to maximise performance. The single biggest thing you can do is lock the game to 4 physical cores, that will improve fps by up to 50%. To do this you can set up a short cut following this guide to always launch the game with 4 core affinity. Luckily for you we have the same cpu so you can just use my hexadecimal value and can skip the part about finding that. For 4 physical cores on a 3950x the value is 55. That will lock the game to cores 0,2,4,6
  14. Ok there has been many updates since a17 and i never showed shooting a zed and if it happens then. So i've retested and the video will be Here when it's done uploading (Slow internet bear with me 😛) This time i've set the overlay to display a realtime graph so you can really see the dips, Shooting a bear it fluctuated a little bit as you'd normally expect, then i shot up the side of a building and again stutter vile.
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