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  1. We already have one. He is called the demolisher...😅 The forums was full of tears for a while...
  2. Just tried, still nothing. Thanks for the idea though.
  3. You running any mods? I just tried this in vanilla 19.3 B6 and no xp for packing or unpacking. Edit: Maybe it has something to do with perk selection. Press F9 when your in game next time and it will take a screenshot and also snap your player perk selection. Attach here and I will also use the same perks/skills that you have selected.
  4. If you can reproduce this reliably let me know. I have tried to reproduce it in the past with no luck. Will try again in the current build.
  5. 1st time hearing this but if it works for others this may help us narrow down the issue further. If anyone here are experiencing the problem, try this workaround and report back your results here or pm me please. Thank you. Instead of exiting to the main menu only try exiting the game completely. I have see some cases where exiting to main menu > continuing doesn't fully release all memory being used. P.S. Thats a nice church POI...😅
  6. I think one point to all weapons having a prim version is so you can start using all ammo types sooner then later. The baton is probably for the new marching band outfit...🤣
  7. Lots of videos out there for different builds/playstyles. The great news is you can tweak many different settings (or even mod) to play the game the way that you prefer. For example, the horde that attacks the player on day 7 can be tweaked to come later or turned off all together. You can even tweak the day/night hours cycle settings to match the pace that you prefer. Those that like things more survival and tense, will ramp up the difficulty. (e.g. zombies always run, quicker days, etc.) Those that want more of a relaxed romero / TWD style gameplay can also find settings that
  8. Your picture is not opening. Last RWG map I played I built a base in the old bomb shelter POI that is underneath a small garage.
  9. Hello Folks, There is one theory that one variable to this issue is systems running out of memory (e.g. memory leak). The next time the issue occurs, please check what your systems current memory usage in both your Windows Task Manager > Performance Tab and in your game console. (Press F1) If you stand still you should see the following line appear in your console. The last part shows your memory currently in use. The most I could get mine to go up was 10GB / 16GB and have not been able to reproduce the issue. Post in here or PM me your observations. T
  10. Thats a good theory. Do you have any solid vanilla repros to fill up memory? Maybe a memory leak somewhere making the POI issue happen more frequently. Post the info. In the bug forum and I'll look it over. Thanks.
  11. Not sure if its related but there are xml validation online tools that is helpful for catching syntax errors if your interested.
  12. Agreed. I'm using a legion from Lenovo that I picked up from Costco for around $1k and its been good to me for medium/high settings 1080p. Lenovo Legion Laptop Model 81Q6 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2592 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s) 16GB DDR4 2666 RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 500GB SSD, 1TB HHD game played @ 1920x1080 full screen, 7D2D installed on SSD Only thing I don't like are my keys on keyboard come off way to easily.
  13. Hi Slaan, welcome back... Good to see you playing 7d2d again and doing some prefabbing. Lots of new blocks to play with as well as in-game prefab editor improvements. Also, if you were not already aware, you can use the "Block replacement" tool as an alternative to the K menu since it was disabled in normal play.
  14. Ah your playing horde every night... Haven't checked the XMLs lately to see what loot containers have the best chance but would have to guess trash containers. Also, there are quite a number of youtubers (e.g. Glock9) who play horde every night. Perhaps check some of their vids out for some tips and tricks.
  15. Level 30 by day 7? What xp / day settings are you using? Your level/gamestage is making it more difficult for you.
  16. I love it, it looks great. What are those terrain pillars? Reminds me of an old RWG generation issue.
  17. Thats sorta neat. Like a mario kart type race track. Nice idea.
  18. Here is a video from Slaan on how to do it via console command a few alphas ago.
  19. You might be able to manually create the mesh the old fashion way (substitute another block) using the console commands instead of the "update" imposter button in the in-game prefab editor. I haven't tried it in a long time though so no sure if it still works. Have to look up the console commands as I don't remember what they were.
  20. It normally starts with a greeting/test of strength....😅
  21. Me too, if anything, they might be gone alittle too long which lul's you into a false sense of security. Which is a good/bad thing depending on who you ask LOL....
  22. Its the apocalypse. Food is scare. I bet most wolves would attack people if they were starving. Its not too much of a stretch. Biome Vultures already have the behavior your talking about (wont attack you until wounded) so not sure there needs to be another animal with the same behavior. As a side note wolves actually do run away when hurt and come back later.
  23. @gpcstargate, are you familiar on how to export things to a prefab? If so, it would help narrow down things if you can do that for the base you have in your video and then provide a link here for us to download/test it. If you are unfamiliar with how to export a base to a prefab this video should help. (8:55 minute mark)
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