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  1. As cool as it would be to get a tier 3 anything on day 1 at the hardest POI in the game, it is probably not going to happen with the current design of the game. Maybe if weapons and armor became irrepairable at some point requiring players to find or craft a new one, getting one so early would just kill progression and alot of incentive to keep looting.
  2. Looting is very different in A20. Although I don't think it will ever be perfect, I hope the majority feel it is an improvement. 😀
  3. Correct, it is work in process tech. Assuming no issues, it will be a gradual process per zombie going into A21+
  4. He was probably referring to better terrain tools then what we have in the editor today. Something like this as an example.
  5. There are some issues with testing loot in the editor in A19. I believe this has been fixed in A20. Probably best to wait until A20.
  6. POI restoration is a fun challenge and is very immersive. There is a very rewarding feeling from restoring the world even if only POI at a time. I think my ideal setup would be a way to secure a larger area of all zombie spawning, sorta like building a settlement. This is already doable with multiple players but would love for a way to do so SP as well. The cherry on top would be securing NPCs for my settlement. 😃
  7. They are not random in the editor...but work correctly in an actual game.
  8. Those are random number block helpers.
  9. I share similar expectations. Ranged enemy combat is a tricky thing to get right. There is a fine line between infalliable aimbots and AI that can't shoot the broadside of a barn. Time will tell what the vision the devs have for them in A21+. I am all for more varied encounters so even if its not the best, I will most likely enjoy their presence. Both as a fan and a level designer :p...
  10. I really hope not as from memory, rebar frames had limited shapes when compared to wooden frames anywho... Should be easy to mod back it as well. At least a similar functioning block.
  11. Someone asked if they could place more traps in their custom POIs. There are a few new trap blocks for POI builders to use.
  12. I appreciate you sharing your initial thoughts on the change. Hopefully this change will be something that players get use to quickly. Keep in mind with all of the new shapes added, builders will have a more options in their builds and thus more opportunities for creativity. As a side note, a player house made of frame shapes looks very immersive, akin to how real houses look like before all of the exterior materials are layered on top. 😃 At the end of the day, hopefully it is a net positive change.
  13. They did, its called the drone cart...😅
  14. Keep in mind we have a ton of 1/2 block variants, trims, moldings, plates, stairs, etc. etc. Hats off to the guy who made the majority of them. Without them, the POIs would not look nearly as good...😁
  15. Thankfully, not all final loot rooms are on rooftops so this issue is somewhat mitigated. Questing also resets POIs so this is a problem when exploring a POI without a quest there. Given the voxel nature of the game, its a complicated issue. Hopefully a solution is determined that wont require alot of POI rework.
  16. The old marksmanship rifle was redundant to the new HD sniper rifle plus it wasn't up to the current standard. Not surprised it was replaced. Don't get me wrong, gun variety is a nice quality of life addition but not something I would expect right now. Maybe it could be a nice DLC thing but who knows especially if that legendary gun stuff makes it in eventually. Tons of gun mods out there now so won't be surprised if modders fill in that need for you.
  17. 7 light years to die, sequel to the popular 7 days to die game!
  18. The ferel sense mode in A20 will make the game challenging for those looking for something harder. Should be fun times... 😅
  19. I doubt that steam workshop would be a set it and then forget type of feature. It would probably require someone from the team to manage it properly from Alpha to Alpha. Yes, the functionality would be nice to have sooner then later. However, at this point of development I would rather they put all of their resources in finishing all of the core features before opening that rabbit hole.
  20. He has posted several pics recently unless you are referring to something else or just want more....😅
  21. Sure, as long as you don't suggest we show up naked and proceed to tell us to gather some grass.. 😅
  22. Hiya mech, didn't expect to see you back here until next Tuesday...😅
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