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  1. What most likely happened is the sleepers that got "lost" eventually spawned back in their original volumes. Glad you guys were able to work it out. The orange dot is very helpful for larger POIs where zombies can be missed.
  2. Stealth definitely has its quirks. I doubt it will ever be splinter cell level greatness but hopefully it gets more love before gold to make it feel better. At least now you can stealth an attack volume to a certain degree so things are st least improving. 😄
  3. The AI feels improved in A20 compared to A19 imo. Yes most will follow a certain path depending on your base setup and what direction they spawned from which is intended for the tower defense side of the game. However, some will be more unpredictable which creates some variability which is much needed.
  4. There are actually many boss rooms that you have exactly described. Many of the final loot rooms of quest POIs are designed with areas for the player to take advantage of. (E.g. a door to open/close, pallets to jump on, ladders to use, etc.)
  5. Probably too late for 7 days, but it may help to get feedback from people their ideal stealth gameplay and what other games out there have best implemented it. There's alot of stealth games out there and I don't believe even the most stealth focused allowed you to silently beat boss room encounters for example. The Hitman series is probably the one game I have played where stealth was a main focus of the game 100% throughout.
  6. Sounds like you were in the wasteland? Wasteland night time missions are probably the toughest in the game.
  7. I did a recent stealth test (unperked) and was able to stealth attack volumes as long as I was being quiet and hiding in dark places. Felt pretty good to me compared to A19. Additionally, the zeds that were hiding did show up on my compass so I was able to figure out where they were relatively. Although I can appreciate that some players would like to full clear POIs with stealth, they are not designed to be 100% stealthable. Its actually better in A20 since now players can stealth some attack encounters more effectively using perks and darkness. Perhaps a good addition to help stealth play is to introduce an item or effect that allows players to make rooms dark (e.g. all lights in a certain radius area are destroyed or turned off)
  8. In a recent playthrough, I have made it a point to not quest any POIs I have already done so I can experience all of the POIs that the game has to offer as well as to keep things feeling fresh. I also mark them on my map so if I forget whether or not I have done a particular POI, I can easily cancel that quest and accept another. It would be great of the game did this automatically for me but until then I can manage.
  9. If it was the post office + appliance store, that one is mine.
  10. Would be great if the traders at least wandered around their POIs. If I ever get the chance, I would love to make a trader POI of any of the existing traders. That way it might be more believable when you bump into another Jen but in a different POI....😄
  11. The definition of NPCs is very subjective. For me NPCs are non playable characters that add life and character to the game worlds they exist in. Could they do more? Sure, but that doesn't take away from what they are imo. Rekt and Jen are probably this games best NPCs. Rekt triggers hatred in most players while Jen "triggers" people's inner Snowdog....😁
  12. I believe dymesh is set to "land claim only" by default due to its performance impact. What that means is you will only see updated distant imposters within your land claim area unless you change this setting. Also, dymesh has nothing to do with the zombies.
  13. Not sure what numbers he used but you could try just increase the min/max tile count for the downtown tiles while reducing all of the others.
  14. That the one where you exit through a cellar door? Let me know what your perk allocation, any game settings and any other pertinent info. so we can hopefully reproduce. Thanks.
  15. F11 screenshot of the POI please. Maybe there is a bug.
  16. Has anyone in here actually tried stealth (perked) with attack volumes (feral sense off)? Light and shadows is very important now. The zombie will wake up but they may not see you if you manage your light, shadows and noise accordingly.
  17. No clue about nav meshes but probably to late in development to switch to a completely different system. Those who experienced earlier alphas can attest how broken spawning was before sleepr volumes. A player could run into the middle of the old hub city at coordinates 0,0 and attract so many POI spawns then drag them out into the street kiting them for blocks until the spawn limit was reached causing POIs all over the map to have no or delayed spawns. After being around since Alpha 6, my personal feel is that a balance of non questable POIs and dungeon POIs is the gameplay sweet spot. It allows some POIs (non questables) to be free-form multiplayer levels with many ways in/out and others (questable) to have a strong character / story.
  18. Sleeper volumes get alot of hate but without them, performance would be horrible and there would be no pacing whats so ever in dungeon POIs. Back in the day, there was only one big volume and all of the zeds would spawn in. Not only does this strain the max alive zombie count but also made clearing POIs pretty one dimensional. One reason ood movies and TV shows are entertaining is because they have good pacing and build up to a climax. A well designed quest POI will lead the player the right direction without having to relay on the red dots on the compass. Additionally, there is the orange dot for volumes that were missed by the player.
  19. Unless those 2 to 3 towns took up all of the real estate of the map?
  20. There should be min/max tile variables listed in the rwgmixer files for 6k/8k/10k world sizes that you can mess around with. Be warned though, modifying these values can seriously impact performance.
  21. Bacon and eggs seem to easy to make for a recipe? Just rename it to gluten free bacon and egg pie and update its icon. Immersion resolved....😁 ...or Pristine Bacon & Eggs (poached & un charred lol)
  22. I think they spawn at night even on day 1, since A19 or maybe earlier. You also get nastier biome spawns in the commercial and downtown districts.
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