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  1. To reverify: Go to Library in Steam Right click 7 Days to Die in your library bar Click Properties Click Local Files Click Verify Integrity of Game Files
  2. Bravo. I also liked how you got him reaching into the car, and idk how you did it but that reverse image of the inventory screen was pretty cool.
  3. Boy you're like me when it comes to issues: either don't have issues or have the weirdest issue imaginable lol. I'm still contemplating; this doesn't make any sense, but since this is one of those issues, perhaps your router just doesn't like the address it assigned your system? Perhaps clear all the cache/table/etc. out and maybe reinstall Steam/your network adapter. Just simple and quick things before reinstalling Windows.
  4. Hi, Thank you for the demonstration, one of the more solid reproduction of this issue I've seen. It's a little different from the other issues related to wonky-camera but this may lead to something. Could you post an output log please as well? Doesn't have to be in a session that this happened, just any recent one will do. Thanks
  5. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data This is where your output logs are at. I haven't seen this yet in SP and only on dedicated servers; were you playing solo? Do get back and throw some output logs up. Sorry it's happening
  6. Ty @Sjustus548, I forgot to update I reproduced it and it's being looked at and hopefully patched soon. I didn't repro that bad of a noise (no matter though), sheesh that's annoying! I couldn't find a workaround for in the meantime.
  7. @Criosdan try sliding the particles slider in the video options to 0% and see if the fps drops stop, if no more drops adjust it to your liking if you even notice a difference. Sun shafts / SSAO can also cause drops). Try adjusting particles first.
  8. I would start by verifying your file integrity through Steam; if that fails delete Navezgane from the worlds folder, delete all saved games, then verify again, then try again.
  9. Could use an output log or crash report. That error code points in a lot of cases to not having service packs in Windows 7
  10. Sometimes I play with shadows on far, LOD at 100% (it usually makes no diff, just was messing with it when I took the pic), bloom sun shafts and some AA but usually this is my setup. 50-60 FPS outdoors with 40's in the low end, 60 - 80 in doors (pois, bases, etc.). View distance, reflections and particles make a large difference (shadows too, depending). A19.2 has had some optimizations that might/should help a lot, mostly. Don't forget to check drivers, and disable the bloat ware most systems come with (including Windows bloat). *Changed: Updated MicroSplat with our customizations, settings and regen textures/shaders (Shawn) Changed: Improved terrain shader settings for better performance (Shawn) AMD Ryzen 3200G Quad Core 4.0 GHz 16Gb DDR4-3200 RAM, Vega 8 (OC to 1700MHz) 7Gb, Game/OS/Steam installed on a 225GB M.2 SSD
  11. Please post an output log of a session that you had the issue and a screenshot or video.
  12. I literally in this thread stated I tested stealth (for a few hours in dozens of T5/t4/t3 pois) on insane (always nightmare speed too) jacking my gamestage up to make sure I get all the rads and just gave myself a compound crossbow, desert vulture/shotgun/sniper with silencers and a set of military armor. No meds. No points anywhere besides the two stealth perks. I didn't need any meds besides a cpl bandages and pain pills I found, as well as food I looted.
  13. No light armor works just fine. If you stand toe to toe and blow for blow with zombies on insane heavy armor wont protect you for that long even, nevermind light; therefor, you need to be creative. "Stealth" perks allow you to hide in plain sight, such as running across a room, crouching and moving to a corner. Throw a rock to the other side of the room. Just because you just stand there and say "well guess I'll die man these devs just wanna screw stealth" doesn't mean that's how it is. This, nor is anyone else giving alternative advice, is not being snarky. Give it a try. It works, I promise, I did it seeing if stealth was really broken or not.
  14. I'll make something similar and test it in clean builds but, like the others, I can safely assume this is a carried-over world issue. I'll have some testing done by tomorrow... I think
  15. @Krougal take a couple screenshots for me of your layout if you don't mind, and you're running an old save on the new update right?
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