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  1. I've done a few horde nights with fists on warrior/survivalist. Beer, food buffs, meds like painkillers, and if you have em fortbites help a lot but not needed. You gotta perk into it but yeah, it's certainly viable. Just gotta balance your power and normal attacks (and don't just stand there lol)
  2. Turn on a cpl forges, campfires, get a cement mixer going, place some torches. I've seen multiple screamers between days 7 - 14 at a time.
  3. That made me spit some of my tea out. Man if only we could jump mid air
  4. Hmmm I am not a fan of Macs so I have no idea how to check ports on one, but a little google searching showed me: sudo lsof -i -n -P | grep TCP Since this is using grep, I assume | grep "TCP|UDP" will give you both results. If not... play around with it or do them separately lol. Unsure if that'll work or not, but worth a shot in his terminal. Can also try port forwarding the port you're using to his local network address
  5. <property name="ServerPort" value="26900"/> <!-- Port you want the server to listen on. Keep it in the ranges 26900 to 26905 or 27015 to 27020 if you want PCs on the same LAN to find it as a LAN server. --> You can change the port it uses in the serverconfig.xml
  6. Day 8 of my no-trader (not even entering the trader compounds), no-starter quest run (warrior, sprint days nightmare rest, no loot respawns). Gotta say, it's been a pleasing struggle of survival. The only real issues with that is (besides not having the points from the starter quest) good-meal ingredients and medicine (first aid bandages, etc.) is rare to come by. I scrounge everywhere for corn, potatoes, blueberries, but I've only come across about 24 corn (from fields), and on day 6 I finally found a potato and a pumpkin seed. Dukes are surprisingly only really found in zombie loot bags I got on horde night and in a treasure quest chest (I do allow POI vending machine purchases :p). Nothing I would say needs balancing, really, since traders are intended to be used and balancing outside would really ruin the overall balance. It's an interesting way to play, makes you consider every action.
  7. I agree with those settings. I do wish those percentages counted for combat music. Sometimes it's too over-dramatic (e.g. 3 crawlers come out of closets...) and it's too telling the combat is over since it instantly stops playing after =/. It's definitely cool though.
  8. Snipped the comment for space and put it under spoilers. So, they want you to use the various foods/drinks and your skill trees (in this case, str and sexual tyrannosaurus). They would have to balance the whole game around removing stamina for mining tools to prevent steel fortresses by day 7. So, I did some science on this. ST = sex trex. C = coffee. B = beer. Times are until first swing out of stamina 1pt ST + stone axe = NA, can mine infinitely 1pt ST + iron pick = 16.62s | 22.56 w/C | 48.43 w/ C+B (here on out, |raw| |coffee| |coffee+beer| 1pt ST + steel pick = 11.22s| 13.94 | 21.91 3pt ST + iron pick = 24.52 | 1:07.17 | NA, infinite under C+B 3pt ST + steel pick - 17.14 | 27.83 | 1:35.44 So, yes you can still do your tunneling and dwarven-mode game-play: You just need to change from the days of infinite-stamina with no help ways from previous alphas :). Adding points into ST, drinking some coffee will give you a large boost, adding beer makes it significantly more (and when you do run out of stamina, under these buffs you near-instantly refill). There are still ergonomic grips to add, another point into ST, food buffs, mega crush, hydration buffs to add to further increase your mining time. Now go eat, drink, and mine away.
  9. No issue with playing on pregen03 on b157 with invisible crawlers, have played with testers in MP on other pregens as well with no issues.
  10. Can say that, with 8GB ram, I can play an 8k just fine, although I do have hiccups if I teleport around the map (so I discovered yesterday, mostly due to heavy pagefile usage, but once the gc came though I was fine). I do have my OS/etc. heavily modified though.
  11. Heh I didn't look for mods since my network issue when my ISP went berserk caused the very same thing. But yeah, clean your mods and your game install
  12. Yw, easy to miss; it's in... one of the few places lol.
  13. There's nothing realistic about any inventory systems lol. Realistic = not very fun. See that small boulder you broke? Yeah you'd be carrying that back to base about 4 tiny fractions of it at a time back and forth for weeks lol.
  14. Out of curiosity, what's your graphics card/other system hardware?
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