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  1. Press F11 and send that screenshot here (at the location of the cop)
  2. This has been fixed for 1.0 release, or should be. Just checked at 50% loot to be sure.
  3. I think I know what POI you're talking about. But F11 will bring up a screenshot box that has the POI name and other things in the box. Hit OK and it'll make a screenshot for you with that box (or just snip/screenshot it using whatever you like).
  4. Thanks for the compilation of information, but Pimp Dreams or the General discussion section would be better for this, as most of these aren't bugs but opinions. I will say: Lots of optimization has been done, is being worked on, and will be worked on in the future Absolute tons of balance changes have been done, are being worked on, and will be worked on in the future Visitmap has been worked on, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to clear the "Fog of War" or not, I can check on that Electricity is pretty simple for a pretty good reason. That system is pure CPU/Memory based and there are lots of constantly running things to keep it going in a game (even if it's not being used or there aren't players in the area). We're already pretty CPU/Memory starved (not just consoles although those are very limited hardware-wise) Glass jars were impossible to balance unless we removed practically all water from POI loot and drastically changed the recipe cost for empty jars. We went over this for quite some time and wasn't a decision made with haste; we wanted water to be something to consider, not something you think about once every week or so and just fill all your jars and be done with it for several more weeks Tons of zombies everywhere is very hardware-taxing and we do have to worry about player fatigue, but maybe an option to increase them can be on the table before gold.
  5. This is part of a larger project being working on for 1.0 release. But, we do request you give us information on how to reproduce issues if you can't get a solid reproduction, since this game is vastly complicated/huge and not static it could be a million ways something can happen . In these cases, things like what you were doing/were they planted trees/were these in a new area or old area revisited/etc can help a lot.
  6. So far, the vending machine is the only reliable one to reproduce. I thought I had something with the workstations, but it was an Assertion failure and is as generic as they come, and only got that after I triggered the error with the vending machine. I'll have a play with it, but unfortunately with how busy we are with 1.0 I don't have as much time as I'd like. Likely could automate on my second computer in a world, having it run random poi reset or region reset commands in a test world or something. But, if you find something concrete (maybe it's not a thing but only a thing after a POI with a broken vending machine with SecureLoot gets hit) def let me know here.
  7. No worries. It's explained here https://community.7daystodie.com/a21-bugs-main/bug-pool/how-to-report-bugs-found-in-a21-r4/
  8. Nah good info, not outside the scope (even if so it's related enough). I'll have a play with working workstations and such with quest resets.
  9. Yeah a log file would be needed here. All of those are pretty much saying you have files that somehow are mismatched, though I have to say I've never seen that verbiage in this game yet.
  10. Hmm, I kind of don't follow what's going on as described. @LisikRey, could you elaborate a bit on that?
  11. You're welcome! Don't forget pulling mods that were there when you started a game can cause some issues, but in your case it could be a situation where the code that the mod(s) changed is still in there after removing the mod. Always check a fresh save to see if that indeed fixed the issue, then compare it with the previous game.
  12. No worries! I figured that meant it worked well and you're having fun You're welcome -- super glad we were able to get a solution for ya, even if it's just a bandaid for now. I'd keep this tool handy for other intensive applications/games, it's pretty wide-spread.
  13. You're welcome. I found this DDU guide that has pictures and useful information, hope this help: How to Totally Uninstall Nvidia, AMD or Intel Graphics Drivers | Tom's Hardware (tomshardware.com) It is good practice to do this every so often, I do it 1 - 2 times a year.
  14. [EOS] [LogAudioCaptureCore - Error] RtApiDs::probeDeviceOpen: error (The sample rate or the channel format is not supported) creating input buffer (Headset Microphone (Xbox Controller))! [EOS] [LogEOSRTC - Error] RTCAudio Audio_StartInputStream failed. ResultCode=[EOS_UnexpectedError] LocalProductUserId=[000...df1] RoomName=[conf+769577398] [EOS] [LogEOSRTC - Error] RTCAudio StartRecording failed. LocalProductUserId=[000...df1] RoomName=[conf+769577398] This appears to actually be the case, but odd that 3 players are getting it, and only of that map... I'm going to look at your server log too and look into this. Would you mind if I connected to your server? Also, make sure everyone who is using a controller is using big picture mode and Steam's default configuration settings for controllers.
  15. Hey @gpark1984, sorry you're having issues with these. It sounds like a bug where the vehicles are loaded in the wrong spots, and the GUI vanished. Check your log file, you will see entries for your vehicles via the vehicle manager, they look like these: INF 100365 VehicleManager write #0, id 99952, vehicleMinibike, (2753.7, 32.0, 386.2), chunk 172, 24 Then, you just go to those coordinates and they should be there (the GUI sprite/icon should also appear again once you get closer). If you want to teleport, using that example, enter tp 2753 32 386 into the console -- make sure to remove the decimals and commas. If you need help with this, take a log file of you logging into and exiting that game and put it on pastebin.com and we'll have a look ^^
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