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  1. Healing others does work at least with bandages. I haven't tried a first aid kit yet; let me rephrase, I tried using one on a teammate but it was under a rushed combat situation and I can't say for sure I didn't aim correctly/was too far away or not.
  2. @Hollowprime True, but I think that's still manageable. The only resource I found that would be slightly difficult to get would be wood, but I make do. Oil really isn't as bad as you think at first, you got plenty of mechanical-style (car shops, etc.) to loot from and the increased cars in the area will net ya oil (just make sure you get some points into the perk). Iron, stone, sand is everywhere
  3. Hey @Hollowprime, if you wish I can always (quickly) make a new wastelands map for ya without traders (I saw you were using the one I put up in my post). If you don't feel like using/setting up Nitrogen
  4. Sounds like what I did, except I lowered the 24 hour time a bit and jacked up XP gain for a rush into the end game challenge. Prob what caused my death, that blood moon was insane for a day 7 one. It really caught me by surprise lol. Melee range for the sledge and more-so the spear is best; I really love the spear for that throw / pokepoke combat. Between swarms of vultures, zombie dogs and snakes there's no shortage of those mats lol. I do believe so; I found iron, lead, nitrate and coal in my run in the little area I made my presence. Yeah... lmao... that DOES benefit sometimes, like when I had 2 bears attacking the trader I was in. Can poke melee at their heads= I feel you. I am one of those psycho people hah. No oil is a bit of an issue, but not that bad considering I don't really need a car (and tbh gas never is an issue without shale for me). I find lots of oil in loot. I can always make an all something else biome map if you want/don't wish to setup Nitrogen. Takes me a couple of minutes to make a map and put it on dropbox.
  5. You're welcome. Yeah there's a generated worlds folder you can put maps into; once you have one in there, you can use that one for multiple saved games, just select when making the new game. Good luck! It's a blast having the challenge + constant threat lol (to me anyway I'm crazy)
  6. The dropbox has a generated map that's all wasteland (although I think there's snow way up north). It's a completely random spawn, but you shouldn't be TOO far from a trader. Pretty hard to not find cities, too, I spread them out a bit.
  7. Welp, I decided to do the night 7 horde drunk. Wasn't my best decision lol. When I logged in -- I had plans to lay spikes and close the easiest path to me on the roof off -- but I logged on to a zombie bear growing near my house. Looked for it and turns out there were two zombie bears hugging my walls. Started to deal with them and a wandering horde joined the party, followed by vultures and a dog pack. I had about 5 in game minutes before horde started. I did well until about 2AM, when a pack broke in. Alcohol convinced me I didn't need to make that emergency run to grab my meds, and I decided I could jump off that roof safely. Turns out alcohol messes with depth perception, and I shift-ran off the roof and landed on a hill on a decline. CRUNCH. Leg broke. I fought to my last bullet and went down punching zombies in the face.
  8. Vultures. I rage-unloaded an entire AK clip (minus the couple of bullets needed to kill it) into a vulture corpse... those suckers were the bane of me in my all-wastelands run lol. Did feel good, though.
  9. Clay is 2 blocks below the surface topsoil in the wastelands. It's everywhere (I confirmed this on the first day because that would suck lol). I gots plenty of clay and resources -- there's enough to help you last. Yeah you're under constant attack for sure. I did it just for a fun challenge lol.
  10. Oh, not sure if blind or not, but I don't see an off-topic section anymore.
  11. I challenge you all to a permadeath run in an all wasteland map! Figured it'd be fun to do since A19 is coming, and we're mostly at home a lot nowadays with the virus. I'm on day 7 and have seen about 10 zombie bears (killed 4), feral wights, radiated vultures, and about 100,000 regular vultures. Think I've killed about 50 - 60 zombies so far, they just don't stop lol. I made sure there were a couple of rivers for water, and the map is packed with spread-out cities (lots of end-game POIs to check out). Forewarning: it's rough; I was surrounded by a couple of zombie bears, dogs, and zombies at the first trader I went to and on the first night, I had to sneak past a feral wight and a few other ferals (rock throwing ftw). I just noticed when uploading there may be some snow at the far north, that's banned for the challenge =p If you see an ocean, that's the radiated zone. Post your difficulty/days survived! No shame in doing it on the normal or lower difficulty, I only bumped mine up one from the default (though I have 16 count blood moons). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/orjec1lw4yqjmuf/AADv3EO8-bZ7TUpjPfzmzM5xa?dl=0 The map uses no custom stuff, generated using the awesome Nitrogen tool. Have fun!
  12. I really like it, no other feedback from me. I love that feature, and the quote function seems really nice. It's not obvious where to continue typing after quick quoting, but I instinctively clicked outside of it quickly, so the UI is user friendly on that function anyway. No idea what all of the 'reaction' emoji things do/are for other than flair... and other things like rep and articles/article comments are confusing to me but hey, posting and commenting is all that matters. Very nice. P.S., drag and drop attachments? Nice.
  13. Just saying, if you're going to argue about computer parts, at least be knowledgable and/or do research. Tbh game's been running at slightly higher settings at more FPS since A16; think logically, would you consider optimizing code after implementing a change, then change the change or add another change, there's more optimization needed. Then the optimization breaks something else, which that fix breaks a new feature. Alpha = game creation. Beta = polishing/optimization.
  14. I will say that, although I did enjoy it on console (although significantly less than I have on PC), I can't recommend it for purchase. Some may not care as much as I and I can put many things aside if the game is good, but the crashing/lag/save file corruption/world resets absolutely kill it for me and I won't ever play it again on a console unless a new release happens or something. But, if you don't mind going through hoops to get it to only occasionally crash nor mind losing 95% of your progress after a week or two in-game, then by all means. It's fun until that happens. The AI isn't as terrible as it was in A16, so you at least get interesting horde nights (unless you're one of those that prefers 10 zombies spinning in circles and dancing lol).
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