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  1. In case you didn't know, even if you hit these auto aggro volumes you can simply move around a corner to a darkish spot, crouch and the zombies will lose track of you. They will soon lose interest and wander around, letting you sneak hit them or just leave them behind; people not perked into it can't do this. It does not eliminate the stealth mechanic.
  2. I seriously hope that's either photoshopped or they did it as a joke. I don't want to google it and discover it's real 🤣
  3. Welcome to the game and the forums, glad you're having fun
  4. That may or may not help, but sorry to say theres no fixing it for consoles. Theres a sticky with more information on a patch but long story short TFP didnt develope the console version and the company that did went out of business.
  5. Modifications to stack sizes lead to a lot of issues breaking int limits, too, so I'd cut those out.
  6. I know right lol, even in the first part of 2020. I would like to add I would stay away from Cyberpowerpc, I've never been impressed by their build quality (crappy motherboards, etc.), and several years ago I picked up a prebuilt from them and it died (mobo, cpu fried) after the psu shorted out a week after warranty expired. Really the only one I can feel comfortable saying do it would be NZXT, although I've never heard of bad stuff with CUK/Digital storm/Origin
  7. Glad to hear! Optimizations are certainly an ongoing process; the smoothness is likely a more stable framerate, which is good news Animations (for the guns) have been/will be touched up quite a lot along with the new weapons for A20+. Have fun!
  8. I've always loved Eternal Darkness way back in the day for sanity stuff, a shame other games (or I haven't seen any) haven't done things on that level. Granted, once you've seen an effect once or twice or so it just becomes annoying.
  9. Point is it's a science of hardware that ssd's start getting issues with less than 30 percent free hdd's start lower than 50. I'm not sure why this is a huge argument but it needs to stop. Clearly there are lots of servers running long term fine, I've witnessed 800 day+ and some running through the versions in a19. So, there are localized issues and arguing that everything is perfect on your end goes nowhere but bring up toxic chat. Disk usage or whatever something is up on your end. If not we'd have hundreds or thousands of complaints. Now if we go a bit more pragmat
  10. It's something that will be optimized in the future. For now you can likely solve this by turning reflected shadows and ss off. Sun shafts shouldn't cause much of a tax but turn them off if it still does. If none of the above, do what q123 said and put shadow distance to medium.
  11. "People are using this one trick to get smarter -- teachers hate it!"
  12. It's not 8 or 16 it's 8 and nobody winked. If you're having bad issues with your server to where one player causes instability like you said you may want to open a post in the general support section so we can help you (rather than saying it's just impossible), because I've seen/played on/use to test servers that run pretty smooth with daily or every other day reboots. A couple of them only a few/couple of people use and those things have been running for weeks if not months without issues, until an update hits or something like that. Optimizations are being done, but m
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