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  1. Yup, perfect. Thanks, that's all I need. I'll look into it now actually once the world generates.
  2. You can turn it off with gfx dt 0, maybe that'll help; won't solve it, but at least you can see over it.
  3. Sorry I was short handed there lol. That's perfect. One more thing, what was the seed name you used to generate that map/world size? C:\Users\juggi\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds and inside the Vouya Territory folder will be a generation info.txt file which will have the seed name if you forgot it. The Vovya name is different than the seed name.
  4. Yes please, it will be in %appdata%/7daystodie It will be in a folder called your map name. I can just generate the world myself with your seed name you posted then copy your saved game into my folder. I'll use it to investigate, and I'll see if I cant fix it in the process then tell you how to fix it or give you the fixed save game back.
  5. This is mostly caused by turrets themselves: the motion sensors have an occlusion bug about them that's known. You can turn occlusion off or pick up the turrets to fix it.
  6. Hi, if you wouldn't mind could you upload your game save for me to look at? Can PM me if you wish with it. You can try using the block replacement tool to solve it, but I'd like to take a gander at it broken before you fix it Thanks
  7. @Shackelfourd This has been fixed in a19.4, which is out for experimental. Explosion damage or vomit causes this.
  8. Very well could be your ram speed. Sometimes you get unlucky and your cpu/etc can't handle higher speeds, try lowering the clock, you really will barely notice a difference between 3600 and 3800 in most cases. You'll likely have to start a new world without the mods to get it to work properly, or delete anything modded in and if a UI delete the UI from the saved game folder then try again.
  9. Hey if you don't know you don't know It happens when you're offline and your bedroll gets destroyed or removed, it'll give you that notification when you log back in.
  10. Hi, you open that menu by holding R. Tapping R goes to the previous rotation, just in case you mess up/miss the rotation you wanted.
  11. Try a fresh game without the mods/custom prefabs (e.g. compo pack) on Navez, RWG or one of the pregens, see if this improves FPS.
  12. That message is, indeed, part of the vanilla game, but still likely mods or a broken server.
  13. Can also delete the land claims in the players XML file. Bedrolls and LCBS are stored there.
  14. My bad yeah I meant that too, I feel being able to manually type in a number to split would be nice. And vanilla, no I don't
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