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  1. A scoop for a car vs a mod for a game are really apples and oranges. A mod that used its own assets (in essence an addon) might have a legal leg to stand on but then again ... You buy your car, not license it like a game. Nobody has ever taken such a thing to court (a don't look at me, that's a can of worms best left buried!) As I said, flat out selling a mod/addon/extension is a no-no. Has been from day one. That clause I agree 100% with. Eula changed July 13. I never got a notice about that. Never got word 1 about using MM for the years that I did use it. zip. zero. zilch. nada. The EULA itself says any changes go into effect after 30 days. (well, continuing to use the software after 30 days means you accept the new terms) Whole other issue over getting a popup or not when it changes. Not going there. (not lawyer so not even gonna offer an opinion, silly or otherwise) Perhaps it WAS a no-no to have something like MM prior to Jul 13. Could say the previous EULA was ambiguous enough (or not specific enough), that it slipped through the cracks, and the change was a clarification. Dunno. I've done tech support for over 30 years, and have had to defend company actions that sometimes were um "questionable". (let's just leave some of those decisions at that, mkay?) Having to explain to customers why said decision was done, and how: Companies exist to make money. (no, really? yes, really! d'oh!!) (some customers just never ever could grasp that "no ma'am, you have to go and buy your own replacement batteries for your remote. I'm not sending a tech to replace them") (no kidding, I actually had to explain that. "When your car runs out of gas, you think the dealership is going to send someone to refill your tank, for FREE?" /headdesk) So TFP see an area where then can make some more money off THEIR game. They decide to do so. All good. No problems. As I've repeatedly said, my issues with the whole mess is 1) HOW it was presented/handled, 2) How many people are mis-stating things, 3) How many people don't seem to understand how extensions using bits work on Twitch. (it's the techy in me. /shrug) Do I think TFP are going to change their minds, or that *I* can convince them to do so? <insert The_Look(tm) here>
  2. MM was never "sold". Having to pay for mods is a no-no. Nobody arguing about that. (and I agree fully with that stance) Twitch only has 1 overlay slot. 2 component, and 3 panel slots. (I just double checked that) Twitch did not change anything. 20% of all bits spent via an extension go to the author of the extension. After v2 of the Twitch integration, and a major kerfluffle, the EULA was changed. It was then that the rest of the events happened. Personally I'd like to see some kind of compromise worked out. I enjoyed using BOTH TI and MM. Actually I think *I* goofed about the need for the overlay. Ooops. On PC, you could use the panel on the website to do actions. The overlay was for mobile. Why is there only ONE overlay slot? Ask Twitch. (there are multiple ones that could be fun to use, but... /shrug) Oh, I have no idea on the timeline of when MM was informed about the changes. zip zero nada. (which is why I'm not commenting on it) It was over a week though, from the EULA change to when Voided Pigeon turned off MM. (he's the author) Again, no clue on what kind of back and forth went on. zip. zero. nada. TI still needs some work. (c'mon guys, it does. It is a WIP, the overlay acts.. odd. at least it did for me) Not saying it's bad, just it's a WIP. I did use both.
  3. what I just posted in the steam discussion: "However, this authorization does not include monetization of video work using the Software if its gameplay has been altered or modified by a third-party code, and such third party requires financial compensation for the use of such code." See that one little word. "requires" MM didn't 'require' compensation to use the mod. You could use it for free. The streamer paid NOTHING to use it. Now, it did nothing unless a viewer interacted. That could be by using bits or 'credits'. Let's look at the credits first. You could buy them with bits, OR, you could get a daily amount for free. (when I used the mod, it was 100 credits each day. flat) Any 'bits' used either directly or to buy credits, TWITCH gives 20% to the extension author, and 80% to the streamer. (current twitch integration gets the same split) If you used the FREE credits, well nobody got nuthin for compensation. I've seen several posts (and on the forums) where how this works is either misunderstood, or being misstated. Now, let's look at how this appears to me. The following is my opinion. Opinions are like string. Every yo-yo has one. MM existed for several years. ZERO complaints from TFP that we know of. I used it. I posted on the official forums, that I used it. Twitch Integration shows up. Version 1. No bits used, just points. Ok, I used BOTH. Easy peasy stuff people could use/earn just by watching. No money required. Wanna REALLY get silly, then bits and MM. So far, still no complaints from TFP that I know of. A21. Twitch integration becomes a full up mod AND extension. Now it uses bits too. Requires the only overlay slot twitch has to use it all now. (couldn't login to the twitch integration in the game without it active.) Oh gee, MM was using this slot. Gotta pick one now. THEN and only then does TFP change the EULA. To me it appears that it's "WE can do this, You cannot.Stop" KZ was out of line. Big time. Not gonna get into THAT discussion. TFP can take mod/extension ideas and use them, no cost, no attribution, nada. That was ALWAYS in the EULA. (pretty standard clause too) It is the shutting down of MM, and the way it was done that stinks. As I said, I saw too much of this back in the 90s by another company. They did this repeatedly. I worked for one of those companies where what we made was then put into said companies product. No EULAs, or DMCA things to get in the way or complicate things then. I didn't and don't mind that TFP added the integration. The shutting down of the extension/mod that did it first? THAT really annoys me. They CAN do it. No arguement there. You can also shoot yourself in the foot. Doesn't mean it's a good thing to do. (apologies if the formatting is odd, copy/paste from steam to firefox.... umf)
  4. sigh. It didn't cost anything to use MM. The 20/80 split is via twitch and it's rules. The current twitch integration uses the same formula. I'm out.
  5. I get that with beer. oops! There's no mint in it, thus not edible glue. 😛
  6. for base oopsies, it was sorta serious, sorta tongue in cheek. (I use it when trying to place drawbridges, as they have a crapton of HP, and are an absolute PITA to place correctly) Otherwise, yeah, pickaxe works just fine short of steel. (I never ever place steel blocks directly, unless I'm using creative mode to test something. So easy for a block to go in the wrong place)
  7. Then yer doin' it wrong. 😜 (or are you saving the rum for valheim boat trips?)
  8. nope, that's what the Hammer of God is for.
  9. I haven't done that since I was 5. That glue of course, was meant to be eaten. Why else would it taste like mint? Oh, I've got over 1k meat, and 125 eggs (just made some pies to use a few).. Nests are all over the place. Loot'em. I toss the feathers now. I've got over 1k of them too. (loot is at 100%) Water, well, yeah, I'm running low. Got 6 collectors now, so should be able to do a glue making soon. (have 2 full stacks of bones, so...) Early? Make the glue, make the machinegun, then go kill stuffs.
  10. I've been finding a fair number of them. More than before.
  11. use a half block? either for the floor, or the posts dunno yet. (not quite ready to make the base to use those... yet)
  12. I like the scrapped lead/brass vs the old way. Had bunches of doorknobs, trophies and scrap etc. (radiators are still in) I'm up to over 20k brass now and haven't started smelting it (that is coming, just made room for the forges). Was lucky to get the book for brass from doors (old doorknob thing), so I hit EVERY wood door. (and the metal ones too) Also makes it easy to see if I cleared a POI or not. Mind you, I did up the stacks for radiators to 50 as it was just silly. (have almost 100 radiators now) Much easier dropping a stack of brass/lead in, instead of a few trophies, knobs, fishing weights etc. (radiators take forever, so I save it until I have stacks of 'em and just plonk'em in and ignore until done)
  13. Day 16 (90 m days), I have 6/7 of Wasteland Treasures. Guess which one I'm missing? Yup. the water one. (last game I got it real early) RNG at work. ( I did get the lovely walk on landmines with no boom this time, which I couldn't find last time. A must for for the wasteland ) Peas are still very scarce, so is chili. I'm up over 800 meat now. Gracies still gives a ton of it. Deer are sometimes incredibly stoopid. Like heading IN to a quest building just as I enter the room. (rabbits and chickens do that a lot, but they be brainless anyway) I'm still cursing the drop to crouch, whack!, popup in 3 frames thing. grrr. for the devs: check the pathing for the catwalks in Buddies Grain. something there is confusing the zeds bigtime.
  14. If you're using CM to generate the weapons, prior to A21, it would NOT generate the max possible for a weapon. (I tried a LOT with the M60s) Haven't tried it yet in 21, as I'm not at the point of making them. (mind you, once I can craft T5 I'll do a comparison) Dunno if that was a bug or deliberate.
  15. The pathing seems to just *break* at times. Bloodmoon. Using the grain mill next to trader jen (pregen10k) on the catwalks, about the 3rd level.. they come up onto that walk, which is straight, goes past the actual grain silo thing, makes a turn to go up to the next turn , which is the short level to the ladder to the top of the silo. When they come up the first stairs, some will stop on the first stairs and start banging on the walls, blocking the zeds following. (kinda funny) Shoot the dumb one, the rest boogy along the path. They get up to my level where I'm waiting, most come right at me and get blasted. Some come part way, stop, turn, and start banging on the silo, IN FULL VIEW OF ME. no blocking, nada. I shoot them of course. This spot I have my back to the wall, and the stairs going up are to my left. Some zed will run right past/through me, and start beating on the outside wall!!??!! I'm RIGHT BESIDE THEM! I do notice a fair number of shots to the chest at short range seem to just go right through them. ?? Very weird. (of course there's also the tendency when bursting out of the hidden areas, for them to drop into the stupid crouch/crawler position and get confused. Worse is just as I take a swing at them with an axe, they drop to crawler position at warp 90 and whack my ankles, then pop back up right after, also at warp 90. (as in no animation, just a 1 frame position swap) hrmmm...
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