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  1. The flapping arms, looking down at the ground... growling..? I call him the tech support zombie. That's what you get after 1 too many stoopid questions. <=- TS for over 30 yrs. (only drawback is, he still has hair. mind you, he does seem to be trying to rip it out, soo....) 😛
  2. What's a manual? (I read them, but as an ancient tech support weenie... well.. "I'm making progress! I got him to take the shrink wrap off the manual!" )
  3. Lockpicks are the only way though, for the safes behind the traders (the ones you can reach) VERY nice early on to loot their stuff and sell it back.
  4. steel pickaxe with mining perks also works rather quickly. (one day, I'll try an auger on a safe. just for giggles)
  5. T5 quests give you a Q6 item. You can just find Q6 stuff looting. So, put on them lucky goggles and have at it. (yes, RNG may hate you. RNG hating you here, is a pale thing compared to it hating you in say, FTL)
  6. I'm curious about how difficult/time consuming it would be to add more paint textures. Honest question, no snarkiness, as I have no clue. (the question of *what* new paint/textures to add, well, that's a tough one. long and complicated arguements would happen) edit: ah, just saw the post about finite paint space, and they are aren't streamed. so not so easy it would seem. hrmm..
  7. I was surprised at how big it was. I didn't measure how many blocks/meters. (I'll take a look tonight and edit this for a rough idea) EDIT: appears to be 510m x 510m so not small
  8. It works, just note that the regions are very large. I saved my last base, and it also saved the areas nearby I dug up, and the first horde base I built in the nearby town. Also, any looted buildings etc, remain looted.
  9. I should put the zombie block damage back to 100%, and try the dart trap base again. 60 traps will handle an entire horde of 64 zombies on insane, I can just nap, or shoot birds. (well, poke my head up, lead'em down and let the shotgun turrets do the work) Dart traps don't trigger demos, at least when shooting from the sides. (and they hit the legs and head anyway) but yes, demo does need tuning.
  10. Better see Trader Doc Jen about that. oh, wait....
  11. I used dynamite on the mountain, once I had a rather large cavern dug out. (and it's really fun to toss at screamers and her friends. get double duty out of the booms)
  12. Ranger station is great, the small bunker is as well. Ranger has flagstone ground floor, easily upgradable. remove the stairs INSIDE, leave the outside ones until you can spike around it. Second floor has lotsa room. Small bunker, mostly concrete, just need to upgrade your entrance a bit, fence around upgradable to wood2 on day one. House with 2 doors, you can upgrade to wood2 day 1 as well. Both have a gunsafe, the bunker ALWAYS gives you a cooking pot. I've used both. Those are the 2 easiest ones I've found as starter bases. (not horde bases mind you)
  13. Strip mining. Otherwise known as recreating the grand canyon. That's how I prefer to do it. I'm finding spots with 3 nodes of stuff... iron, lead, coal, some even give all 4, One mountain on pregen02, had/has tons of iron, coal and lead, little bit of nitrate. Desert on, iron, shale and bunchaton of nitrate. Need the rocks for cement, sand for cement. clay/soil for smelting/forging. Of course, I end up with too much clay, and never enough of the rest... for a while. When doing open pit, you get to see just how large the veins are, and some are pretty impressive.
  14. Try this: zeds walk, ferals jog, BM is run. 8 per player. set zombie block dmg to 25%. That gives you a chance to get things going. Spiders still leap a HUGE distance, so that isn't affected. The block damage just slows down how fast they plow through things. Doesn't seem to affect the damage to YOU though. I crank the speeds/settings up as I progress, until it's insane and 64. Block dmg stays at 25%. I don't like or agree with 10+ zeds stacked into 1 spot pounding a block. (and demo dudes need to be turned down a bit. you get a couple go boom in the same spot, and steel blocks are toast. anything less than steel vaporizes. even at 25%, if you blow up a few in the same place (bad aim), then it's still gonna mess things up) But the walk day/night jog for ferals, does help while yer still weak. (and yes, a random wolf/cat/bear can still eat your face on day 1)
  15. An autorun toggle would be nice for vehicles, yes. Obviously on foot, you'd run out of stamina, which is bad. (usually because when you do, something comes out of the shrubbery and tries to eat you)
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