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    Cranky old gamer. Stay off ma lawn. :P
    On the countdown towards retirement. hrmm.
    Over 30 years of tech, means very NSFW.
    oh yeah, I also stream a lot. stress relief really. :)
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    Ensuring I wake up in the morning. :)

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  1. I just kill everything. Smipler that way.
  2. The parental controls should be "No, you cannot play this game until you are older. I don't care that all your friends are playing. If they all jumped off a cliff, would you join them?" (at least that's what ** I ** would have gotten from the parental units when I was younger.) hmm, mind you, mentioning strippers, my father would have said "lemme see. hmph. Green? You're not Capt. Kirk. Shoot her."
  3. sorry, just Ubuntu/Mint here. Not sure how the OS would mess up the network, if the internet itself works. (the firewall tho... but that's not just a linux thing, windows firewall will drive me nuts from time to time too) (yes, yes, short trip, I know) 😛
  4. Dart traps when done right, work very very well. Mind you, you will need some points in mining to feed the things. In solo, I do a dart trap base that can handle insane amounts of zeds. Makes horde night rather boring. (so much so, may as well turn if off) Of course, the base I do is kind of overkill. How it will work in a20 with the changes, dunno yet. (but I will test it out) The traps by themselves aren't OP, but when you have 60 of'em as well as the electric fences.... That much work to build said base *should* be very very very strong. (said it before, do the math on how much iron you need to stock 60 dart traps) Not to mention just building them, and the base (upgraded to steel. hint: over 10k steel req) It even looks cool when painted and lit with torches. heh.
  5. If you find the book that lets you walk on mines without going BOOM! .. well.... then mines are YOUR friend. heh-heh.
  6. We have the strip club, the adult theater. Still missing the brothel, massage parlor, and Adult Bookstore. (moar books pls!) And bring back the real strippers pls. (and make'em really aggressive ones too) With the jiggly physics in now, put pasties on the bits that seem to cause people to go spastic. (would kinda funny to see) Course the strippers should have the garter with a few dollar bills stuck in it. Mind you, I do NOT suggest lap dances from these dancers. nope nope nope! (nor any of the .. ahem, "extra services") Zombie Apocolypse, we're blowing up, dismembering etc, and someone(s) is worried about a Strip Club? (I know, don't feed the trolls. but I do like the idea of the jiggly pasties)
  7. Government buildings? Finally a use for all that dynamite I keep finding. (or a stack of 500 gas barrels from creative, and a rocket launcher) We Didn't Start the Fire. (but I'm gonna FEED it!) 😛
  8. Don't forget to look for Bob's Boars. Lots of meat, fat, bones, cobblestone and cement. You can even take out Grace with a primitive bow if you're careful (and have a LOT of arrows) Hint: don't fall into her pit. Personally, I go into mining early AND cookery. Lvl 2 cook so I can use the cans of chili/salmon for better foods, and not need eggs so much.
  9. Ever try the .454 Casull ? Firing that caused heads to turn at the range. "W.T.F!! was THAT?!?!"
  10. Addams Family house. (gonna need a train set to blow up tho) Resident Evil 1 Mansion has been mentioned, but we need...... The Hive! Area 52 Puzzle Palace. (aka the Pentagon) Maybeery, er Mayberry. 😛 all I can think of on one cup of coffee on a Monday morning.
  11. New Bunker: Central HQ (or whatever it was called)..... From "Get Smart" Have fun opening all those doors. heh.
  12. Been getting the same thing recently. Same T3 POI from 2 traders. It's a nice POI with some good stuff (lotsa brass and candles) The one with the graveyard in the basement.
  13. Had that last night. Wasn't dead though. Was in the sit up "shoot me now" pose. So I hopped off the chopper and shot'im. He stopped then.
  14. crunched the block wall at the porch (it's boarded and sealed now. tempfix) yes, the peeled out and took off. (they were caught) By the time I ran downstairs, he was gone. No boomsticks, I but I had my baseball bat handy. (Q3 aluminum)
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