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  1. I always buy up all the corn meal when it shows at the vendor. It's super cheap, and don't need all that much, just saves on converting corn (which I do need) Taters I buy, shrooms early on yes, later on no. Canned stuff, never did before, now I am.
  2. Slower progression is fine, the regular wooden club is actually useful now, for a surprisingly long time. Stam drain for mining.... um... 3 pts in sexrex and iron tools you can pretty much mine non stop (short pauses)... steel, not so much. stone tools, yup, easy, but takes forever to mine anything. eating more often, that may need a little tweaking (same on stam) Nowhere near a bad as 17. Different from 18, oh yes. LOVE the faceplanting of the zombies. DO NOT LIKE: Fat mama falling out of the ceiling right on your head. Need Brain Bleach now! graaaaahhh!! (ok, the ginormouse gramma panties is a nice touch) 😛
  3. Bigger backpack, storage boxes, vehicle storage. yup. I use'em too. Even with the absurdly large backpack, if I clear say, shotgun messiah, I have to put a storage box down just inside the entrance. Managing inventory is one thing, micromanaging is something else. same with 3 slots for the forge. even with that it still takes a long time (or a lotta forges) to make things in quantity) I'll also change a few of the stack sizes later, more for consistency. (concrete/cement to 6k from 1, and I changed iron darts to 1500, since that's how many it takes to fill 1 dart trap. Bullet stacks I also changed. Mostly since I make those in absolutely insane amounts) Bandages/FA kits etc, I left alone. Had a box full of those in a18, but I did like the lower stack numbers. Although upping them to 10 from 5 just to keep them the same with regular bandages... maybe. just my 2 coppers.
  4. Sorry to hear that. The storage/backpacks mostly work. Found the storage box issue. what Weps said, I just changed the 1 to a 5. adding the line does make more sense.
  5. odd, the storage boxes while working now, don't seem to be bigger... 8x9 instead of the 13x11 hrmm.. ok, the secure storage box is the right size, but the wooden storage box is not. (the one that takes nails to make)
  6. y'all know I'm gonna be slorshed by the time I get these tested and working. 96, 120 either is way better than the default. (mind you, I can overload the 120 later on, but..) yep, 1078 did the trick. I'll try Khaines thing with the bars later. that's enough farting about with the mods for now. Time to kill zeds and drinsksies moars beers. (I've had a few....) Canada Day tomorrow, so early start... thanks all.
  7. I was testing in Linux, so switched to windows to try. everything is updating now... Should just be a matter of changing the position, but I can't see where that would go. umf.
  8. the 120 slot backback with bigger player storage, the 2 boxes overlap. need to move the storage box left a bit. ok, so why do mine mess up... hrm... ohh wait... nope, no go. storage boxes overlap with the backpack, and not getting anywhere near the number of non-overloaded slots as before. Only using the 120+player one, and the vehicle one. deleted the rest. phooey!
  9. I'll check them after work myself. figured the huds would be broked, but the storage/crafting is what I'm really after.
  10. Going to add a "Pleeeaaasseeee!!!" to the above.
  11. It's teasing us! mumble..... ya sneaks! oh well, back to work for me..
  12. If you change PROMOTIONAL to ADVERTISING, then it should be clear that reaching the widest audience is the goal. Thus, the follow/subs minimum count. (think ratings on tv) Has zip, zero, nada about loyalty. It's an Advertising/Marketing thing. I'd love to be streaming the game this weekend. Nope, don't even have 500 followers yet, nevermind 5000. So what, I can wait a couple more days. We always get the same thing each streamer weekend. (and I'm outta popcorn again dagnabbit!) 😛
  13. I don't use many of the temp perk stuff, but, for laughs, try a run and gun on horde night, BUT, bring a buncha orange crush things. Think Benny Hill here. (and with with maxed iron stomach, you get a nice length of time)
  14. Hardware store and gun store are what I try to hit early. For the obvious reasons. I expect to find iron tools at least, and some guns in the gunstore. (same for gun safes, although ammo is good too)
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