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  1. It could just be a display thing. Just show a cube of the distance that is set in the config. It always has gone down to bedrock, and up forever. Just easier to code for the green box. (then again, they could change it to just show a hollow box too, but no idea what the code looks like.)
  2. If they can crawl through a 1 block opening, I hope we can have a guillotine trap added then. heh-heh-heh
  3. I make as many doors as I'm going to "need", place them, if wrong, creative mode to get more until placed correctly. Simply because, we will mess up placing them. (gonna try placing from outside next time and see) I also do the same for drawbridges, because getting those placed properly is a big pita. (pretty much have to fly up to be able to see where the blasted thing goes)
  4. "Nuclear Launch Detected.... hrmmmmmmmmm....."
  5. Bears don't seem to like a face full of steel knuckles.. oh, he doesn't have a face anymore. or a head. Ok, now he can't eat me, so guess I'll eat him. *slice*dice*roast* 😛
  6. I like the Oh @%$#z Drops for jumping off skyscrapers. Otherwise, I don't use them much after the early stages. Coffee on the other hand....
  7. Getting a sprained arm while doing melee is really frustrating. The takeaway is, don't let yerself get swarmed. If you do get swarmed, break out the guns.
  8. Default is 8 zombies at a time, max is 64. Yes, early BM do finish early. (first one in particular) Crank up the difficulty, and they are harder to kill. Up the numbers and then there are more of them to kill. Just did day 63 (90 min days tho), 32 zeds, 1 up on difficulty and was done by 3am. Took a few thousand bullets and darts though. (was surprised I got them all before dawn again though) Mind you, my base took a LOT of prep to make, and I could have just sat there and done nothing all night. (60 dart traps) More
  9. The old way was just tedious to fertilize the ground, as well as hard to see. I prefer the new way. I can alternate blocks of farm so that the nasty plants are easier to hit and not take out a surrounding seed that then has to be replanted. (and the checkerboard pattern looks purty)
  10. They are both still in Pregen02 Both look the same up top, and down below from what I recall from before. No zeds to clear in either one either. (the small one makes a great starter base, already has a fence around it, easy to upgrade. The other used to be good until diggers showed up (blech))
  11. Adblock plus, block element, click on sidebar. buh-bye.
  12. I have some on the steps up, then the corridor. Split in 2 parts. If I leave the front half on, I only get to see the occasional head pop up, and then fall over. So I keep the first 7 off mostly, until I hear the demos growl. Then it goes on. (or if I need to repair the machine gun) 52 is still a lot, and will pretty much take care of everything. (and yep, feeding them is not trivial)
  13. 52 Dart traps? heh. Amateur! I use 60. yes, it takes a LOT of iron to feed them. (btw, with a corridor and the dart traps, you don't need the blade traps)
  14. Got 2 more from BM loot bags. Of course, there were a lot of bags to check. (next time, I turn the generators off before going to loot them, not just the switches) (I thought I turned the switches to OFF, but instead, turn the front half ON...) (I died) 😜
  15. Do NOT walk into your own electric fence triggering 4 dart traps though. You. WILL. Die. FAST! (yes, I did that again) oops.
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