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  1. find a ostrich hotel, wrench all the beds, tons of springs there
  2. do you have a controller plugged in?
  3. The current consoles can in NO WAY handle the current version of the game, so there’s no point in moaning "when will we get the current version", it’s just not possible! That’s why they "suggested” that in the future, a “possible” version “might” be made depending on the specs of the “then” consoles It’s like me saying, “damn I'm @%$#ed off I can't get Elite Dangerous to work on my Commodore Amiga, blame the ED programmers!!!!!”
  4. becareful about leaving uncompleted quests, in quest lists, after some time the player will spam IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. constantly and wil be unable to open or interact with any boxes, workbenches etc. i couldnt figure out why it was happening, but fixed it, i had to login with her character (swapping her steam id with mine), i noticed about 20 or more uncompleted quests in her list i deleted those and the index out of range error , stopped, and she was able to continue it seems that after a while quests doesnt exist and her character was listing them, causeing the constant spamming of the error its a known bug i spoke to OC of servertools, and hes found/fixed it so that wont happen again, itll be in the latest version of ST
  5. yep agree there, ive got 3 monitors, in games like this and fps shooters, its too much of a eyeball/head strain, ED is ace for 3 screen etc, because you "know its there" and dont have to focus on that "window" untill you need to look at it i thought some time back that having such a wide screen like the OP has would benefit me, so i was thinking about getting one but now i wouldnt, aspect ratio and all that just wouldnt work, having a massive widescreen like that is, in a way, trying to be close as possible to VR, i suppose i wont be getting one but hey, if the OP likes it then fair enough also, as its just 1 monitor, how can you do a window-key/keyboard arrow to sort stuff out, you cant
  6. is it possible server side, to have the "we are going to try to kick your ass" music off, or is it a setting each player has on their side?
  7. anyone worked out yet where the hypen comes from? Ive looked through all texts, just cant see - anywhere
  8. Everyone knows and hears, when a zed is coming for you, because of the music, its obvious, the music changes when there are none "going for you", it goes back to the random tunes, when nothing is focused on you
  9. Tyksie or the yellow Perla if i can get my hands on it
  10. "watcha torkin aboot willis" - (im bad at accents)
  11. im just setting this up on my server and noticed similar letter weird bits in the characters, is it the font used?
  12. could it be because the C drive is where windows is installed and theres some protection to write to it, just a thought, i dunno
  13. same here, didnt work on a desktop folder, mine was C://blah blah/desktop/kinggen so i put on my second smaller SSD and all works fine generated a 10k map, with increased cities and towns sizes etc, in 5 mins!! brilliant, and i havent even got a super nuclear PC (and still windows 7 64bit)!! so pleased someone is working an a map gen
  14. yep that was it, for some reason it didnt like a folder on my c drive desktop
  15. i get an error Exception in Tkinter callback Traceback (most recent call last): File "tkinter\__init__.py", line 1892, in __call__ File "gui.py", line 661, in generate_world File "settings.py", line 26, in dump_settings PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '.\\KingGenConfig.txt' everything default apart from trying a 10k map an no terrain roughness
  16. i use 10k maps for my dedicated, i suppose i could try your 16k's, the more the options the better though, when you fix the roads/poi placings etc, ill try yours other than nitrogens
  17. I'm still win 7, generator worked fine made a vanilla 16k map, was fast BUT Some major poi placement issues, no compo pack used
  18. Please code in a way that pushes, even if temporary, modlets custom icons, when joining servers, surely cant be that hard to do, it would make us modlet makers lives a whole lot easier, and will enhance the visual look, theres a lot of us good icon makers out here, that get frustrated that we cant show our work in our modlets, due to the restriction please devs "Make it so"
  19. "factory reset"!! then no, all its lost, its basically a wipe and restart back to when the computer was made or its 1st version of windows was installed, i guess there were a lot of updates to be done ? or did the "expert" tell you how to roll back an update?
  20. where is your server hosted?, you said you ping is 50ms, which isnt that bad, when downloading the map does it take more than 5 mins, and does it get to about 70% before it fails? also as said above, remove norton
  21. " It is a server and if it has some mod, zombies and some other it may be but the rest of the people will go and it works for me if I enter another server. And mod that I have used apart in some personal game I do not have one" google translate is it you that is hosting, as you seemed to of said, that you can go into other servers without a problem, but "other will leave"?
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