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A17 Screenshot Requests


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Hey Guys,


I have been given authorization to shortly start sharing screenshots of already revealed aspects of A17 to the Facebook and Twitter feeds for the game. I don't yet have posting privileges on those sites but that should come online here in the next week. I'm looking for requests. I mean I know there can never be enough examples of lighting and architecture but just in case someone was hoping to see something in a screen that is mentioned in the list of new features on the OP of the Dev Diary let me know and I'll focus on those things.


I'll be posting on those social media sites but will repost here each time I do.


In case you wish to follow these sites here they are:








Prime and Wretched Dollie will also be posting to these sites.


Let me know what you want to see!

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If you can show the skills/perks window it'd be nice.

The new Inventory when it's with 27 slots or so.

If the minibike still exist in the game a screenshot of the creative menu with that keyword.

Maybe some of the settings(video/audio) and the character profiles(presets).

The new RWG menu UI and maybe the UI where games are started/created/deleted ect.

The debug menu if it looks any different. I may post again because I'm out of ideas without looking at the opening of the diary.

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Some things I'd like to see:


-View from the mountains of Navezgane showing distant trees ad POIs

-Stunned zombie ragdolling but not cliping through blocks

-Quest dialog

-POI editor/Terrain Editor/Map previewer

-Another player aiming up or down

-Aerial view of Perishton and Diersville

-Roland bunny hoping his bicycle over a zombie bear


Special bonus points for combining all of it in a single screenshot

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1-I'm curious about the party system. It says on the list that you can share xp points with other party members. Does it tell you how much xp you got on screen? If it does, I'd like to see a screenshot of that.


2-Also, under water decorations! I'd like to see what kind of decorations there are.


3-There seems to be additional paint textures, I'd like to see the paint texture list.


4-If possible, shotgun messiah factory exterior.

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