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  1. New update. Small one but a good one since no one wants bear hordes every day lol Patch 7.2.2 Wandering Hordes after GS100 will no longer only spawn bears Chrome, Aluminum and Tungsten Tools and Weapons can now be smelted properly
  2. Patch Released. No Wipes Necessary **Warning** Empty your Water Filtration Unit before updating. The WFU is reverting to the previous way. This update will change the WFU and if you do not remove your materials it will destroy them. When updating your UI's will be reset. This is an unfortunate side effect of how the code calls for the various UI. You will NEED to go into your mods folder and delete ALL the OptionalUI folders. Once you have done this you can update as usual. You will need to go back in and select your preferred UI again and restart the game. This will save your ui choice. Patch 7.2.1 Addition: Newspaper Lore with Icons by Sinder as well as Newspaper Vendor Boxes randomly to the world. Addition: Craftable Flag in PWB You can place to note where you looted Balance: All Arrows Now Do More Damage Balance: Sledgehammer XP Increased Balance: Lessened chance of arrow heads in stiffs boxes Balance: Output of Mortar Increased Balance: Bows Do More Damage Balance: XP Rewards for Archery Skill Increased Balance: Probability of Honey Comb Increased in Stumps Balance: Probability of Honey Comb from Wasteland Treasure Perk Increased Change: Xp Defecits are 25 percent instead of 50 percent per death Change: Jar of Honey from trees in Wasteland Treasure Changed to Honey Combs Change: Now you only lose 2x your XP level before it caps instead of 5 Change: Wood Spikes can now also be made in Table Saw and doubles the yield of craft Change: Research Desk Added to BlackRaven POI Fix: War Hammer should now have proper damage Fix: Cobblestone repairs now take mortar Fix: Nulls caused by Zombie Cops Fix: Spider Audio Causing Nulls Fix: Lockpicks would not unlock at Great Heist Completed Fix: Localization on Colored Vehicles Fix: Navezgane Poster
  3. Patch Notes Preview for the 7.2.1 Patch Addition: Newspaper Lore with Icons by Sinder as well as Newspaper Vendor Boxes randomly to the world. Balance: All Arrows Now Do More Damage Balance: Sledgehammer XP Increased Balance: Lessened chance of arrow heads in stiffs boxes Balance: Output of Mortar Increased Balance: Bows Do More Damage Balance: XP Rewards for Archery Skill Increased Change: Xp Defecits are 25 percent instead of 50 percent per death Change: Now you only lose 2x your XP level before it caps instead of 5 Change: Wood Spikes can now also be made in Table Saw and doubles the yield of craft Fix: War Hammer should now have proper damage Fix: Cobblestone repairs now take mortar Fix: Nulls caused by Zombie Cops Fix: Spider Audio Causing Nulls Fix: Lockpicks would not unlock at Great Heist Completed Fix: Localization on Colored Vehicles
  4. Wait. Does this mean I can demand my money back from Showtime for subscribing to Dexter? They owe me for that damn finale
  5. To tag on to your point I would say being a blue collar "house flipper" who developed a game they wanted to play actually worked out in their favor. Go stroll through Twitch, or through server discords. You will see a LOT of middle aged to older aged players. Right alongside younger ones. I would say that their life experience actually puts them MORE in tune with what the common player enjoys and wants to see in a game. I've never seen a more diverse group of players in terms of age than this one.
  6. Ravenhearst 7.2.0 for 19.2b4 Stable has Released Now available on the Launcher Client Files Server Files Head to our Discord for bug reports, help and information. We hope you guys enjoy this edition, but remember it is still unfinished so expect issues, bugs and possibly wipes until we reach stable 7. Patch Time! A Wipe May Be Necessary, New Install Needed Updated to Stable 19.2b4 Addition: Cubish Poi by evilracc0on Addition: More Vanilla Foods Balance: Reduced xp on air drop zeds Balance: Lowered probability of bear and dire wolf spawns Fix: Safe Loot should never be empty Fix: Fish Trap Had Misspelt Name and wouldnt unlock Fix: Movie Posters were not in the correct position Fix: Primitive Repair Kit Sell Prices Fix: Surf and Turf recipe Fix: Scrap Tools and New Weapons Now have craft quality Fix: Air Drops No Longer Destroy on Close Fix: Cult POI Fix: Gun Parts should now unlock and show unlock by Fix: Empty Gas Cans stack to 1250 Fix: Added a singe craft to most quests to avoid null fly throughs Fix: New weapons given proper Localization Fix: Coffeemaker exploit Fix: Pwb items can now be made in workbench Change: Fish foods moved to survival campfire Change: Removed Random Stats System Change: New Water Filtration System Change: End Game Foods added to Stoves Only Change: Weapons and Tools no longer have random stats Change: Logs and wood and sticks yield more in table saw
  7. What? The game had pois so you CAN search.... which you need to do anyway to find the duct tape you refuse to craft. The game also shouldn't take into account you playing above your level and be balanced based on that choice. In essence you are saying I do horde every night but because I do I don't have time to waste in pois looking for a pot. The solution is horde every night is a bit difficult so I'll do horde every other night. Not make this easier for me.
  8. Thank god this was moved out of dev diary, was afraid someone would actually read my post. We moving all the "omg it looks amazing cant wait" posts too? since those definitely fall under discussions, albeit more positive ones. One of the reasons i will never say i wasted money on it, or regret buying it. It gave me over 4000 hours of amazing enjoyment. But even the strongest most classic of cars run out of mileage and cant be amazing forever. Stronger shinier faster models are always an inevitability.
  9. Glad you are seeing it now. A lot of us have been arguing this for years but we were treated like a group of morons who were holding back the games potential. Im sorry but I am not into this whole Fallout/WoW inspired clothing system. We wanted better armor and clothing choices but we did not ask for set bonuses and tiered raid style junk. Now with biomes getting gamestaged like WoW zones (good job on removing the extra biomes btw BEFORE adding in zoning makes a lot of sense) I am starting to think my time is coming to an end with this game. Which is quite sad as I have so many good memories but i played 7 days because it was 7 days. The team seems intent on becoming a poor clone of every other game out there so why would i keep playing this one when i can play the superior versions of all of this? A16 will always be the prime for me in this game, and as we go forward I see glimpses of brilliance but the avalanche of generic shooter/looter survival mechanics that are replacing a once complex and fun core game are making it quite difficult to keep coming back for more. Compare the complexity and gameplay from 16 to today and what you have is a shorter more simplistic version of 7 days that looks amazing. Something i wont deny is the art and style have come a LONG way but the growing trend of games looking gorgeous with having little to no substance is a sad one in this day and age of gaming. Wish i could be more excited for the road ahead. Maybe the games outgrown me. I dont think so though as i can load up older versions and still sink hours into those. So its good we have that option. Just wish I could be on the hype train for whats to come. Things have been going in this direction for a while. They prefer simplicity over complexity, streamline over choice. Thing is this one seems to hit a few more folks than the other stuff we used to comment on. Simplified farming, removing resources, removing LBD, gun parts, simplifying meats etc are all things people used to discuss but none seemed important enough. Some of us were constantly reminded about our over reactions. Yet here we are, 20 alphas later and STILL removing content. Clothing is just the next in line to get the hand of simplicity reach down and sweep it into the sea.
  10. I for one can not wait to see nerd poling on the big screen. The special effects on a quest reset house will be worth the price of admission alone. If i may be serious, how about collectible action figures of the zeds? Id buy those in a heartbeat.
  11. You have extremely high expectations of things in alpha states. As a modder who appreciates vanilla and can actually play vanilla with no complaints I AM interested in your answer to Rolands question. While i feel mods greatly enhance the experience, there is no mod I would ever say, my own included, that i NEEDED to play the vanilla game.
  12. Yep. Probably the greatest thing about investing your money into forming a company and then investing time to creating a game is that indeed you CAN set the rules in that universe you have created. So you are correct.
  13. 7.1.2 Released Fix: Scrap Tools Not Crafting in Quality Fix: ModInfo Error Causing Launcher Null Fix: Icon for Infected Water
  14. Ravenhearst 7.1.0 for 19.1b8 Stable has Released Client Files Server Files **Patch 7.1.0 for 19.1b8 Stable** Addition: Christmas Trees (Suck It Wook) Addition: Wookie Selectable UI - Now you can choose your UI. Requires Full Game Reboot Addition: Jukebox Addition: Radios Addition: Record Players Addition: Box Truck Addition: Dirt Bike Addition: Ability to empty jars with right click Addition: Golf Cart Addition: Golf Club Addition: Firearms Extended Modlet with 12 New Guns Addition: Perk Books Added to Loot Addition: Caves (Need feedback on Stability) Addition: Scrap versions of our high end ores. Coming soon ore versions of vanilla metals Addition: Night Terrors Addition: Nightmares Addition: Over a dozen plus new POIs by evilracc0on Addition: Added josefpatch Melee Weapon Pack Addition: Sinders Fixes, Rebalances and Modifications for multiple Evilrac0on POIS Addition: Wookies DMT Fix for Traders Respawning in Place while Alive Addition: Flags (Not animated and some missing but WIP) Addition: Movie Posters (More to Come) Balance: Lowered Nail Craft from Bent Nail to 2 seconds Balance: Stone Axe and Pickaxe Are Now More Durable Balance: Boiled Water in Jar removed from normal campfire Balance: Increased empty gas can counts in car harvests and loot Balance: Gamestaged Wasteland Balance: Horde Night will now last until 4am Balance: Prim Bow and Spear and Sledgehammer recipes adjusted Balance: Ore Nodes No Longer Give Stone Balance: Increased Honey from Bee Hives Balance: increased Water from Collectors Balance: Increased chance of Bee Hive and Collector Schematic Drops Balance: Gas recipes and loot increased all around Balance: Increased zombie night sight Balance: Store Shelf Loot should yield better loot Balance: Medical Box Loot has had junk removed from its lists Change: Torch no longer levels blunt Change: New Well Model Change: Finishing weapon quests now gives a top tier schematic for the weapon in that line Change: You will now get 15 Action Skill Levels in the class weapon of your choice Change: Skyscraper Lowered to tier 4 Fix: Supply Crates Do Not Destroy on Loot Fix: Quest Text Numbering Fix: Vanilla Perk Description Changes Fix: Crops should now yield 2 crops and 1 seed Fix: Fuel Value on Sticks Fix: Craft Output Amounts on Forge Materials Fix: Description on Crowbar Fix: Pallet of Limestone Recipe Fix: Catcher, Composter, BeeHive should no longer be able to be placed in close vicinity to each other Fix: Pickaxes should now mine proper ores of next tier Fix: Wrench Recipe No longer Nulls Fix: Urban Combat and Fireman Almanac Perk Book Lines Adjusted properly to fully unlock Fix: Removed unneeded Miner 69er perk causing craft issues Fix: Irrigation Not pumping Water Fixed. 60 minutes for Pump to Fill, 5 minutes for Pipes to fill, 60 minutes for refills Fix: Dropped Backpacks No Longer Delete Some Items Fix: Sledgehammer no longer level blunt Fix: Trader prices increased Removal: Raw Meat Update: Tormented Emus Terrain Array DMT Mod to work with Linux Update: Spherecore and Legacy Terrain DMT Mods
  15. I swear I can g back over your posts and se multiple requests for simplification and removal of items. Like whats up? "Hey MM since frames are made of wood how about we just make wood turn into frames on harvest." I get yall are over actual complex gameplay but can we not remove crafting from everything.
  16. I am proud to announce that I have been streaming and will be starting a Ravenhearst 19.2 preview. It will be a permadeath No POI Takeover play. We have made Affiliate today! I know this may not mean much to some but for me its a milestone. I have always wanted to hang out with my community and to know that enough of you actually find me tolerable is amazing to me, especially with everything I have going on. I do not know what this means for the future but I'm going to continue to share my time and plays with you. I also plan on fancying up my page, including emotes, alert sounds etc so the time you guys spend there will be more enjoyable. Thank you to everyone who helped me to achieve this. My channel will mainly consist of Ravenhearst plays, some vanilla, previews of my Romero Tribute Scavengers of the Living Dead mod as it develops as well as community voted gaming. So come on by and say hello if you have the time. Its much appreciated. Demand releases! Bug fixes! LOL You have me cornered. JaxTeller718 Twitch Page
  17. I think i found the reason you all lost 100k players. Just read the chat in some of those clips. Camping level 1's? Yeah man, sorry. Somehow your evidence of amazing PVP turned out to be just a video of troll kills. A true PVP experience set inside this world of 7 days would involve factions, territories, loot runs under fire etc. Not just jump shooting a noob in the face with an M60
  18. Patch Time! No Wipes Needed, Files in Data and Mods Folder changed so do a resync/redownload **Patch 7.0.2 for 19.0b180 Stable** ``` Fix: Wood Stoves Had Incorrect Window Title Fix: Air Drops Will No Longer Break Fix: Lowered Infernal Dog Health Fix: Removed all instances of raw meat. Toss yours out Fix: Table Saw Schematic Added to Research Desk Fix: Stone Pick Power Swing Drains Stamina Now Fix: Gas Pumps Were Breaking into thin air Fix: Incorrect Numbering on Open Quests Fix: Localization on Wooden Boards Balance: Air Drop Timer Corrected Balance: Stone Axe and Pickaxe will Last Longer ```
  19. EDIT: Never mind i got it fixed. user error lol
  20. We knew about it and its fixed in relese. Not offended just didnt realize people could access it. 7.0.1 for A19.0b180 Stable is now Released!!! Links in first post
  21. Sorry NOT better. Not interested in Fallout Lite
  22. So you decided to use an in progress developer version, not ready for release or advertised as such, because you "needed" to use it. If you are interested in testing join our Discord and sign on as a tester. Not grab copies that aren't officially released. Anyways in hopefully happier news In preparation for the release of Ravenhearst 7.0.1 here are the Patch Notes so you can get familiar with what has changed. Release is in a few days barring any emergency issues arising from server testing. Updated to Harmony2 Updated to Stable 19.0b180 Addition: Zombies now have random heights Addition: Armor Bench Recipe Addition: Darker Nights and Interiors Modlet (Already bracing for the response to this one) Addition: Added Sinders Smoke Filled T5 Pois Indicating Radiation Addition: Xyths Animal Pack with Crow, Spiders. May need some balancing. Addition: Death Penalty is now more Harsh Addition: Jerky, Salt and Trail Mix Addition: Screws to Powered Recipes Addition: Robears pallets Addition: Admin XP and Skill Books Addition: Set of Kukri Addition: Baton Addition: Archery, Blade, Blunt Class Addition: Firearms Classes Addition: Food Processor Addition: Cling Wrap and Preservation Barrel Addition: Journal with Pen and FULL Quest Line Addition: Ink to Research recipes and loot Addition: Poster and Journal items for opening quest Addition: Seed Packs Addition: Complete Journal Quest Line Addition: Terrain and Road Buffs Addition: Sharpened Stone Addition: Dried tea Leaves Addition: Composer and compost Addition: Turds Addition: Worms Addition: Empty Gas Cans Addition: new quests to opening quest Addition: Sounds Folder in prep for custom sounds Addition: Canned Water Addition: Wave of Sinder redone rad Tier 5 pois with Smoke Addition: Empty Gas Cans added in loot and craft Addition: Wookies No Station Storage DLL and Module Checker Addition: Fertilizer Addition: Wookies Fix for Workstations. Fuel and Tools will now work but you cant place items in them Addition: Additional Poster. More to come Addition: Wookies Random Sound Dll. Now a sound cue will play randomly. Very much work in progress Addition: Several POI fixes and sleeper placements by Sinder Addition: New Meat Icons Addition: Mumpfy New Zombie Textures (Biker, Joe, Janitor, Arlene, Darlene, Steve, Fat Mama) Addition: Tormented Emu Texture DLL Addition: New Personal Workbench Model Addition: New Opening Book Model Addition: Stone Well Addition: Can Insects Addition: Bug Kabob Addition: Grey and Red Smoke Variants Addition: Fixed Up Kuldin House Balance: Table Saws in World Now Work Balance: Replaced Stalactites with Salt Deposits Balance: Fog should start soft in morning and get thicker by night Balance: Scaled Spawns Back Slightly Balance: Uncooked Insects now hit for 1 health Balance: Removed Storage from Wood Helper Balance: Added screws to Metal Helper Recipe Balance: Replaced wood with Planks in Wood Helper Recipe Balance: Garage Shelf Upgraded to 28 Slots for Storage Balance: Increased repair times on all items Balance: Reduced Amount of Zombies and Animals in CP for Performance Balance: Changed Starter Crate Balance: Rebalanced some books and updated descriptions Balance: Reorganized and redid the Opening Quest. Balance: Changed handles recipe Balance: Compost and Fertilizer Added to Seed Recipe Balance: Redid all station recipes so they are in line with reality and the journal Balance: Increased XP Needed to level all action skills Balance: Increased time on Pallet crafting Balance: Infection persists through death Balance: Death Penalty Increased. Now you lase 50 percent per death XP. Cap raised to 5 levels of xp loss so dont die! Balance: Increased durability of all items Balance: Removed T4 from damaging you to Radiation Balance: Mixed up the RWG Mixer for vanilla and custom POI entries for more diversity in RWG worlds Balance: Rad Suits Will No Longer Break Balance: Bicycle can now be made in PWB Balance: Updated New Default Settings to Play On Balance: Infection will now persist through death Balance: When you die you will now respawn with 60 percent food and water Balance: Moved Chemistry Station to Physician 3 Balance: Moved various deco to decorating table Balance: Moved some items out of PWB Balance: wood frame recipes to 12 wood instead of planks Balance: Lowered Physician Perk Benefits slightly Balance: Lowered Lucky Looter Loot Times Balance: Lowered Daring Adventurer Perks Balance: Lowered Pain Tolerance Perk Balance: Lowered amount needed to make forging plate Balance: Rebar and Iron Frame Recipes Balance: Increased Zombie Speeds Balance: Thinned out Animals Balance: Assigned Tiered Damage to Zombies Balance: Heat Mapping on All Stations Balance: Shortened Zombie Reach Slightly Fix: Repair Kits are now properly named Fix: AK Schematic Call removed in Action Skill Fix: Insect Trap Cant Be Looted Fix: Auger Harvesting Fix: Wrench should now craft at proper quality Fix: Loot Window Searching Fix: Removed Empty Jar Mold Fix: Rad Suit Resistance to radiation Increased Fix: Fist Weapons Increasing Blunt Weapons Skill Fix: Bone Fragments No Longer Scrap Fix: Main Menu Updated Fix: Tanning Rack and Survival Campfire added to PWB Fix: Growth times on farming. It is now 120 a stage Fix: Iron and Steel Arrowheads added to Working Stiffs Fix: Grace Now Drops Proper Resources Fix: Added Casket Helper Fix: Yucca Smoothie now Cools You down Fix: Icee Now Cools You Down Fix: Storage Tags to Safes Fix: Locked Research Desk Fix: Many Localization and Icon Fixes Fix: Wood Stove not showing survival campfire recipes Fix: Open Quest Change Fix: Composter now gives fertilizer Fix: Gas Pumps will now downgrade when looted Fix: Online requirement from Z2 removed Fix: Gas pumps can now be upgraded with empty gas cans and looted over time Fix: Lucky Looter times were incorrect Fix: shotgun turret recipe asking for wrong parts Fix: gun pieces in loot not being proper RH gun parts Fix: Descriptions on Clothing and Armor to show Which Repair Kit is Needed Fix: Leather Strips Scrapping Fix: unlock info on salads Fix: Stone Axes giving car parts Removal: Cooler Recipe Removal: Thumper :( (Does not work on servers) Removal: Iron Tools from PWB Removal: Config File Removal: Fishing Portion of Journal since its broken Removal: Weather Modlets because they interfered with desired fog effect Removal: Removed a few books Removal: Seeds givebacks on Crops Removal: Khaines Supply Crates Removal: Food Spoilage Removal: All newbie coats Removal: Parkour Removal: Steel Sledgehammer Parts from loot Removal: Spoilage Text from Storages Removal: Storage Pocket Mod Recipe Causing Nulls
  23. Thank you Scomar for updating this. Its become the default Scavengers Hud
  24. Working on getting these re-sorted and updated and confirmed working on stable, along with some new ones to add. Stay tuned guys and sorry for the absence, its been a rough week.
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