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  1. As if there was huge difference between hiding underground unreachable at night with hordes turned on as compared to hiding underground unreachable at night with hordes turned off.
  2. Huh? He can build an underground base with horde on as well. Ive done it.
  3. please stop pretending that anyone is trying to tell you how to play.
  4. Hello my Stallion. Just curious of the work that needs to be done for this next release, it seems like a TON!! Resizing all POIs to fit standard tile sizes? Block conversion? Add power quest to POIs? Something to do with RWG placement like tags or something? Anything else?? As always just want to say you guys are awesome.
  5. Please share if you can mod it. Im already thinking one quest per week instead of 1 per day. It would be nice for the trader to enforce it so i dont have to keep track of it. This would promote random exploration to get materials and levels and dukes… instead of just cranking out X quests per day like a robot and swimming in dukes and skill points. Ideally it can be a menu option provided by @faatal down the road!
  6. Have you brought this up with the TFP crew? I think its great idea... Even diminishing returns per day or some such.
  7. Great post. Ive done some research on my own about a similar situation. It seems the Witcher 3 will never be Designed to handle 50 players at the same time. Let me know if you want all the details Ive uncovered.
  8. Is one the back door? Maybe there IS a reason
  9. Thats what she tells you but then behind your back she complains to her best friends and when they meet you they give you funny looks and you feel embarased and it makes me want to cry and never come outside and meet chicks again. /cry So ive heard
  10. Like a runaway stray dog in the rain.
  11. This should be welcome news for everyone. My only remaining question is, will there be a way to identify these HP values easily, maybe inside the shape selector? some kind of indicator on each shape?
  12. No, but my turds were so powerful you had to remove them.
  13. Im not a big builder type guy here so not much skin in the game. That being said it is pretty stupid to nerf some blocks HP without making them take less mats to build/upgrade or even know how much HP they have before you build it. My blocky bases will be just as happy as ever but that doesn't make this any less dumb.
  14. I had to severely wipe about 20 minutes ago.
  15. You are a complete suckup. @Roland, you are looking handsome today.
  16. LBD talk again? really? Im gonna go jump off a bridge, later.
  17. G-Ratio... no idea... I can explain G-Spot though.
  18. Anything can be explained away if u are creative enough. It doesnt change the fact that its a stupid game mechanic. At least make it so i get infected from walking into an iron spike for consistency sake, lol Let me put it in a way TFP may agree. The poor new players will rage quit when a non infected bear infects them, i mean u gotta make it new player friendly right? Being infected by a non infected boar on Day 1 and dying is not a good first impression. Please, make the experience for new customers a good one
  19. As much as I like added difficulty in this game — and I can probably list hundreds of ways Id like to increase it. This would not make it on my list by a longshot. This seems like the proverbial, “Its not a bug, its a feature”. Please TFP, just sit back think of how weird this seems for any of the non infected animals. If you like that it adds diffuculty, I get it, just pick a way to add difficulty that isnt as sloppy as this.
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