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  1. it would be even easier if we just had something called blocks and not had to worry about about upgrading at all, right?
  2. can we get one of these bad boys?
  3. extra traps? extra traps? extra traps? not sure why that posted 3 times, lol
  4. Do buildings in random gen have to be placed on tiles? Seems like things will be a loss less random looking once u see the tiles over and over.
  5. Im scared that this new tile system with specific building sizes is gonna kill the the pack. Please make me feel better and tell me im wrong
  6. This one is so easy I wont even waste my talent on it, also, Im the one in the back
  7. but we are gamestaged at this point. So we should know when/what is coming
  8. Skyrim type setting with RNG and Fully Destructible / Buildable world. and nudity, lots and lots of nudity.
  9. The question is, do people owe ME anything after they purchase my latest XXX film?
  10. Dissapointed, but I already expect to be disappointed, so in turn I won't be disappointed. I don't use the built in random gen so I'm not sure I will even notice the improvements -- there are already several good ways to already generate good maps. So unless the results are far beyond my expectations -- then I see no difference. The funniest part of this one is they used to defend the random gen. I personally made several posts on how bad it was (after A16) until giving up on it and moving on to other methods. -- I got skewered by players.. devs.. and everyone in between. So, at least they have seen the light and are fixing it. Primitive weapons will be cool for the first few days until they are junk. Smaller upgrade path to materials - not good. The things looked the most interesting to me got pushed to to A21 -- character overhaul and AI/sleeper improvements. My feeling is Madmole is not interested in this Alpha as he was A18/19 -- this has all the signs of another A17 turd.
  11. I want them to be naked and look like Asian babes.
  12. The old coke was the new coke before it became the old coke…
  13. Im fairly certain it stands for dickens. Or something similar.
  14. I think thats the actual issue. It sucks to find an iron axe and then realizing your stone axe is better. They swing so much slower and drain so much stamina... its horrible
  15. Will A20 be possible to play naked?
  16. I can't add 2 plus 2. Does that mean addition is hard?
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