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  1. I can expose something for you, if u are interested.
  2. Haven't you learned that you upset peoples ego and epeen when you suggest turning down the difficulty?
  3. @Roland please bring back the turd reaction!
  4. Unless you are trying to trick me, 2.500 is the same as 2.5 , @Roland we need your help!
  5. What is the the consensus on a new and improved forum turd reaction?
  6. Awesome, 3 months sooner sounds great!
  7. Wait, the turd is gone? So nobody will ever beat my turd record? Why is it gone?
  8. What if I disagree to disagree?
  9. Pipe weapon? game changing? so for a few days early on I use a pipe pistol or whatever it is instead of a bow or blunderbluss? whoop dee doo.
  10. I'm going to be dishonest, I Agree.
  11. i realize that. Thats why pistols should be stronger on different days, im thinking day 10 through day 15
  12. what day numbers should pistols be stronger?
  13. This is a horrible idea. How gamey can this possibly get? If u cant survive the weak, small , 1st seven day horde, turn down the difficulty and then turn it up after day 7
  14. The thing is, they do think they are improving an existing system (upgrading blocks)., by dumbing, i mean streamlining it.
  15. Weird coincidence - my mom told me I was cool and handsome and everyone liked me. Are you my brother?
  16. Now there’s a plot twist Id never see coming.
  17. But you have to admit you are jealous of me holding the record for the post that got pooped on the most.
  18. Roland, apparently the poop emoji is toxic, can we get it removed? Lol. Toxicity is how you say something, not the point you are making. Saying i dont like this game because of x,y, and z is not toxic in itself. It very much matters HOW you say it. id bet the vast majority would agree that simply saying “You need to optimize A19 before A20” is NOT toxic. Edit: Sorry Roland, too late seeing your post.
  19. Do you even know what toxic means? "You need to optimize A19 before A20" is clearly misguided and completely wrong and not what the devs will do. Also, not even REMOTELY toxic. Toxic would be "Hey you stupid (insert curse word) --- can you optimize this Piece of (insert curse word) game so my friends and can play? you lazy (insert curse word) Devs
  20. Calling people toxic when they are not toxic is slang for. "I hug trees and can't handle criticism or tough questions"
  21. If you need another one night fling, let me know.
  22. Maybe the zombies can be streamlined into 3 versions, because 3 is magic, and more is too complex. Normal zombie, fat zombie (slow/strong), and skinny zombie (fast/weak).
  23. This would be amazing. You know the first thing I'd put up on my sign, of course.
  24. I think streamlining everything to be built in 1 station is the best route to go. Its too complicated having built not only a FORGE, but WORKBENCH, AND a chemistry station.. I mean how can you possibly figure out how to build and work all 3 of them. I mean.. The Cement mixer is the nail in the coffin for complexity. Just have one "Crafting Station" that builds everything.
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