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  1. That's because their trees are 7000 odd tri's, and their vision.. Certainly can be done. I did so for A18...
  2. Is certainly possible to achieve....
  3. Crazy right, who would do such a thing 😛
  4. They are only 1 hit in areas you've already explored. Any new area you uncover they will be normal HP. Or start a new game.
  5. Nice catch. Ive removed the comment end, Git has been updated if anyone wants to grab that one file. Nexus will get it in the next major update.
  6. Nope. Cant be done in any easy way to make it worthwhile doing.
  7. Holy log file batman. Pastebin that.
  8. Hi Jax, I know you have life going on now but someone is asking about UVM and the latest version of RH. UVM @ Nexus
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