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  1. I don't see any flickering
  2. Hi Alfa, there is, although I'm loading and placing with no errors. Yes the larger items are offset. 1 block items seem okay. This bug has been reported https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?139459-A18-3-b3-EXP-Bug-reports/page3 - - - Updated - - - Also https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?139459-A18-3-b3-EXP-Bug-reports/page3
  3. Your mods (Boxes, Decos, Floors) are too good not to share. Thanks again for your work!
  4. Hi, your Mods folder is correct. As soon as you copy it to this folder it should work. Just extract the modlet, or drag the folder from the zip, into it. Should look like this: Here's the thread Unnecessary but Beautiful Mod There are no recipes for them, yet, so the only way to get them is by going into the creative menu and taking them from there. Just search by typing HN. Here's another one you might like HN Christmas Mod I have them both and schnazzied up my base. Have fun! =)
  5. I was wondering where you were during this lol
  6. No issues here, thanks for updating. HNY!
  7. Thanks for the update Alfa!
  8. Bubo

    Adreden's Modlets

    I personally appreciated the work that you put into it 😂👍
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