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  1. There was a time it did flow....boy did it flow. You had to be extremely careful with water on hills. I remember one time a guy accidentally started water flowing on a steep mountain we had a base on. It took us hundreds and hundreds of frames to stop it. Then it took us forever to place blocks to remove the water so it would not continue to flood the place.
  2. I would have liked to have a sort of underground railway system. To use for mining. It would do away with the having to have the level ground on the surface as a lot of people have already done the thing of making a long tunnel they could drive a vehicle through to get from point A to point B. There have already been modded elevators added to game so the train could be a sort of sideways elevator. So you could have an elevator going down to your mining tunnel and a sideways elevator that takes you from point A to point B horizontally. I guess for now the driveable underground tunnel system is
  3. why are there guns in the sweet pic of the elevator we are getting?
  4. If you look in the title bars for your inventory and the chest you will see 2 icons that look like boxes with arrows. If you click the one in your inventory that has the 3 arrows it will move everything to the storage box (if there is room. Or so much as it can if there is not. Starting from slot 1). If you have some items already in the chest, say 1000 yucca and you click the box with the single arrow in your inventory it will move enough yucca from your inventory to the chest to complete a stack. It's fairly easy to figure out by playing with them. Ok, doh. Disregard
  5. When I use to get those marble looking ghost blocks I use to be able to hit F1, type pois and enter and it would (from what I could see) would turn off distant pois which fixed the problem. Now when I do it I get the message Distant pois not activated (or something similar, not sure now). Anyone know how to fix this.
  6. There is a mod that adds passengers to all vehicles but I haven't used it in a while
  7. I was wondering about the command I ran in console though. It show the speed as 1333 and not 1600. Am not complaining about my speed as everything seems to run ok for me but if I could get a little boost I wouldn't mind. Maybe I will go to bios and check it out straight from the horses mouth Edit: Ok so went into bios and XMP was disabled. I turned it on (only 2 settings....disable and profile 1 so chose profile 1) and now it shows 1600 for speed. Not sure how much difference it will make going from 1333 to 1600 but now at least it is how it should be I suppose.
  8. Was browsing and saw article on making sure your ram speed was set correctly. I followed the advice on how to check it and from what I saw it wasn't right. Below I will add the pics of the original case ram came in and the screen shots of CPU-Z screens for memory. From what I understood it should be 800 as it is DDR not 666 as it shows. Also sorry the pic of the package was so large. EDIT: I also just saw a command to run in CMD which show my speed to be 1333 which would be double the 666 shown. Command was wmic memorychip list full
  9. I went to download the new stable alpha. First thing I noticed was steam just updated and the menu was a little different. So I went to the downloads and went down to what I thought was A19.3 stable. Once it downloaded I went to the serverconfig.xml to see if anything changed. It looked a bit different but I didn't mind. After I thought I would start it up to see how it was. I nearly crapped my pants. WTF! Did TFP just go retro. It was the old pimp guys head and the background was from something I hadn't seen in a long time. Then I noticed it in the bottom left corner...A9.3. lol. I must reall
  10. No and I don't think TFP are going to add that option. I seem to recall they didn't want it to avoid possible duping problems.
  11. This may be like one you asked for first I think. https://7daystodiemods.com/schematic-tracker-mod/ Not sure how up to date is is though but it may still work. It tracks books in game and let's you know which ones you have read.
  12. What he said... What he said... I didn't see it either when I first heard....then few minutes later KAZAM, there it was
  13. I think Richard did mention it a little in one of the dev streams. It won't be a full on VR as in you can use both hands to do stuff. It will be more a you can turn and look around thing. I think it was in last stream (from this date Nov,29th) and no I am not going back over the video to find it lol.
  14. I am a bit shaky in the modding department so not sure how to make it a modlet but and interested if someone else has the answer. I would like to know myself and am sure then it can be used to adjust craft time of other items. I too rather have a modlet made than edit the original if I can.
  15. Below is a part of crafting recipe for 9mm ammo bundle. It has a craft time in it. <recipe name="ammoBundle9mmBulletBall" count="1" craft_time="240" craft_area="workbench" tags="learnable,workbenchCrafting"> You can try adding the craft time to the concrete mix like below to see if that works. If not just change it back. You should be able to adjust the crafting time by changing the 240 to something smaller. That number may be seconds. <recipe name="resourceConcreteMix" count="1" craft_time="240" craft_area="cementMixer" tags="cementMixerCr
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