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  1. lol every right to. Am thinking at time of writing that though I see you thinking of me being the one in your avatar as the one getting the knuckle rub
  2. 2013 - 2021 um wouldn't this be year 8?
  3. I am not up on how the game loads areas of the map. From what I understand is even if you have explored the whole map it only loads it in chucks as you move around so having the whole map explored won't be any different than if you had just started the game. As I say, I have not the best understanding of how this all works. You will need a dev or at least someone is familiar as to how this all works.
  4. !. I agree to use KingGen. I loved Nitrogen and miss some of it's features but it hasn't been updated in quite a while. 2. Again I agree. I think I may have used ServerTools but haven't had my server running for some time so not sure. As SylenThunder suggested there is a pinned thread. 3. As for map. Do you mean in game. I know when you make a map in KingGen you can see the full map in the preview in the folder that the program is in.
  5. It might help someone help you if you also said which mod you were using
  6. Had the CoCo. I remember using a cassette player to load programs. Always having to use that little screwdriver to adjust the head to get the best sound so it would load. I also remember typing programs in before I had a cassette hooked up and losing everything when I turned the computer off. Ahhh, the good ole days. ( I still have a CoCo around the house somewhere, most likely up in attack with a bunch of tapes)
  7. How adverse are you to mods? I use a mod that removes most icons from the compass but you can still see them on the map. You can, if you choose so, click on one of them to highlight it on your screen in the map. Short description. Here is forum link For now this is best I have found for my use. I, like you, would also like to be able to toggle the icons on and off as needed in the vanilla game but for now I am happy with this.
  8. Nice, but meilodasreh has already posted a pic of twin peaks...
  9. If you find out anything more on this you can keep us abreast of the situation.
  10. Agreed. I would enjoy placing some C4 on a gun safe and then having to leave the room to remote detonate it.
  11. Shouldn't you be able to mod the radius damage and the fuse time?
  12. If anything like that was added...would definitely want it so even in PVE, in a party and allied that it would still work on team mates
  13. I think that is before and after pics of Ronald when he was accidentally fed a Whopper
  14. True, but the streamer would have to manually go into G mode to do that. Then that would be on the streamer. What I am talking about is something built into the vanilla game that the streamer and team mates could use to their advantage to circumvent the intent of the game...an exploit most would call it. For instance, viewer uses some of his points to use slow command, enjoying the struggle the streamer has voluntarily subjected himself to by enabling the integration. Two seconds later the streamer used the fast command to cancel it out and goes on his merry way. Don't you think the viewer would feel a little cheated? I know another viewer could do the same thing but everyone would most likely already know there is a chance for that. This is not a big fault really as I think like you said it would be just the bad apples. I don't even think many streamers would do that but I have seen one. I just thought it was something worth mentioning.
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