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  1. I have only used paint once or twice over the years but from what I remember there is an option for spraycan or roller that paints larger areas.
  2. Hemorrhoids make us faster???? Well I can sort of see it yeah.
  3. True, he may have. I just figured he never changed the others so maybe he did use all the zzz's
  4. That is not log file he was looking for...and now you have to change the password on server.
  5. I pine for the days before this all started. If only everyone wood stop. There is no need fir this to continue.
  6. Please say Snowdog wasn't involved!
  7. 2040 is when the first version of 7 Days that will work on the holodeck will be released.
  8. I knew I was barking up the wrong tree with that idea. Was rooting for it but knew it probably wouldn't be.
  9. I asked last stream and never got an answer. Maybe it wasn't relevant am not sure. I was wondering if being able to plant birch trees would ever be possible to be added. The region I live in they are abundant and I would love to be able to plant birch around my base. It seems we can pretty much plant everything other tree that grows but not the birch.
  10. I am hoping this is something they have been thinking of. I would have liked to have something like it since I saw this video.
  11. Is there anyway they could add a timer under the queue of the forge, campfire or any other thing that uses fuel. Would be nice if it gave a total burn time of queued items so I could add the correct amount of fuel (yes lol I have added fiber to my forge and campfires to get the time to the second to not waste fuel). Maybe it is easy to figure out but after a long day of bashing zombies and running from dogs I don't want to do math...my head hurts
  12. I didn't think of it as a hijack as it is about throwing rocks. Was just going to confirm if it was modded game or not I used. EDIT: Experiment done. Dire wolf, coyote, zombie dog didn't respond to thrown rocks. Must have been modded or I imagined it. Case closed...
  13. pretty sure it was a SP game. May have been modded. I will have to do a "test" lol just think of it as playing fetch...we can't tame the animals so closest we will get
  14. If it ever gets added to game make sure to talk them into making it like explosives. Explosives can kill players even if allied. Rocks should damage even allies. I mean come on, you are hitting your team mate in head with a rock at close range.
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