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  1. Copy rotation is what I used most times too. Because of the bars which I usually place around the edge of my base for shooting down through.. What I would love is some way to copy the block I am looking at. For instance if I have frames I cold just look at a ramp and hold R, copy block and then I can place ramps. Or when building a roof and I need to add an inner corner block. Instead of going in and searching for the block I could just look at it, hold R and click copy block and then have the basic inner corner roof block. Being able to copy any block that way would be awesome, at least to me
  2. I am one of those that could have 20 full stacks of wood but hate to put in one more stick than is needed in the campfire or forge. I was wondering if it is possible to add a time under the queue of items that shows the total time of all the items in the queue. I know I could do it in my head and get a close approximate but figured this would be better.
  3. I have manually changed options for my single player game. For instance the airdrop. It has option of "0, 24, 72, 168" hours. So I like to have 2 days. Inbetween 24 and 72 I add 48 so it would be <gameoption name="AirDropFrequency" title="goAirDropFrequency" value_wrap="false" value_type="int" values="0, 24, 48, 72, 168" display_names="goDisabled" value_localization_prefix="goAirDropValue" /> Most of the game options can be changed in the file. The file being windows.xml in the 7 Days To Die/Data/Config/XUi_Menu folder...change at own risk
  4. If I am correct it is proximity based so I think you have to be near to someone to talk.
  5. I have had the same problem with my poison. Maybe if we combine our efforts we can get to the bottom of this.
  6. By modding game to have 600 hour days...
  7. Do you mean I could lock the 4 corners and 2 in center of inventory if I wanted too. If so that is awesome. I often used the first column and the last one to keep items I used a lot in.
  8. Would love if you could right click a slot and lock it as I like to have my items in certain ones all around my inventory...not just certain number starting from the first slot.
  9. Get ready Roland. For the amount of people coming here to ask TFP's to fix the console connection problem I am expecting a wave of thank you's to be pouring in now that it is
  10. That statement makes me think there may be an A22 or more. That sort of makes me happy if so. I like that stuff keeps getting added.
  11. lol do I see a circus mod in the future. Would work perfect with the horn we have now.
  12. Could you expand on the expanded seat. For instance does that mean we can finally take a passenger on the motorcycle and pop a couple more people in back of the 4x4? Will it also affect the minibike? Bicycle I can see staying as single seater...
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