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  1. yes and there is even that little bug that happens sometimes that the hand will go backward a second.
  2. For some reason I am noticing my second hand on my clock is extremely loud. Just like in the movies when something suspenseful is about to happen. Gosh darn it, my head is sweaty just like in those scenes too. Who would have thunk it. (That one was for you Adam)
  3. where did you find that really, really, really, really wide bed.
  4. What I do to have the best of both worlds. I copy my entire 7 Days To Die folder from steam folder to another folder on my C drive. I usually name it 7DTD. Then I make a shortcut to the exe file in that folder on my desktop. That way I have (and will have) a copy of A18.4 and a copy of A19 experimental. So I can try out the new alpha and still play on a server if it hasn't updated.
  5. Also just a guess but am thinking too that there is some base drain of food. Would be odd to be able to just be able to stand in one spot for hours (days) and not have food go down. I know it is not like in real life but in real life we do burn quite a few calories even when doing nothing. Anyway, it is what it is lol.
  6. I would think they did it so you wouldn't have to stand still and get hit by zombies if you were running from them and then had run out of stamina. I don't think I would enjoy that. That is my take on it. Not sure what TFP's reason for it is.
  7. Do you mean the chest and the crates? If I recall they both take up the same amount of space. Maybe I misunderstand which ones you mean.
  8. @Roland, will Rick and Joel be streaming also or will it just be Prime with the 2 of them logged into the game. Yes to the second. Joel and Rick aren't even setup to stream AFAIK.... --Roland
  9. If I recall someone posted a program a while ago that added a tiny red dot to center of your screen to do just that. I also think you could adjust the cursor to be crosshairs and adjust the thickness.
  10. I have put down 2 junk turrets in one spot even though only one worked for me. What would happen is when one ran out of ammo and shut down the other would automatically start up. I never tested how many I could lay down and have work this way. It helped though when my junk turrets had lower mag amounts and I couldn't make the drum mags yet.
  11. That is something I didn't notice. Have any questions at all been answered from the question thread?
  12. What I was talking about doesn't cost money from what I saw. You got points just for being in the chat I think. When you have hundreds of people in chat it looks like it can be a chore to try and keep up and pick out the valid questions from everything that is being said.
  13. I noticed that Prime has a feature to highlight your text with a coloured background. Maybe they could ask people to use that just for legitimate questions so they would be easier to see. They cost 100 of some kind of points so for dev stream nights he may have to see if he can set it to a low amount so everyone has enough points to ask a question. Or maybe he can even set it to zero for those nights.
  14. IIRC you can open console, type in DM, close console again then if you hit esc a menu should open to the right. I think there is a button there you can click to enable/disable god mode. Then I guess you just hit esc again and do DM in console to turn it off. Not sure if that is all 100% correct as I haven't used it in a very long time.
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