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  1. Very nice. It's fun to see and compare what used to be in the game. I'd like to see all the hand models that used to be in vanilla come back, like the stews, egg, meat, etc. May I do Japanese translation for this mod? I can either give you the translations, or distribute a separate localization modlet for it to the Japanese users. Either way would be good with me.
  2. Looking forward to watching these streamers play A20😄 Some streamers have been asking about the application deadline.
  3. Confirmed the fix in 2.2.73! Thank you😄
  4. Confirmed with Japanese as well. I tried it with everything I got out of the Bug-out Bag. I locked several of the items, and pressed the sort by name button. Everything that wasn't locked disappeared except for the T shirt, which was translated Tシャツ, it remained because the name started with the letter "T".
  5. Congratulations to both of you for finishing! Yes, I noticed people playing this complaining a lot because it's so hard to scrounge up all the resources necessary to craft the gyrocopter, but all that hard work definitely pays off. The feeling of accomplishment after all that hard work is amazing. One streamer said he nearly cried😄
  6. Thank you for the update. I let people know of the changes and the warning. There's going to be another streamer starting this mod soon, hopefully tonight.
  7. Here are the links to the archives of some streamers who tried out this mod yesterday. They and their viewers were all very impressed by how well you've recreated the original. I really enjoyed watching them solve puzzles and fight with limited resources. I noticed that you have the mod uploaded directly to this forum, and not elsewhere. It may be good to have a separate link with it uploaded somewhere else, so that people who don't have a forum account, or isn't signed in can download it from here as well. At the moment, they are not coming here, but going to the 7 days to die mods site to download it from there, because they get an error when they try to download it from here. It's no problem if you don't mind that though. This is Rokugensan. He finished this stream after finding all the masks. He'll be continuing from there next stream. His viewers all had a great time too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoaCw83Qnb0 This is ryo1. He seemed to love your mod so much that he streamed over 7 hours straight. I fell asleep 3 hours in, so I don't know how far he got, but he was having a blast as far as I saw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT7qaS-UP7E This is PMM. He finished this stream after finding 3 of the masks. His health was low most of the time, it was exciting watching it. He's a huge Resident Evil fan, so he was excited the whole time he was playing. He's planning to stream again tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXUDqd6gqJw I saw a couple more streamers who played last night, but I'm not friends with them, so I won't post their links. I also saw tweets of people excitedly playing it. It seems you've succeeded in making 7 Days very fun and challenging for a lot of people. Thank you😄 Oh, and I noticed some typos I made, so I'll send you a fixed version after I watch people finish the challenge, and I fix my mistakes😅
  8. I just let the word out that JP's in😄 People seem excited to try it out already. Hopefully they won't have problems installing.
  9. I have one request, I see that you've added some quests with a new category, "Information". Would it be possible to change the property names, "name" to "name_key", "subtitle" to "subtitle_key", and "description" to "description_key"? So that I could translate those too? There's a lot of useful info there.
  10. Thank you😄 I'll start working on it, it shouldn't take too long.
  11. Looks fun, thank you for creating this. One of the rules is that you can't have any modlets installed or edit the xml. This would mean that it can only be played in English. It looks like a fun challenge, so it would be nice if it could be played in other languages. I do Japanese localization for many mods by making a simple localization modlet, that only changes the Japanese text in that mod. In this case, it sounds like you would fail the challenge if I did that. If I translate all the altered lines in the localization xml, would you be willing to add them? Either that, or you could allow the JP localization modlet to be installed without having to worry about losing the challenge? Thank you.
  12. Nice, I'll check out the assassin. It's only his name, but I added Japanese localization for it. Localization.txt
  13. Wow, this is a beautiful and amazing mod😆 Thank you for sharing🌸
  14. The quest should tell you that you upgrade the door with a stone axe, not break it down.
  15. Here's the localization for the iron gate modlet with Jp in it. I heard that all the names and descriptions for the gates say "Japanese" on them. Localization.txt
  16. Thank you! Relogging did it😄
  17. Hello, is there a way to disable autohide for the toolbelt? Setting it to disabled in the settings hides the toolbelt completely for me, so it doesn't show even when I scroll through the slots.
  18. Evil evil mod with lots of surprises😆
  19. Congratulations on the release of the new horse mod! I got the JP localizations in and tested. A little feedback : The name key and description key for buffHorseRanchUnlockNotify isn't set, and when you hit a milestone, it's hard to find out what you do from there. The questHorseRanchUnlockItem2 doesn't appear in the craft menu unless you do a search for it. Also, is there something on the ranch raising the heat map? I was getting a lot of screamers showing up around it. Maybe the burning barrels you're using isn't the poi version? The dust bunnies were fun lol🐇 Localization.txt
  20. Worked great in SP. I made Vincent work all day for a few bacon and eggs lol😁 Here's the localization with JP in it😄 Localization.txt
  21. Here's the survivor house localization with JP in it😃 I smashed the sitting Xavier and the laying down Xavier, so I ended up with 2 Xaviers in my bag😂 Maybe only being able to harvest it from Localization.txtthe laying down one might be better.
  22. It's so cute how you sit on the spider lol😂 I added the JP localization for it.Localization.txt
  23. Nice you got the horses out! Here's the localization with JP in it. I added localization for the wild horses too, so it would be easier to tell which saddle to use on which horse in JP. Localization.txt
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