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  1. not only do I disagree... I think this is what TFPs think as well... which makes me so sad. Wanting a game that doesnt feel half finished for 6 years doesnt mean you are never satisfied. But every time we get something new it is only half finished, then scrapped and replaced by something equally lacking. I get not beeing happy with a system. But then the should stick with it after a while and keep notes for the future game. It is like with anything. If you do it, scrap it and rebuild it because you think "this way it will be perfect" it will never finish and never be perfect. A16 was close to that... It had some flaws, but they were so few and far between that more content would have been enough to satisfy most of the playerbase. But they again scrapped the core and started rebuilding on rubble. Just stick to your god damn guns and go with it. Also not a fan of dlc. Make it free updates sure. But don't sell off content that gives the game its flavour. Yes it has become popular... but... sorry to say it this bluntly: I will not only not buy it but will avoid future projects. not asking for a boycott... but bad practices, no matter how common should not be rewarded. You can make new zombie skins dlc (skins not type of zombies) maybe a new trader or a poi package. But not core mechanics like npcs bandits and other stuff the community has been asking for for years
  2. Maybe... but it doesn't change much. Minecraft didn't add the ender dragon for ppl to have a final credit thing. Minecraft already had stuff to do forever. Want a diamond T5 enchanted gear? add 20 hours. Want all different potions? Another 10 hours. Want to have an awesome looking base? Build another 15 hours (yeah you can do it in 7d2d too. but the focus in 7d2d isn't creativity... at least not as much). And then there is the wither, then there is electricity and different blocks that look awesome an... and... and... There is always stuff to do in minecraft. In 7d2d once you hit a plateau... it isn't as satisfying as in minecraft to keep going. Probably because the base idea is different... but I'm not sure. But I do not think that adding an ending scroll will fix anything. It might divert away from the problems... but it won't be satisfying, since the underlying mechanics are still as basic. And I never said that they didn't add stuff in every alpha. And I know its not fair to compare these games, but it feels same-ish. Look at how basic and yet convoluted electricity is. You can't build a grid, you can't interconnect it and it needs to follow a very specific line, or it won't work. Why can't I put a solar panel and a generator on one grid? Why not 2 Generators... You know how confusing the flowthrough mechanic is to get electric doors to work? If you compare that with even the most basic electricity in a game like minecraft... The vehicles are nice and one of the best parts of A17&18. And yes the graphics have improved, but at what cost? (how many months was it pushed back?4?) Is that really worth 3 years of development? NPC settlements, bandits bossraids/dungeons and stuff like that could have been added... but all of that was pushed back since ~A13 I'm not saying they are lazy. Not at all. I am saying that they have reworked stuff like 10 times and didn't focus on implementing new stuff. Yes it is their game. And yes they want to make the best game and they need solid basics... but after 7+ years... it would be nice if they could settle for stuff and give long time players something to do. I was never a fan of "omg how long in development" but... slowly but surely I come to see it the same way... this isn't a PvP game that needs constant changes. It is mostly a single player game (sadly). It "needs" to finish and get more features someday... at least in my personal opinion.
  3. honestly never wanted to talk about LBD. It had more potential, but they had a different path in mind, so I don't want to argue anymore. But it is just one of many examples, where the execution was somewhat flawed and TFPs remove/rework the whole thing instead of tweaking it. Often with the argument of "simplifying" the game. They seem to want to do a game so simple that an ape can grasp it... but that makes it shallow. I am not saying A18 is bad. It is a great step in the right direction and I'm sure they will improve in further alphas. But their argumentation is flawed. That is all that I wanted to show. Complexity doesnt mean make it confusing. Difficulty doesnt mean make it impossible on day 1. You all had good examples on how they already do it right (seemingly by accident, when I listen to how MM phrases things). All the progression in crafting and different systems come into play over time... so why is it so hard to see that implementing a long term goal for players is needed and even new players would benefit from it. I am not a hater. A17 was absolute poop, but A18 was playable again. BUT I do have to say that from ~A12 improvements were... nice to have... but did any of that add to the longevity of a playthrough? No. Because they want ppl to start new games over and over. Thats why you need 99.999.999.999 (or more) xp to lvl 300. Thats why they don't implement lategame stuff. But that is not how most ppl play open world sandbox survival games. Except for 7d2d every new alpha... I can't remember replaying a sandbox game... (except for with friends) because it feels bad to lose all your progress. Yes you might like it. And yes I can't speak for every person out there. But logicially... a family dad who only has 12 hours a week (at most) to play doesnt want to redo all the farming after 60 hours because he has done it all. He will change to one of the million other games. They need to start and focus on content. Not on reworking graphics for the x-teenth time. Do that once the game is finished. Give ppl content. Give them more to do. Give them long term goals except to build a selfdefending base. The duke and difficulty regions are a start... but except for clearing a T5-6 tower... there is nothing to do once you have the best gear an weapons and the perfect base (~30-50 hours) Which of these actually give you food tho? You don't eat them for the food. You make specific alchemy. Which is nice, and actually a good example. But food is the one I was talking about and except for the cheesecake maybe (dunno) none of them are foods, they are alchemy. PS: this new forum is nice and all... but quotes are a pain in the butt to handle! Dragging doesnt work, I can't close the quote by myself... and I can't write in front or in behind of it.
  4. If it was like more story or something... sure. But I am talking about core systems. Things that should interact with each other. Again portia, since you seem to know it: Mining influences-> crafting which influences contracts which give relationship, money and workshop ranking. but also -> data discs and relics which give you church "tech" and advanced tech like better forges. So I can influence money, relationships, workshopranking, technology, farming, relics and an overall growth of your land. One thing is interconnected to all those things. I could give other examples how doing dungeons does the similar, but can also be done via contract of your own... It is interconnected. Lets compare it with the food system in A18. Better farm gives better food, less cahnce for poisoning, meaning you need to eat less... But it doesnt connect to the other gameplay elements. Its a minigame within the game with no real connection. It doesnt keep zombies away/lure them to you, you do not gain health, you don't have an advantage while looting or shopping. It is a loop that doesnt interact with the other systems. Loads of repeating evidence incoming, just skip for the base argument. and another rant... I feel like that is all I do... just read what RestinPieces is saying. He can put it into words much more eloquently than I can
  5. I know I'm late... but this grinds my gears. Same as MM said that more experienced players have different views to new players. Back when I started with minecraft, I learned through tutorials. It was so early there was no complexity, but because nothing was explained, you had to at least somewhat look it up. You know what I have 99% of my hours in? Tekkit. Because it gives the game a depth without changing the core principle. This is what this forum has been saying since I first joined it. We want lategame. But unneeded complexity. A well done system introduces complexity as it goes. A game I recently played again is "My time at portia" a "harvest moon" type of game. And there are 100 different ways to make money, all of them need like 5 steps to it. So what do they do? They introduce them in steady streams. On day 2 you can only collect debris. On day 3 you get allowance to craft tools. On day 7 you get ressources to build a garden. On day 7 you are allowed in the mine... And so on. This continues nearly a year into the game. With more complex things coming basicially every day. If I were thrown in this world with all the options on day 1 I would have gone mad. And this is something that LBD did on its own. You increased as you went on to do them. So IC knowledge increased with your ooc knowledge of the best lootingspots, best ways to fight zombies and so on. Until you finally were able to attack a small village. Once you were able to take care of dogs and bees, you'd go in a city for that sweet loot. It was a natural progression. Now its -> Day 1 find trader and a nearby city, loot all day until horde, either cheese it by hiding on a huge city poi or have so much ammo on day 7 that you just rambo through this. It is a looter shooter more to the likes of doom. A good one, with some funny building and crafting elements... but lets revise what lost its complexity: Leveling has become the nr 1 thing to do. Back in the good old days it was said "OMG they level up on cacti!" and instead of removing that possibility they replaced it with a generic XP system, where you learn recipes from leveling up and you level up however you like. Which sounds fine, until you see that it completely ruins progression. You do not need to explore anymore to get better loot. You do not need to fight any zombie to learn to hit/shoot better. You just do whatever you can grind the best with. How is that different from Cactileveling? Take whatever excuse and put it on the cacti thing and see how well it fits. EVERYTHING revolves around leveling. Back in the day, everything revolved around the things you did. Not only was it more immersive, it was a natural guideline to progression. To get back at my original point after this rant: Complexity doesnt mean overwhelming the player. It means giving a learning curve. We get difficulty based on regions now. Which is great. It's a good example. Where you start out easy with base ressources like food dirt and stone and lots of food, but low loot, until you go deeper and you encounter more difficulties surviving because it was struck harder, but it also has better loot, meat and plants is replaced by better conserved foods until you finially make it to the irradiated area, where all the strongest enemies are, but also the loot is immense! You can set this curve as steep as you like, because the player chooses his current capability. It doesnt mean "players will be overwhelmed". It is a natural difficulty curve and this is what players in this forum want. A longer curve that gets more difficult in the endstages. Nothing to do with the early game. Certainly some things would do well to be more challenging early on, but that doesnt mean new players would suffer. Ugh im ranting again. They have their vision... I disagree... strongly. But they did make a lot of good... yes awesome changes for A18... so who knows... maybe they need to walk through @%$*#! to get to the sunny side of the street... who knows.
  6. I mean... I got us electric doors for A18... so its not impossible xD (and no I am aware that they were to be included anyways, its an insider) And I am also aware that it is highly unlikely, but I stated that already :3 And if you can send me their 7d2d forum profiles... maybe... (#irony, in case you didn't realize :D)
  7. I know I'm late but... even though it's unlikely, I feel like I influenced the game for the better (again)! WOOOO ^^
  8. Not like I said that in experimental or anything...
  9. Well... I was replying to this: Which seemed like a weird excuse. But I honestly don'T give a damn about ziplines xD It would be fun twice... but after that not really all that usefull. In Ark where there is actual verticality they are awesome, but 7d2d is 99% horizontal anyways.
  10. I know I'm just a random dude... but why not simply make the preparationtime like 5-10 seconds? Like getting the equipment ready, linking it, grabbing it... And when taking damage while doing it, restarting/canceling it? Seems like such an easy fix. And if you wanna build 20 hills with ziplines... why shouldnt you be allowed to do? Much more setup needed than vehicles and those are fine...
  11. Completely neutral, no flame: those two are not the same. I know you probably know, but this is something I have read way too often in the past to ignore it One is a broken game mechanic and the other is cheating, as it is not part of the game. Sorry to again start conflict but this is very important to me, as it is one of the core principles TFPs *edit*seem to*/edit* have not understood in my active days. Yes they have to fix it BUT ppl are justified to complain/wine, if it ruins the game. Trying to avoid casualties (this also includes ressources for rebuilding/repairing) should be one of THE key features in a horde survival game. And if this is so easy that you actually have to impose challenges yourself, its not good design. That doesnt make the whole game bad, but it could be a lot better if fixed.
  12. @MM not posting much anymore. But you said back when A18 released that you are just now taking a look at electricity. Sooo... anything that you noticed? Just a quick reminder: -Electric current can not be interconnected (so no 2 powersources and no massive grid and electric fences can't form a square) -On that point: if you have a solar panel (50 watt) powering a solar bank (300 watt), at night, it will switch to the batterybank, but in daylight you only have the 50 watt, even if the batterybank could output more (cameras, some traps for roaming Z's and whatnot) -connecting doors with motion cameras works, but is a pain and super confusing to newer people, even if they read the tooltip -Generators can not hold enough fuel for multiplayer, but it would be comfortable for singleplayer as well to have like a huge oildrum that could fuel it. And while I got your attention: I know you dislike foodspoilage. So a working fridge is out of the question. But maybe add more electrical applyances for better quality of life. examples include: -working oven for all baking recipes (better cooking and less ressource management) -frying pan for some hp regen foods -electric furnace (maybe for steel, but also so that you do not need to refuel every 20 minutes) -acclimation (heater and ventilation) with enourmous radius -wood fuel generator I don't want to say it because it sounds uninspired, but maybe take inspiration from Tekkit. You do not go overboard with it, but since 7d2d lacks an endgame, giving us more goals to "automate" our base is an awesome way to prelong the gametime. Thank you for your attention.
  13. after you get the "no landmines explode" skill... i understand... but since there are active mines in the rubble... a clear no for me
  14. FTPs: "We do not want players to progress through the earlygame too quickly, so we make the forge and iron tools super rare and hard to unlock!" (they dialed it down in A18 but its still not unlocked easy) also TFPs: "Lets make any building material besides concrete/steel useless so players dont... ehhh why did we change that again? Huh... forgot BUT I WILL DIE ON THAT HILL!!! Zombies need to be able to break blocks easily, or else..." Sorry just some venting. A18 is leagues better than A17. Some things just do not make sense and are not fun still.
  15. Was confirmed by MM to be looked into for A19. No promises tho.
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