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  1. Thx... maybe I have just missed when they reduced this. I know in A17 (and I think 18 as well, since I never really played 17) it was a number so big, that you couldn't even cheat it. (you'd need tousands or more console xp gains with max possible xp) If they cleaned it up, good! 45Million is still a whole bunch, but at least it can be reached within months of farming, not decades xD *edit* I just looked it up... as far as I can tell, the XP needed was between and 455.000.000.000 (there was an argument if incriments had to be stopped because of integer limits, but no confirmation) *editedit* it SEEMS like the limiter was introduced in A18... if so I have forgotten about it. My b. You should know better. We all come back every alpha, because there is new stuff to do. New stuff to see. But that is exactly my point. We all play it once and come back after months for the new alpha. And thx for pointing out that subnautica thing. That is a REALLY good example of my point. No choices. A lot of grind. Nothing new. OBVIOUSLY nobody will play it again. Now take something where story is actually a choice. (and it matters, not like those telltale games that pretend it matters) THOSE are the games ppl replay after finishing it. Nobody (except hardcores, again. There is always an audience) goes "hey I've just built my minecraftbase for 100 hours and beat the enderdragon, lets just start a new world and start from scratch!" Either they mod it or they leave the game for months/years to come back to it. If people wanted to restart 7d2d from scratch, be my guest. Everyone plays games differently. But to basicially tell you (my whole point was based on that ridicoulus xp number that you could never gain, not the new one that just requires a lot of farming) "nope! if you want something else, start a new game" is a bad practice. Which is why I applauded them when they introduced the fergetin' elixir. I still want to have an all powerful character. Basicially I am not a min-maxer, I am a maxer I want to have everything done in my gone. I like to completely finish a game. So artificially telling me "nope you can never do it! F*** you!" is like the worst thing you could say Like... if you have a skilltree, you best make sure that it is possible to gain every skill (if it is not pvp). BUT all this is basicially mute because I was arguing from a false pretense. Since we can now reach lvl 300, everything I said is only theoreticially valid.
  2. Weeeell... yes and no. A new playthrough needs variety. 7D2D does not offer that on a new game. There are no new choices, no new enemies, no new strategies even, that you couldn't do with the old game. If they implement story and so on, sure, maybe they can change it back to the xp they have now... Rant:
  3. I feel like that is a problem though. I feel like if you skill purely in one skill (for example int) you should reach every recipe pretty quickly. I said before that exponential leveling is a bad idea for anyone interested in grinding. I don't have anything against... lets say... 50.000.000 xp for lvl 300 (maybe more last time I played was early 19). But the current number is more than 100x larger. Yes they want us to start a new game. But all the players that play like me (aka not the hardcores) play it once. They do not want to lose their progress. Don't force players to start a new game. I am very happy that you implemented the forgettin elixyr. But that only makes me question the design even more. If you don't allow max level so ppl have to start a new game to experience other paths, btu you don't have to start a new game... What is the point? (but seeing how TFPs have reacted in the past, rather than lower levelrequirements, they will remove the elixyr again :D)
  4. Thx. Well howdy partner I didn't know that. Guess it only looks weird to a western european then. What I meant was that sure, there is the arts guy that has to paint the cracked concrete... but I mean as in placement on the street AND gras spawnchance on top. So instead of g = gras; s = sandy gravel; c=concrete d = damaged concrete (chance for gras) ___________________________ gggggggggggggggggg sssssssssssssssssssssssssss ccccccccccccccccccccccc ccccccccccccccccccccccc sssssssssssssssssssssssssss gggggggggggggggggg ___________________________ you can have ___________________________ gggggggggggggggggg sssssssssssssssssssssssssss cdcccccdccccccccccccdc cccdccccccccccddcccccc sssssssssssssssssssssssssss gggggggggggggggggg ___________________________ Hard to explain, but I think you know what I mean. A random chance that a concrete block is replaced by a concrete block, which has a chance to spawn small gras on it.
  5. @Kinyajuu RWG really looks awesome! Especially in the towns. Love that this is now easily moddable. This really feels like an actual town now! (although farms shouldn't be in the city :'D don't know where you live, but over here, that only happens in very small villages) Very small idea, that came to me while watching the rwg-stream: We need damaged concrete. We already have "bloodstains" and "garbage". Now what is missing is damaged concrete (I've seen it on a bridge in the stream, but I am not sure if that would work). Slightly cracked concrete that has small grass sticking out of it. It would happen more frequently on the sides of the roads, but can also happen in the middle. Because right now, all the buildings look AWESOME. Like... I believe this has been deserted for like... maybe years! But the roads look like they have been refurbished yesterday. So this would actually add A LOT. (I know it is probably more complicated to implement in RWG, but I firmly believe it is worth the effort!)
  6. OMG MUCH SEXIST! VERY WOW! I also don't know of any small turrets that shoot junk at motion detected targets. Even less so that can differentiate between friendly and hostile Honestly, a shooting drone is more believable than a zombie outbreak 😛 I mean... we have both, but lets not get political xD
  7. There are things called "drones" that the military uses since like... 2010? Maybe earlier?
  8. I feel there should be a preference at a certain margin. Like <50HP use medkit. <30HP use painkillers But seeing how they don't even treat afflictions automaticially, I guess that is too complicated 😕 But thx a lot for testing all this! 🥳
  9. but... they already have pathfinding... and once they are in an unloaded chunk, it is literally only 3 numbers. x,y,z.
  10. I know you're just trolling But if you guys gave us a shopping cart... that is only accesable after having the motorbike, I'm pretty sure we would riot :'D It's not that it is completely useless. It is more that it is useless at the time of being able to craft it. You need: -recipe/intelligencetree -semiadvanced ressources -all the mods and at the end you get another pocketmod. A cute pocket mod, but still a pocket mod :'D That was not what players though of when they said "drone" Maybe I'm just too much of a novice. But wouldn't you just need the x/y coordinates and the heightmap? Then give it an average speed and boom. Now all you need to do is make sure that the assigned chest is reachable and boom. Done.
  11. Oh! The reason why I said that was because he had one in his inventory, so I assumed he put it in. My b. Still. It should say "no treatable wounds detected" or something. And since this is so basic, I just kinda assume that no other restriction is in place either. not even doubting the emotional connection. Just saying that it's usefulness right now is laughable at best. For something that was "close to implementation" for nearly 2 years, that is a bit lackluster. But I still love the design and voiceover. It is basicially like everything in 7d2d. I absolutely love it. But with just a few simple tweaks it could be SO MUCH BETTER!
  12. I tried it multiple times... but since I am a "pre-rock-trowing-guy" it confuses me more than the Z's. Sometimes they charge straight at me... sometimes they don't move at all... If there was a coherent strategy (like coins in AC) I'd use it for sneaking... but it doesn't seem to work... or I'm just too stupid to get it to work consistantly. So no. I never use it. (and why would I? Z's are basicially XP-filled-canonfodder anyways. Might have used it in the early alphas where Z's were a real threat to you and your home :D)
  13. I disagree... to a point. It is rare for me to defend TFPs Ilike to give criticism much more to get this game to new heights (even though they disagree with me on everything until they don't anymore xD) But I like that they actually make the game more... fun again. They removed so many little things in the past to "clean up" for the casual audience. And it worked, to an extent. I don't want to say "bring sharp rocks back!" . But they did remove a lot of character and little details, so now the game is as streamline as possible. So now when they remove little trinkets like the drone (even though I dislike its current implementation, because of how useless it is), it gives a little character back. The ONLY thing that worries me, is that they are talking about going gold. When there is SO MUCH ENDGAME CONTENT that is missing. They have been focusing on improving the game nad always said "oh we will put more endgame content in later, later later!" but never did... and now they are talking about gold when nothing has happened. 😕 *edit* just saw the icons. I re-HE-HEEARLY hope that is easy to disble. Like an option in the menu. And you need to reduce opacity by 90% or more!
  14. Honestly... I get that it didn't feel right making it fight and stuff... (although I feel like it should just be like a turret with limited ammo! So either you use it to fight or to carry cargo, but what do I know, right? Maybe there were other issue, still very disappointing) But this is REALLY underwhelming. I really like the voice stuff. But having to talk to it to heal is just bad. (and then it heals you even with no effect, because you put the wrong bandage in). It needs three things: -Auto-Heal (it has a cooldown already) -Intelligent healing (no wasting of bandages, healing only at a certain cap (if you are at <25% use medkit>bandage>aloe; <50% don't use medkit and so on) because I can have perks to be better at it and I can have it in my quickbad, so not only am I faster healing myself, I am also more effective at it. -flashlight needs to be in a radius and much MUCH larger! This is laughable atm (at least what was shown in the devstream) If this is like the very first iteration and there are more features to come, I am happy! But right now... it is just a pocket mod, with cute voiceovers. (stamina regeneration? really? only useful when mining, logging and running. And you usually already have an auger,chainsaw and motorbike at that time. Statboost, regeneration factor, more damage, accuracy, better loot, damagereduction... all good things... and oyu go with 10% stamina regen...)
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