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  1. Although... not to be a stick in the mud... that is what TFPs did quite a lotin their history. "The System that shall never be named again" was just better than what we had now, but it had some designflaws that could have been ironed out, but was scrapped altogether. And I am ashamed to admit, but i forgot the others. I know there were a lot of examples... but ever since I withdrew from avtive 7D2D it just isn't on my mind anymore :'D Point beeing: I just hope your view leaks through and they wont just scrap and redo systems over and over and over again
  2. Voted "yes", but i do agree that T6 is still much MUCH to easy to find. If you have more than one legendary after 100 hours of gameplay, it is, in my opionion, too much. Should it be better than anything you can craft? Yes. Defniatly. Should it maybe even have unique effects like setting enemies ablaze or something? That would be cool. What I do not agree with is the rate at which you get them. Ever since "that time" loot has been very much off balance. They are trying to fix this. And I really like that day 4 I still often use my trusted blunderbuss (props to you TFPs), but
  3. As an "oldie" I can tell you... they don't! Or at least only when they would have done something about it anyways. TFPs have always done what they think is best. On the one hand that is good, for obvious reasons. On the other hand, ignoring feedback in an alpha game is less than mediocre. But don't worry about them "trying to appease the smallest common denominator" that won't ever happen! 😝
  4. Hmmm... the only explanation I can give is that maybe POIs and placed blocks interfere with spawns. I've never been out that much in the open. But I know that I was on a flat plane and I SAW them spawn in. But only from one side. The other side (we were 5 ppl) was completely ignored. We were able to concentrate fire on one side and only one other side was maybe blocked by a poi.
  5. might be because you are on a flat terrain or something... I can just tell what I have experienced. In A18 it was 100% the case and in my limited time with A19 i can tell that at least my one base only got damaged from one side (even though it was the same distance in each direction) and all Z's were clumped on one spot. About the spikes: No matter if intended or not, it shouldnt be. It is unintuitive, it doesnt look right (like the upside down spikeslogs) and I feel like Z's shouldnt see traps as Blocks and just walk right into them. Avoiding traps means that you need a hallway to FORCE t
  6. As a very outspoken friend of A16, I do not think that A16 was better than A19. I think those two versions are quality wise more or less on par. I would even give A19 the slight edge just because there have been quite a few improvements to the world and graphics. BUT they are two different games. A16 was a horde survival game. A19 is (less so than 18 but still) a shootnloot tower defense game. Food is pretty scarce, which is nice. But weapons are still far too readily available, which also makes hordenight imbalanced, since there are way too many for spikes to handle. (Also the
  7. no. NO. NO! Just no! OMG i cant even how no this is. Sure some kids might. But this is literally the "you are a spoiled brat so your criticism is not valid". I personally don't care for primitive tools in boxes... I would like if instead its just lvl one iron stuff all the time (which is often worse than lvl 3-6 primitive), but idc. But this is the perfect example of how you/tfps handle criticism. Yes there are people that just bs to bs and get attention. But if someone gives you a gamedesign reason for their criticism and gives you ways to combat the problem, they are not "mi
  8. Let me say that again: I do not care how you play it in singleplayer. You can mod the game so it is a dollhousegame for all I care. But as soon as MY product is effected by it, I will complain. Then it is not a "play and let play" anymore. This is the same with hordenight exploits, lootroom framing or what have you. As soon as it is an option for a server to turn off (or better to be off as default and be enableble(?) ) I don't mind. The only valid argument here is, that it is not a PvP game, so I have no real negative outcome if I don't use it. The problem is, that, not only is mul
  9. No. Thats like saying bugusing is working as inteded. Devs are not allmighty and might have overlooked something. That is what feedback is for. And exploiting a setting to gain a tactical advantage is not "as inteded". That is why they removed the clipping FOV "setting". I know it can still be done, but it is way harder. They intend for the game to be on equal footing for everyone. Brightness is not a wealth problem. I have like a 70$ Monitor, and I can see fine. If oyu bought a @%$*#!ty monitor, I am sorry. But saying that "exploiting is fine, because it can help the disadvantaged" is n
  10. You seriously can not see where this argument falls on its face, don't you? In this case, you remove a gameelement to get a tactical advantage. What about people who play this game for this gameelement? (the scary nights were the best in early alphas) Do they just have to live with the fact that they are outclassed even by noobies, just because they like to play the game as intended? What your argument is better reflected is: a) uses a nightvision goggle b) uses a +1 dex cap and b complains that a) can see in the dark. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Those are gameelements with pros and co
  11. OH MY GOD!!! HOW how can you (as a group not u specificially) bring up the same invalid argument in EVERY discussion? It is the same with the masks and corona. "Let everyone do what they please" is the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT as anti-maskers use. AS SOON as it is to the detrement of other players fun it is NOT "just another valid playstyle". This is not how society works! Just because oyu like hitting old people, doesn't mean that it is ok. BECAUSE there are other parties involved that are effected negatively. Same here. This is an issue that disproportionally gives advantages to players t
  12. It was the better concept and if they had focused their attention for 5 minutes on it like they do with graphics updates, it would have been the best system we ever had. But its gone now. It won't come back without mods. No sense in beeing stuck in the past. They disliked it, therefor it won't come back, no matter how superior the possibilities are.
  13. You basicially just said: "STOP REMOVING EXPLOITS!" "OMG FIX THESE EXPLOITS THAT AVOID THE HORDENIGHT!" like... you can't be both sides in this arugment dude Either you want there to be ways to completely avoid the horde, or you don't want there to be ways to avoid the horde. I give you that the current implementation (as is the TFPs stadart) is not ideal and there is loads of things that need to be fixed. BUT trying to force the player to face the horde SHOULD be their objective. If you can easily avoid it, then there is no challenge. For the 500th time. If you want to avoid the
  14. It is the same discussion over and over. If you want to exploit hordenight, just turn it off. Fixing exploits is fataals job after all! And I am thankful how much he has improved them from A18. Look here Anyone claiming that exploits are the fault of the user are either drunk or have not thought about the implication. YES it is an alpha and I do not blame TFPs for the game not beeing perfect. But what I am talking about is people complaining that exploits got removed. IT IS A SURVIVAL GAME WITH HORDENIGHTS AS THE MAIN FOCUS! If you dislike the hordenight just deactivate
  15. Well... I suppose it was a great looter shooter. But I would still not call it a masterpiece. It fixed the broken mess that was A17. And when comparing the two it is a masterpiece... But there is so much missing from the roadmap, even if we exclude things that you said was taken off that list (like farm animals and pets and stuff)
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