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  1. It is the same discussion over and over. If you want to exploit hordenight, just turn it off. Fixing exploits is fataals job after all! And I am thankful how much he has improved them from A18. Look here Anyone claiming that exploits are the fault of the user are either drunk or have not thought about the implication. YES it is an alpha and I do not blame TFPs for the game not beeing perfect. But what I am talking about is people complaining that exploits got removed. IT IS A SURVIVAL GAME WITH HORDENIGHTS AS THE MAIN FOCUS! If you dislike the hordenight just deactivate it. But if someone is trying to challenge themselves and exploits are easily possible, then the challenge becomes meaningless. "Not using" it is like handicapping yourself to make it harder. It makes no sense, since all the joy you would get from getting over the challenge hinges on you, not the game anymore. I DON'T CARE HOW YOU PLAY! I just don't want MY game to be full of exploits, since it is not a challenge anymore. If you want to deactivate hordenight, thats fine with me. But don't complain that the devs try to keep up the challenge. Go play minecraft if you dislike survival please. It sounds meaner than it is meant to be. But exploits are a sideproduct of such a complex world. THEY ARE NOT A FEATURE YOU CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT WHEN IT IS REMOVED!!!
  2. Well... I suppose it was a great looter shooter. But I would still not call it a masterpiece. It fixed the broken mess that was A17. And when comparing the two it is a masterpiece... But there is so much missing from the roadmap, even if we exclude things that you said was taken off that list (like farm animals and pets and stuff)
  3. I think this is the first time I actually really am on your side. I have asked for this since A11, since there were so many things that I though were going the wrong direction and knew from ppl on steamforums and friendslist they didnt care about... but when I said anything its "just a small subset". Now either of us can actually provide evidence (well not me... but you can disprove what I am saying). This is a great step for 7d2d. I just hope you don't start to wonder "what ABOUT microtransactions... maybe a few mods... maybe more pois..."
  4. Steep slopes caused pathing issues. Should they need to destroy blocks to make a stairway? Quiteop if you ask me. But sure, they could have. swimming Z's: I always found it weird that they couldn't float a little. Yes they probably should just be as fast as the player... but I have no idea what that even influences. A base under water is fun... but not possible to defend. A stiltbase was an exploit with or without water. Digging Z's: they didn't remove hordenight as an option, what are you talking about? Just set the frequency to Disabled and all is well if you don't like bloodmoons. true ppl will always find exploits. But Devs should always seek to make them as hard as possible to find. Exploits should be found, reported and never used again. Some little tricks are absolutely fine. Like... how to get a pick day 1. But as soon as you completely break the flow and the challenges of the game, it needs to be fixed, no matter how much you personally like it. THAT is (and I do not use this reasoning lightly since I hate it myself when used incorrecty) what mods are for. YOU want there to be exploits and that is fine. But devs shouldn't try to accompany everyone who wants an exploit to stay in the game.
  5. can confirm this for a dead pig that I harvested... seems to be nonblock entities that have this problem (only guessing)
  6. Well... how would YOU have solved those issues? Sure there might have been better ways, and I am surely nobody to be a TFPs lackey, but these issues had to be adressed someway or another. The most important thing is for the challenge to stay viable. And as I said you can't have a viable challenge if there are exploits. AFTER that you should be allowed to play however you like. But that doesn't mean every way should be just as valid. There is just no way to have everything be exactly the same. Things have benefits and weaknesses. Sneakbuild is awesome at clearing pois but bad at hordenight. Melee is ammo conserving but dangerous, M16 is a hordenight-zombie-shredder but uses more bullets than you could count. But if the options are: give up 10 seconds of your time to get the most awesome loot and be able to do that like 10 times per city or take 20 minutes clearing the poi to get the same there is just no comparison. And with the stone age these exploity behaviours are reduced, ESPECIALLY in the earlygame where you can cheese this the most, having Q5 shotty and ak in Week 1.
  7. You got it the wrong way around. A challenge is only a challenge, if there is no easy way out. If there is, it makes the whole challenge meaningless. This is the same discussion as safe bunkers, hordenight-exploits and all the other exploits people used to do that got fixed. Sure you can get joy out of a challengless game. But I have a pro tip: activate cheat-mode and press 'U' and you can have all the easy loot you desire. As long as this game is a survival game, I expect survival beeing a challenge. And beeing rewarded with weapons for doing the "frame up"->"frame down" move is not something anyone can call a challenge.
  8. how about we increase that chance and make it not explode but just hurt the player significantly (20% of the total damage) and take 30% off the durability? Its better to have a bigger chance to do less damage than a lower chance to instakill and destroy the weapon.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2149224068 he tried to get inbetween this 2 high hole and a stack of plasticpaper thing. He just floated in this position until I knocked him down
  10. its not about difficulty. I can also just use a torch with infinite durability. It is about gamefeel. And I already said that it feels nice even on insane. But I feel like it should deal more flat dmg that the shotgun (maybe it already does?). Just because of what it is. Very early on weapons were also stronger than a lot of weapons in ww1&2 since they just loaded it to the brim with gunpowder. Stronger wasn't necessary though so that is why they used safer, better aimable guns lateron. But I don't want to complain. It already feels nice, it was just a thought for gamebalance.
  11. Why not simply disable bloodmoon if you wanna be safe tho o_O
  12. didnt see a bear... but he might have been slower! I instantly closed the game and restarted in cheatmode (because F*** that $%&§! )
  13. Wanted to agree with you first... but it is not cheap! It is actually quite a ressource dump. What it IS tho is easy to get by materials. You don't need any perks, coal/nitrate or gunpowder are easy to get, paper mostly too and stone as well. But I still need like 4 coal 4 nitrade a paper and a stone per shot. Which is often more than 4 hits per ressource with the stoneaxe. Lateron sure. But then you have the shotgun or the automatic shotgun, so there is no comparison.
  14. Adding the blunderbuss to the loottable was the best idea ever! Said it in another thread as well: First time in forever (I think A10 was the last) that I used the blunderbuss for a considerable amount of time. It is still not as devestating to me as I might want it... but I haven't perked into shotguns yet (but since blunderbus is an early game weapon it will probably never really profit from those perks), it is unmodded and I play on insane. So maybe it is just the combination that makes it a bit weaker... but still 10x better than in any of the previous alpha since A10 (when it was nerfed to death and never touched again)
  15. Still got 120 shotgun shells and 200 9mm as a quest reward. Is there a , slip somewhere? Because I think those are supposed to be decimals not centesimals. Especcially if the other reward is "one pad armor mod, worth 48 dukes"
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