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  1. Although... not to be a stick in the mud... that is what TFPs did quite a lotin their history. "The System that shall never be named again" was just better than what we had now, but it had some designflaws that could have been ironed out, but was scrapped altogether. And I am ashamed to admit, but i forgot the others. I know there were a lot of examples... but ever since I withdrew from avtive 7D2D it just isn't on my mind anymore :'D Point beeing: I just hope your view leaks through and they wont just scrap and redo systems over and over and over again
  2. Voted "yes", but i do agree that T6 is still much MUCH to easy to find. If you have more than one legendary after 100 hours of gameplay, it is, in my opionion, too much. Should it be better than anything you can craft? Yes. Defniatly. Should it maybe even have unique effects like setting enemies ablaze or something? That would be cool. What I do not agree with is the rate at which you get them. Ever since "that time" loot has been very much off balance. They are trying to fix this. And I really like that day 4 I still often use my trusted blunderbuss (props to you TFPs), but quality escalates way too quickly. And therefor T6 as well. If you had to craft everything, but you found that one legendary pistol and that one legendary military helmet that you didn't need to craft anymore, because you know they are the best, would you have a problem with that? I do not think so. I think what you have a problem with (correct me if im wrong) is, that T6 makes crafting useless very quickly. If the drop rate for T6 was handled better, i dont think you would mind all that much!
  3. As an "oldie" I can tell you... they don't! Or at least only when they would have done something about it anyways. TFPs have always done what they think is best. On the one hand that is good, for obvious reasons. On the other hand, ignoring feedback in an alpha game is less than mediocre. But don't worry about them "trying to appease the smallest common denominator" that won't ever happen! 😝
  4. Hmmm... the only explanation I can give is that maybe POIs and placed blocks interfere with spawns. I've never been out that much in the open. But I know that I was on a flat plane and I SAW them spawn in. But only from one side. The other side (we were 5 ppl) was completely ignored. We were able to concentrate fire on one side and only one other side was maybe blocked by a poi.
  5. might be because you are on a flat terrain or something... I can just tell what I have experienced. In A18 it was 100% the case and in my limited time with A19 i can tell that at least my one base only got damaged from one side (even though it was the same distance in each direction) and all Z's were clumped on one spot. About the spikes: No matter if intended or not, it shouldnt be. It is unintuitive, it doesnt look right (like the upside down spikeslogs) and I feel like Z's shouldnt see traps as Blocks and just walk right into them. Avoiding traps means that you need a hallway to FORCE them through traps (or make like a 1 deep trench that looks weird. Does it at least work in the way of slowing them down the right amount?) I have loved very very many things Fataal did. Of all the Fun Pimps, he is definatly my favourite. Always trying to answer questions as best as he can and more or less always beeing very polite even on multiple repeated questions. But this is flatout a mistake in my eyes. It has no ingame benefit. It might have a coding benefit. But simply looking at the ingame effect, it is worse in basicially every way.
  6. As a very outspoken friend of A16, I do not think that A16 was better than A19. I think those two versions are quality wise more or less on par. I would even give A19 the slight edge just because there have been quite a few improvements to the world and graphics. BUT they are two different games. A16 was a horde survival game. A19 is (less so than 18 but still) a shootnloot tower defense game. Food is pretty scarce, which is nice. But weapons are still far too readily available, which also makes hordenight imbalanced, since there are way too many for spikes to handle. (Also they path around spikes most of the time) In A19 the first one or two hordenights were spikes only, hoping your setup will hold. After that you started making a fort to be able to shoot, but you still used spikes around your base. In A19 everyone has a hordebase. They still come only from one side and basicially only follow one path. It was very much improved since the introduction in 17. But it still follows the "one path to player" mentality. My conclusion: A16 was an awesome horde - survival game with brilliant mechanics. But I can not in good faith say that A16 is still better than A19. A19 is not a horde - survival game anymore. But the game that it IS is pretty fun. They got rid of the most idiotic changes since 17 and the things they added (even though they would have made A16 better as well) are numerous and add a lot. So I would give A19 89% and A16 84%. I do still miss a game in my playlist that gives me my "horrific crouching in the corner and hoping the Horde will die on spikes" moment... but A19 overall is still a better game.
  7. no. NO. NO! Just no! OMG i cant even how no this is. Sure some kids might. But this is literally the "you are a spoiled brat so your criticism is not valid". I personally don't care for primitive tools in boxes... I would like if instead its just lvl one iron stuff all the time (which is often worse than lvl 3-6 primitive), but idc. But this is the perfect example of how you/tfps handle criticism. Yes there are people that just bs to bs and get attention. But if someone gives you a gamedesign reason for their criticism and gives you ways to combat the problem, they are not "misguided" and "TFPs know better" Thats like saying the newer cuts of the original Starwars is better because george lukas is the creator and so knows best. Or witches in HP magicing their poo away before toilets were a thing. Sure J.K. has the right to do it. That doesnt make it "good". TFPs sadly only know two ways to deal with problems: -ignore and find reasons why they ignore it (early on with cheaters, then with pvp and so on) -or completely scrap the whole idea instead of improving it. and it saddens me how many awesome mechanics we lost on the way. Don't get me wrong A19 is nice... the best since A16, maybe even better by now. But I just wonder how far this game could have gone without 7 major overhauls and reworks of perfectly good systems that just needed some tweaking.
  8. Steep slopes caused pathing issues. Should they need to destroy blocks to make a stairway? Quiteop if you ask me. But sure, they could have. swimming Z's: I always found it weird that they couldn't float a little. Yes they probably should just be as fast as the player... but I have no idea what that even influences. A base under water is fun... but not possible to defend. A stiltbase was an exploit with or without water. Digging Z's: they didn't remove hordenight as an option, what are you talking about? Just set the frequency to Disabled and all is well if you don't like bloodmoons. true ppl will always find exploits. But Devs should always seek to make them as hard as possible to find. Exploits should be found, reported and never used again. Some little tricks are absolutely fine. Like... how to get a pick day 1. But as soon as you completely break the flow and the challenges of the game, it needs to be fixed, no matter how much you personally like it. THAT is (and I do not use this reasoning lightly since I hate it myself when used incorrecty) what mods are for. YOU want there to be exploits and that is fine. But devs shouldn't try to accompany everyone who wants an exploit to stay in the game.
  9. Well... how would YOU have solved those issues? Sure there might have been better ways, and I am surely nobody to be a TFPs lackey, but these issues had to be adressed someway or another. The most important thing is for the challenge to stay viable. And as I said you can't have a viable challenge if there are exploits. AFTER that you should be allowed to play however you like. But that doesn't mean every way should be just as valid. There is just no way to have everything be exactly the same. Things have benefits and weaknesses. Sneakbuild is awesome at clearing pois but bad at hordenight. Melee is ammo conserving but dangerous, M16 is a hordenight-zombie-shredder but uses more bullets than you could count. But if the options are: give up 10 seconds of your time to get the most awesome loot and be able to do that like 10 times per city or take 20 minutes clearing the poi to get the same there is just no comparison. And with the stone age these exploity behaviours are reduced, ESPECIALLY in the earlygame where you can cheese this the most, having Q5 shotty and ak in Week 1.
  10. You got it the wrong way around. A challenge is only a challenge, if there is no easy way out. If there is, it makes the whole challenge meaningless. This is the same discussion as safe bunkers, hordenight-exploits and all the other exploits people used to do that got fixed. Sure you can get joy out of a challengless game. But I have a pro tip: activate cheat-mode and press 'U' and you can have all the easy loot you desire. As long as this game is a survival game, I expect survival beeing a challenge. And beeing rewarded with weapons for doing the "frame up"->"frame down" move is not something anyone can call a challenge.
  11. Why not simply disable bloodmoon if you wanna be safe tho o_O
  12. didnt see a bear... but he might have been slower! I instantly closed the game and restarted in cheatmode (because F*** that $%&§! )
  13. I just hope this isnt a bug and actually intended so they don't "fix" this great feature (like ressources in A17): I absolutely love that you can crawl in 1 block high spaces. Have only tried it with dirt yet, but it feels so great and claustrophobic... make the char even slower when in this position and it is awesome!
  14. not so crazy about the saturation and the new light reflection off small things like bags, trash and the like (especially outdoors) I like that progression was slowed and the blunderbuss was buffed! Overall there are quite a few QoL improvements that I like. But it seems that doghordes can spawn on day 2. Closing and reopening the save gets rid of them tho (they don't get saved lol) At least I can fight one evil with another evil I really dislike that there are so many cities around. I like to use a remote poi for my first base... now I had to build it from scratch... which is kinda nice, but I still want to be further away from cities!
  15. Easy fix: Decrease the radius of the chest beeing hit and make it so that IF you can snipe that thing, he can't explode. He can still deal massive amounts of damage with his fist, but no more exploding. That is litereally the only way to balance this without reworking the entire design. Either he is tanky or he deals damage or he can explode and take half your base with it. He can't do all 3. And if he does, at least give us a countermeasure (like shooting his chestpiece).
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