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  1. I see you.... You should just hire me 😛
  2. They are only 1 hit in areas you've already explored. Any new area you uncover they will be normal HP. Or start a new game.
  3. Nice catch. Ive removed the comment end, Git has been updated if anyone wants to grab that one file. Nexus will get it in the next major update.
  4. Nope. Cant be done in any easy way to make it worthwhile doing.
  5. Holy log file batman. Pastebin that.
  6. Hi Jax, I know you have life going on now but someone is asking about UVM and the latest version of RH. UVM @ Nexus
  7. Not currently. Depends on how big of a hit is involved once all the upgraded cars are done and they are all loaded at once Thought behind that would be people collecting cars on servers, so many rendered at once etc.
  8. Both are up for consideration after the main body of work is done. Motorcycles and flying are considered. I optimize the mesh and materials to reduce the gpu load like all my mods, unfortunately this is time consuming. I also need to build all the upgraded versions for the existing ones, then the same would be true for motorcycles. Im not saying I wont eventually, just wont be immediately until the main body of work is done.
  9. Enjoy! Please post any feedback you may have. Will advise the relevant people, thanks.
  10. Beta 2 uploaded to Nexus and Gitlab. DOWNLOAD FOUNDATION BASE BETA 2 RELEASE FROM NEXUS DOWNLOAD FOUNDATION BASE BETA 2 RELEASE FROM GITLAB Fixes: Adds Impact Wrench to grease monkey perk Progression unlocks of impact wrench and accessories Loot on shells civvy/military Car head light and brake light visuals Adds flashing lights to emergency vehicles Localization by Chiko and Adredan
  11. so just in case anyone was wondering where this may be heading. Here is some Proof of concept images from ages ago. None of these 2 currently exist.
  12. To give you an idea, this was on Ragsy's machine earlier in the piece. All vehicles rendered at the same time and he was still getting 71fps.
  14. Thanks I dont know. Never thought about it. You're welcome I just capped the permission from Nexus. You're welcome Thanks. Gup did/does have a cop car too
  15. Thanks. Feedback away. There is plenty to do, which will take considerable time so would be good to work in whatever comes in too
  16. Welcome to UVM (Ultimate Vehicle mod). This is a BETA release. These are heavily optimized low poly vehicles that will spawn in the world, on roads and in prefabs, that can either be harvested for parts like vanilla, or upgraded to a working vehicle if you have found or crafted UVM_Vehicleaccessories item and the UVM_impactwrench to do so. You cant pick up the shell to take back to your base or keep in inventory. You must have the parts to upgrade the vehicle then collect. You will either need to find the schematic, or unlock the grease monkey perk to craft. The recipe fo
  17. You will need to use A16 for this mod.
  18. Yes this isnt something I can solve. TFP have also had this issue during an update. It purely comes down to existing saves and already explored areas/chunks vs unexplored. The issue will not happen in unexplored areas and will not happen with new "clean" games.
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