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  1. Good idea. This makes cooking skill useful. Stack ability? How about bundling like ammo? I don't see any case need to re-bundle, so make bundle in base and open when needed seems to work. - - - Updated - - - Lol.
  2. @Ghostlight 1. Yeah, right. Therefore player won't use cooked food in early time, even if benefit is added. 2. Yep. Also, I think top tier recipe/seed schema is too easy to obtain. If you get them, food issue is pointless, but this is natural result. This is because you are on top tier of food and no remaining progression. Of course. So, I think top tier food balancing and food poisoning should be discussed separatedly @Katitof If you feel it fun or challenging that just using 2pt to migrate penalty, go ahead. If you want more complex and better survival experience, stay here to listen to other's idea. No one will stop you. - - - Updated - - - @theFlu I have no idea what you are saying, lol
  3. There are 2 bursting threads, relating food recently. One is about about current cooking is not working well, the other is poll on food spoilage. IMO, current food poisoning is badly designed. I've read many opinions, pros, cons in those 2 thread, and considered myself. Then I analyzed what or how bad, and what will fix system as following. This is slightly off-topic in those 2, so I make new thread. Leave your comment or opinion freely. Also, I'm a modder, so I'll make them as mod myself, if there is a chance. First, I know current system is wip and dev have never said it as final. My point is even if benefit for food is added, it won't fix current un-judicious food poisoning, so that they need to change itself as well as adding benefit. TL;DR System has problem: [*]Keep stomach full, get more punishment [*]Food poisoning effect is lacking reasoning [*]Cooking skill is not nice counterplan, in contrast eating one give immunity Potential fix: Puke food only eaten in 1 (real) hour instead of everything with small constant penalty, like 10 or 10% Canned food should have penalty. In this case, canned food last long in stomach to be puked. Keep stomach full, get more punishment. Once we get food poisoning, puke everything leaving 30. This ruins the plan to keep stomach full. Think about following case, "You are at level 1. Eventually you find crate filled with vegetable stew." Here is a choice, how frequently you eat them? You don't wanna waste them nor get stamina penalty. Most probable choice is when your max stamina start decreasing. (Of course eat at base.) However, this is the worst choice with consideration on food poisoning risk. Along with this plan, you lose your current food(99-30) with food value from stew(32) so lose 101 total, if you puke. There is another choice, eat only can food you find until food get to 50. In this choice, you lose 52 = (50-30) + 32 if you puke. Now you see bad design in system; Keep stomach full, get more punishment, even though getting hungry has stamina penalty as well as food poisoning. Potential fix is to use decreasing some value, instead of losing everything. Like constant; 30 or 50. Although constant works in early game, get to nothing in late game. N-percent reduction results fail as well as now, because dev shall increase probability. I propose another better value than constant in next section. Food poisoning effect is lacking reasoning Food is day-by-day activity everyone is doing, so punishment should have fair reason (not only reality) of deserving; otherwise it's just annoying. Then, what is it/them? Following is as far as I come up with. Depending on easy food Eating too many at a time (abusing for heal) Eating without drinking Eating only cans Nutrition imbalances 1st is dealt already. For 2nd, current puking CAN deal, but losing everything is excessive as I said in previous section. Lose everything, but only eaten in period, like last 1 (real) hour will work as punishment more specifically. 3rd can be easily tweaked in, but it change nothing because water is plenty in a18. For 4th, giving food poisoning risk seems to work, but this change kills the choice that eat here or bring back for cooking. New choice is scrap or bring back, no one will eat them. Thus I suggest another change instead, ineffective digesting. Most of can ingredients are too salted, oily or compressed, so takes time to digest and exposed to risk of puked in next food for long time. 5th is too complicated to handle with a small number of recipes. Therefore, food poisoning result in losing only eaten in 1 (real) hour. Canned food is hard to digest, so have risk to be puked in next cooked foods (such as in 2 hours). Also, continuous food poisoning should have some penalty, so losing 10 or 10% of food with prior penalty. Cooking skill is not nice counterplan, in contrast eating one give immunity IMO, this is the worst thing in the system. With iron gut, I don't need to spec in master chef 2. Baked/boiled meat, potato, corn works perfectly, and Living of the land makes matter worse. You can take those 2 perks in FRT, why other recipes are needed? Well, however there are many people saying like "Dislike puking? Perk iron gut and you win", so I put this problem last. I completely can't understand their thought, but iron gut seems as beloved. Potential fix will be, nerfing iron gut, adding much cooked food benefit equivalent to food poisoning immunity, or food spoilage? Only thing I'm sure is not only changing food poisoning, but also other decent changes are needed for this balancing. So I hope to find something nice in cooking thread or food spoilage one later. At last, I'd say I don't dislike food poisoning itself, I dislike because it's poorly implemented. And I approve an idea which food poisoning should affect game play. In old alpha, it was dead. No effect existed to survival. I hope this post will give some information to improve this system.
  4. Or just eat only canned one like me so that disable risk completely. No pts needed.
  5. Bless you too Lol. It makes sense that my experience is completely different with other's. Hmm, will try dev make change in any manner, maybe. Yeah visual feedback will be awesome in mp. I'll eat cooked food just for this, lol.
  6. Update [DMT]Alphado's Hub Placement Fix 0.2.0 is now compatible with 18.2b5(latest_experimental) Download Links : 18.2b5 (exp) 18.2b5 Server (exp) Detail post
  7. Not everyone are rushing for level cap. Once I reach level 50, further grinding is not needed. In fact I keep my 5-10 ish points when I reached 70. I was rushed to level 150-ish on A17 though.
  8. Yep, I feel as I'm very unlucky too. But I'm not sure if this is unlikely happens. There are 37000 people at peak who playing 7d2d. Doing statistic on 37000 samples give ok result, so statistical inference will give how many unlucky men like me exists.
  9. @tricorius I don't care about realism. I just need fair payback(reason for me) to pay risk. But..., I hope you and your wife get better sometime.
  10. Yeah, I know that. Even with them I puke many and many. No, I'm not worried, but I'm disgusted with getting that. Again, this is neither thought nor estimation. This is my EXPERIENCE.
  11. I use both and also pure mineral water. Vitamin helps a bit, but not constantly available.
  12. Sadly it's always. My 42 days play time was puking almost 20 times. Early days, I didn't eat charred meat or boiled egg to store meat/egf till day 10: I can make high tier food constantly. I ate only bacon and egg or stew salmon taco, chilli dog from day10 to 42, result is I decided to sell any cooked foods to buy canned food.
  13. If minimal risk means less than now, or food poisoning get something not ruins everything, I'd accept. But at this rate, food is big thumbs down in gorgeous A18. I don't feel anxiety, I had eaten many cooked food until I experienced meh moment, "Oh 4% is not small number, it's not worth eating even in max tier!" My puking 4 times per weeks experience even with stew or bacon does refrain from eating cooked food. Yep, I will.
  14. Yeah, but they believe only benefit aspect is not finished. See how Roland and Gazz defend current food poisoning, they seriously believing as food benefit (or spoiling) fix current complaints of food poisoning without any fix for itself.
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