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  1. Works very nice. Thank you for updating this eagerly.
  2. Vanilla version.....? No way, you mean this doesn't require sdx?
  3. Well, blunderbuss is meant to be used as reckless, lol. It's not ranged but melee. You need to put it in their mouth and to shoot for ideal damage. But at least, blunderbuss is my MAIN weapon until day 20. Yeah, sound is crappy. I always warn my friends before I shoot it, lol.
  4. Blunderbuss is forgotten, seriously? It's so useful in first a few weeks
  5. He is trying to keep things sorted. Google doc is nice way in terms of, you can give permission another person to edit, and many formatting stuff is available than here.
  6. New op looks so cool. I'm made to wanna buy new pc to try this again with best instrument, seriously.
  7. If boat comes in now, what is good for us? No threat, no reward on water. Boat helps to make us across, and that's all. Then we can just turn ocean off. (A17 did this) For nice journey on water, dev need to improve not only physics, but also threat and reward of it. Otherwise, journey with boat become boring. Kraken, pirate, or zombie shark for threat? Oil rig, cargo ship, landed aircraft or higan-jima for reward? Not sure for me. Anyway, dev need much time for these reasons, not just because boat is difficult to make.
  8. Hello, sphereii. I've refined my ModInfo-s and master URL list of modlets. Could you add them to your default profile? Here is my master list. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AlphadoJaki/7D2D_SphereII_Config/master/Alpha17/Alphado.txt Also, I have a question. Some of my modlets have addon. Of course, I specified that dependency in modinfo. But if you have the way to show dependency, I will use that. Is there a feature for addon to specific modlet?
  9. @stallionsden # make download directory mkdir tmp cd tmp git init git remote add origin -f https://github.com/guppycur/GuppyMods # whitelist modlet echo "/GuppysBloodMoonTrickle/" > .git/info/sparse-checkout # download and update git pull origin master
  10. Hey, those UI are looks furthermore improved!!! Awesome. I haven't expected as A17 project is going to this extent. Keep up your cool work. I'm really excited to see UL A17 version.
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