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  1. When did women become so stupid and their ability to think for themselves so curtailed that strip clubs, places they *choose* to work, places where they are quite frankly in way more control than men, objectify them? If a woman chooses to "demean" themselves then who am I to judge them? Your entire albeit well formulated and respectfully presented argument rests on two false notions, one being that you speak for all women and two that you're the arbiter of what they should and should not do. You may want to look into your own view of women, if you find yourself believing them incapable of thought and free will, or incapable of being okay with their life decisions.
  2. Well they were pretty clear about it being a proof of concept, and of course it would need to be scaled for each particular zombie; I imagine the skater punks gibs would be smaller than Mama June's gibs... What we saw was just a mock-up. I would not read too much into it this early.
  3. The property looks for indexes, if you would change it to work for names then I'd kiss you. Don't care if the names are inconsistent, we can rip them and get those.
  4. @faatal ...I was told I could tag you and ask this here. The replacematerial XML property no longer works correctly we think due to a simple arrangement of children on *some* of the zombies... ...I know you told me last night something I can't remember, and basically I know you guys aren't using that property anymore, but it's great for reskinning zombies. As an example, the method works on Arlene, but does not on Darlene. These are a19 of course, no clue if y'all did everything from scratch for a20 versions and this question is moot. Anyway it appears not to work for Darlene because the targeted child is further down the hierarchy than on Arlene, which indicates inconsistency in the models. Arlene, boe, crawler, moe and yo works, the others do not. Can we get that property fixed so that consistently, 0,1, and 2 point to body, hair and eyes? ...even when it did work, those numbers weren't consistent, but at least it was doable. Thanks for any consideration on this. ...really, it'd be fantastic if you could let us target the replacematerial by child name... I know you guys are working on bigger stuff but I'm hopeful you see the potential in including this type of behavior earlier rather than later. Heck, you guys could easily have your random color variances using this method...
  5. I wanna watch a cartoon and not hear 7day sounds... What, I'm a kid at heart.
  6. Dumb conversation. Roland, you owe me minutes of my life back.
  7. Steel upgrading to a campfire would be *hilarious* to watch...
  8. I mean, sure, let's make it a real memory if it isn't already.
  9. Well because they haven't reached that point yet for his playthroughs... you've been around long enough, you know darned well he plays his own game. Much to our amusement (bow drop anyone?). I still think that one's my favorite, but where he had his turrent shoot his own car is a close second. 😃
  10. I'm confused; he's one of the owners, you don't think he has input in the game? ...with all of the "rust buddy" changes he's made that I've railed against for years, I disagree.
  11. That's already doable. Like, all of it.
  12. What's a better cave tool than a rocket launcher?
  13. Steam support atm would be premature considering TFP still hasn't finished adding in their mod support.
  14. Large than man sized entities and pathing seem to be their white whale, I don't see it happening anytime soon. I believe that's why they dropped the abonimati...er, behemoth.
  15. The replacematerial XML property no longer works correctly due to a simple arrangement of children on *some* of the zombies, are there plans for uniformity in bone set up so things like the old system for radiating a zed will still work?
  16. ...but without doom and gloom, the forums are dead and the only exciting thing to do is play who's the best sycophant. And that's boring.
  17. Play alpha 14, you'll find it there. /Runs away
  18. Release the rafKen! Versatility, storage, immersion, fun...
  19. Re: raft and new water ...would the new water even affect the raft physics? There are plenty of m word boats, some of which I've worked on, I don't think it would be necessary to change them when water is reworked, but I'm only guessing... Faatal?
  20. Couldn't the tile system be abused to handle it? Set an underground district or whatever, then push those pois' y-offset down to ground level accounting for poi height, then allow placement of pois on top? ...this idea compiles in my head. 😃
  21. I mean, I like the idea; re-release the game with all patches included on a physical disk, but the messaging is *horrible*. Imagine what a digital purchaser or a previous owner is going to think when they read "includes patches"; since people tend to read what they want to be true, they're going to think the game will be a newer, better version than they one they already have, even if they themselves have the latest patch. Whole thing has been a clusterfuss, I don't even any of the parties involved, nor do I blame TFP for the kerfuffle, but damn I hope they learned some lessons from it. 😃
  22. It's definitely clear why the messaging gets lost.
  23. I'm so confused. I get that there is no "new" content, so what you said is technically correct, but if I recall correctly the original question was whether or not this copy was needed in order to get future updates? ... I don't even own a console, so I have no dog in this, but the messaging is unclear.
  24. Yeh, it def wasn't one of your vids that I saw (and still refuse to link especially since it's bogus).
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