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  1. Type LE in the console to find out.
  2. I think that's one that would work in a20 but yeh it would make the cut for an update if not.
  3. Yeh she's frikkin' brilliant and hard to duplicate. ...so as it stands she's doing real life stuff ATM so her mods are not updated til she returns. Vague I know, but it's the best answer until she says otherwise.
  4. Laughing isn't a positive? ...the forum game is broken!!!
  5. Oh sweet thanks man. One more to check off the list I'll probably not get to soon... 😃 ...and wow, that's the tv show sledge hammer, not the song. Awesome. Blast from the past.
  6. I think there was a sponsor, like bluefang or something; this was a long time ago back when tfp was poor. Pre console days, I think. 😃
  7. There was once a Christmas event that the prize was... a graphics card I think? Best Christmas POI design. I didn't win.
  8. 5) You'll note that some of the best poi designers (in my opinion) are now TFP staff. 😃
  9. It's really quite simple. I get where you're coming from but I wholeheartedly disagree. You broke the game and called it a bug. But it only broke through your actions. That's the definition of user error. I personally don't want the pimps to "fix" it because it's wasted time they could spend fleshing out LBD. 😃 If they choose to, and that's their prerogative, because joking aside idgaf, that's cool but it doesn't mean it's a bug. A bug would be if a designed system didn't work as designed. The reality is, if they start going through and add error handling they're going to end up causing more harm to systems we modders take advantage of than they're actually "protecting". But you broke it, not them. Insert this sentence into any subsequent replies. 😃
  10. Well imo as long as they're using the materials, and that's how they want to play, then fuggit... but yeh I agree having a limit on just how good you could get would be great. I'm for a tier 1-3 crafting, 4-5 buying, 6 finding system myself.
  11. I dunno, it's mixed messages. If he's talking about making more of x gets you a slightly better x, then yes... hopefully it'll be limited to x though, and not y or z. Screw y and z, they don't deserve x anyway.
  12. It's likely a unicode limit, but that's besides the point. You can put all sorts of things into the XML's to get nice game crashing red errors, some of them will even mess with your save game (loading quest or skill changes after a player is made, for example, much less the tons and tons of c# options to really make you have a bad day), I doubt sincerely the pimps will or even SHOULD throw time at stopping user error, and that's exactly what we're talking about... let's be clear... user error. Not trying to sound offensive, but this seems to be the hill you're on, so... <Shrug>
  13. Well at least he posted what he thinks is the reason. Solved: I know exactly what's going on now after testing further... I have a working Vending Machine by my front door. My stupid Turrets are shooting the vending machine when there's an enemy there. Apparently it transfers that electric shock to me when this happens no matter where I am. ...I wonder if his body is considered at the point where he enters his vehicle in, so takes aoe damage or something weird.
  14. No? There is a hard coded limit of 32,767. You go beyond that it's on you. Just as if you took a screwdriver and stabbed your hard drive, that's not on TFP either. Geesh. Or if your mouse wears out because you click too much. Not everything is TFP's fault.
  15. If people want to make the best stone axe there ever was then by god let them. ...you can manage LBD by limiting it to say T3. Well he says it's not coming back, but it is, and it sounds like it's going to be done right this time. Learn By Doing, but for crafting only, which makes sense as long as that learning can't be applied across the board to other skills/perks/whatever. How's it a bug when you broke it by going past the 32k limit on stack sizes? Heck, if you only went ONE past what they designed, how is b218 bugged? C'mon man. 😃
  16. LBD works if what you're "learning" only applies to what you're "doing". ...it failed last time because people were crafting stone axes and buying the ability to make concrete.
  17. Well he's not wrong in that it takes less than 30 minutes to add a new object, where he's wrong at is all of the other associated items WITH adding a new object, to be able to get to that point where you can add it... from design to modeling/rigging/animation, to testing to the bloat that is just part of being a company. So I get his perspective, he's just not able to see the bigger picture. He will either take my reply as education or as hostility, that'll be his choice to make. 😃
  18. He's not foolish, he's just wrong. There is a difference IMO. <shrug>
  19. Blend tree the eating the player when they die anim.
  20. It honestly won't be til January... are we sure it doesn't work with a20 already?
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