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  1. "Um" was said about a million times. Probably. I missed it.
  2. It's great the PC is still getting updates, but what about conso... Hahahaha ...I kid I kid. 9pm you say? Might remember to say hi.
  3. The "D" in DM is for Debug, which supports your argument. ...if you can't handle the difficulty of a level 5 quest, then it's a balancing or personal skill issue. Oh and as an alternative, use LE instead of Killall, which will give you the coordinates of the entities.
  4. Oh I knew the answer before asking, but you see, this is all part of my master plan to implant ideas, so that one of them thinks its their own and implements it later.
  5. I suppose that any code except for a code that is maybe uncommented out, is new code, but then that becomes a philosophical argument of what is new, new to you, new to us, etc... ... At any rate, my question is whether or not you guys have given any consideration to exposing the code for blood moon behavior to XML, particularly via buffs?
  6. A blood moon feral buff would/could be used for quests, for specific zeds (hunters), for rage chances, could be turned off for M word stuff; a bajillion different things. Specific biomes, light conditions, radiation conditions, certain sleepers...
  7. Zero. It's not near done.
  8. Any talk of exposing blood moon feralocityness to xml, maybe via a buff, for expanded possibilities? I can think of a bajillion uses, even for vanilla gameplay...
  9. Main programmer is out on leave and I've been lazy since valheim. It'll happen, but no eta.
  10. BTW... dumbest argument ever award goes to this thread.
  11. Yeh definitely seems your mileage may vary on quality control on these. Comparing the one I have to the one someone else shared and then to the first post, mine is crap. 😃
  12. Would none remove it from horde nights?
  13. That would be in loot.xml, check the entityclasses.xml for the "lootlist" ID, then that will point to the entry in loot.xml
  14. Oh that xpath error looks promising. If the loot part didn't apply that's gonna cause issues. My guess is since I made the mod and now, TFP changed the name of drugHerbalAntibioticsSchematic or schematicsModsRare. That entry in loot.xml would need to be updated to whatever TFP is calling them now.
  15. Is this on a server by chance?
  16. Got mine a few minutes ago. It's much much much thinner than I thought. Even holding it, it chipped off the edge a bit. Seems to be made of actual slate.
  17. So instead of being able to get to day 60, you'd get to what, day 20 and be done?
  18. Zombies always have the shiniest shoes...
  19. Consoles. I have a robot dog mod that follows me; basically it goes where it can, and when it can't, it acts like a zombie that can't path to you. But it walks. With a flying drone, I imagine it'll just fly as close as it CAN get, or you'll need to tell it to "stay".
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