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  1. It's a DMT mod, are you compiling it using DMT?
  2. It'd be nice to "get off the grid" so to speak, but a pipe dream for my situation atm.
  3. Absolutely; the difference between say, a coal plant and a wind/solar source is that batteries are *required* on the latter. That makes those techs not yet a viable solution. I'm happy with Nuclear, tbh. Well, it's still sub-freezing here and I've been cutting away my dead banana tree (it *was* big enough to bear fruit) but we'll supposedly be back in the 70's (f) this weekend. Then I'll have a true grasp of how many plants I lost. I've been fortunate, we only lost power for 4 hours and so far nothing has burst. So far. We keep the heat on high and the fireplace g
  4. Bordering on politics; it's an interesting thread but best to step away from that aspect of the subject. The thing is, while renewables sound great on paper, the technology just isn't there yet. Batteries suck. Period. Until those are radically improved, it's just not worth it.
  5. As only a consumer it's my understanding that CenterPoint is still the delivery guy and the third party companies just act as resellers, purchasing based on futures. ... It's not like we actually have a couple of hundred companies generating electricity, it just seems that way. Then you have companies like energy ogre that basically track your usage, then shift you around to the different resellers based on your usage so that way you always have the cheapest price. It works for us.
  6. We lost power for only about 4hrs, but luckily we are prepared. Gas is still on but we're on a boil notice for water. Or we aren't. News isn't very clear for our MUD district. Meh. Lowest it's got in the house is 65' so I'm lucky. I'm an insurance adjuster and yes, lots of pipes busting... And yes, people are dying because they're burning things they shouldn't. Just had a mom and kid die because they are in a car in a garage warming up. Sigh. Centerpoint (main power people here) say they're 60% without power. Wind turbines frozen, solar panels cover
  7. Increase longevity of the play through. In this case it's a good thing IMO. I think they're gearing it more towards biome toughness rather than gamestage (hopefully my memory and the posts I've read on that are correct), so that you're moving to tougher biomes if you want better gear.
  8. Well, THAT took some work to get playing nicely... nice job.
  9. Not sure why this one got moved; the question is germane to the conversation.
  10. Edit the entitygroups and add the zombies to those groups.
  11. They played valheim, saw what unity could do and are redoing their roadmap. Kidding. My guppy memory says they did at one point set players on fire, and I see the buff commented out... That coming back?
  12. That's apparently how Dwall has it set up in WotW.
  13. As far as I remember, the pack IS for modders to do with what they please.
  14. That's doable now. Create the world, go into the world's folder (gamefolder/data/worlds), set the spawnpoints in spawnpoints.xml, enjoy friendship. I'm guessing eventually we will get some generation settings so that this will be in the UI. ...and no roland,that's not modding. 😃
  15. Ouch, that sucks. In other news, custom armor is coming along nicely... 😃
  16. ...that looks so much better than the previous iterations...
  17. I can see how losing your eyesight may be a slight detriment. 😃 wtf happened?
  18. Creature Pack adds 50? 75? New zombies, plus a bunch of other scary thingies. ...but yeh it'll depend on if they get a20 out before I get book II out. I've a youtube with a playlist showing progress.
  19. Are you interested in modding? Afraid to learn? Fear not! Join the Unofficial Modding Discord! Over 1500 strong, our community takes all comers who are willing to listen and learn. We host channels for many popular mods, and you'll be able to rub shoulders (and more) with some of the most highly regarded modders from these very forums. Not only that, but many projects have evolved from a simple conversation to exciting and groundbreaking content within these channels. This peaceful but knowledgeable community uses the "teach a man to fish" technique of providing the tools and h
  20. Two separate projects that had nothing to do with one another. I did mine a while back. Dust started his and Ragsy was helping him out whlie he was learning the ropes of vehicles, then at some point I gave mine to Ragsy once he surpassed me, and Dust fell off the earth so... That's how I vaguely remember it, but I could be wrong on some or all details.
  21. Not really a mod per say, but go to gamefolder/data/worlds/<worldnameyoujustmade>/ and find a file called biomes.png Paint that thing entirely white (has to be exactly white!). Make a new save game (the one you made when you generated the world will still have the original biome at your spawn location), and enjoy snow.
  22. Wow, grabbing so I can mirror.
  23. ...someone played The Great Game.
  24. He/she may be talking about one of my contributions; I'm not sure if the boss version is in CP as well, but it's even meaner. 😃
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