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  1. I have only played Single Player, so I can't comment on your multi player experience. I like to play Dead Is Dead style, so no respawning - I start a new game if I get killed. So I found A19 single player to be quite difficult to survive the early hordes. I wanted a challenge, but didn't want to be destroyed every 7 days. What works for me (using Sledgehammers) is to slow the zombies down to a slow jog, but to balance that out by having 12 of them alive at a time. If I hadn't slowed them down I would get smashed by a group of Z's very early. Broken bones would make it impossib
  2. Yeah, I've had a zombie bear clip through the walls of the trader base (I thought I was safe picking it off from the top of the base wall, but no, it clipped inside. I then ran into the traders trailer, and the #$%^ bear followed me, and pushed itself all the way in, leaving me with nowhere to go. In a previous game I was in a largely underground POI in the wasteland. Bears were going nuts on the surface. In the room at the surface there were 1m x 2m doors on 2 sides, with bears clipping through both doors. 4 zombie bears, plus dogs... a bit too savage for a single player game
  3. It used to be that I would always make a ranger station my base, because it had a cobblestone base that immediately gave me a degree of protection without having to commit any time or resources into building it, but now those bases are radically different, and vulnerable as they stand on just a few steel legs which I would be unable to repair in the early game stages, so I've started building a base next door to a trader. If I were to voice a complaint, there seems to be an insane number of debuffs now. How can I smash my way through a horde when I have a leg injury, and arm injury
  4. Dude! Beautiful job on the maps. I'm really replying to a) give you deserved cred, and b) to bump this back up for a bit so more noobs can see it. I haven't yet attempted to enter a radiation zone, despite having some good gear, but my mouth waters at the prospect of what TFP plan to include in those all too obvious towns at the bottom corners. Gotta be some juicy stuff to match the danger of going there.
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