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  1. I have only played Single Player, so I can't comment on your multi player experience. I like to play Dead Is Dead style, so no respawning - I start a new game if I get killed. So I found A19 single player to be quite difficult to survive the early hordes. I wanted a challenge, but didn't want to be destroyed every 7 days. What works for me (using Sledgehammers) is to slow the zombies down to a slow jog, but to balance that out by having 12 of them alive at a time. If I hadn't slowed them down I would get smashed by a group of Z's very early. Broken bones would make it impossib
  2. Yeah, I've had a zombie bear clip through the walls of the trader base (I thought I was safe picking it off from the top of the base wall, but no, it clipped inside. I then ran into the traders trailer, and the #$%^ bear followed me, and pushed itself all the way in, leaving me with nowhere to go. In a previous game I was in a largely underground POI in the wasteland. Bears were going nuts on the surface. In the room at the surface there were 1m x 2m doors on 2 sides, with bears clipping through both doors. 4 zombie bears, plus dogs... a bit too savage for a single player game
  3. It used to be that I would always make a ranger station my base, because it had a cobblestone base that immediately gave me a degree of protection without having to commit any time or resources into building it, but now those bases are radically different, and vulnerable as they stand on just a few steel legs which I would be unable to repair in the early game stages, so I've started building a base next door to a trader. If I were to voice a complaint, there seems to be an insane number of debuffs now. How can I smash my way through a horde when I have a leg injury, and arm injury
  4. Yeah, I've been having the same issue. If you have any software that came with the card - get it running and see if it can give you some control over the fan speed. My card was stupid enough to leave the fan on a low speed despite getting up to 90C and suffering numerous resets before I discovered the issue (seems the fan speed is software dependant, rather than built into firmware (the height of stupidity). Now I can play with temps not exceeding 60C with the fans going at 80% of max. I get some artifacts, possibly from permanent damage done to the card (thanks, Pimps), but no more resets.
  5. Yeah, I liked the old 'box mold' method of creating concrete blocks on site, rather than the way it is now, like a pre-molded lego piece.
  6. Then dig up shale (desert biome) and process it at the Chem Lab.
  7. That's when you need to whisper in their ears with a sledgehammer. But don't take my advice, I've resorted to playing on whimp difficulty, coz I don't like getting killed.
  8. Yeah, I tend to agree, but for those folks who like to amp out their character for endless stamina, they'll want to get to grandpa's secret recipies. Myself, I'm just curious to know what mutated corn is used for.
  9. Yeah, but the spider challenge is awesome. Especially the first time you experience it. I tend to b*tch on about the difficulty, but I think the change to the spiders is good.
  10. Yeah, I can confirm what you've noticed. Likewise, I can't give enough info to reliably reproduce it.
  11. Thanks for adjusting the vultures... they were pretty lethal, and would instantly pounce on a compromised player.
  12. Meh. After almost 4000 hours on this game (since A13) I'm actually feeling pretty bored with it all of a sudden. They've eliminated any desire to try. If you know your building efforts will fail, then where is the motivation to try. If you know you'll be killed by a horde of vultures that emerge from nowhere, then again, why try. If we start accepting death as inevitable, then we've all lost something. I've lost a reason to play. I set Zombies to Always Walk in order to be able to defend my base, but in so doing I lost any challenge associated with building. I might as well set m
  13. Bronco Bears: It's possible to ride on the back of a bear while you club its head. It's also possible to die in the process (Day 1, no armour, no surprise!)
  14. Hey folks, I'm curious to know which parameters are affected by the games difficulty setting in the main menu. I've played a number of A17 games on a number of difficulty settings, and the most unfair and punishing horde action happened on the novice difficulty. Sure, this might just come down to the curse of random generation, but I see no increased difficulty between these settings. In fact, it seems to work in reverse. Are the settings nerfed, or am I missing something?
  15. The graphics engine needs a complete restart of the game after some settings are changed. I had what you're getting. I had assumed closing back to the games main menu was sufficient. It wasn't. Shut down the game entirely, and restart from the Steam UI.
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