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  1. I have only played Single Player, so I can't comment on your multi player experience. I like to play Dead Is Dead style, so no respawning - I start a new game if I get killed. So I found A19 single player to be quite difficult to survive the early hordes. I wanted a challenge, but didn't want to be destroyed every 7 days. What works for me (using Sledgehammers) is to slow the zombies down to a slow jog, but to balance that out by having 12 of them alive at a time. If I hadn't slowed them down I would get smashed by a group of Z's very early. Broken bones would make it impossible to fight or to run away, and lack of stamina, infection, fatigue, abrasions would all amplify the degree to which my player was doomed. It seems impossible to survive the early hordes on the default settings if you are among them using muscles instead of bullets. Add in the pathetic early weapons, the low stamina, the poor ineffective armour, and you really are doomed to die. Arrow draw/reload speed is also pathetic, so to defend a base from a safe position is also unlikely to work. I'm somewhat comforted to learn your multiplayer experience is so much easier, as it means that these issues are a balancing issue that they should eventually sort out for us.
  2. Yeah, I've had a zombie bear clip through the walls of the trader base (I thought I was safe picking it off from the top of the base wall, but no, it clipped inside. I then ran into the traders trailer, and the #$%^ bear followed me, and pushed itself all the way in, leaving me with nowhere to go. In a previous game I was in a largely underground POI in the wasteland. Bears were going nuts on the surface. In the room at the surface there were 1m x 2m doors on 2 sides, with bears clipping through both doors. 4 zombie bears, plus dogs... a bit too savage for a single player game. Also, these bears take an immense amount of melee hits before they die. If we can't outrun them, and can't kill them, and can't safely hide from them, then what is the point to them?
  3. It used to be that I would always make a ranger station my base, because it had a cobblestone base that immediately gave me a degree of protection without having to commit any time or resources into building it, but now those bases are radically different, and vulnerable as they stand on just a few steel legs which I would be unable to repair in the early game stages, so I've started building a base next door to a trader. If I were to voice a complaint, there seems to be an insane number of debuffs now. How can I smash my way through a horde when I have a leg injury, and arm injury, an infection, a concussion, fatigue, abrasion, deep cuts, and I need a different pill / potion / suture / splint for each one of these issues? The bandages seem useless now. My Dead Is Dead playstyle is finding this a struggle.
  4. I got my first purple before day 14. It's a knife... a bone knife, and does 7 damage. Sheeesh! I wasted more bone to repair it, in the hope that the damage stat would improve... It didn't.
  5. Yeah, there have been hubcaps in the rivers for quite a while. It's a real pants-soiler when you dip your head under and find yourself over one. Haven't triggered one yet, so don't know if they're armed or just hubcaps.
  6. Well, B155 exp has sorted out all my performance issues. I was formerly quite CPU limited, but it's flowing smoothly in b155, without having to resort to any of the tweaks previously mentioned (of which, "gfx st forceload" was by far the most effective in my case). I suspect knives will need a bit more tweaking. The anim is very fast, but the damage done is feeble... altho I am using a tier 1 knife with zero perks. Next step may be to try lifting my gfx settings to see how much more my system can cope with. Even if I can't lift things, it looks pretty sweet as it is now. Thanks Pimps! As an aside comment, prior to b155 I allowed a screamer to summon a horde that eventually numbered 60 Zs alive. The dogs were struggling to complete their pathing to me, but it was otherwise a good bit of fun, more reminiscent of A13 action... and I smacked them all to death. Sweet!
  7. I'm picking that it is related to a bug I had with the bicycle disappearing, and the compas indicator showing it to be moving about. Curiously, in A17 I had a couple of occasions when the game crashed while I was riding it, and upon reloading the game I am instead on foot, and the bike is missing, and absent from the compass, however, just wandering around the same area for a while would result in the bike suddenly materializing underneath me, and I'd be riding it again as if nothing happened.
  8. ?? Could my antivirus software be part of the slowdown? Silly thought perhaps, but since I used Resource Monitor to investigate my poor game performance I found that my CPU was maxed out at 100% most of the time, but would give decent bursts of play every once in a while after a much shorter recovery of available CPU cycles. Anyway, investigating the processes responsible led me to find it was largely 7D2D, and my antivirus (Malwarebytes) that were eating all the cycles. I've since configured MWB to specifically ignore the 7D2D exe, and the launcher, and my game is flowing well since, allowing me to increase settings, increase textures, and be free of the stuttering and bogging down in the inventory and campfire screens. FPS still ranges from 20's to 70's, but the game is smooth, comfortable and pretty once again.
  9. Well, I honestly think the latest update is giving me worse performance. It's very stuttery, and is making me feel ill. I've used gfx dt, gfx af, and I've set textures to their minimum size (smaller than I was using before the update), and it's still quite nasty. Grass and tree details set low, LOD lowered, all shadows and other BS like blur and sun shafts effects off. FRs range from 40's to single digits.
  10. Ohhh, 1.6GB, it's a big one. Thanks for getting this out ASAP, now I can ignore all my duties at home for another wekend!
  11. Bizarre changes in performance today... So earlier today I had a game that just totally bogged down performance wise. I've had the poor framerate issues, so have been using the gfx dt toggle to get things flowing, but my other issue of very poor performance within inventory / cookpot stations was hyper bad initially. I got so stuck in a screen, trying to move some gear, but the destination slot wouldn't highlight or allow me to place the objects. Framerates were fine during this, but the mouse and all the UI was totally bogged down. Even pressing escape to get to the Exit option, it wouldn't act on my selecting Exit. Eventually I issued the mem command, and this seemed to free up enough resources to allow me to exit the game. So, since returning to the game, it has all been flowing fine... for many hours of play, going far better than yesterday, and insanely better than this morning (still the same game, and no updates or changes have been made). I just don't fathom how the same game can change so much from one instance to the next.
  12. Yeah, MM has previously acknowledged his preferred technique is to configure stuff way harder than it likely needs to be, then to wind it back in later updates, depending on all the griping from the players. My own grizzles include the dog pack at way too early a stage, but top of my list is the frequency of infections, and the relatively low incidence of cures (at least thats the case in the early gamestages). Snow biome was awash with Snow Zombies. Took a bunch of damage from them, then had a glowing eyed Wolf, followed by a Cougar to finish me off.... Day 2. Sheesh. However... I may just need to adjust my playstyle. A17 made it too easy to go melee all the way (and to attack everything), and that is proving to be a bad way to start in A18... so back to arrows and maybe spear for my primary attack/defense I think... at least until I've got some armour, strength and other attributes to back up a melee playstyle.
  13. Fataal's earlier advice to turn off Distant Terrain has worked well for me (although I still find bad lag in Inventory and Cookingpot menus). His suggestion: Go into console (F1). Turn off Dist Terrain (gfx dt). Repeat the process to get dist terrain back when you need it. It's made the game playable again, and I've been able to lift many grafics options to a pleasant level with DT disabled.
  14. Hey, thanks for the "gfx dt" toggle. I've yet to try it, but the feedback sounds very encouraging. I just want to add that accompanying my fps issues is a massive lag when inside Inventory or Cookpot menus. So massive that the mouse can be stalled for many seconds, and is barely normal for any more than a few seconds at a time.
  15. The same POI has more bung cupboards in an upstairs bedroom.
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