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  1. Congratulations on the release of the new horse mod! I got the JP localizations in and tested. A little feedback : The name key and description key for buffHorseRanchUnlockNotify isn't set, and when you hit a milestone, it's hard to find out what you do from there. The questHorseRanchUnlockItem2 doesn't appear in the craft menu unless you do a search for it. Also, is there something on the ranch raising the heat map? I was getting a lot of screamers showing up around it. Maybe the burning barrels you're using isn't the poi version? The dust bunnies were fun lol🐇 Localization.txt
  2. Worked great in SP. I made Vincent work all day for a few bacon and eggs lol😁 Here's the localization with JP in it😄 Localization.txt
  3. Here's the survivor house localization with JP in it😃 I smashed the sitting Xavier and the laying down Xavier, so I ended up with 2 Xaviers in my bag😂 Maybe only being able to harvest it from Localization.txtthe laying down one might be better.
  4. It's so cute how you sit on the spider lol😂 I added the JP localization for it.Localization.txt
  5. Nice you got the horses out! Here's the localization with JP in it. I added localization for the wild horses too, so it would be easier to tell which saddle to use on which horse in JP. Localization.txt
  6. They're playing on default difficulty or lower. The number of enemy animals don't seem to change with difficulty.
  7. The animal spawns in the latest build seems to be a bit overwhelming to new players, hopefully it gets adjusted again soon. I have no problem with it, but I've played this game for 6413 hours. I see comments by people who recently bought 7 Days to Die saying that they're going back to stable because they're having such a hard time dealing with the wolves, dire wolves, and bears. I know that A19 is still in experimental, but before it goes to stable, I wanted these new players' voices to be heard. These new players don't even know that this forum exist, so I see their complaints and cries on twitter and other areas. I see comments like, "So, A19b163's a game where you get attacked, not by zombies, but by dogs and bears. This is really hard for me, when I only have primitive weapons to fight with." "This patch is really hard for beginners. I tried to fight from inside the trader compound because it was too hard, but the small wolf was able to slip in somehow. When I tried to do a quest, I wasn't able to because a wolf was there. I tried playing this build for a few hours, but it's too much. I'm going back to A18." "Please don't balance difficulty based on long time players. This is just too much." and more.
  8. Very nice, thank you. It's wonderful that the icons remain the same size as vanilla. New and improved with inventory management!😆
  9. Looking forward to the stream! Question Will the experimental version be fully localized to other languages? Or will localization come with stable?
  10. Darn, I couldn't find any free cuckoo clock models to paste🐥 Great work😄
  11. Adding this line to the blocks xml would fix that. <property name="ModelOffset" value="0.5,0.5,0"/>
  12. I can't find anything about the Integrated survival system on the first post. Is that not definite enough to be on there yet?
  13. chikorinakitty https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198315215487/ 5934 hours Alpha 15 chiko(ちぃちぃ)#9264 Japanese/English (fluent in both) I did JP localization for vanilla before it was officially supported, and am still doing if for mods now. I'll definitely point out any localization errors I find. I'm also modding now, so I know enough to hunt down mistakes in xml. Hoping to be able to help get A19 out to the public as bug free as possible:tickled_pink:
  14. chikorina

    Telrics Pokemod

    Nice! My favorite's the Oddish, such a silly looking thing:glee:
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