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  1. Very nice, thank you. It's wonderful that the icons remain the same size as vanilla. New and improved with inventory management!😆
  2. Looking forward to the stream! Question Will the experimental version be fully localized to other languages? Or will localization come with stable?
  3. Darn, I couldn't find any free cuckoo clock models to paste🐥 Great work😄
  4. Adding this line to the blocks xml would fix that. <property name="ModelOffset" value="0.5,0.5,0"/>
  5. I can't find anything about the Integrated survival system on the first post. Is that not definite enough to be on there yet?
  6. chikorinakitty https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198315215487/ 5934 hours Alpha 15 chiko(ちぃちぃ)#9264 Japanese/English (fluent in both) I did JP localization for vanilla before it was officially supported, and am still doing if for mods now. I'll definitely point out any localization errors I find. I'm also modding now, so I know enough to hunt down mistakes in xml. Hoping to be able to help get A19 out to the public as bug free as possible:tickled_pink:
  7. chikorina

    Telrics Pokemod

    Nice! My favorite's the Oddish, such a silly looking thing:glee:
  8. You'll all be getting Big Bad Behemoths in high game stages, so be ready:star:
  9. I'd love to see Berthas and tourist zombies doing those moves:whoo:
  10. Got it, I'll try doing the water gym:thumb:
  11. Nice find! My friend's having the same problem. He has spiders disabled, so I know it's not any of the spiders.
  12. chikorina

    Telrics Thumper 2.0

    Nice! The pods are brutal:scared:
  13. Oh wow! Thank you for sharing:dance:
  14. Oh no, this isn't working? It was one of my favorite mods. I always have this included and loot respawn off. It doesn't make sense to go through the same poi over and over, when there's so many other pois left on the map in single player. TY for the information, Tristam.
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