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  1. I don't see any flickering
  2. Hi Alfa, there is, although I'm loading and placing with no errors. Yes the larger items are offset. 1 block items seem okay. This bug has been reported https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?139459-A18-3-b3-EXP-Bug-reports/page3 - - - Updated - - - Also https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?139459-A18-3-b3-EXP-Bug-reports/page3
  3. Your mods (Boxes, Decos, Floors) are too good not to share. Thanks again for your work!
  4. Thanks for the update Alfa!
  5. Bubo

    Home Depot Mod

    Yes! And clean windows =)
  6. That's why I asked, I don't see it in there. Is the nest spawner the spawnfromentitygroup?
  7. Nice prefab Andy. Where to find the above?
  8. He may have felt an unsuspecting cold chill when that was posted
  9. Haha, cool! (with a side of schnazzy side-toolbelt!)
  10. +1 for zinko video lol. Have you come across any spiral staircases? It would be a deco-dream to save some space by utilizing these.
  11. I can think of three: - holiday festivities of course - co-op player location - sabotaging pvp location (if zombies are attracted to it) =)
  12. Floors are looking sweet! Can't wait to try them, thanks again.
  13. Slingshots! Like the bow animation, with stones
  14. Holy cannoli that was fast!! Very much appreciated Robeloto. In your honor, I shall share this awesome anaconda with unsuspecting family members =) -B
  15. Real nice Robeloto! Any chance in the future for a stand-alone Anaconda modlet (as an extra hostile animal)? =)
  16. Nice touch with the lantern lol. And thanks.
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