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  1. I’m assuming we are going to get some remains like piles of bones as well? Not just decomposing bloody piles
  2. @TFP what percent would you say if the RNG map generation update is done (sort of remember it being mentioned it was taking awhile). I kinda just what a feel of weather A20 will be done in summer or after
  3. Burnt zombie depends on how you’re role playing the game personally. For me I imagine the forest is still on fire in places and I do know that some coals and wood can continue to remain hot and in that sort of glowy red for several days. on the other hand say it’s been several years after the fire has finished then yea he would just look charcoally. But then again the forest wouldn’t be still smoking
  4. Is madmole play testing the next Alpha yet? Would love if he posted some horde night videos again.
  5. Hey was wondering if it would be possible to eventually add cellar doors at some point. I was building a cool home with basically a work place in the basement in the side of a hill and realized I wanted some cellar doors for separation.
  6. Give the lumber jack a 7 days to die merch beanie
  7. Awesome zombie dog but now I want a zombie dobberwawa. To a generic point the common thought of a Doberman dog is big black dog with teeth.
  8. Right that makes sense, last I heard on one of the A19 live streams the radiated feral zombies will be more than just making the zombies glow green. It that a thing or am I making things up?
  9. No need for introduction just pay 100000 dukes,
  10. How do you guys think skin color changes as the skin rots. I’d imagine it turns grey.
  11. Didn’t anyone ever consider that the stronger females maybe didn’t die to zombies and are all alive somewhere else? It really a game about surviving in the apocalypse not designing a game to win a best women representation award or something. Not to mention they could all be bandits too.
  12. When does Alpha 20 dev diary come around?
  13. Yea makes sense TFP may not do something like this. If they can’t do this I hope at least special infected repeak my interest in the game.
  14. Madmole I made a topic thread in General Discussion about unique zombies and weapons. I would like to know your thoughts on it.
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