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  1. Awesome zombie dog but now I want a zombie dobberwawa. To a generic point the common thought of a Doberman dog is big black dog with teeth.
  2. Right that makes sense, last I heard on one of the A19 live streams the radiated feral zombies will be more than just making the zombies glow green. It that a thing or am I making things up?
  3. Will special infected be in the A20 and how are they coming along?
  4. No need for introduction just pay 100000 dukes,
  5. How do you guys think skin color changes as the skin rots. I’d imagine it turns grey.
  6. Didn’t anyone ever consider that the stronger females maybe didn’t die to zombies and are all alive somewhere else? It really a game about surviving in the apocalypse not designing a game to win a best women representation award or something. Not to mention they could all be bandits too.
  7. When does Alpha 20 dev diary come around?
  8. Yea makes sense TFP may not do something like this. If they can’t do this I hope at least special infected repeak my interest in the game.
  9. Madmole I made a topic thread in General Discussion about unique zombies and weapons. I would like to know your thoughts on it.
  10. One of the many things that I liked from Fall Out 4 was the unique/ legendary items that dropped from unique enemies that you can find as you wandered through the waste land. The other day when I was playing 7 days to die I cleared Butcher Pete's poi and right after cleared the farmer poi that had the unique boar Grace. Then I thought about what and who Butch Pete was and created a simple drawing of what I thought he might look like. Personally I would love to fight some unique enemies that are associated with Poi's and only Poi's. They wouldn't show up outside of their respective
  11. I’m not quite up to date but I’m wondering if unique/legendary weapons are on the roadmap.
  12. I think this is a bug but I was on day 7 horde which was short and after it was done I logged out. When I logged back in the horde restarted. Luckily I was close enough to my horde base to survive it.
  13. Madmole is it a bug if salvage Operations isn’t unlocking ratchet or impact driver at teirs 1-4?
  14. Is this bugged or needs to be stated but salvage operations does not unlock ratchet or impact driver. I am doing a perception build and perked all the way to 4 in Salvage operations thinking it was going to give me the recipe for the ratchet at least. When I click on ratchet and the perk hyperlink it takes me to salvage operations but does not tell me which level I will need for it. Since either its bugged cause I don't have the recipe for the ratchet nor the impact driver I am guessing they are both on teir 5? Which does not seem right.
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