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  1. Impressive design, thank you for sharing. This is the proper full on, no cheese, horde base. It looks effective, but also time consuming and expensive to build. Also, I have never used explosives, so my problem is usually that I use too many bullets each horde night. But this is completely my fault. Do you have any tips on how to get started with explosives? Do explosives damage your own structures?
  2. would you share some screenshots please?
  3. Hello guys, how do I pick up a forge in my claim?
  4. hi guys, sorry for the noob question: is there a quick way to see if I already know the schematic/book I have in the inventory? IMO the game shouldn't allow me to read a book I have read already. Thank you I agree completerly, @madmole please consider this
  5. @madmole A19 is awesome, it's the best alpha yet. Graphics is great, performance is the best in years, content is plentiful, skills, perks, weapons, mods, quests.. there is so much to do! Great Job :) Furthermore there is someting this alpha has that none before had: it feels polished, many systems feel mature and great. I think there are a few things that would be nice qol improvements: being able to zoom out more in the map a key to dump all objects in a container if an object of the same type is already in the container Also I am sure you don't care, but I'll say anyway: I love sledgehammers but hate shotguns, they shouldn't be coupled. The current system penalizes players who like weapons from different classes and facilitates players who like everything from a single class. Just some feedback, great job anyway! Keep it up! In TFP we trust is back again!
  6. AppData is present for sure. By default, it is a hidden folder in Windows. So just Google how to display it.
  7. Happy birthday MadMole, you share it with my 83yo grandma
  8. It's great that you like PvP. Looking forward to your improvements. I think PvP could give this game a lot of longevity and replayability
  9. No, you don't release it right past your head, you release it at full extension (or almost full extension). You can see it in the video too. So the minimum distance between you and the target is more or less the length of your arm + the length of the portion of the spear that is ahead of the hand.
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