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  1. Translations Hello everyone, I have added a localization system to KG that allows it to be displayed in multiple languages. So far I have English and Italian and 2 people have volunteered to provide the Russian and Chinese translation. If any other volunteer would like to provide the translation to other languages, that would be awesome Here is the page with all the information on how to do it: https://github.com/GabrieleMaurina/KingGen-Langs
  2. Hi,

    KingGen is great, but it's a shame it doesn't support the War3zuk mod.

    Could you create support for this mod ?


    It would be amazing to combine such exceptional tools into one !



  3. Hello guys, here are two new submissions to the comminity heightmaps: Washington DC 8K by Rengray Kanto 4K by Ashraio (This is the pokemon red/blue map) BTW we are now at 30 community heightmaps
  4. Also KG printed that line 489 was discarded for some problem..
  5. @paulj_3 and @Tallman Brad thanks for bringing this to my attention. The problem is caused by KG, which is "placing" water even underground. The game just thinks it should not spawn trees on top of water. I am gonna fix this by checking the heightmap level and placing water only if the water level is higher than the terrain level. It's gonna be KG14 though. Thank you very much for noticing this
  6. Don't worry. I found what caused the crash. I will fix it in KG 14... In the meantime just generate untill you get a working world
  7. this looks like a bug, could you share the settings that you used?
  8. Version 0.13.1 released! Mostly bug fixes. The search bar is improved a little.
  9. Sorry for the bug, I'll update a fix soon. The POIs mode is meant to be always 4K. It is a debug mode that allows prefabs builders to check their prefabs in a flat world.
  10. There is a new file, you can get it from the Compopack server
  11. Yes there is. It has changed from "required" to "min". Now it is a number and it indicates the minimum number of times it has to be placed.
  12. Yes, it is highly recommend to use KG list generation first and then, in case of necessity, change something by hand. Did you try to generate a map with KG 13? The new poi prioritization seems to use pretty much all pois. (Assuming reasonable settings and reasonable poi list) Some pois are excluded fr the prioritization: signs, lights, bridges.. Also, with KG 13, you can see the generation stats. So you can know how many times each individual poi was placed
  13. Thank you for reporting . It is a bug in KingGen. I will fix and send an update in the next few days. You can avoid using only one city in the meantime.
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