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  1. Unfortunately I am afraid you are right 😕 However we do have Richard on record talking about short release cycles and that was back in november. Have they changed their mind yet?
  2. This feature is listed on the first page of this thread, and no work has been done on it?
  3. The game is installed in the partition that you chose, however the saved games/worlds are usually located under "C😕Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie". A large game/world can take up to several gigs to store, so if you have a few, it is expected to take up several gigs. Can you change the location of the saves? I don't know
  4. I think zombies will find the path of least resistance, that is the path with fewer hit points, to get to you and they will break the blocks in their way. They will also all rigorously follow this logic, so they will all come from "one side". However if there is no path to you, then they'll start breaking stuff randomly, i don't know exaclty. My suggestion is search on youtube for "7 days to die horde base design" and you will find plenty of good bases.
  5. I think it is the vehicles that are slow, not the voltures that are fast, lol
  6. What about legendary weapons? And special infected zombies? Also @madmole, what is the current vision for bandits? Will they be randomly roaming the land? Will they spawn in their own POIs? Will they spawn with quests?
  7. Well, a company could choose to hire more programmers and less artists. But I am sure it is a concious decision on their part and it is based on priorities and budget...
  8. I'm afraid I can't. Once you get an achievement, you cannot get it again
  9. I just got it in a19.3. Go to the snow biome. Take off all your clothes. Go underwater.
  10. Also Roland, the achievement Dirty Larry is broken in A19.3, I could not get it. I downloaded A16.4 and got it immediately. Should this be reported to the devs?
  11. Yes, I will write a python script to automate the killing and I will let the pc running during the night that would be a great achievement imo lol
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