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  1. They lack township and zoning. This is what tells KG where to use your prefabs. City,town.... Industrial, commercial, residential...
  2. that seems fine, can I see the lines concerning your custom pois in the poilist file that you gave to KG?
  3. Yes, it will be updated. Who knows... I will figure it out when I get a20
  4. This is caused by his usernam that contains special characters, that canno be handled correctly by the libraries used by KG
  5. cities should generate at the average elevation of the terrain below. Can you post a screeshot so I can see if it is a bug?
  6. I could fairly easily add those roads. However I'm worried the world would be too cluttered by roads. Also a few people said they like to find isolated pois. Perhaps this could be a topic of discussion here to see what the community prefers.
  7. The generation works with odd sizes too. I'm not sure the game handles a odd sized world though. Do it at your own risk
  8. Yes, that is a knows issue. I cannot reproduce it on my linux machine. So I don't know how to fix it just yet
  9. Hi, here are the steps to do it: open KG go to advanced settings tab click on generate a new poi list point KG to the vanilla prefabs folder of the game select where to save the poi list file that will be created open the newly generated file paste your new lines save the file next time you run KG, select your custom list make sure that before you play the generated world, you actually put your custom pois in the game prefabs folder Cheers
  10. When you use the CLI the size should be an integer between 4 an 16. Try that
  11. So this is an issue of the game. KingGen just generates world files, but if the game is not happy with traders in the wasteland, then KingGen can't do anything about it.
  12. Does the generated world actually contain traders? You can see in the preview. It's the light blue buildings
  13. Run as administrator, or give KingGen permissions to write a file.
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