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  1. Wait, what? With nitro you can make maps larger than 16K and they work?
  2. Version 0.2.0 released! Some new features are: City districts Smooth roads Improved world generation Improved UI
  3. 12K is in version 0.2.0! I have also tried to add 20K, but the game doesn't work with anything above 16K
  4. Thank you for letting me know! I will definitely add a 12K option in the next release. Which I hope will be this week. I think that another reason why they reduced the size of worlds is generation. They moved the world generation from in-game, to before the game. So now time of generation is a critical factor. I remember in the dev diary there was a discussion about this and they said they didn't want to ship the game with a 16K option, if that was going to be too slow.
  5. I can easily add a 12k option I'm also thinking of adding a 20k, but I'm not sure the game will support it. I have to test that
  6. I understand, no probelm Maybe we will have to start from scratch when the new terrain generation is added lol
  7. Hello everyone, thank you for the great work with this awesome pack I noticed that a few POIs do not have the property "AllowedTownship" in the poi.xml file. I would like to kindly ask you if you could add it where it is missing? You see, I ask this, because I have created a RWG tool and, since many people asked, I have allowed the generation to use POIs from the Compo Pack. However the POIs that miss the "AllowedTownships" cannot be used. Here is a list of the exact POIs that are missing it https://pastebin.com/4ba3ub3m Thank you
  8. The patch for "vanilla+compo" is online, enjoy The UI changes for the prefab list creation will come later.
  9. This process is probably not intuitive. I will probably redesign the UI here. I'm thinking to just leave the button alone. When you click it it should ask you where the Prefabs folder is, and then it should ask you where to save the list..
  10. You need to select the file where the list will be saved. It is near the "generate list" button. If you do this, I think it will work. Let me know. it's probably my fault, I should make the "save as" menu come up automatically.
  11. Thank you for reporting the problem and showing the error message! I was able to find the bug easily. The fix will be in the next patch. Do you also have issues with generating a list of POIs from a prefabs folder?
  12. There isn't a config file, but you can tweak the amount of water and the amount of snow in the advanced settings.
  13. Version 0.1.0. released! Some new feature are: Added custom heightmap support Added custom POIs support Improved world generation Improved interface
  14. From my experience I haven't noticed any change in performance. Consider that the game does support a maximum height of 255 (starting from bedrock), so we are not breaking any rules here . Furthermore distant terrain helps a lot by not rendering all the single blocks that make up a huge mountain at the horizon, but instead rendering the mountain as a whole. Technically it is possible that performance is reduced by large mountains but you always have the option inside KingGen to reduce the mountains size. There is aslo an option to increase it if you dare to
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